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Lanzamientos Video / Video Releases
Last updated on 02/06/2023.

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AC/DC [1980] [BD] Let There Be Rock (Remaster-2011)
AC/DC [1992] [BD] Live At Donington (Remastered-2007)
AC/DC [1992] [DVD] Live At Donington (Reissued-2003)
AC/DC [1996] [BD] No Bull - The Directors Cut (Remastered-2008)
AC/DC [2004] [DVD-Bootleg] Let There Be Rock
AC/DC [2007] [2DVD] Plug Me In
AC/DC [2011] [BD] Live At River Plate
ACCEPT [2017] [BD+2CD] Restless And Live
ACCEPT [2017] [DVD+2CD] Restless And Live
ADOR DORATH [2011] [2DVD] Th1rt3en
AGALLOCH [2009] [DVD] The Silence Of Forgotten Landscapes
ALESTORM [2013] [DVD+CD] Live At The End Of The World
ALMAFUERTE [2009] [DVD] En Vivo Obras
AMORPHIS [2010] [2DVD+2CD] Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes (Deluxe Ed.)
ANABANTHA [2007] [DVD] Viernes 13...Y El Zócalo Se Pobló De Sombras
ANATHEMA [1997] [DVD] A Vision Of A Dying Embrace
ANATHEMA [2006] [DVD+CD] A Moment in Time
ANNIHILATOR [2009] [DVD+CD] Live At Masters Of Rock
ANTHEM [2001] [DVD] Anthem, Back Then
ANTHEM [2003] [DVD] Live' Melt Down: The Show Still Carries On
ANTHEM [2005] [DVD] 20th Anniversary Tour 2005
ANTHEM [2009] [DVD] Live Immortal
ANTHEM [2013] [BD] Live Unbroken
ANTHEM [2013] [DVD] Live Unbroken
ANTHEM [2015] [BD+CD] Blazing Faith ~ Revisited
ANTHEM [2015] [DVD] Blazing Faith ~ Revisited
ANTHEM [2016] [BD] 30+
ANTHEM [2016] [DVD] Loud Out Fest 2016
ANTHEM [2018] [2DVD] Attitude 2017 ~ Live And Documents ~
ANTHEM [2018] [BD+DVD+2CD+3LP] Attitude 2017 ~ Live and documents ~
ANTHEM [2019] [BD+2CD] Gypsy Ways + Hunting Time - 30th Anniversary Live
ANTHEM [2019] [DVD] Gypsy Ways + Hunting Time - 30th Anniversary Live
ANTHEM [2020] [DVD] Zeta Anthem Special
ANTHEM [2021] [2BD+4CD] 35+
ANTHRAX [2014] [BD+2CD] Chile On Hell
ANTHRAX [2018] [2DVD] Kings Among Scotland
ARCH ENEMY [2008] [DVD] Tyrants Of The Rising Sun
ARCH ENEMY [2016] [DVD] War Eternal Tour - Tokyo Sacrifice (Japanese Ed.)
ARCTURUS [2006] [DVD] Shipwrecked In Oslo
ARK STORM [2012] [DVD] High Voltage Warning
ASPHYX [2010] [DVD+2CD] Live Death Doom (Ltd. Ed.)
AUTOPSY [2006] [DVD] Dark Crusades
AVANTASIA [2011] [2DVD+2CD] The Flying Opera - Around The World In Twenty Days
AVULSED [2007] [DVD] Reanimating Russia 2007
AXXIS [2011] [2DVD] 20 Years Of Axxis
AYREON [2016] [BD] The Theater Equation
AYREON UNIVERSE [2018] [BD] Best Of Ayreon Live

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BEATEN TO DEATH [2012] [DVD] At Rockefeller
BEHEMOTH [2000] [DVD+CD] Live Eschaton: The Art Of Rebellion (Reissued-2009)
BEHEMOTH [2010] [2DVD+CD] Evangelia Heretika
BEHERIT [2003] [DVD-Bootleg] Joensuu 2/8/92 + Finland 1/27/94
BEHERIT [2003] [DVD-Bootleg] Nokia Finland 3/8/91 + Riihimaki Finland 8/21/92
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY [2016] [DVD+2CD] 15 Years Alive
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2003] [DVD] Boozed, Broozed & Broken Boned
BLACK SABBATH [2002] [DVD] Never Say Die
BLACK SABBATH [2010] [BD] Paranoid (Classic Albums)
BLACK SABBATH [2010] [DVD] Classic Albums - Paranoid [Documentary]
BLACK SABBATH [2013] [BD+CD+2DVD] Live... Gathered In Their Masses (Deluxe Box Set)
BLACK WITCHERY [2009] [DVD] Blasphemous Onslaughts 2005 - 2008
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT [2005] [2DVD] Castles and Dreams
BLASPHEMY [2003] [DVD-Bootleg] Denmark 9/11/93 + Vancouver, Can 7/21/00
BLASPHEMY / ROTTING CHRIST / IMMORTAL [2009] [DVD-Bootleg] Fuck Christ Tour '93
BLOODBOUND [2016] [DVD+CD] One Night Of Blood - Live At Masters Of Rock MMXV
BOUDIKA [2014] [DVD-R+CD-R] The Dark Side
BROTHER FIRETRIBE [2010] [DVD] Live At Apollo
BRUCE DICKINSON [2018] [BD] Scream For Me Sarajevo (Documentary)
BURZUM [2005] [DVD] Dunkelheit

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CADAVERIA [2013] [2DVD] Karma
CAGE [2011] [2DVD] The Rise To Power
CANDLEMASS [2002] [2DVD] Documents of Doom - Live at Fryshuset 1990 (Reissued-2007)
CANDLEMASS [2005] [2DVD] The Curse Of Candlemass: Live In Stockholm 2003 (Reissued-2007)
CANDLEMASS [2007] [DVD] 20 Year Anniversary Party
CANDLEMASS [2010] [DVD+CD] Ashes to Ashes (Digipak)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2002] [DVD] Monolith Of Death (Tour '96-'97)
CARCASS [2001] [DVD] Wake Up And Smell The...Carcass (Reissued-2007)
CARPATHIAN FOREST [2004] [DVD+VCD] We're Going To Hollywood For This
CHIMAIRA [2010] [2DVD+CD] Coming Alive
CINNAMUN BELOVED [2013] [DVD-R] The Live Moments 2012
CONCERTO MOON [1998] [DVD] Live Concerto The Movie (Reissued-2008)
CRADLE OF FILTH [1999] [VHS] PanDaemonAeon
CRADLE OF FILTH [2001] [DVD] Heavy Left-Handed And Candid
CRADLE OF FILTH [2003] [DVD] Babalon A.D.
CRADLE OF FILTH [2003] [DVD] Mannequin
CRADLE OF FILTH [2005] [DVD] Peace Through Superior Fire...
CREMATORY (DEU) [1996] [VHS] Live... At The Out Of The Dark Festivals
CREMATORY [2001] [DVD] Remind (Reissued-2007)

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DARK FUNERAL [2007] [2DVD] Attera Orbis Terrarum - Part I
DARK FUNERAL [2008] [2DVD] Attera Orbis Terrarum Part II
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1997] [VHS] Zodijackyl Light
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2003] [DVD] Live Damage
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2009] [2DVD+2CD] Where Death Is Most Alive (Ltd. Ed.)
DARZAMAT [2007] [DVD] Live Profanity
DEATH [2001] [DVD] Live In Eindhoven '98
DEATH [2005] [DVD] Live In Cottbus '98
DEBUSTROL [2006] [DVD] XX Let Totálního Masakru
DECAPITATED [2008] [DVD] Human's Dust
DECAPITATED [2009] [DVD] Live At The Rescue Rooms
DEEDS OF FLESH [2005] [DVD] Live In Montreal
DEEP PURPLE [1984] [DVD] Concerto for Group and Orchestra (Remastered-2002)
DEEP PURPLE [2011] [BD] Live at Montreux 2011
DEEP PURPLE [2015] [BD] From The Setting Sun... In Wacken (3D Edition)
DEF LEPPARD [2005] [DVD] Rock Of Ages - The DVD Collection
DEICIDE [2006] [DVD] When London Burns
DEICIDE [2007] [DVD] Doomsday L.A.
DESTRUCTION [2004] [DVD] Live Discharge: 20 Years of Total Destruction
DESTRUCTION [2010] [DVD+CD] A Savage Symphony - The History Of Annihilation
DEVIN TOWNSEND [2013] [BD+2DVD+2CD] The Retinal Circus (Box Set)
DEVIN TOWNSEND [2020] [BD] Order Of Magnitude - Empath Live Volume 1
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT [2012] [4DVD & 5CD] By A Thread Live in London 2011
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT [2015] [BD] Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT [2018] [BD] Ocean Machine - Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv
DIMEBAG DARREL [2007] [DVD] DimeVision, Vol. 1
DIMMU BORGIR [2001] [DVD] World Misanthropy
DIMMU BORGIR [2002] [DVD+CD] World Misanthropy (Re-View & H-Ear)
DIMMU BORGIR [2008] [2DVD+CD] The Invaluable Darkness
DIMMU BORGIR [2017] [2DVD+2CD] Forces Of The Northern Night
DIMMU BORGIR / DISSECTION [1997] [VHS] Live & Plugged Vol. 2 (Split)
DIO [2006] [BD] Holy Diver Live
DIO [2013] [BD] Finding The Sacred Heart - Live In Philly 1986
DIRKSCHNEIDER [2017] [BD+2CD] Live - Back To The Roots - Accepted!
DISGORGE [2009] [DVD-Bootleg] Live in Moscow 23.11.08
DISMAL EUPHONY [2000] [VHS] Lady Ablaze
DISMEMBER [2004] [DVD1] Live Blasphemies
DISMEMBER [2004] [DVD2] Live Blasphemies
DISSECTION [2006] [DVD] Rebirth of Dissection
DORO [2004] [DVD] Classic Diamonds: The DVD
DORO [2016] [2BD] Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal
DOUBLE DEALER [2006] [DVD] Live In Tokyo
DRAGONFORCE [2015] [DVD+CD] In The Line Of Fire
DREAM THEATER [2001] [DVD] Metropolis 2000
DREAM THEATER [2004] [2DVD] Double Feature - Images And Words: Live In Tokyo/5 Years In A Livetime
DREAM THEATER [2004] [BD] Live At Budokan (Reissued-2011)
DREAM THEATER [2008] [2DVD+3CD] Chaos In Motion 2007-2008
DREAM THEATER [2013] [BD+2DVD+3CD] Live At Luna Park (Deluxe Ed.)
DREAM THEATER [2014] [BD] Breaking The Fourth Wall

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ELVENKING [2015] [DVD+2CD] The Night Of Nights - Live
ENCHAINED SOULS [2008] [DVD] Suspiro Intraural
ENFORCER [2015] [DVD+CD] Live By Fire
ENSLAVED [2003] [DVD] Live Retaliation (Reissued-2008)
ENTOMBED [1998] [DVD] Monkey Puss (Live In London) (Reissued-2001)
EPICA [2004] [DVD+CD] We Will Take You With Us - 2 Meter Sessies (Mexican Ed.)
EPICA [2021] [BD+DVD+2CD] Omega Alive (Earbook Ed.)
EUROPE [2004] [DVD] Rock The World (Collectors Edition)
EUROPE [2005] [2DVD+CD] Live From The Dark (Special Ed.)
EVEREVE / IN FLAMES / DARKSEED [1997] [VHS] Live & Plugged (Split)
EVERGREY [2005] [2DVD] A Night To Remember
EXODUS [2010] [2DVD+CD] Shovel Headed Tour Machine (3 Disk Digipak)

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FATES WARNING [2005] [DVD] Live In Athens
FIREWIND [2008] [DVD] Live Premonition
FREEDOM CALL [2011] [2DVD+2CD] Live In Hellvetia (Ltd.Ed.)

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GALNERYUS [2015] [DVD+2CD] Attitude To Live (Japanese Ed.)
GALNERYUS [2016] [2DVD] The Sense Of Our Lives
GALNERYUS [2018] [2DVD] Just Play To The Sky - What Could We Do For You? -
GALNERYUS [2020] [BD+2CD] Falling Into The Flames Of Purgatory
GAMMA RAY [1990] [DVD] Heading For The East (Remastered-2003)
GAMMA RAY [2003] [DVD] Lust For Live
GOD FORBID / LACUNA COIL [2004] [DVD] Alien vs. Predator (Split)
GRAVE [2006] [DVD] Enraptured
GRAVE DIGGER [2011] [DVD+CD] The Clans Are Still Marching
GUNS N' ROSES [2014] [2CD+BD] Appetite for Democracy (3D Edition) Live at the Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas

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HAEMORRHAGE [2004] [DVD] Visions From The Morgue
HALFORD [2010] [DVD] Live in Anaheim
HAMMERFALL [2002] [DVD+CD] The Templar Renegade Crusades
HAMMERFALL [2012] [BD+2CD] Gates Of Dalhalla
HAMMERFALL [2012] [DVD+2CD] Gates Of Dalhalla
HATE [2004] [DVD] The Litanies Of Satan
HATE ETERNAL [2006] [DVD] The Perilous Fight (Reissued-2007)
HELLOWEEN [2019] [2BD] United Alive
HELLWITCH [1994] [DVD] Video Miscreancy (Volume 1 '86-'94)
HELLWITCH [2005] [DVD] Video Miscreancy (Volume 2 '95-'05)
HELSTAR [2012] [DVD+2CD] XXX - 30 Years Of HEL
HYPOCRISY [2011] [DVD+2CD] Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion

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ICED EARTH [2005] [2DVD] Gettysburg (1863)
ICED EARTH [2011] [2DVD+CD] Festivals Of The Wicked (Ltd. Ed.)
IMMORTAL [2010] [DVD+CD] The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh
IMPALED NAZARENE [2012] [2DVD] 1990 - 2012
IMPETIGO [2008] [DVD-Bootleg] Gore And Splatter Live! 1988-1989
IMPETIGO [2010] [DVD] Defiling The Stage
IMPIETY [2011] [DVD] Penang Abomination Tour 2011
IRON ANGEL [2016] [DVD] Live In Santiago De Chile
IRON MAIDEN [1990] [VHS] The First Ten Years - The Videos
IRON MAIDEN [1993] [DVD] Raising Hell
IRON MAIDEN [1993] [VHS] Donington Live 1992
IRON MAIDEN [2002] [2DVD] Rock In Rio
IRON MAIDEN [2006] [3DVD] Death On The Road
IRON MAIDEN [2008] [2DVD] Live After Death
IRON MAIDEN [2009] [BD] Flight 666
IRON MAIDEN [2012] [2DVD] En Vivo! (Ltd. Ed.)
IRON MAIDEN [2012] [BD] En Vivo!
IRON MAIDEN [2013] [2DVD] Maiden England '88
IRON SAVIOR [2015] [DVD+2CD] Live At The Final Frontier

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JERIKO [2008] [DVD] Vivo 15 Años
JUDAS PRIEST [2002] [DVD] Live In London
JUDAS PRIEST [2003] [DVD] Electric Eye
JUDAS PRIEST [2013] [BD] Epitaph
JUDAS PRIEST [2016] [BD] Battle Cry

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KATATONIA [2015] [BD] Sanctitude
KHORS [2008] [DVD-R] Cold Ways
KHORS [2011] [DVD] Winter Stronghold
KING DIAMOND [2003] [DVD-Bootleg] Live In Montreal 2003
KING DIAMOND [2019] [2DVD+2CD] Songs For The Dead - Live
KREATOR [2008] [DVD+CD] At the Pulse of Kapitulation - Live in East Berlin 1990
KREATOR [2013] [DVD+2CD] Dying Alive
KRISIUN [2005] [DVD] Live Armageddon (Reissued-2008)

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LACRIMOSA [2006] [DVD+MCD] Musikkurzfilme / Lichtgestalten
LED ZEPPELIN [1984] [BD] The Song Remains The Same (Remaster-2008)
LED ZEPPELIN [2007] [DVD] The Song Remains The Same
LED ZEPPELIN [BD] [2012] Celebration Day (Deluxe Ed.)
LEGION OF THE DAMNED [2010] [2DVD+CD] Slaughtering... (Ltd. Ed. Digipak)
LOUDNESS [1983] [DVD] Live-Loud-Alive
LOUDNESS [1984] [DVD] Eurobounds (Remastered-2000)
LOUDNESS [2011] [2DVD] World Circuit 2010
LOUDNESS [2019] [BD+2CD] Metal Weekend

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MACABRE [2006] [DVD] True Tales Of Slaughter And Slaying
MACHINE HEAD [2005] [DVD] Elegies
MAJESTY [2012] [DVD] Shake the ground - Live On Stage
MALEVOLENT CREATION [2003] [DVD-Bootleg] Created Live
MANOWAR [2005] [2DVD-CD] Hell On Earth IV
MANOWAR [2006] [2DVD] The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute Power
MARDUK [2004] [DVD] Funeral Marches And Warsongs
MASTERPLAN [2015] [DVD+CD] Keep Your Dream aLive
MAYHEM [1998] [VHS] Live In Bischofswerda 21st June 1997
MEGADETH [1991] [DVD] Rusted Pieces (Reissued-2000)
MEGADETH [2001] [DVD] Behind the Music (Extended Ed.)
MEGADETH [2002] [DVD] Rude Awakening
MEGADETH [2005] [DVD] Video Hits
MEGADETH [2006] [DVD] Arsenal Of Megadeth
MEGADETH [2010] [BD] Rust In Peace - Live
MEGADETH [2013] [BD] Countdown To Extinction Live
MERCILESS [2004] [DVD] Live Obsession
MESHUGGAH [1998] [VCD-Bootleg] Live In Springfield 98
MESHUGGAH [2002] [VCD-Bootleg] Live In Columbus
METALLICA [1998] [2DVD] Cunning Stuns
METALLICA [2001] [DVD] Classic Albums - Metallica [Documentary]
METALLICA [2006] [DVD] The Videos 1989-2004
METALLICA [2012] [BD] Quebec Magnetic
METALLICA [2013] [BD] Through The Never (3D Edition)
METALLICA [2DVD] [2012] Quebec Magnetic
METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX [2010] [2BD] The Big 4 - Live From Sofia, Bulgaria
METALUCIFER [2006] [DVD-R] In U.S.A. 2003
MIASTHENIA [2011] [DVD] O Ritual da Rebeliao
MICHAEL SCHENKER [2012] [BD] Temple Of Rock - Live In Europe
MÖRBID CARNAGE [2010] [DVD] Live In Blue Hell, Budapest, 2008.06.28.
MORBOSIDAD [2006] [DVD] Legions of the Unholy - Demonic ...
MORTUARY DRAPE [2017] [DVD] 30th Anniversary Concert (1986-2016)
MOTÖRHEAD [1991] [DVD] Live - Everything Louder Than Everything Else (Reissued-2004)
MOTÖRHEAD [2001] [DVD+CD] 25 & Alive Boneshaker - Live At Brixton Academy
MOTÖRHEAD [2002] [DVD] The Best Of Motörhead
MOTÖRHEAD [2004] [DVD] Ace of Spades (Classic Albums)
MOTÖRHEAD [2005] [2DVD] Stage Fright
MOTÖRHEAD [2005] [BD] Stage Fright (Reissued-2014)
MOTÖRHEAD [2011] [BD] The World Is Ours - Vol 1 (Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else)
MOTÖRHEAD [2011] [DVD+2CD] The Wörld Is Ours - Vol.1
MOTÖRHEAD [2012] [BD] The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 2 (Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else)
MOTÖRHEAD [2012] [DVD+2CD] The Wörld Is Ours - Vol. 2
MR. BUNGLE [2021] [BD+CD] The Night They Came Home
MY DYING BRIDE [2002] [DVD] For Darkest Eyes
MY DYING BRIDE [2005] [DVD] Sinamorata
MYSTIFIER [2015] [DVD] Aztec Assault

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NECROPHAGIA [1999] [DVD] Through Eyes Of The Dead (Uncut) [Reissued 2002]
NECROPHAGIA [2004] [DVD] Nightmare Scenarios
NECROPHAGIA [2005] [DVD] Necrotorture / Sickcess
NEVERMORE [2008] [2DVD] The Year of the Voyager (Ltd. Ed.)
NIGHTMARE [2011] [DVD+CD] One Night Of Insurrection
NIGHTWISH [2002] [DVD] Bless The Child
NIGHTWISH [2006] [DVD] End Of An Era
NIGHTWISH [2013] [2BD] Showtime, Storytime
NIGHTWISH [2013] [2DVD+2CD] Showtime, Storytime
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION [2009] [DVD] Mankind Suffering Visions
NUCLEAR DEATH [2005] [DVD-Bootleg] Nuclear Bestiality

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OBITUARY [2006] [DVD] Frozen Alive
OBTEST [2004] [VCD] For Fatherland (Tevynei)
ONMYO-ZA [2003] [DVD] Hakkou-Ranbu
ONMYO-ZA [2005] [DVD] Wagashikabane Wo Koeteyuke
ONMYO-ZA [2006] [2DVD] Shugyoku-Enbu
ONMYO-ZA [2008] [2DVD] Tenka Fubu
ONMYO-ZA [2010] [2DVD] Ryuuou Rinbu (Ltd. Ed.)
ONMYO-ZA [2019] [BD] Hadoh Seibu
ONSLAUGHT [2007] [DVD+CD] Live Polish Assault 2007
ONSLAUGHT [2016] [DVD+CD] Live At The Slaughterhouse
ORDEN OGAN [2016] [2DVD+2CD] The Book Of Ogan
OVERKILL [2002] [2DVD] Wrecking Everything - An Evening In Asbury Park
OVERKILL [2008] [DVD] Live At Wacken Open Air 2007
OZZY OSBOURNE [1986] [DVD] The Ultimate Ozzy (Reissued-2007)
OZZY OSBOURNE [1993] [DVD] Live & Loud
OZZY OSBOURNE [2007] [2DVD-Bootleg] Speak Of The Devil ...
OZZY OSBOURNE [2014] [2DVD] Memoirs Of A Madman

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PAGAN'S MIND [2015] [DVD+2CD] Full Circle - Live At Center Stage
PAIN [2005] [DVD] Live Is Overrated (Reissued-2006)
PAIN [2012] [BD+2CD] We Come In Peace
PANTERA [2008] [DVD] Screaming Black Messiahs
PARADISE LOST [2007] [2DVD] Over The Madness
PARADISE LOST [2008] [2DVD] The Anatomy Of Melancholy
PESTILENCE [2010] [DVD-Bootleg] Live 90-92
POISON [2001] [DVD] Greatest Video Hits
POSSESSED [2003] [DVD-Bootleg] Long Beach, CA. 12/19/86 And 4/11/87
POSSESSED [2007] [DVD] Possessed by Evil Hell
POSSESSED [2010] [DVD-Bootleg] Live At The Dna Lounge, Cali. Nov 1, 2009
PRIMAL FEAR [2003] [DVD+CD] The History Of Fear
PRIMORDIAL [2010] [2DVD+2CD] All Empires Fall

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QUEENSRYCHE [2007] [BD] Mindcrime At The Moore

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RAGE [2004] [2DVD] From The Cradle To The Stage-20th Anniversary (Reissued-2005)
RATT [2007] [DVD] Videos From The Cellar: The Atlantic Years
REDEMPTION [2009] [DVD+CD] Frozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta
RIVERSIDE [2008] [DVD] Reality Dream Tour 2008
ROTTING CHRIST [2DVD+2CD] Non Serviam - A 20 Year Apocryphal Story
RUNNING WILD [2011] [DVD] The Final Jolly Roger
RUSH [2006] [3DVD+CD] Replay X3
RUSH [2014] [6BD] R40

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S.O.D. [1992] [VHS] Live At Budokan
S.O.D. [2009] [DVD+CD] Kill Yourself - The Movie (Re-View & H-Ear)
SABATON [2013] [2DVD] Swedish Empire Live
SABBAT (JPN) [2006] [DVD-R] The Satanic Farm
SABBAT (JPN) [2007] [2DVD] Live Southeast Asiaaarrrggghhh!! (Live in Thailand and Singapore '07)
SABBAT (JPN) [2007] [DVD] Live in Germany (European Tour 1997)
SABBAT (JPN) [2007] [DVD] Live North Americaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!
SACRIFICE [2012] [2DVD] Re-Animated
SADUS [2005] [DVD] Live In Santiago / Chile
SAMAEL [2003] [2DVD] Black Trip
SAXON [2003] [DVD] The Saxon Chronicles
SAXON [2016] [DVD+2CD] Let Me Feel Your Power
SCORPIONS [2005] [DVD] Unbreakable World Tour 2004: One Night in Vienna
SCORPIONS [2011] [BD] Live in 3D - Get Your Sting & Blackout
SEAR BLISS [2005] [DVD] Decade Of Perdition
SECRET SPHERE [2016] [DVD+2CD] One Night In Tokyo (Japanese Ed.)
SKINLESS [2004] [DVD] Skinflick
SLAYER [2003] [DVD] War At The Warfield
SLAYER [2009] [DVD] Exclusive SlatanicWehrmacht Members Only
SLAYER [2019] [BD] The Repentless Killogy
SODOM [1989] [VHS] Mortal Way Of Life
SODOM [2005] [2DVD] Lords Of Depravity Part I
SODOM [2010] [2DVD] Lords Of Depravity Part II
SOILWORK [2015] [DVD+2CD] Live In The Heart Of Helsinki
SOLITUDE AETURNUS [2007] [DVD] Hour Of Despair
SONATA ARCTICA [2011] [2DVD+2CD] Live In Finland
SONS OF APOLLO [2019] [BD] Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony
SPIRITUAL BEGGARS [2005] [DVD] Live Fire! (Reissued-2006)
STAIND [2006] [DVD] The Videos
STAR ONE [2003] [DVD] Live On Earth (Special Ed.)
STEEL PANTHER [2012] [2DVD] British Invasion
STRIBORG [2007] [DVD] Journey Of A Misanthrope

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TANKARD [2005] [2DVD] Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live
TANKARD [2009] [DVD] Open All Night - Reloaded
TESLA [2002] [DVD] Time's Makin' Changes - The Videos and More
TESSERACT [2021] [BD] Portals
TESTAMENT [2005] [DVD] Live In London
TESTAMENT [2013] [DVD+2CD] Dark Roots Of Thrash
THE BERZERKER [2004] [DVD] The Principles and Practices ...
THE GREAT KAT [2005] [DVD] Extreme Guitar Shred
THERION [2006] [4DVD] Celebrators Of Becoming
THERION [2014] [3DVD] Adulruna Rediviva And Beyond
THERION [2015] [DVD] Garden Of Evil
THRESHOLD [2004] [DVD] Critical Energy
TIERRA SANTA [2004] [DVD] Las Mil Y Una Noches
TSJUDER [2006] [DVD] Norwegian Apocalypse
Turbo [2006] [DVD] The History 1980-2005
TWISTED SISTER [2007] [DVD] The Video Years
TYPE O NEGATIVE [2000] [DVD] After Dark
TYPE O NEGATIVE [2006] [DVD+CD] Symphony For The Devil

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U.D.O. [2012] [BD+2CD] Live in Sofia
U.D.O. [2012] [DVD+2CD] Live In Sofia
U.D.O. [2014] [DVD+2CD] Steelhammer - Live From Moscow
U.D.O. [2015] [BD] Navy Metal Night
U.D.O. [2015] [DVD+2CD] Navy Metal Night

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VADER [2002] [DVD] More Vision And The Voice
VADER [2004] [DVD] Night Of The Apocalypse
VADER [2007] [DVD] And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw
VENOM [2004] [DVD] Live In London
VENOM [2005] [DVD] Live From London
VIBRION [2014] [DVD] Buenos Aires Re-Infected
VOIVOD [2005] [DVD] D-V-O-D-1
VOLBEAT [2011] [BD] Live From Beyond Hell - Above Heaven
VON [2010] [DVD] Satanic Blood Ritual
VV.AA. [1985] [VHS] Kerrang Video Kompilation
VV.AA. [1990] [VHS] Thrashing East
VV.AA. [1994] [VHS] Death... Is Just the Beginning III - A Nuclear Blast Video Compilation
VV.AA. [1998] [VHS] The World Domination Live
VV.AA. [2002] [DVD] Hard Rock Anthology - Speed Thrills
VV.AA. [2003] [DVD] Recollection - Relapse Video Collection
VV.AA. [2004] [DVD] Osmose Productions - A Collection Of Noisymotions
VV.AA. [2004] [DVD] Recollection 2 - Relapse Video Collection
VV.AA. [2005] [2DVD] Monsters Of Metal Vol. 4
VV.AA. [2006] [2DVD] Keep It True Pt. 6 & 7
VV.AA. [2006] [2DVD] Monsters Of Metal Vol. 5
VV.AA. [2007] [2DVD] Magic Circle Festival Vol. 1
VV.AA. [2008] [2DVD] Metal Heads' Mission 2007
VV.AA. [2009] [2DVD] Metal Heads' Mission 2008
VV.AA. [2010] [2DVD] PartySan Metal Open Air - Sound Of Hell 2009
VV.AA. [2010] [DVD] Nuclear War Now! - Live Ritual Volume 1
VV.AA. [2011] [DVD] Heavy Mental Metal Pensado (Documental)
VV.AA. [2011] [DVD] Nuclear Blast Clips Vol.1
VV.AA. [2012] [2DVD] Keep It True XIV
VV.AA. [2012] [BD] Live At Wacken 2011
VV.AA. [2012] [DVD+CD] All For Metal III
VV.AA. [2012] [DVD+CD] The Realm of Napalm Records Vol.III
VV.AA. [2013] [BD+DVD] Monsters Of Metal - The Ultimate Metal Compilation Vol. 9
VV.AA. [2014] [BD] Celebrating Jon Lord - Live At The Royal Albert House
VV.AA. [2014] [DVD] Brazilian Ritual - Second Attack
VV.AA. [2015] [DVD] Brazilian Ritual - Third Attack
VV.AA. [2016] [BD+2DVD] Monsters Of Metal - The Ultimate Metal Compilation Vol. 10

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W.A.S.P. [2001] [DVD+CD] The Sting - Live At The Key Club L.A.
WATAIN [2012] [DVD+2CD] Opus Diaboli
WINDIR [2005] [DVD] SognaMetal
WITHIN TEMPTATION [2008] [2DVD+2CD] Black Symphony

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YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN [2009] [DVD] Live In Korea

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