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Last updated on 02/09/2022.

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!T.O.O.H.! [2002] [CD] Pod Vladou Bice
!T.O.O.H.! [2005] [CD] Order And Punishment (Rád A Trest)
(ECHO) [2011] [CD] Devoid Of Illusions
(V.E.G.A.) [2002] [CD] Cocaine (Reissued-2006)
(V.E.G.A.) [2008] [CD] Alienforest - A Sick Mind's Hologram
...AND OCEANS [1997] [TAPE] Mare Liberum (Demo)
...AND OCEANS [1998] [CD] The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts
...AND OCEANS [1999] [CD] The Symmetry Of I - The Circle Of O
...AND OCEANS [2001] [CD] A.M.G.O.D.
...AND OCEANS [2002] [CD] Cypher
...AND OCEANS [2020] [CD] Cosmic World Mother
1349 [2001] [MCD] 1349
1349 [2003] [CD] Liberation
1349 [2004] [CD] Beyond The Apocalypse
1349 [2005] [CD] Hellfire
1349 [2009] [2CD] Revelations Of The Black Flame (Ltd. Ed.)
1349 [2010] [2CD] Demonoir (Special Edition Box-Set; Reissued-2011)
1349 [2014] [CD] Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Digipak)
1349 [2019] [CD] The Infernal Pathway (Box-set)
1917 / SLOW AGONY / SLOW DEATH [2002] [CD] Sudamérica Brutal 2
1917 [1998] [CD] Inti Huacay
1917 [2002] [CD] Genesis & Horror
1917 [2004] [CD] Vision
1917 [2007] [CD] Vox Fatum (Reissued-2008)
1ST AVENUE [1994] [CD] Daily Battle
2 TON PREDATOR [2001] [CD] Boogie
21 GUNS [1992] [CD] Salute
220 VOLT [1988] [CD] Eye To Eye (Reissued-1989)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD [2002] [CD] Battlecry Under A Wintersun
3 INCHES OF BLOOD [2004] [CD] Advance And Vanquish
3 INCHES OF BLOOD [2004] [CD] Advance And Vanquish (Japanese Ed.)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD [2007] [CD] Fire Up The Blades
3 INCHES OF BLOOD [2009] [CD] Here Waits Thy Doom (Japanese Ed.)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD [2009] [CD] Here Waits Thy Doom (Ltd. Ed.)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD [2012] [CD] Long Live Heavy Metal (Ltd. Ed.)
3ER ACTO [1997] [CD] Eternidad De Un Instante (Reissued-2005)
3RD [2006] [CD] D Day
40 WATT SUN [2011] [CD] The Inside Room
4ARM [2012] [CD] Submission For Liberty
4TH DIMENSION [2011] [CD] The White Path To Rebirth
4TH DIMENSION [2014] [CD] Dispelling The Veil Of Illusions
50 CALIBER (GBR) [2002] [MCD] Internal Bleeding
666 [2007] [CD] Ave Satan!
7 DAYS [2006] [CD] The Weight Of The World (Japanese Ed.)
7 SEALS [2008] [CD] Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass
7 WEEKS [2009] [CD] All Channels Off
7TH CIRCLE [2000] [CD] Collective Minds
8 FOOT SATIVA [2003] [CD] Season For Assault (Reissued-2004)
8 FOOT SATIVA [2004] [CD] Breed The Pain (Reissued-2005)
8-POINT ROSE [2010] [CD] Primigenia
9.0 [1990] [CD] Too Far Gone
9.7 RICHTER [2014] [CD] Ground Zero
9BLIND [2010] [CD] A Negative Response To Change

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A CANOROUS QUINTET [1996] [CD] Silence Of The World Beyond
A CANOROUS QUINTET [1998] [CD] The Only Pure Hate
A CANOROUS QUINTET [2013] [2CD] The Quintessence
A COLD DEAD BODY [2010] [CD] Harvest Years
A COSMIC TRAIL [2013] [CD] II: Mistral
A DREAM OF POE [2011] [CD] The Mirror Of Deliverance
A DYING PLANET [2018] [CD] Facing The Incurable
A LOATHING REQUIEM [2010] [CD] Psalms Of Misanthropy
A LOSING SEASON [2007] [MCD] To Whom It May Concern (Reissued-2008)
A MORS ET BELLO [2006] [CD] Sounds Of Horror
A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH [2011] [CD] And Hell Will Follow Me (Digipack)
A PERPETUAL DYING MIRROR [2000] [CD] Towards A Constellation View
A SHATTERED DREAM [2009] [CD] 4-D Society & Other Nocturnal Emissions
A SWITCH BELOW [2005] [CD] Signs Of Impact
A TORTURED SOUL [2007] [CD] Kiss Of The Thorn
A TORTURED SOUL [2010] [CD] Lucifer's Fate
A TORTURED SOUL [2016] [CD] On This Evili Night
A YOUNG MAN'S FUNERAL [2013] [CD] Thanatic Unlife
A.C.O.V.S.U.R. [2009] [CD] Inside The Plastic Body
A.N.I.M.A.L. [1993] [CD] Acosados Nuestros Indios Murieron Al Luchar
A.N.I.M.A.L. [1993] [CD] Acosados Nuestros Indios Murieron Al Luchar (Reissued-1994)
A.N.I.M.A.L. [1994] [CD] Fin De Un Mundo Enfermo
A.N.I.M.A.L. [1998] [CD] Poder Latino
A.N.I.M.A.L. [2001] [CD] Animal 6
A.N.I.M.A.L. [2004] [CD] Combativo
A.R.G. [1989] [CD] Entrance (Remastered-2012)
A.R.G. [1989] [LP] Entrance
A.R.G. [1991] [CD] One World Without The End
A.R.G. [1991] [CD] One World Without the End (Remastered-2012)
AANAL BEEHEMOTH [2008] [CD] Forest Paranoid
AARA [2019] [CD] So Fallen Alle Tempel
AARNI / UMBRA NIHIL [2002] [CD] Split
AARNI [2004] [CD] Bathos
AARNI [2008] [CD] Tohcoth
AASGARD [2008] [MCD] Nyx
ABACINATE [2011] [CD] Genesis
ABADDON INCARNATE [1999] [CD] The Last Supper
ABADDON INCARNATE [2004] [CD] Dark Crusade
ABADDON [2000] [CD] I Am Legion
ABADDON [2010] [CD] Abaddon
ABANDONED [2006] [CD] Thrash Notes
ABANDONED [2007] [CD] Thrash You!
ABATTOIR [1985] [CD] Vicious Attack (Remastered-1998)
ABATTOIR [1986] [CD] The Only Safe Place (Remastered-1999)
ABAXIAL [1994] [CD] Samsara
ABAZAGORATH [2004] [CD] Sacraments Of The Final Atrocity (Reissued-2006)
ABBATH [2016] [CD] Abbath (Japanese Ed.)
ABBATH [2019] [CD] Outstrider
ABDULLAH [1999] [MCD] Snake Lore
ABDULLAH [2000] [CD] Abdullah
ABDULLAH [2002] [CD] Graveyard Poetry
ABGOTT [2003] [CD] Fizala
ABHORER [1996] [CD] Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt
ABHORER [2004] [CD-Bootleg] Unholy Blasphemer
ABHORRENCE [2000] [CD] Evoking The Abomination
ABHORRENCE [2012] [CD] Completely Vulgar
ABHORRENCE [2017] [CD] Totally Vulgar - Live At Tuska Open Air 2013
ABHORRENT DEFORMITY [2015] [CD] Entity Of Malevolence
ABIGAIL / BARBATOS [2008] [CD] Street Metal Alcoholocaust (Split)
ABIGAIL / HELL TORMENT / ADOKHSINY [2010] [CD] United Alkoholic Speed War Metal (Split)
ABIGAIL / MANTAK [2008] [CD] The Eastern Desekratorz (Split)
ABIGAIL / SIGN OF EVIL [2011] [CD] Reaper's Night (Split)
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS [2008] [2CD] In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns (Reissued-2009)
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS [2008] [CD] In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS [2010] [CD] In the Absence of Light
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS [2012] [CD] Becoming
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS [2019] [CD] Walk Beyond The Dark
ABIGAIL [2001] [CD] Welcome All Hell Fuckers (Reissued-2010)
ABIGAIL [2003] [CD] Forever Street Metal Bitch (Reissued-2009)
ABIGAIL [2007] [CD] The Early Black Years (1992-1995)
ABIGAIL [2009] [CD] Sweet Baby Metal Slut
ABIGAIL [2011] [CD] The Lord Of Satan
ABIGHOR [1994] [CD] Anticlockwise (1997 Japanese Ed.)
ABIGOR [1994] [CD] Verwustung / Invoke The Dark Age
ABIGOR [1995] [CD] Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)
ABIGOR [1995] [MCD] Orkblut - The Retaliation
ABIGOR [1996] [CD] Opus IV
ABIGOR [1997] [MCD] Apokalypse
ABIGOR [1998] [CD] Origo Regium 1993-1994
ABIGOR [1998] [EP] Structures of Immortality
ABIGOR [1999] [CD] Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan
ABIGOR [2000] [MCD] In Memory
ABIGOR [2001] [CD] Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)
ABIGOR [2004] [2CD] Verwustung / Invoke The Dark Age / Opus IV (Remastered)
ABIGOR [2004] [CD] Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom) / Orkblut - The Retalation (Reissued)
ABIGOR [2004] [EP] Shockwave-666
ABIGOR [2007] [CD] Fractal Possession
ABIGOR [2010] [CD] Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint - An Excursion On Satan's Fragmenting Principle
ABIGOR [2012] [2CD] Quintessence
ABIGOR [2013] [EP+CD] Supreme and Immortal is the Art of the Devil
ABIGOR [2014] [CD] Leytmotif Luzifer (The 7 Temptations of Man)
ABIGOR [2018] [CD] Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)
ABÎME [2005] [CD] Échos de Gloire
ABINCHOVA [2009] [MCD] Hörensagen
ABINCHOVA [2011] [CD] Versteckte Pfade
ABINCHOVA [2012] [EP] Handgeschrieben - Zwei Lieder für ihr persönliches Hörvergnügen
ABINCHOVA [2014] [CD] Wegweiser
ABIOTIC [2012] [CD] Symbiosis
ABISMO ETERNO [2001] [CD] La Ultima Elegia Del Guardian
ABLAZE IN HATRED [2006] [CD] Deceptive Awareness
ABLAZE IN HATRED [2009] [2CD] The Quietude Plains (Ltd. Ed.)
ABLAZE MY SORROW [1996] [CD] If Emotions Still Burn
ABLAZE MY SORROW [1997] [CD] The Plague
ABLAZE MY SORROW [2002] [CD] Anger, Hate And Fury
ABLAZE [2007] [CD] Reaperbahn
ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS [2011] [MCD] Abnormal Thought Patterns
ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS [2013] [CD] Manipulation Under Anesthesia
ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS [2015] [CD] Altered States of Consciousness
ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY [2007] [CD] In The End Of Human Existence
ABOMINANT [2000] [CD] Ungodly
ABOMINANT [2002] [CD] Upon Black Horizons
ABOMINATION [1990] [CD] Debut
ABOMINATION [1991] [CD] Tragedy Strickes (Remastered-2008)
ABOMINATION [1991] [CD] Tragedy Strikes
ABOMINATION [1999] [MCD] The Final War
ABOMINATOR [1999] [CD] Damnation's Prophecy
ABOMINATOR [2003] [CD] Nuctemeron Descent
ABOMINO AETAS [2007] [CD] Sower Of Death
ABORIORTH [2007] [CD] Far Away from Hateful Mankind Plague
ABORIORTH [2011] [CD] The Austere Perpetuity of Nothingness
ABORIORTH [2012] [MCD] Anchorite
ABORTED FETUS [2008] [CD] Goresoaked Clinical Accidents
ABORTED [1999] [CD] The Purity Of Perversion (Reissued-2002)
ABORTED [2001] [CD] Engineering the Dead
ABORTED [2003] [CD] Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done
ABORTED [2004] [MCD] The Haematobic EP
ABORTED [2005] [CD] The Archaic Abattoir (Ltd. Ed.)
ABORTED [2007] [CD] Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
ABORTED [2008] [CD] Strychnine.213 (Ltd. Ed.)
ABORTED [2018] [CD] Terrorvision
ABORTION [2002] [CD] Have A Nice Day
ABORTION [2004] [CD] Gonna Be Worse
ABORYM [1999] [CD] Kali Yuga Bizzare
ABORYM [2001] [CD] Fire Walk With Us!
ABORYM [2003] [CD] With No Human Intervention
ABORYM [2006] [CD] Generator
ABORYM [2010] [CD] Psychogrotesque
ABRAHEL [2008] [CD] Abrahel
ABRAMELIN [1994] [MCD] Transgression From Acheron
ABRAMELIN [1995] [CD] Abramelin
ABRASIVE [2005] [CD] Devotion
ABRAXAS [1993] [CD] The Liaison (Japanese Ed.)
ABRAXAS [1998] [CD] Tomorrow's World
ABRIOSIS [2011] [CD] Tattered And Bound
ABRUPTUM [1993] [CD] Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectčre Me
ABRUPTUM [1993] [CD] Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectčre Me (Remastered-1999)
ABRUPTUM [1994] [CD-Bootleg] 666
ABRUPTUM [1994] [CD] In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, in Aeternum in Triumpho Tenebrarum (Remastered-1999)
ABRUPTUM [1994] [CD] In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, in Aeternum in Triumpho Tenebraum
ABRUPTUM [1996] [CD] Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes
ABRUPTUM [2000] [MCD] De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet
ABSCENDENT [2016] [CD] Decaying Human Condition
ABSCENDENT [2018] [CD] Deliverance (Digipak)
ABSCESS [2007] [CD] Horrorhammer
ABSCESS [2010] [CD] Dawn Of Inhumanity
ABSCESS [2013] [CD] Bourbon, Blood And Butchery
ABSCESSION [2015] [CD] Grave Offerings
ABSCONDER [2011] [CDR] Demo 2011
ABSENT SILENCE [1999] [CD] Dawn Of A New Mourning
ABSENTH [2005] [CD] Love Is Dead (Reissued-2008)
ABSENTH [2012] [CD] Erotica 69
ABSENTIA [2009] [CD] Heaven Still Burn
ABSENTIA [2011] [CD] Our Bleeding Sun
ABSERDO [2010] [CD] Raising A Pervert
ABSKE FIDES [2009] [MCD] Disenlightment
ABSKE FIDES [2012] [CD] Abske Fides
ABSOLUTE STEEL [2005] [CD] Womanizer
ABSOLVA [2012] [CD] Flames Of Justice
ABSOLVA [2013] [CD] Beyond Live
ABSOLVA [2014] [CD] Anthems To The Dead
ABSONUS NOCTIS [2005] [CD] Penumbral Inorgantia
ABSTRACT SHADOWS [2007] [CD] Symphony Of Hakel
ABSTRACT SPIRIT / ENNUI [2014] [CD] Escapism (Split)
ABSTRACT SPIRIT [2008] [CD] Liquid Dimension Change
ABSTRACT SPIRIT [2009] [CD] Tragedy and Weeds
ABSTRACT SPIRIT [2011] [CD] Horror Vacui
ABSTRACT SPIRIT [2013] [CD] Theomorphic Defectiveness
ABSTRACTA [1998] [CD] T.R.I.P.
ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA [1995] [CD] Abstrakt Algebra
ABSU [1993] [CD] Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Reissued-1994)
ABSU [1993] [CD] Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Reissued-1997)
ABSU [1995] [CD] The Sun Of Tiphareth
ABSU [1997] [CD] The Third Storm of Cythraul
ABSU [1998] [MCD] In The Eyes of Joldanach
ABSU [2001] [CD] Tara
ABSU [2001] [CD] Tara (Remastered-2009)
ABSU [2005] [2CD] Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001
ABSU [2009] [CD] Absu
ABSU [2011] [CD] Abzu
ABSURD EXISTENCE [1994] [CD] Angelwings
ABSURD [1996] [CD] Facta luquuntur
ABSURD [2001] [CD] Werwolfthron
ABSURD [2004] [MCD] Raubritter
ABSURD [2005] [CD] Blutgericht
ABSURDUS [1998] [CD] No Heaven in Sight
ABUSED MAJESTY [2004] [CD] Serpenthrone (Reissued-2005)
ABUSIVENESS [2002] [CD] Krzyk Switu (Reissued-2002)
ABUSIVENESS [2007] [CD] Hybris
ABY-KEM [2006] [MCD] Aby-Kem (Demo)
ABYDOS [2004] [CD] The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About The Inhabitants Of His Diary
ABYSMAL DAWN [2008] [CD] Programmed To Consume
ABYSMAL DEPTHS [2013] [CD] The Pain Shows In Dead Woods
ABYSMAL GATES [2004] [MCD] Divine Deception
ABYSMAL GRIEF [2000] [CDS] Exsequia Occulta
ABYSMAL GRIEF [2007] [CD] Abysmal Grief
ABYSMAL TORMENT [2006] [CD] Epoch Of Methodic Carnage
ABYSMAL TORMENT [2009] [CD] Omnicide
ABYSS (RUS) [1996] [TAPE] About the Abyss / Deliverance to the Angels From Planet of Animals
ABYSSE [2012] [CD] En(d)grave
ABYSSIC HATE [2000] [CD] Suicidal Emotions
ABYSSIC [2016] [CD] A Winter's Tale (Ltd. Ed.)
ABYSSMAL NOCTURNE [2005] [CD] From The Astral Abyss
ABYSSOS [1997] [CD] Together We Summon the Dark
ABYSSOS [1999] [CD] Fhinsthanian Nightbreed
ABYSSPHERE [2008] [CD] Images And Masks
AC/DC [1974] [CD] High Voltage
AC/DC [1975] [CD] T.N.T.
AC/DC [1975] [CD] T.N.T. (Remastered-1995)
AC/DC [1976] [CD] Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DC [1976] [CD] Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Remastered-1994)
AC/DC [1976] [CD] High Voltage
AC/DC [1976] [CD] High Voltage (Remastered-1994)
AC/DC [1976] [CD] High Voltage (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1977] [CD] Let There Be Rock (Reissued-1989)
AC/DC [1977] [CD] Let There Be Rock (Reissued-1990)
AC/DC [1977] [CD] Let There Be Rock (Remastered-1994)
AC/DC [1978] [CD] If You Want Blood You've Got It (Reissued-1990)
AC/DC [1978] [CD] If You Want Blood You've Got It (Remastered-1994)
AC/DC [1978] [CD] Powerage (Reissued-1990)
AC/DC [1978] [CD] Powerage (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1979] [CD] Highway To Hell (Reissued-1994)
AC/DC [1979] [CD] Highway To Hell (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1980] [CD+DVD] Back In Black (Remastered-2005)
AC/DC [1980] [CD] Back In Black (Reissued-1988)
AC/DC [1980] [CD] Back In Black (Remastered-1995)
AC/DC [1980] [CD] Back In Black (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1981] [CD] For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (Reissued-1994)
AC/DC [1981] [CD] For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (Remastered-1994)
AC/DC [1981] [CD] For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1983] [CD] Flick Of The Switch (Reissued-1990)
AC/DC [1983] [CD] Flick Of The Switch (Remastered-1994)
AC/DC [1983] [CD] Flick Of The Switch (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1984] [MCD] '74 Jailbreak (Remastered-1994)
AC/DC [1985] [CD] Fly On The Wall
AC/DC [1985] [CD] Fly on the Wall (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1986] [CD] Who Made Who
AC/DC [1986] [CD] Who Made Who (Australian Ed.)
AC/DC [1986] [CD] Who Made Who (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1988] [CD] Blow Up Your Video (Reissued-1990)
AC/DC [1990] [CD-Bootleg] Live-76
AC/DC [1990] [CD-Bootleg] Live-77
AC/DC [1990] [CD-Bootleg] Live-78
AC/DC [1990] [CD-Bootleg] Live-79
AC/DC [1990] [CD] The Razors Edge
AC/DC [1990] [CD] The Razors Edge (Remastered-2008)
AC/DC [1991] [2CD-Bootleg] Only The Strong Survive
AC/DC [1991] [CD-Bootleg] Living In The Hell
AC/DC [1992] [2CD-Bootleg] Tour De Force
AC/DC [1992] [2CD] Live (Remastered-2003)
AC/DC [1992] [2CD] Live (Special Collector's Ed.)
AC/DC [1992] [CD-Bootleg] London 1991 (Vol.1)
AC/DC [1992] [CD-Bootleg] London 1991 (Vol.2)
AC/DC [1993] [CDS] Big Gun (Reissued-1994)
AC/DC [1995] [CD] Ballbreaker
AC/DC [1997] [5CD] Bonfire
AC/DC [1997] [5CD] Bonfire (Remastered-2011)
AC/DC [2000] [CD] Stiff Upper Lip
AC/DC [2008] [CD] Black Ice (Ltd.Ed.)
AC/DC [2009] [2CD+DVD] Backtracks
AC/DC [2009] [3CD+2DVD+LP] Backtracks
AC/DC [2010] [CD] Iron Man 2
AC/DC [2012] [2CD] Live At River Plate
AC/DC [2013] [CD-Bootleg] Bedlam In Belgium
AC/DC [2014] [CD] Rock Or Bust
AC/DC [2015] [2CD-Bootleg] Live From Johnson City
AC/DC [2018] [8CD-Bootleg] Problem Child - The Best Of The Bon Scott Years
AC/DC [2020] [CD] Power Up (Japanese Ed.)
ACACIA [1996] [CD] Deeper Secrets
ACCEPT DEATH [2006] [CD] Accept Death
ACCEPT [1979] [CD] Accept
ACCEPT [1979] [CD] Accept (Remastered-2011)
ACCEPT [1980] [CD] I'm A Rebel
ACCEPT [1981] [CD] Breaker
ACCEPT [1981] [CD] Breaker (Remastered-2000)
ACCEPT [1982] [CD] Restless And Wild
ACCEPT [1982] [CD] Restless And Wild (Reissued)
ACCEPT [1982] [CD] Restless And Wild (Remastered-2005)
ACCEPT [1983] [CD] Balls To The Wall
ACCEPT [1983] [CD] Balls To The Wall (Remastered-2002)
ACCEPT [1985] [CD] Metal Heart
ACCEPT [1985] [CD] Metal Heart (Remastered-2002)
ACCEPT [1985] [MCD] Kaizoku-Ban (Japanese Ed.)
ACCEPT [1986] [CD] Russian Roulette
ACCEPT [1986] [CD] Russian Roulette (Remastered-2002)
ACCEPT [1987] [CD] Hungry Years
ACCEPT [1989] [CD] Eat The Heat
ACCEPT [1989] [CD] Eat The Heat (Remastered-2002)
ACCEPT [1990] [2CD] Staying A Life
ACCEPT [1993] [CDS] I Don't Wanna Be Like You
ACCEPT [1993] [CD] Objection Overruled
ACCEPT [1994] [CD] Death Row
ACCEPT [1996] [CDS] Hard Attack
ACCEPT [1996] [CD] Predator
ACCEPT [1997] [2CD] All Areas - Worldwide
ACCEPT [2010] [3CD] The Accept Collection
ACCEPT [2010] [CD] Blood Of The Nations (Ltd. Ed.)
ACCEPT [2012] [CD+DVD] Stalingrad: Brothers In Death (Ltd. Ed.)
ACCEPT [2014] [CD+DVD] Blind Rage (Ltd. Ed.)
ACCEPT [2017] [CD] The Rise Of Chaos (Ltd. Ed.)
ACCEPT [2018] [2CD+BD] Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017 (Digibook Ed.)
ACCEPT [2021] [CD] Too Mean to Die
ACCESSORY [1992] [CD] Within Your Mind
ACCURACY [1996] [CD] Absolut 100%
ACCUSER [1991] [CD] Double Talk
ACCUSER [1994] [CD] Reflections
ACCUSER [1995] [CD] Taken By The Throat
ACCUSER [2011] [CD] Dependent Domination
ACCUSER [2016] [CD] The Forlorn Divide
ACCU§ER [2013] [CD] Diabolic
ACCU§ER [2018] [CD] The Mastery
ACERO [1983] [EP] Acero
ACHERON [1992] [CD] Rites Of The Black Mass (Reissued-1998)
ACHERON [1994] [CD] Lex Talionis
ACHERON [1994] [MCD] Satanic Victory
ACHERON [1996] [CD] Anti-god, Anti-christ
ACHERON [1998] [CD] Those Who Have Risen
ACHERON [2001] [CD] Compendium Diablerie - The Demo Days
ACHERON [2002] [MCD] Xomaly
ACHERON [2003] [CD] Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood
ACHERON [2003] [CD] Tribute To The Devil's Music
ACHERON [2004] [2CD] Decade Infernus 1988-1998
ACHERONTAS [2007] [CD] Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience)
ACHERONTAS [2020] [CD] Psychic Death - The Shattering of Perceptions (Digipak)
ACID AGE [2014] [CD] Drone Shark Ethics
ACID BATH [1994] [CD] When the Kite String Pops
ACID DEATH [1997] [CD] Pieces Of Mankind (Reissued-1998)
ACID DEATH [2000] [CD] Random's Manifest
ACID DRINKERS [1990] [CD] Are You A Rebel? (Reissued-1994)
ACID DRINKERS [1991] [CD] Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
ACID DRINKERS [1992] [CD] Strip Tease
ACID DRINKERS [1993] [CD] Vile Vicious Vision (Remastered-1997)
ACID DRINKERS [1994] [CD] Fishdick (Remastered-1997)
ACID DRINKERS [1994] [CD] Infernal Connection (Reissued-1997)
ACID DRINKERS [1996] [CD] The State Of Mind Report
ACID DRINKERS [1998] [CD] High Proof Cosmic Milk (Ltd. Ed.)
ACID DRINKERS [1998] [CD] Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!
ACID DRINKERS [1999] [CD] Amazing Atomic Activity (Ltd. Ed.)
ACID DRINKERS [2000] [CD] Broken Head
ACID DRINKERS [2002] [CD] Acidofilia
ACID DRINKERS [2004] [CD] Rock Is Not Enough...
ACID DRINKERS [2008] [CD] Verses Of Steel
ACID DRINKERS [2010] [CD] Fishdick Zwei (The Dick Is Rising Again)
ACID DRINKERS [2012] [CD] La Part Du Diable
ACID DRINKERS [2016] [CD] Peep Show
ACID KING / ALTAMONT [1997] [CD] Split
ACID KING [1995] [CD] Zoroaster
ACID RAIN [2006] [MCD-R] One Night Of Reflections
ACID REIGN [1989] [CD] The Fear / Moshkinstein EP
ACID REIGN [1990] [CD] Obnoxious
ACID WITCH [2008] [CD] Witchtanic Hellucinations
ACID WITCH [2011] [CD] Stoned
ACID WITCH [2017] [CD] Evil Sound Screamers
ACID [1983] [CD] Maniac (Remastered-2000)
ACOD [2018] [CD] The Divine Triumph
ACOLYTE [2007] [CD] Oceans Of Blood
ACRIMONY [1994] [CD] Hymns To The Stone
ACRIMONY [1995] [MCD] The Acid Elephant
ACRIMONY [1996] [CD] Tumuli Shroomaroom
ACRON [1998] [CD] Labyrinth Of Fears
ACROPHET [1988] [CD] Corrupt Minds
ACROPHET [1988] [CD] Corrupt Minds (Remastered-2008)
ACROPHET [1989] [CD] Faded Glory (Reissued-1990)
ACROPHET [1990] [CD] Faded Glory (Remastered-2008)
ACROSOME [2011] [MCD] Dementia Praecox
ACROSTICHON [1993] [CD] Engraved In Black
ACROSTICHON [1994] [MCD] Forgotten
ACROSTICHON [1995] [CD] Sentenced
ACT OF DEFIANCE [2015] [CD] Birth And The Burial
ACT OF DEFIANCE [2017] [CD] Old Scars, New Wounds
ACT OF GOD [2005] [CD] The Place Of Worship
ACT OF GODS [2004] [CD] Stench Of Centuries
ACT OF GODS [2006] [CD] Maat
ACT OF GROTESQUE [2004] [MCD] Inner Mental Disorder
AD ASTRA [2007] [CD] Crust Of Ego [Multimedia CD]
AD HOMINEM [2002] [CD] Planet ZOG - The End
AD HOMINEM [2003] [CD] ...For A New World
AD HOMINEM [2005] [CD] Climax Of Hatred
AD HOMINEM [2008] [MCD] Theory : 0
AD HOMINEM [2009] [CD] Dictator - A Monument of Glory
AD HOMINEM [2015] [CD] Antitheist
AD HOMINEM [2018] [CD] Napalm for All (Digipak)
AD INFERNA [2002] [CD] L'empire Des Sens
AD INFEROS [2000] [TAPE] Bloodlust (Devil's Dance) (Demo)
AD NAUSEAM [2015] [CD] Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est
AD NOCTUM [2004] [CD] Jus Primae Noctis & Excellence Of Supremacy
AD VITAM AETERNAM [2004] [CD] Abstract Senses
ADAGIO (BRA) [1999] [CD] Romantic Serenades
ADAGIO (FRA) [2001] [CD] Sanctus Ignís
ADAGIO (FRA) [2001] [CD] Sanctus Ignís (Japanese Ed.)
ADAGIO (FRA) [2003] [CD] Underworld
ADAGIO (FRA) [2006] [CD] Dominate
ADAGIO (FRA) [2006] [CD] Dominate (Japanese Ed.)
ADAGIO (FRA) [2009] [CD] Archangels in Black (Ltd. Ed.)
ADAGIO (FRA) [2017] [CD] Life (Japanese Ed.)
ADAMIND [2007] [CD] Balance
ADASTRA [2007] [CD] The Last Sunset
ADASTRA [2008] [CD] Death Or Domination
ADDICTIVE [1989] [CD] Pity Of Man
ADEM [1988] [CD] Time of Madness
ADEM [1989] [CD] Golgotha
ADIASTASIA [2006] [CD] Life War
ADMONISH [2005] [MCD] Den Yttersta Tiden
ADMONISH [2007] [MCD] Insnärjd
ADMORTEM [1999] [MCD] Ad Extremum Supplicium
ADMORTEM [2001] [CD] Living Through Blood
ADOLF CASTLE [1995] [CD] Really Crazy Germans (Remastered-2014)
ADOR DORATH [2002] [CD] Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath (Reissued-2004)
ADOR DORATH [2005] [CD] Symbols
ADOR DORATH [2008] [CD] Bestiari
ADORNED BROOD [1996] [CD] Hiltia
ADORNED BROOD [1998] [CD] Wigand
ADORNED BROOD [2002] [CD] Erdenkraft
ADORNED BROOD [2008] [CD] Noor
ADORNED BROOD [2012] [CD] Kuningaz
ADRAMELCH [1988] [2CD] Irae Melanox (Remastered-2010)
ADRAMELCH [1988] [CD] Irae Melanox (Reissued-1999)
ADRAMELCH [2005] [CD] Broken History
ADRAMELCH [2012] [CD] Lights From Oblivion (Ltd. Ed.)
ADRAMELECH [1995] [MCD] The Fall
ADRAMELECH [1996] [CD] Psychostasia
ADRAMELECH [1996] [CD] Psychostasia / Seven / The Fall (Remastered-2003)
ADRAMELECH [2005] [CD] Terror Of Thousand Faces
ADRANA [2008] [CD] Perturbatio
ADRANA [2011] [CD] The Ancient Realms
ADRASTEA [2016] [CD] The Ruins Of Reminiscence
ADRASTEA [2018] [MCD] Pathetic Bluemoon
ADRENALINE MOB [2012] [CD] Omertŕ
ADRENICIDE [2009] [CD] Pioneers In The Land Of The Mad
ADRENICIDE [2010] [CD] War Begs No Mercy
ADVERSAM [1999] [CD] Animadverte
ADVERSOR [2016] [CD] Rise To Survive
ADVERSUS SEMITA [2009] [CD] The Ecstasy Of Sin (Demo)
ADVERSUS [2002] [CD] Winter, so unsagbar Winter...
ADVERSUS [2005] [CD] Einer Nacht Gewesenes
ADVERSUS [2010] [CD] Der Zeit abhanden - Elf Märchen für Entflohene
ADX [1985] [CD] Exécution (Reissued-1997)
ADX [1988] [CD] Exécution publique
ADX [1988] [CD] Suprématie / La Terreur
ADX [1990] [CD] Weird Visions
ADX [1998] [CD] In Memorium
ADX [1998] [CD] Résurrection
ADX [2001] [CD] VIII Sentence
ADX [2005] [CD] La Terreur / Suprématie
ADX [2008] [CD] Division blindée
ADX [2008] [CD] Division blindée (Remastered-2016)
ADX [2010] [CD] Terreurs
ADX [2011] [CD+DVD] Immortel
ADX [2014] [CD] Ultimatum (Reissued-2016)
ADX [2016] [CD] Non Serviam (Ltd. Ed.)
ADX [2020] [CD] Bestial
ADX [2021] [CD] Étranges visions
AEBA [1998] [CD] Im Schattenreich...
AEBA [1999] [CD] Flammenmanifest
AEBA [2001] [CD] Rebellion - Edens Asche
AEBA [2004] [CD] Shemhamforash - Des Hasses Antlitz
AEDRA (RUS) [2010] [CD] Mysteries Of The Mirrors
AEDRA (USA) [2011] [CD] The Evening Red
AEGRUS [2017] [CD] Thy Numinous Darkness
AENIMUS [2019] [CD] Dreamcatcher
AEON (POL) [2008] [CD] An Extravagance Of Norm
AEON (SWE) [2001] [MCD] Dark Order
AEON (SWE) [2005] [CD] Bleeding The False
AEON (SWE) [2007] [CD] Rise To Dominate
AEON (SWE) [2010] [CD] Path Of Fire
AEON (SWE) [2012] [CD] Aeons Black
AEON OF HORUS [2008] [CD] The Embodiment Of Darkness And Light
AEON OF HORUS [2011] [MCD] Exile
AEON ZEN [2009] [CD] A Mind's Portrait
AEON ZEN [2010] [CD] The Face Of The Unknown
AEON ZEN [2012] [CD] Enigma
AEON ZEN [2012] [CD] Enigma (Reissued-2013)
AEON ZEN [2013] [MCD] Self Portrait
AEON ZEN [2014] [CD] Ephemera
AEROSMITH [1977] [CD] Draw The Line (Remastered-1993)
AEROSMITH [1990] [CD] Pump
AESIR [2013] [TAPE] Wotanism
AESMA DAEVA [1999] [CD] Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water
AESMA DAEVA [2001] [CD] The Eros Of Frigid Beauty
AESMA DAEVA [2003] [CD] The New Athens Ethos
AESMA DAEVA [2003] [CD] The New Athens Ethos (Russian Ed.)
AESMA DAEVA [2005] [MCD] Ex Libris
AESMA DAEVA [2007] [CD] Dawn Of The New Athens
AESMA DAEVA [2008] [MCD] The Thalassa Mixes
AETERNAL SEPRIUM [2012] [CD] Against Oblivion's Shade
AETERNAM [2010] [CD] Disciples Of The Unseen
AETERNUS [1995] [MCD] Dark Sorcery
AETERNUS [1997] [CD] Beyond The Wandering Moon
AETERNUS [1998] [2CD] ...And So the Night Became (Special Ed.)
AETERNUS [1999] [CD] Shadows of Old
AETERNUS [2000] [CD] Burning The Shroud
AETHERE [2011] [CD] Wave Existence
AETHERES [2001] [CD] Laknienie Misterium Nocy (Reissued-2007)
AETHERES [2009] [CD] Dark Wisdom's Domain
AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS [2006] [CD] Layae's Cradle
AETHERNAEUM [2013] [CD] Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald
AETHRA [2011] [CD] Time And Eternity
AFFECTOR [2012] [CD] Harmagedon
AFFLICTED [1992] [CD] Prodigal Sun
AFFLICTION (TUR) [2003] [CD] One Reality
AFFLICTION (TUR) [2007] [CD] Execution Is Necessary
AFFLICTION (USA) [1992] [CD] The Damnation Of Humanization
AFFLICTION GATE [2008] [MCD] Severance (Dead To This World)
AFFLICTION GATE [2009] [CD] Aeon Of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)
AFTER ALL [2003] [CD] Mercury Rising
AFTER ALL [2005] [CD] The Vermin Breed
AFTER ALL [2006] [CD] This Violent Decline
AFTER ALL [2009] [CD] Cult Of Sin
AFTER ALL [2012] [CD] Dawn of the Enforcer
AFTER DEATH / UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN [2012] [2CD] Dwellers Of The Deep / The Madness From The Sea
AFTER DEATH [2007] [CD] Retronomicon
AFTER FOREVER [2000] [CD] Prison Of Desire
AFTER FOREVER [2001] [CD] Decipher (Reissued-2003)
AFTER FOREVER [2003] [MCD+DVD] Exordium
AFTER FOREVER [2004] [CD] Invisible Circles
AFTER FOREVER [2005] [CD+DVD] Remagine
AFTER FOREVER [2006] [2CD] Mea Culpa
AFTER FOREVER [2007] [CD] After Forever
AFTER THE BURIAL [2010] [CD] In Dreams
AFTERDREAMS [2012] [CD] WildFire
AFTERMATH [1994] [CD] Eyes Of Tomorrow (Reissued-1998)
AGAINST (ARG) [2014] [CD] Soy Libertad
AGAINST EMPIRE / HOLOKAUST [2004] [EP] Threat to Existence / Holokaust (Split)
AGAINST EMPIRE / ISKRA [2006] [CD] Bring The War Home (Split)
AGAINST EMPIRE [2005] [CD] The Ones Who Strike the Blows Forget, the Ones Who Bear the Scars Remember
AGAINST EMPIRE [2008] [EP] Destructive Systems Collapse EP
AGAINST EMPIRE [2011] [LP] Thieves And Leeches
AGALLOCH [1999] [CD] Pale Folklore
AGALLOCH [1999] [CD] Pale Folklore (Remastered-2016)
AGALLOCH [2001] [MCD] Of Stone, Wind & Pillor (20th Anniversary Ed.) (Remastered-2021)
AGALLOCH [2002] [CD] The Mantle
AGALLOCH [2004] [MCD] The Grey EP (Remastered-2019)
AGALLOCH [2006] [CD] Ashes Against The Grain
AGALLOCH [2006] [CD] Ashes Against The Grain (Remastered-2016)
AGALLOCH [2008] [CD] The Demonstration Archive 1996 - 1998
AGALLOCH [2008] [MCD] The White EP (Remastered-2019)
AGALLOCH [2010] [CD] Marrow Of The Spirit
AGALLOCH [2011] [2CD] WhiteDivisionGrey (Reissued-2012)
AGALLOCH [2014] [CD] The Serpent & The Sphere
AGALLOCH [2014] [CD] The Serpent & The Sphere (Japanese Ed.)
AGARTHI [1997] [MCD] At The Burning Horizon
AGATHOCLES / DEPRESSION [1997] [CD] Robotized / Böses Blut
AGATHOCLES / DRUDGE [1990] [CD] Suppose It Was You / Untitled (Split) (Reissued-2007)
AGATHOCLES / NOISEBAZOOKA [2008] [CD] Good Lord! Look What They've Done To Our Government (Split)
AGATHOCLES / RUIDO GENITAL [2007] [CD] Get Off Your Ass / In Noise We Noise (Split)
AGATHOCLES [1992] [CD] Theatric Symbolisation of Life
AGATHOCLES [1992] [CD] Theatric Symbolisation Of Life (Remastered-2007)
AGATHOCLES [1994] [CD] Black Clouds Determinate
AGATHOCLES [1995] [CD] Razor Sharp Daggers
AGATHOCLES [1996] [CD] Thanks For Your Hostility (Remastered-2007)
AGATHOCLES [1996] [CD] The LP's: 1989-1991
AGATHOCLES [1996] [MCD] Bomb Brussels (Reissued-2001)
AGATHOCLES [1997] [CD] Agarchy - Use Your Anger
AGATHOCLES [1997] [CD] Humarrogance (Reissued-1998)
AGATHOCLES [1999] [CD] To Serve... To Protect
AGATHOCLES [2000] [CD] Live in Leipzig, Germany 1991
AGATHOCLES [2001] [CD] Mince Core History 1985-1990
AGATHOCLES [2001] [CD] Mince Core History 1989-1993
AGATHOCLES [2003] [CD] Alive & Mincing
AGATHOCLES [2006] [CD] Mince Core History 1993-1996
AGATHOCLES [2006] [CD] Mincer
AGATHOCLES [2008] [CD] Grind Is Protest
AGATHOCLES [2008] [CD] Mince Core History 1996-1997
AGATHOCLES [2009] [CD] Reds At The Mountains Of Death
AGATHODAIMON [1998] [CD] Blacken The Angel
AGATHODAIMON [1999] [CD] Higher Art Of Rebellion
AGATHODAIMON [2001] [CD] Chapter III
AGATHODAIMON [2001] [CD] Chapter III (Remastered-2008)
AGATHODAIMON [2004] [2CD] Serpent's Embrace (Ltd. Ed.)
AGATHODAIMON [2004] [CD] Serpent's Embrace (Remastered-2008)
AGATHODAIMON [2009] [CD] Phoenix (Ltd.Ed.)
AGATHODAIMON [2013] [CD] In Darkness (Ltd.Ed.)
AGATHOS [2018] [MCD-R] Nihil Est
AGATUS [1996] [CD-Bootleg] Dawn Of Martyrdom
AGATUS [2002] [CD] The Weaving Fates
AGE OF AGONY [2011] [CD] Machinery Of Hatred
AGE OF ARTEMIS [2011] [CD] Overcoming Limits
AGE OF ARTEMIS [2012] [CD] Overcoming Limits (Japanese Ed.)
AGE OF ARTEMIS [2014] [CD] The Waking Hour (Japanese Ed.)
AGE OF NEMESIS [2006] [CD] Psychogeist
AGE OF NEMESIS [2007] [CD] Terra Incognita
AGE OF REBELLION [1997] [CD] Ikarus Dream
AGE OF REBELLION [1999] [CD] Dividing Horizons
AGENT STEEL [1985] [CD] Skeptics Apocalypse
AGENT STEEL [1985] [CD] Skeptics Apocalypse (Remastered-1999)
AGENT STEEL [1986] [MCD] Mad Locust Rising (Remastered-1999)
AGENT STEEL [1987] [CD] Unstoppable Force
AGENT STEEL [1987] [CD] Unstoppable Force (Remastered-1999)
AGENT STEEL [1999] [CD] Omega Conspiracy
AGENT STEEL [2003] [CDS] Earth Under Lucifer
AGENT STEEL [2003] [CD] Order Of The Illuminati
AGENT STEEL [2007] [CD] Alienigma
AGGRESSION A.D. [2004] [CD] Forgotten Skeleton
AGGRESSION [2009] [CD] MoshPirit
AGGRESSION [2016] [CD] Fragmented Spirit Devils
AGGRESSOR [1993] [CD] Procreate The Petrifactions (Remastered-2004)
AGGRESSOR [1994] [CD] Of Long Duration Anguish
AGHORA [1999] [CD] Aghora (Reissued-2000)
AGHORA [2006] [CD] Formless (Reissued-2007)
AGINCOURT [2011] [CD] Angels Of Mons
AGLACIA [2011] [CD] Generator. Operator. Destroyer.
AGLAOMORPHA [2007] [CD] Perception
AGLAROND [2005] [CD] Across the Dark Night
AGLAROND [2008] [CD] Embraced By Darkness
AGNOSIA [2009] [CD] Trace Decay
AGNOSTIC FRONT / DISCIPLINE [2002] [CD] Working Class Heroes (Split)
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1986] [CD] Cause For Alarm (Remastered-2004)
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1991] [CD] Cause For Alarm / Victim In Pain
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1992] [CD] One Voice
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1992] [CD] To Be Continued: The Best Of Agnostic Front
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1993] [CD] Last Warning
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1995] [CD] Raw Unleashed
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1998] [CD] Something's Gotta Give
AGNOSTIC FRONT [1999] [CD] Riot, Riot Upstart
AGNOSTIC FRONT [2001] [CD] Dead Yuppies
AGNOSTIC FRONT [2004] [CD] Another Voice
AGNOSTIC FRONT [2007] [CD] Warriors
AGONIZED [1991] [CD] Gods... Demo 1991 (Reissued-2012)
AGONIZER [2007] [CD] Birth / The End
AGONY (COL) [1996] [CD] Millenium
AGONY (SWE) [1988] [CD] The First Defiance
AGONY COLUMN [1989] [CD] God, Guns And Guts
AGORA [2001] [CD] Segundo Pasado
AGORA [2005] [CD] Zona De Silencio
AGORA [2008] [CD] Silencio Acustico
AGORA [2011] [CD] Regresa Al Vértigo
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED [2003] [CD] Altered States Of America
AGREGATOR [2006] [2CD] Szürkület
AGREGATOR [2009] [CD] Emberség
AGRESSOR / LOUDBLAST [1987] [CD] Licensed To Thrash (Remastered-2019)
AGRESSOR [1987] [CD] Rehearsal Of Death
AGRESSOR [1987] [MCD] Satan's Sodomy
AGRESSOR [1990] [CD] Neverending Destiny
AGRESSOR [1992] [CD] Towards Beyond
AGRESSOR [1994] [CD] Symposium Of Rebirth
AGRESSOR [2000] [CD] Medieval Rites
AGRESSOR [2001] [MCD] The Spirit Of Evil
AGRESSOR [2004] [CD] The Merciless Onslaught
AGRESSOR [2006] [CD+DVD] Deathreat
AGRESSOR [2018] [2CD] Rebirth
AGRESSOR [2018] [CD] Satan's Sodomy Of Death
AGRESSOR [2020] [3CD] The Order Of Chaos
AGRESSOR [2021] [2CD] The Arrival
AGRYPNIE [2006] [CD] F51.4
AGRYPNIE [2013] [CD+DVD] Aetas cineris
AHAB [2006] [CD] The Call Of The Wretched Sea
AHAB [2009] [CD] The Divinity Of Oceans
AHAB [2012] [CD] The Giant
AHNENSTAHL [2006] [CD] Zwischen Tod und Leben (Digipak)
AHRIMAN [2005] [CD] Ködkín Ösvény - Mistpain Path
AHRIMAN [2008] [CD] The Early Years
AHUMADO GRANUJO [2004] [CD] Chemical Holocaust
AINA [2003] [2CD+DVD] Days Of Rising Doom: The Metal Opera (Ltd. Ed.)
AION [2000] [CD] Reconciliation
AION [2001] [CD] Symbol
AION-6 [2012] [CD] Perfect Grey
AIR RAID [2012] [CD] Night Of The Axe
AIR RAID [2014] [CD] Point Of Impact (Japanese Ed.)
AIR RAID [2017] [CD] Across The Line (Japanese Ed.)
AIRBORN [2003] [CD] D-Generation
AIRBORN [2014] [CD] Dark Future Rising (Ltd.Ed.)
AIRBORN [2018] [CD] Lizard Secrets: Part One - Land Of The Living
AIRBOURNE [2007] [CD] Runnin' Wild
AIRBOURNE [2008] [CD+DVD] Runnin' Wild (Tour Ed.)
AIRBOURNE [2009] [CD] No Guts. No Glory. (Special Ed.)
AIRBOURNE [2013] [2CD] Black Dog Barking (Special Ed.)
AIRBOURNE [2016] [CD] Breakin' Outta Hell (Ltd. Ed.)
AIRBOURNE [2019] [CD] Boneshaker (Deluxe Ed.)
AIRDASH [1988] [CD] Thank God It's Monday
AIRDASH [1989] [CD] Hospital Hallucination Take One
AIRDASH [1991] [CD] Both Ends Of The Path
AIREARD [2006] [CD] Space One
AIRGED L'AMH [2004] [CD] The Silver Arm
AIRLINES OF TERROR [2010] [CD] Blood Line Express
AIRLINES OF TERROR [2015] [CD] Terror From The Air
AIRSPEED [2012] [CD] Airspeed
AIRWOLF [1988] [LP] Victory Bells
AJATTARA [2001] [CD] Itse
AJATTARA [2003] [CD] Kuolema
AJATTARA [2004] [CD] Tyhjyys
AKANTHA [2019] [CD] Baptism In Psychical Analects
AKASHIC [2001] [CD] Timeless Realm
AKASHIC [2005] [CD] A Brand New Day
AKELA [2004] [CD] Forr A Dalom
AKELA [2006] [CD] Fejetlenség
AKELA [2007] [CD] Fattyudal
AKERBELTZ [2000] [CD] A Wave Of Darkness
AKERBELTZ [2001] [CD] Tabellae Defixionum
AKERBELTZ [2002] [CD] Akerhell
AKERBELTZ [2005] [CD] Never Deny from the Powers of Sorcery
AKERBELTZ [2010] [CD] Infernuko Erreka
AKERBELTZ [2017] [CD] Satanic
AKERCOCKE [1999] [CD] Rape of the Bastard Nazarene (Reissued-2001)
AKERCOCKE [2001] [CD] The Goat Of Mendes
AKERCOCKE [2003] [CD] Choronzon
AKERCOCKE [2005] [CD+DVD] Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone
AKERCOCKE [2007] [CD] Antichrist (Ltd. Ed.)
AKIAVEL [2020] [CD] V
AKIRA TAKASAKI [1982] [CD] Tusk Of Jaguar (Reissued-1993)
AKIRA TAKASAKI [1982] [CD] Tusk Of Jaguar (Remastered-2005)
AKIRA TAKASAKI [1982] [CD] Tusk Of Jaguar (Remastered-2009)
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2001] [CDS] Shaft Drive / Broken Camera
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2001] [CD] Gene Shaft
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2001] [CD] Gene Shaft Trans=Mist
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2002] [CD] Made In Hawaii
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2004] [CD] Splash Mountain
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2006] [CD] Nenriki
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2006] [CD] Osaka Works #128
AKIRA TAKASAKI [2007] [CD] Black Brown
AKITSA [2001] [CD] Goetie (Reissued-2007)
AKITSA [2002] [CD] Sang Nordique (Reissued-2007)
AKPHAEZYA [2008] [CD] Anthology II: Links from the dead Trinity
AKREA [2009] [CD] Lebenslinie
AL SIRAT [1999] [CD] Signa tempori
AL SIRAT [2007] [CD] Warhead
AL-NAMROOD [2010] [CD] Estorat Taghoot
AL-NAMROOD [2012] [CD] Kitab Al Awthan
AL-NAMROOD [2014] [CD] Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq
ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY [2002] [CD] Staring at the Divine
ALARUM [2004] [CD] Eventuality (Reissued-2005)
ALARUM [2011] [CD] Natural Causes
ALAS [2001] [CD] Absolute Purity
ALASTIS [1992] [CD] The Just Law
ALASTIS [1995] [CD] ...And Death Smiled
ALASTIS [1996] [CD] The Other Side
ALASTIS [1998] [CD] Revenge
ALASTIS [2001] [CD] Unity
ALASTOR [2009] [CD] Spaaazm
ALATYR [2007] [CD] Alatyr
ALBERTO RIONDA ALQUIMIA [2013] [CD] Alquimia (Reissued-2016)
ALBERTO RIONDA ALQUIMIA [2014] [CD] Alquimia (Mexican Ed.)
ALBERTO RIONDA ALQUIMIA [2015] [CD] Espiritual (Reissued-2016)
ALCATRAZZ [1983] [CD] No Parole From Rock'N'Roll (Reissued-2013)
ALCATRAZZ [1985] [2CD] Disturbing The Peace (Reissued-2013)
ALCATRAZZ [1985] [CD] Disturbing The Peace (Japanese Ed.)
ALCATRAZZ [1986] [CD] Dangerous Games (Reissued-2013)
ALCATRAZZ [2018] [2CD+DVD] Parole Denied - Tokyo 2017 (Japanese Ed.)
ALCEST [2005] [MCD] Le Secret
ALCEST [2007] [CD] Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
ALCEST [2010] [CD] Ecailles De Lune (Ltd.Ed.)
ALCEST [2012] [CD] Les Voyages De L'âme
ALCEST [2014] [CD] Shelter
ALCEST [2016] [CD] Kodama
ALCEST [2019] [CD] Spiritual Instinct
ALCHEMIST [1993] [CD] Jar Of Kingdom
ALCHEMIST [1997] [CD] Spiritech
ALCHEMIST [2001] [CD] Organasm
ALCHEMIST [2003] [CD] Austral Alien
ALCHEMIST [2006] [2CD] Embryonics 90-98
ALCHEMIST [2007] [CD] Tripsis
ALCHEMY X [1999] [CD] A Delicate Balance
ALCHEMY X [2003] [CD] 11:59:59
ALCOHOLATOR [2011] [CD] Coma
ALCOHOLATOR [2015] [CD] Escape From Reality
ALCYONA [2018] [CD] Trailblazer
ALDARIA [2017] [CD] Land Of Light
ALDEBARAN [2012] [CD] Embracing The Lightless Depths
ALEGORY [2005] [CD] Mind Control
ALESTORM [2008] [2CD] Captain Morgan's Revenge: Anniversary Edition (Remastered-2018)
ALESTORM [2008] [CDS] Leviathan
ALESTORM [2008] [CD] Captain Morgan's Revenge
ALESTORM [2009] [CD+DVD] Black Sails At Midnight (Ltd. Ed.)
ALESTORM [2011] [CD] Back Through Time (Ltd. Ed.)
ALESTORM [2014] [2CD] Sunset On The Golden Age (Ltd. Ed.)
ALESTORM [2017] [2CD] No Grave But The Sea (Japanese Ed.)
ALESTORM [2020] [2CD] Curse of the Crystal Coconut (Ltd. Ed.)
ALEX MASI [1990] [CD] Vertical Invader
ALEXIS [2010] [CD] Birds Of Prey
ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR [2007] [CD] Aberrrant Hate Icon
ALGHAZANTH [2000] [CD] Subliminal Antenora
ALGHAZANTH [2001] [CD] Osiris (Typhon Unmasked) (Japanese Ed.)
ALGHAZANTH [2001] [CD] Osiris (Typhon Unmasked) (Reissued-2002)
ALGHAZANTH [2004] [CD] The Polarity Axion
ALGHAZANTH [2011] [CD] Vinum Intus (Digipak)
ALGHAZANTH [2013] [CD] The Three-faced Pilgrim (Reissued-2014)
ALGHAZANTH [2018] [CD] Eight Coffin Nails
ALGOL / SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY [2004] [CD] Whispers From an Empty Room (Split)
ALGOL [2001] [CD] Gorgonus Aura
ALGOR [2003] [CD] Uder pohanskeho hnevu
ALHAMBRA [2007] [CD] Fadista
ALHAMBRA [2012] [CD] Siegfried
ALHANA [2005] [CD] Tundertanc
ALIANZA [1994] [CD] Suenos Del Mundo
ALIAS MANGLER [1986] [CD] Bite The Metal (Remastered-2018)
ALIAS [1989] [CD] Metal To Infinity (Reissued-1994)
ALICE COOPER [2000] [CD] Brutal Planet
ALICE COOPER [2001] [CD] DragonTown
ALICE COOPER [2014] [2CD+DVD] Raise The Dead Live From Wacken
ALICE IN CHAINS [2013] [CD] The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
ALICE IN CHAINS [2018] [CD] Rainier Fog (Digipak)
ALIEN BOYS [1994] [CD] Nekropolis
ALIEN [1993] [CD] Dance With The Alien
ALKATEYA [2006] [CD] Lycantrophy
ALKEMYST [2003] [CD] Meeting In The Mist
ALKEMYST [2003] [CD] Meeting In The Mist (Japanese Ed.)
ALKEMYST [2008] [CD] Through Painful Lanes (Japanese Ed.)
ALKOHOLIZER [2009] [CD] Drunk or Dead...
ALKONOST [2002] [CD] Alkonost
ALKONOST [2004] [CD] Between The Worlds
ALKONOST [2006] [CD] Between The Worlds
ALKONOST [2006] [CD] The Path We`ve Never Made
ALKONOST [2007] [CD] Songs Of The Eternal Oak
ALKONOST [2007] [CD] Stone Heart Blood
ALKONOST [2010] [CD] On The Wings Of The Call
ALL FOR FAKE [2010] [CD] Zabud Sebya
ALL I COULD BLEED [2011] [CD] Burying the Past
ALL SHALL PERISH [2003] [CD] Hate Malice Revenge (Reissued-2005)
ALL SHALL PERISH [2006] [CD] The Price of Existence
ALL SHALL PERISH [2008] [CD+DVD] Awaken The Dreamers
ALL SHALL PERISH [2011] [CD] This is Where it Ends (Deluxe Edition)
ALL SOULS' DAY [2001] [CD] Into The Mourning
ALL THAT I BLEED [2002] [CD] Dying To Remember
ALL THAT REMAINS [2002] [CD] Behind Silence And Solitude (Remastered-2007)
ALL THAT REMAINS [2004] [CD] This Darkened Heart
ALL THAT REMAINS [2006] [CD] The Fall Of Ideals
ALL THAT REMAINS [2008] [CD] Overcome
ALL THAT REMAINS [2015] [CD] The Order Of Things
ALL TOO HUMAN [1998] [CD] Forever And A Day
ALL TOO HUMAN [2002] [CD] Entropy (2004 European Ed.)
ALL TOO HUMAN [2013] [CD] Juggernaut
ALLEGAEON [2008] [MCD] Allegaeon
ALLEGAEON [2010] [CD] Fragments Of Form And Function
ALLEGAEON [2012] [CD] Formshifter
ALLEGAEON [2014] [CD] Elements Of The Infinite
ALLEGIANCE [1994] [CD] D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n
ALLEGIANCE [1996] [CD] Hymn Till Hangagud
ALLEGIANCE [1996] [CD] Skinman
ALLEGIANCE [1997] [CD] Blodornsoffer
ALLEGIANCE [1999] [CD] Vrede
ALLEN / LANDE [2010] [CD] The Showdown (Ltd. Ed. Digipack)
ALLEN-LANDE [2005] [CD] The Battle
ALLEN-LANDE [2007] [CD] The Revenge
ALLEN-LANDE [2007] [CD] The Revenge (Japanese Ed.)
ALLEN-LANDE [2014] [CD] The Great Divide
ALLEY [2008] [CD] The Weed
ALLEY [2013] [CD] Amphibious
ALLFADER [2006] [CD] At Least We Will Die Together
ALLFADER [2011] [CD] Black Blood Flux
ALLIED FORCES [2002] [CD] The Forces Strike Back
ALLIGATOR [1994] [CD] Cerebral Implosion
ALLTHENIKO [2006] [CD] We Will Fight!
ALLTHENIKO [2014] [CD] Fast and Glorious
ALMAFUERTE [1995] [CD] Mundo Guanaco
ALMAFUERTE [1996] [CD] Del Entorno
ALMAFUERTE [1997] [CD] En Vida
ALMAFUERTE [1998] [CD] Almafuerte
ALMAFUERTE [1999] [CD] A Fondo Blanco
ALMAFUERTE [2001] [CD] Piedra Libre
ALMAFUERTE [2003] [CD] Ultimando
ALMAFUERTE [2006] [CD] Toro Y Pampa
ALMAH [2007] [CD] Almah (European Ltd. Ed.)
ALMAH [2008] [CD] Fragile Equality
ALMAH [2011] [CD] Motion
ALMAH [2013] [CD] Unfold
ALMAH [2016] [CD] E.V.O (Japanese Ed.)
ALMANAC [2016] [CD+DVD] Tsar (Ltd. Ed.)
ALMANAC [2017] [CD+DVD] Kingslayer (Ltd. Ed.)
ALMAS MILITARES [2004] [CD] Nubes De Gloria
ALMAS MILITARES [2006] [CD] Almas Militares
ALMAS MILITARES [2012] [CD] Tormenta Solar
ALMOST SAINT [2007] [MCD] For and Against Everybody
ALMYRKVI [2016] [MCD] Pupil of the Searing Maelstrom (Ltd. Ed.)
ALOGIA [2002] [CD] Price O Vremenu
ALOGIA [2004] [2CD] Price O Zivotu
ALOGIA [2005] [CD] Secret Spheres Of Art
ALOGIA [2012] [CD] Price O Snovima
ALPHA TIGER [2011] [CD] Man Or Machine
ALPHA TIGER [2011] [CD] Man Or Machine (Japanese Ed.)
ALPHA TIGER [2015] [CD+DVD] iDentity (Ltd. Ed.)
ALPHA TIGER [2017] [CD] Alpha Tiger
ALQUIMIA [2013] [CD] Esclavo En Tu Ciudad
ALTAR OF OBLIVION [2009] [CD] Sinews Of Anguish
ALTAR OF OBLIVION [2012] [CD] Grand Gesture Of Defiance
ALTAR OF OBLIVION [2012] [MCD] Salvation
ALTAR OF PLAGUES [2008] [MCD] Sol (Digipack) (Reissued-2010)
ALTAR OF PLAGUES [2009] [CD] White Tomb (Digipack)
ALTAR OF PLAGUES [2011] [CD] Mammal
ALTAR [1994] [CD] Youth Against Christ
ALTAR [1998] [CD] Provoke
ALTAR [1999] [CD] In The Name Of The Father
ALTAR [2000] [CD] Until Heaven Forbids
ALTAR [2001] [CD] Red Harvest
ALTARIA [2003] [CD] Invitation
ALTARIA [2004] [CD] Divinity
ALTARIA [2006] [CD] The Fallen Empire
ALTARIA [2007] [CD] Divine Invitation
ALTARIA [2009] [CD] Unholy
ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION [2010] [CD] Gallery Of Pain
ALTER BRIDGE [2004] [CD] One Day remains
ALTER BRIDGE [2007] [CD] Blackbird
ALTER BRIDGE [2018] [2CD+DVD+BD] Live At the Royal Albert Hall Featuring The Parallax Orchestra
ALTERBEAST [2014] [CD] Immortal
ALTERBEAST [2018] [CD] Feast
ALTERED AEON [2004] [CD] Dispiritism
ALTERED VISION [1996] [CD] Fantŕsia
ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE [2014] [MCD] Altitudes & Attitude
ALTORIU SESELIAI [2007] [CD] Margi Sakalai
ALTURA [1996] [CD] Mercy
ALVENRAD [2014] [CD] Habitat
ALYSON HELL [1995] [CD] Alyson Hell
AL`VIRIUS [2007] [CD] Beyond the Human Nation
AM I BLOOD [1998] [CD] Agitation
AM TUAT [2008] [CD] Inmotion
AMALTHEA [2011] [CD] Book Of Dead Names
AMARAN [2002] [CD] A World Depraved
AMARAN [2004] [CD] Pristine In Bondage (Japanese Ed.)
AMARAN'S PLIGHT [2007] [CD] Voice in the Light (Japanese Ed.)
AMARANTHE [2011] [CD] Amaranthe
AMARANTHE [2011] [SHM-CD] Amaranthe (Japanese Ed.)
AMARANTHE [2013] [CD] The Nexus
AMARANTHE [2014] [CD] Massive Addictive
AMARANTHE [2018] [CD+DVD] Helix (Japanese Ed.)
AMARANTHE [2018] [CD] Helix (Ltd. Ed.)
AMASEFFER [2008] [CD] Slaves For Life
AMAZING MAZE [2007] [CD] Amazing Maze (Japanese Ed.)
AMBEHR [2005] [CD] Spider's Web
AMBEON [2001] [CD] Fate Of A Dreamer
AMBER TEARS [2006] [CD] Revelations Of Renounced
AMBER TEARS [2010] [CD] The Key To December
AMBERIAN DAWN [2009] [CD] The Clouds Of Northland Thunder
AMBERIAN DAWN [2010] [CD] End Of Eden
AMBERIAN DAWN [2010] [CD] End Of Eden (Japanese Ed.)
AMBERIAN DAWN [2012] [CD] Circus Black
AMBERIAN DAWN [2013] [CD] Re-Evolution
AMBERIAN DAWN [2014] [CD] Magic Forest (Ltd. Ed.)
AMBERIAN DAWN [2015] [CD] Innuendo (Japanese Ed.)
AMBERIAN DAWN [2015] [CD] Innuendo (Ltd. Ed.)
AMBERIAN DAWN [2017] [CD] Darkness of Eternity (Japanese Ed.)
AMBERIAN DAWN [2017] [CD] Darkness Of Eternity (Ltd. Ed.)
AMBUSH [2015] [CD] Desecrator (Japanese Ed.)
AMDUSCIAS [1998] [MCD] Amduscias
AMEDERIA [2008] [CD] Sometimes We Have Wings
AMEN [2000] [CD] We Have Come for Your Parents
AMERICADE [1982] [CD] American Metal (Reissued-2002)
AMESOEURS [2006] [MCD] Ruines Humaines
AMESTIGON / ANGIZIA [1996] [CD] Mysterious Realms / Heidebilder (Split)
AMESTIGON / HERETIC CULT REDEEMER [2019] [MCD] QVRI OKBISh 718 / In The Depths Of The Nine Chambers Of Fire
AMESTIGON [1998] [MCD] Höllentanz
AMESTIGON [2000] [CD-R] Remembering Ancient Origins
AMESTIGON [2010] [CD] Sun of All Suns
AMETHYST (ITA) [2011] [CD] Time Of Slaughters
AMETHYST (USA) [2010] [CD] The Maze Of Destiny
AMEZARAK [2012] [CD] Ritual
AMEZARAK [2015] [CD] Diabolical Finale Mortum (Ltd.Ed.)
AMILY [2012] [CD] To All In Graves
AMON AMARTH [1998] [CD] Once Sent From The Golden Hall
AMON AMARTH [1999] [CD] The Avenger
AMON AMARTH [1999] [CD] The Avenger (Ltd. Ed.)
AMON AMARTH [2000] [MCD] Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
AMON AMARTH [2001] [CD] The Crusher
AMON AMARTH [2002] [CD] Versus The World
AMON AMARTH [2004] [CD+DVD] Fate Of Norns (Ltd. Ed.)
AMON AMARTH [2006] [2CD] With Oden On Our Side (Ltd.Ed.)
AMON AMARTH [2008] [2CD+DVD] Twilight Of The Thunder God (Ltd. Ed.)
AMON AMARTH [2008] [CD] Twilight Of The Thunder God
AMON AMARTH [2011] [CD+DVD] Surtur Rising (Ltd. Ed.)
AMON AMARTH [2013] [2CD] Deceiver Of The Gods (Ltd.Ed.)
AMON AMARTH [2016] [CD] Jomsviking
AMON AMARTH [2016] [CD] Jomsviking (Japanese Ed.)
AMON AMARTH [2018] [CD+BD] The Pursuit Of Vikings (25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm)
AMON AMARTH [2019] [2CD] Berserker (Japanese Ed.)
AMON RA [2007] [CD] Slaves To The Moon
AMOR E MORTE [2007] [CD] About These Thornless Wilds
AMORAL [2004] [CD] Wound Creations
AMORAL [2005] [CD] Decrowning
AMORAL [2007] [CD] Reptile Ride
AMORAL [2009] [CD] Show Your Colors (Japanese Ed.)
AMORAL [2011] [CD] Beneath (Reissued-2012)
AMORBITAL [1999] [CD] Invidia
AMORPHIS [1991] [TAPE] Disment of Soul (Demo)
AMORPHIS [1992] [CD] The Karelian Isthmus
AMORPHIS [1992] [CD] The Karelian Isthmus (Remastered-2003)
AMORPHIS [1993] [CD] Tales From The Thousand Lakes (Reissued-2000)
AMORPHIS [1993] [MCD] Privilege Of Evil
AMORPHIS [1994] [MCD] Black Winter Day
AMORPHIS [1996] [CD] Elegy (Reissued-2004)
AMORPHIS [1997] [MCD] My Kantele
AMORPHIS [1999] [CD] Tuonela
AMORPHIS [2000] [CD] Story - 10th Anniversary
AMORPHIS [2001] [CDS] Alone
AMORPHIS [2001] [CD] Am Universum
AMORPHIS [2003] [CD+DVD] Chapters
AMORPHIS [2003] [CDS] Evil Inside
AMORPHIS [2003] [CD] Far From The Sun
AMORPHIS [2003] [CD] Far from the Sun (US Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2006] [CD] Eclipse
AMORPHIS [2007] [CD] Silent Waters (Digipack)
AMORPHIS [2009] [CDS] From the Heaven of my Heart
AMORPHIS [2009] [CD] Skyforger (Bad Pressing)
AMORPHIS [2009] [CD] Skyforger (Ltd. Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2010] [CD] Magic And Mayhem - Tales From The Early Years (Ltd. Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2011] [CD] The Beginning Of Times (Ltd. Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2013] [CD+DVD] Circle (Ltd.Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2015] [2CD] Under The Red Cloud (Japanese Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2015] [CD] Under The Red Cloud (Ltd. Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2018] [CD] Queen Of Time (Japanese Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2018] [CD] Queen Of Time (Ltd. Ed.)
AMORPHIS [2021] [2CD] Live At Helsinki Ice Hall
AMORTIS [2000] [CD] Summoned by Astral Fires
AMORTIS [2001] [CD] Gift of Tongues (Reissued-2004)
AMPUTATED GENITALS [2005] [CD] Human Meat Gluttony
AMPÜTATOR [2009] [CD] Intolerance Deathsquads
AMSET [2003] [CD] Amset
AMSET [2007] [CD] Suspiria (Anatoma Del Miedo)
AMSVARTNER [1997] [MCD] The Trollish Mirror
AMSVARTNER [1999] [CD] Dreams (Reissued-2005)
AMULANCE [1989] [CD] Feel The Pain
AMYSTERY [2007] [CD] Extermination, Followed by Cryptic Silence
AMYSTERY [2010] [CD] All Hail The Cult
AMYSTERY [2014] [TAPE] The Priests Are Back From Their Tomb (Ltd. Ed.)
ANA KEFR [2011] [CD] The Burial Tree (Digipak)
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2001] [CD] The Codex Necro
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2004] [CD] Domine Non Es Dignus (Reissued-2005)
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2005] [CD] When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown (Reissued-2006)
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2006] [CD] Eschaton
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2007] [CD] Hell Is Empty, And All The Devils Are Here
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2009] [CD] In the Constellation of the Black Widow
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2011] [CD] Passion
ANAAL NATHRAKH [2018] [CD] A New Kind Of Horror
ANABANTHA [2001] [CD] Letanías Capítulo I (Reissued-2006)
ANABANTHA [2005] [CD] Letanias Capitulo Prohibido (Remastered-2006)
ANABANTHA [2006] [CD] Letanías Capítulo III
ANABANTHA [2006] [CD] Llanto De Libertad
ANABANTHA [2006] [CD] Sin Decir Adiós (Reissued-2010)
ANABANTHA [2006] [CD] Without Saying Goodbye (Reissued-2010)
ANABANTHA [2007] [CD] Letanías Capítulo II
ANABANTHA [2007] [CD] Viernes 13... Y El Zócalo Se Pobló De Sombras
ANABANTHA [2009] [CD] El Pozo De Los Deseos
ANABANTHA [2009] [CD] Hermanos De Sangre - La Iniciación
ANABANTHA [2011] [CD] Hermanos De Sangre: El Ritual
ANABANTHA [2012] [CD] XV Aniversario
ANABANTHA [2013] [CD] Desideratha
ANABIOZ [2010] [CD] ...to Light
ANABIOZ [2014] [CD] There the Sun Falls
ANACHRONAEON [2012] [CD] The Ethereal Throne
ANACHRONIC [1993] [CD] Lame Gart And...
ANACRUSIS [1988] [CD] Suffering Hour
ANACRUSIS [1990] [CD] Reason
ANACRUSIS [1991] [CD] Manic Impressions
ANACRUSIS [1993] [CD] Screams And Whispers
ANACRUSIS [2009] [CD+DVD] Annihilation Complete
ANACRUSIS [2010] [2CD] Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited
ANAKROSIS [2016] [CD] Ez Dut Nahi Zuen Bakea
ANAKROSIS [2019] [CD] Perpetual Nightmare
ANAL BLASPHEMY - NECROSLUT [2007] [CD] Anal Blasphemy - Necroslut (Split)
ANAL BLAST [1998] [CD] Vaginal Vempire
ANAL CUNT [1996] [CD] 40 More Reasons to Hate Us
ANAL CUNT [1997] [CD] I Like It When You Die
ANAL NAUSEA [1995] [TAPE] Live Demo'95
ANAL VOMIT / CARNARIUM / FUNERAL [1999] [CD] Sudamérica Brutal - Vol. 1
ANAL VOMIT [1998] [CD] Sudamérica Brutal (Reissued-2011)
ANAL VOMIT [2002] [CD] From Peruvian Hell (Reissued 2011)
ANAL VOMIT [2004] [CD] Demoniac Flagellations
ANAL VOMIT [2007] [CD] Depravation
ANAL VOMIT [2009] [CD] Gathering Of The Putrid Demons
ANAL VOMIT [2010] [CD] Welcome To The Slow Rotten Pregnancy Putrefaction
ANAL VOMIT [2015] [CD] Peste Negra, Muerte Negra
ANAL WHORE [2006] [CD] Pornorama
ANAND MAHANGOE [2000] [CD] A Man's Mind (Reissued-2004)
ANANTA [2008] [CD] In Media Res
ANARION [2006] [CD] Unbroken
ANARKO [1998] [CD] Anarko
ANATA / BETHZAIDA [1999] [CD] Anata Vs. Bethzaida - War Vol. II (Split)
ANATA [1998] [CD] The Infernal Depths Of Hatred
ANATA [2001] [CD] Dreams Of Death And Dismay
ANATA [2004] [CD] Under A Stone With No Inscription
ANATA [2006] [CD] The Conductors Departure
ANATHEMA [1990] [TAPE] An Iliad Of Woes (Demo)
ANATHEMA [1991] [TAPE] All Faith Is Lost (Demo)
ANATHEMA [1992] [EP] They Die / Crestfallen
ANATHEMA [1992] [MCD] The Crestfallen EP (Reissued-1993)
ANATHEMA [1993] [CD] Serenades
ANATHEMA [1994] [EP] We Are the Bible
ANATHEMA [1995-2003] [CD] The Silent Enigma
ANATHEMA [1995] [CD] The Silent Enigma
ANATHEMA [1995] [MCD] Pentecost III
ANATHEMA [1996] [CD] Eternity (Ltd. Ed.)
ANATHEMA [1996] [CD] Eternity (Reissued-2003)
ANATHEMA [1997] [CD+DVD] A Vision of a Dying Embrace (Remastered-2022)
ANATHEMA [1998] [CD] Alternative 4 (Remastered-2003)
ANATHEMA [1998] [MCD] Alternative Future E.P.
ANATHEMA [1999] [CDS] Deep
ANATHEMA [1999] [CDS] Make It Right
ANATHEMA [1999] [CD] Judgement
ANATHEMA [1999] [CD] Judgement (Ltd. Ed.)
ANATOLIAN WISDOM [2005] [CD] Towards the Darkness of ...
ANATOMY OF I [2011] [CD] Substratum (Reissued-2015)
ANCALAGON [2001] [CD] First Age Entering Legenda
ANCARA [2008] [CD] Beyond The Dark
ANCESTORS BLOOD [2008] [CD] Return Of The Ancient Ones
ANCESTRAL DAWN [2017] [CD] Souldance (Japanese Ed.)
ANCESTRAL [2017] [CD] Master of Fate
ANCESTRUM [2011] [CD] Spells By The Northern Winds
ANCESTRY [2011] [CD] Revelations
ANCIENT BARDS [2010] [CD] The Alliance Of The Kings
ANCIENT BARDS [2011] [CD] Soulless Child
ANCIENT BARDS [2014] [CD] A New Dawn Ending
ANCIENT BARDS [2019] [CD] Origine - The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 (Japanese Ed.)
ANCIENT CEREMONY [1997] [CD] Under Moonlight We Kiss (Reissued-2003)
ANCIENT CEREMONY [1999] [CD] Fallen Angel's Symphony (Reissued-2003)
ANCIENT CEREMONY [2000] [CD] Synagoga Diabolica
ANCIENT CEREMONY [2002] [CD] The Third Testament
ANCIENT CEREMONY [2004] [MCD] P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all (Reissued-2005)
ANCIENT CREATION [2007] [CD] Evolution Bound
ANCIENT CREATION [2011] [CD] Moonlight Monument
ANCIENT CURSE [1995] [CD] Thirsty Fields (Reissued-1997)
ANCIENT CURSE [1997] The Landing
ANCIENT DOME [2009] [CD] Human Key
ANCIENT DOME [2010] [CD] Perception of This World
ANCIENT DOME [2012] [CD] Hunting the M.I.L.F.
ANCIENT DRIVE [2000] [CD] Black Orgies (Reissued-2002)
ANCIENT EMPIRE [2014] [CD] When Empires Fall
ANCIENT EMPIRE [2017] [CD] The Tower
ANCIENT HORNS [2010] [CD] Profano
ANCIENT RITES [1994] [CD] The Diabolic Serenades
ANCIENT RITES [1996] [CD] Blasfemia Eternal
ANCIENT RITES [1998] [CD] Fatherland
ANCIENT RITES [1998] [CD] Fatherland (Japanese Ed.)
ANCIENT RITES [2001] [CD] Dim Carcosa
ANCIENT RITES [2003] [CD] And The Hordes Stood As One
ANCIENT RITES [2006] [CD] Rubicon
ANCIENT RITES [2015] [CD] Laguz
ANCIENT SKIN [2008] [CD] Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus
ANCIENT WISDOM [1996] [CD] For Snow Covered The Northland
ANCIENT WISDOM [1997] [CD] The Calling
ANCIENT WISDOM [2000] [CD] And the Physical Shape o...
ANCIENT WISDOM [2004] [CD] Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
ANCIENT [1994] [CD] Svartalvheim
ANCIENT [1996] [CD] The Cainian Chronicle
ANCIENT [1997] [CD] Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends
ANCIENT [1999] [CD] Det Glemte Riket (Reissued-2002)
ANCIENT [1999] [CD] The Halls of Eternity
ANCIENT [2001] [CD] Proxima Centauri
ANCIENT [2004] [CD] Night Visit
ANCIENT [2005] [CD] Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes
ANCIENT [2016] [CD] Back To The Land Of The Dead
ANCIENTBLOOD [2002] [MCD] The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness (Remastered-2007)
ANCIIENTS [2013] [CD] Heart of Oak (Deluxe Ed.)
ANDEAVOR [1999] [CD] Once Upon Time
ANDEM [2008] [CD] Pendulum Of Life
ANDRALLS [2003] [CD] Force Against Mind
ANDRALLS [2005] [CD] Inner Trauma
ANDRALLS [2009] [CD] Andralls
ANDRE ANDERSEN [1998] [CD] Changing Skin
ANDRE ANDERSEN [2002] [CD] Black On Black
ANDRE MATOS [2007] [CD] Time To Be Free
ANDRE MATOS [2010] [CD] Mentalize
ANDRE MATOS [2012] [2CD] The Turn Of The Lights (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
ANDRE MATOS [2012] [CD] The Turn Of The Lights (Korean Ed.)
ANDRO COULTON [2006] [CD] Dragonhead (Reissued-2010)
ANDROMEDA [1999] [CD] Extension of the Wish
ANDROMEDA [2004] [CD] Extension Of The Wish - Final Extension
ANDROMEDA [2008] [CD] The Immunity Zone
ANDROMEDA [2011] [CD] Manifest Tyranny
ANESTESIA [2006] [CD] Terapia
ANESTHESY [1994] [CD] Exaltation Of The Eclipse
ANGANTYR - NASHEIM [2007] [CD] Angantyr - Nasheim
ANGANTYR [2000] [CD] Kampen Fortsaetter (Reissued-2006)
ANGANTYR [2004] [CD] Sejr (Reissued-2006)
ANGANTYR [2007] [CD] Haevn
ANGANTYR [2010] [CD] Svig
ANGANTYR [2012] [CD] Forvis
ANGANTYR [2018] [CD] Ulykke
ANGEL BLAKE [2006] [CD] Angel Blake
ANGEL DE METAL [2009] [CD] Grita Libertad
ANGEL DUST [1986] [CD] Into the Dark Past
ANGEL DUST [1986] [CD] Into The Dark Past (Reissued-2016)
ANGEL DUST [1988] [CD] To Dust You Will Decay
ANGEL DUST [1988] [CD] To Dust You Will Decay (Reissued-2016)
ANGEL DUST [1998] [CD] Border Of Reality
ANGEL DUST [1998] [CD] Border Of Reality (Japanese Ed.)
ANGEL DUST [1999] [CD] Bleed
ANGEL DUST [2000] [CD] Enlighten The Darkness
ANGEL DUST [2001] [CD] Of Human Bondage
ANGEL OF EDEN [2007] [CD] The End Of Never
ANGEL WITCH [1980] [2CD] Angel Witch (Reissued-2010)
ANGEL WITCH [1999] [CD] Sinister History
ANGEL WITCH [2000] [CD] Resurrection
ANGEL WITCH [2012] [CD] As Above So Below
ANGEL [2005] [CD] A Woman's Diary Chapter I
ANGELCORPSE [1996] [CD] Hammer of Gods
ANGELCORPSE [1998] [CD] Exterminate
ANGELCORPSE [1999] [CD] The Inexorable (Ltd. Ed.)
ANGELCORPSE [2001] Iron, Blood & Blasphemy
ANGELCORPSE [2007] [CD] Of Lucifer And Lightning
ANGELDARK [2008] [CD] Angelique
ANGELES DEL INFIERNO [1984] [CD] Pacto Con El Diablo
ANGELES DEL INFIERNO [1985] [CD] Diabolicca
ANGELES DEL INFIERNO [1986] [CD] Joven Para Morir
ANGELES DEL INFIERNO [1998] [CD] Lo mejor de 1984-1993
ANGELES DEL INFIERNO [2003] [CD] Todos Somos Ángeles
ANGELES DEL INFIERNO [2007] [6CD] 20 Anos De Rock & Roll En La Carretera
ANGELI DI PIETRA [2009] [CD] Storm over Scaldis
ANGELI DI PIETRA [2011] [CD] Anthems Of Conquest
ANGELKILL [1996] [CD] Artist Of The Flesh
ANGELKILL [1996] [CD] Beyond The Black
ANGELKILL [1998] [CD] Bloodstained Memories
ANGELKILL [1998] [CD] Casket Lullabies
ANGELO PERLEPES' MYSTERY [2001] [CD] Fatal Passion
ANGELS GRACE [2003] [CD] New Era Rising
ANGELS OF BABYLON [2010] [CD] Kingdom Of Evil
ANGELS OF BABYLON [2013] [CD] Thundergod
ANGELUS APATRIDA [2007] [CD] Give 'Em War
ANGELUS APATRIDA [2010] [CD] Clockwork
ANGELUS APATRIDA [2010] [CD] Clockwork (Ltd. Ed.)
ANGELUS APATRIDA [2013] [2CD] Evil Unleashed / Give 'Em War
ANGELUS APATRIDA [2015] [CD] Hidden Evolution (Special Ed.)
ANGELUS APATRIDA [2018] [CD] Cabaret De La Guillotine (Ltd. Ed.)
ANGELUS APATRIDA [2021] [CD] Angelus Apatrida
ANGELUS [1991] [CD] Kneel Down And Pray
ANGEROT [2018] [CD] The Splendid Iniquity
ANGEROT [2020] [CD] The Divine Apostate
ANGERPATH [2007] [CD] Forgotten World
ANGERSEED [2010] [CD-R] The First Seeds (Before The Reign Of Anger)
ANGERSEED [2012] [CD] Dawn Of A New Kingdom
ANGERSEED [2016] [CD] The Proclamation
ANGERTEA [2001] [CD] Lelekvagy
ANGIZIA [1995] [TAPE] Kissarna
ANGIZIA [1997] [CD] Das Tagebuch der Hanna Anikin (Reissued-2005)
ANGIZIA [1997] [CD] Die Kemenaten scharlachroter Lichter
ANGKOR WAT [1995] [CD] When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake! / Corpus Christi
ANGMAR [2012] [CD] Cenotaphe (Lost Tracks)
ANGORYA [2011] [CD] Escupiendo Verdades
ANGRA [1992] [CD-Bootleg] Reaching Horizons (Reissued-1996)
ANGRA [1993] [CD] Angels Cry (Reissued-1995)
ANGRA [1996] [CD] Freedom Call
ANGRA [1996] [CD] Holy Land
ANGRA [1996] [CD] Holy Live
ANGRA [1998] [CD] Fireworks
ANGRA [2000] [MCD] Evil Warning (Ltd. Ed.)
ANGRA [2001] [CD] Rebirth
ANGRA [2002] [CD] Hunters and Prey
ANGRA [2004] [CD] Temple Of Shadows
ANGRA [2006] [CD] Aurora Consurgens
ANGRA [2010] [CD] Aqua (Japanese Ed.)
ANGRA [2013] [2CD] Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour (Japanese Ed.)
ANGRA [2015] [CD] Secret Garden (Ltd. Ed.)
ANGRA [2018] [CD+DVD] ŘMNI (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
ANGST [2005] [CD] In Hoc Signo Vinces
ANGTORIA [2006] [CD] God Has A Plan For Us All
ANGUISH (DEU) [1996] [CD] Lost Days Of Infancy
ANGUISH (DEU) [2002] [CD] Symmetry
ANGUISH (FIN) [1991] [EP] Ground Absorbs
ANGUISH IN EXILE (USA) [2000] [CD-R] Abandoned
ANGUS [2001] [CD] Track Of Doom + Warrior Of The World
ANHEDONIST [2012] [CD] Netherwards
ANIHILATED [1986] [CD] Path to Destruction
ANIHILATED [2010] [CD] Scorched Earth Policy
ANIMA [2010] [CD] Enter the Killzone
ANIMALS AS LEADERS [2009] [CD] Animals As Leaders
ANIMALS AS LEADERS [2011] [CD] Weightless
ANIMALS AS LEADERS [2014] [CD] The Joy of Motion
ANIMALS AS LEADERS [2016] [CD] The Madness of Many
ANIMALS AS LEADERS [2022] [CD] Parrhesia (Digipak)
ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE [2004] [MCD] Human Hunting Season
ANIMETAL LADY [2002] [CD] Animetal Lady Marathon II
ANIMETAL USA [2011] [CD] Animetal USA
ANIMETAL USA [2012] [CD] Animetal USA W
ANIMETAL [1996] [CD] Animetal
ANIMETAL [1997] [CD] Animetal Marathon
ANIMETAL [1997] [CD] This Is Animetal
ANIMOSITY [2003] [CD] Shut It Down
ANIMOSITY [2005] [CD] Empires
ANIMUS DIVINE [2011] [CD] Sorrow
ANKHAGRAM [2007] [CD] Neverending Sorrow (Remastered-2010)
ANKHAGRAM [2010] [CD] Where Are You Now
ANKHAGRAM [2012] [CD] Thoughts
ANKHARA [1999] [CD] Dueńo Del Tiempo
ANNATHEMA [1989] [CD] Annathema (Remastered-2009)
ANNATHEMA [1991] [CD] Empire Of Noise (Remastered-2004)
ANNATHEMA [1997] [CD] Don't Go Down (Reissued-2004)
ANNIHILATION TIME [2008] [CD] Annihilation Time III Tales Of The Ancient Age
ANNIHILATOR [1989] [CD] Alice In Hell
ANNIHILATOR [1989] [CD] Alice in Hell (Remastered-1998)
ANNIHILATOR [1990] [CD] Never Neverland
ANNIHILATOR [1990] [CD] Never, Neverland (Remastered-1998)
ANNIHILATOR [1991] [MCD] Stonewall
ANNIHILATOR [1993] [CD] Set the World on Fire
ANNIHILATOR [1993] [CD] Set the World on Fire (Ltd. Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [1993] [MCD] Phoenix Rising (Japanese Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [1993] [MCD] Set The World On Fire
ANNIHILATOR [1994] [CD] Bag of Tricks
ANNIHILATOR [1994] [CD] King Of The Kill
ANNIHILATOR [1994] [CD] King Of The Kill (Reissued-2002)
ANNIHILATOR [1996] [CD] In Command (Live 1989-1990)
ANNIHILATOR [1996] [CD] In Command (Live 1989-1990) (Remastered-2008)
ANNIHILATOR [1996] [CD] Refresh the Demon
ANNIHILATOR [1996] [CD] Refresh The Demon (Reissued-2002)
ANNIHILATOR [1997] [CD] Remains (Japanese Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [1997] [CD] Remains (Reissued-2000)
ANNIHILATOR [1999] [CD] Criteria For A Black Widow
ANNIHILATOR [1999] [CD] Criteria for a Black Widow (Japanese Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2001] [CD] Carnival Diablos
ANNIHILATOR [2002] [CD] Waking The Fury
ANNIHILATOR [2003] [2CD] Alice in Hell / Never, Neverland (Two from the Vault)
ANNIHILATOR [2003] [2CD] Double Live Annihilation
ANNIHILATOR [2004] [CD] All for You (Digibook)
ANNIHILATOR [2004] [CD] The Best Of Annihilator
ANNIHILATOR [2004] [MCD] The One
ANNIHILATOR [2005] [CD] Schizo Deluxe (Japanese Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2005] [CD] Schizo Deluxe (Ltd.Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2007] [2CD] Metal (Special Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2010] [CD] Annihilator (Ltd. Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2013] [2CD] Feast (Ltd.Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2015] [2CD] Suicide Society (Ltd. Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2017] [2CD+DVD] Triple Threat
ANNIHILATOR [2017] [CD] For The Demented (Ltd.Ed.)
ANNIHILATOR [2022] [CD] Metal II
ANNO DOMINI (RUS) [1998] [TAPE] No Warm
ANNON VIN [1993] [MCD] Higher Spheres
ANNON VIN [1996] [CD] A New Gate
ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY [2010] [CD] II: The Reign Of Darkness
ANNULATION [2004] [CD] Human Creatures
ANOMALOUS [2005] [MCD] Cognitive Dissonance
ANOMALY [1998] [CD] Anomaly
ANOMALY [2000] [CD] Anomaly
ANONYMUS [2006] [CD] Chapter Chaos Begins
ANOREXIA NERVOSA [1999] [MCD] Sodomizing The Archedangel
ANOREXIA NERVOSA [2000] [CD] Drudenhaus
ANOREXIA NERVOSA [2001] [CD] New Obscurantis Order
ANOREXIA NERVOSA [2004] [CD] Redemption Process
ANOREXIA NERVOSA [2004] [CD] Suicide Is Sexy
ANOREXIA NERVOSA [2005] [MCD] The September E.P.
ANOTHER MESSIAH [2007] [CD] Dark Dreams, My Child
ANOXIA [2004] [CD] Intense Killings
ANSUR [2008] [CD] Warring Factions
ANTAEUS - AOSOTH [2002] [CD] Wrath Of Th... (Reissued-2007)
ANTAEUS [2000] [CD] Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan
ANTAEUS [2002] [CD] De Principii Evangelikum
ANTAEUS [2006] [CD] Blood Libels
ANTAEUS [2016] [CD] Condemnation
ANTERIOR [2007] [CD] This Age Of Silence
ANTESTOR [1998] The Return Of The Black Death
ANTESTOR [2004] [CD] Det Tapte Liv
ANTHELION [2007] [CD] Bloodshed Rebefallen (Reissued-2013)
ANTHELION [2010] [MCD] Manjusaka
ANTHELION [2014] [CD] Obsidian Plume (Digipak)
ANTHELION [2015] [CD] Obsidian Plume (Japanese Ed.)
ANTHEM [1985] [CD] Anthem (Reissued-1992)
ANTHEM [1985] [CD] Anthem (Remastered-2000)
ANTHEM [1985] [CD] Anthem (Remastered-2005)
ANTHEM [1985] [CD] Anthem (Remastered-2010)
ANTHEM [1985] [MCD] Ready To Ride (Remastered-2017)
ANTHEM [1986] [CD] Tightrope (Reissued-1997)
ANTHEM [1986] [CD] Tightrope (Remastered-1999)
ANTHEM [1986] [CD] Tightrope (Remastered-2005)
ANTHEM [1986] [CD] Tightrope (Remastered-2010)
ANTHEM [1986] [EP] Xanadu
ANTHEM [1987] [CD] Bound To Break
ANTHEM [1987] [CD] Bound To Break (Japanese 1st Press)
ANTHEM [1987] [CD] Bound To Break (Remastered-1999)
ANTHEM [1987] [CD] Bound To Break (Remastered-2005)
ANTHEM [1987] [CD] Bound To Break (Remastered-2010)
ANTHEM [1987] [CD] The Show Carries On!
ANTHEM [1987] [CD] The Show Carries On! (Remastered-2000)
ANTHEM [1988] [CDS] Gypsy Ways
ANTHEM [1988] [CD] Gypsy Ways
ANTHEM [1988] [CD] Gypsy Ways (Japanese 1st Press)
ANTHEM [1988] [CD] Gypsy Ways (Remastered-1999)
ANTHEM [1988] [CD] Gypsy Ways (Remastered-2005)
ANTHEM [1988] [CD] Gypsy Ways (Remastered-2010)
ANTHEM [1989] [CD] Hunting Time
ANTHEM [1989] [CD] Hunting Time (Japanese 1st Press)
ANTHEM [1989] [CD] Hunting Time (Remastered-1999)
ANTHEM [1989] [CD] Hunting Time (Remastered-2005)
ANTHEM [1989] [CD] Hunting Time (Remastered-2010)
ANTHEM [1990] [CDS] Love On The Edge
ANTHEM [1990] [CD] Best I
ANTHEM [1990] [CD] No Smoke Without Fire
ANTHEM [1990] [CD] No Smoke Without Fire (Reissued-1992)
ANTHEM [1990] [CD] No Smoke Without Fire (Remastered-2000)
ANTHEM [1990] [CD] No Smoke Without Fire (Remastered-2005)
ANTHEM [1990] [CD] No Smoke Without Fire (Remastered-2010)
ANTHEM [1992] [CDS] Special
ANTHEM [1992] [CD] Best II
ANTHEM [1992] [CD] Domestic Booty
ANTHEM [1992] [CD] Domestic Booty (Remastered-1999)
ANTHEM [1992] [CD] Domestic Booty (Remastered-2005)
ANTHEM [1992] [CD] Domestic Booty (Remastered-2010)
ANTHEM [1992] [CD] Last Anthem
ANTHEM [1998] [CD] The Very Best Of Anthem
ANTHEM [2000] [CDS] Gypsy Ways (Win, Lose Or Draw)
ANTHEM [2000] [CD] Heavy Metal Anthem
ANTHEM [2001] [CDS] Grieve Of Heart
ANTHEM [2001] [CD] Anthem Ways
ANTHEM [2001] [CD] Seven Hills
ANTHEM [2002] [CDS] The Voices
ANTHEM [2002] [CD] Overload
ANTHEM [2003] [CD] Live' Melt Down
ANTHEM [2004] [CDS] Onslaught
ANTHEM [2004] [CD] Eternal Warrior
ANTHEM [2005] [2CD+DVD] Official Bootleg
ANTHEM [2005] [2CD] The Show Carries On! Complete Version
ANTHEM [2005] [3CD] Prologue Live Boxx
ANTHEM [2006] [CDS] Immortal Bind
ANTHEM [2006] [CD] Immortal
ANTHEM [2007] [CD+DVD] Core - Best Of Anthem 2000-2007
ANTHEM [2008] [CDS] Heat of the Night
ANTHEM [2008] [CD] Black Empire
ANTHEM [2010] [2CD] Prologue Live Boxx 2
ANTHEM [2011] [CD+DVD] Heraldic Device (Deluxe Ed.)
ANTHEM [2011] [CD] Heraldic Device
ANTHEM [2012] [2CD] Ultimate Best Of Nexus Years
ANTHEM [2012] [CD+DVD] Burning Oath
ANTHEM [2012] [CDS] Evil One
ANTHEM [2014] [CD+DVD] Absolute World
ANTHEM [2015] [2CD+DVD] Anthems 2000-2011
ANTHEM [2015] [3CD+DVD] Trimetallic
ANTHEM [2015] [9CD+DVD] 30th Anniversary Nexus Years Box
ANTHEM [2017] [CD+DVD] Engraved (Deluxe Edition)
ANTHEM [2019] [2CD] Nucleus (Australian Ed.)
ANTHEM [2019] [2CD] Nucleus (German Ed.)
ANTHEM [2019] [CD+DVD+2LP] Nucleus
ANTHENORA [2004] [CD] The Last Command
ANTHENORA [2010] [CD] The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima
ANTHRAX / PUBLIC ENEMY [1993] [CD-Bootleg] Indians
ANTHRAX [1984] [CD] Fistful Of Metal (Reissued-1987)
ANTHRAX [1984] [CD] Fistful of Metal (Remastered-1989)
ANTHRAX [1984] [CD] Fistful of Metal (Remastered-1995)
ANTHRAX [1985] [2CD] Spreading the Disease (30th Anniversary Ed.) (Reissued-2015)
ANTHRAX [1985] [CD] Fistful Of Anthrax
ANTHRAX [1985] [CD] Fistful of Metal (Reissued-1992)
ANTHRAX [1985] [CD] Spreading The Disease (Japanese Ed.)
ANTHRAX [1985] [CD] Spreading The Disease (Reissued-1995)
ANTHRAX [1985] [MCD] Armed And Dangerous (Japanese Ed.)
ANTHRAX [1985] [MCD] Armed And Dangerous (Reissued-1991)
ANTHRAX [1987] [CD+DVD] Among The Living (Remastered-2009)
ANTHRAX [1987] [CD] Among The Living
ANTHRAX [1987] [CD] Among The Living (Japanese Ed.)
ANTHRAX [1987] [CD] Among The Living (Reissued-1995)
ANTHRAX [1987] [MCD] I'm The Man
ANTHRAX [1988] [2CD] State of Euphoria (30th Anniversary) (Reissued-2019)
ANTHRAX [1988] [CD] State Of Euphoria
ANTHRAX [1989] [CD-Bootleg] Cry of Desperation
ANTHRAX [1989] [CD-Bootleg] Nicefukinliveshow
ANTHRAX [1989] [MCD] Penikufesin
ANTHRAX [1990] [2CD+DVD] Persistence of Time (30th Anniversary) (Remastered-2020)
ANTHRAX [1990] [CD] Persistence of Time
ANTHRAX [1991] [CD] Attack of the Killer Bs
ANTHRAX [1992] [CD-Bootleg] Bringing the Noize to Offenbach
ANTHRAX [1992] [CD-Bootleg] Going Underground
ANTHRAX [1993] [CD-Bootleg] Metal Indians
ANTHRAX [1993] [CDS] Black Lodge
ANTHRAX [1993] [CD] Hy Pro Glo (European Tour 1993 ...
ANTHRAX [1993] [CD] Sound Of White Noise
ANTHRAX [1993] [CD] Sound of White Noise (Remastered-2001)
ANTHRAX [1994] [CD-Bootleg] Germany 1992
ANTHRAX [1994] [CD-Bootleg] Halloween
ANTHRAX [1994] [CD-Bootleg] Nice Fuckin' Live
ANTHRAX [1994] [CD] Live - The Island Years
ANTHRAX [1995] [CD] Stomp 442
ANTHRAX [1996] [MCD] Nothing
ANTHRAX [1998] [CDS] Inside Out
ANTHRAX [1998] [CD] Fistful of Metal / Armed and Dangerous (Reissued-2013)
ANTHRAX [1998] [CD] Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real!
ANTHRAX [1999] [CD] Return Of The Killer A's
ANTHRAX [2002] [CD] The Collection
ANTHRAX [2003] [2CD] We've Come For You All
ANTHRAX [2003] [MCD] Taking The Music Back
ANTHRAX [2004] [2CD] The Greater Of Two Evils
ANTHRAX [2004] [CD] The Greater Of Two Evils
ANTHRAX [2007] [2CD] Caught In A Mosh - BBC Live In Concert
ANTHRAX [2011] [2CD] Worship Music (Reissued-2013)
ANTHRAX [2011] [CD] Worship Music
ANTHRAX [2011] [CD] Worship Music (Ltd.Ed.)
ANTHRAX [2016] [2CD] For All Kings (Ltd. Ed.)
ANTHRAX [2018] [2CD] Kings Among Scotland
ANTHRIEL [2010] [CD] The Pathway
ANTHROPIA [2015] [CD] Non-Euclidean Spaces
ANTI TANK NUN [2012] [CD] Hang'em High (Ltd.Ed.)
ANTI TANK NUN [2013] [CD] Fire Follow Me
ANTI [2006] [CD] The Insignificance Of Life
ANTI-DEPRESSIVE DELIVERY [2004] [CD] Feel. Melt. Release. Escape
ANTICHRISIS [1997] [CD] Cantara Anachoreta (Reissued-2002)
ANTICHRISIS [1998] [CD] A Legacy of Love
ANTICHRIST [2011] [CD] Forbidden World
ANTIDOTE [1992] [CD] The Truth
ANTIDOTE [1994] [CD] Total
ANTIDOTE [1996] [CD] Mind Alive
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM [2000] [MCD] In pulverem reverteris
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM [2002] [CD] Abi in malam pestem / In pulverem reverteris
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM [2008] [CD] Immortalis factus
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM [2010] [CD] Conclamatum est
ANTITHESIS [1998] [CD] Antithesis
ANTITHESIS [2001] [CD] Dying for Life
ANTITHESIS [2010] [CD] Dreaming Reality
ANTROPOFAGUS [1999] [CD] No Waste Of Flesh (Digipak)
ANTROPOFAGUS [2001] [CDS] Alive Is Good... Dead Is Better!
ANTROPOFAGUS [2012] [CD] Architecture Of Lust
ANTROPOFAGUS [2017] [CD] M.O.R.T.E. - Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration
ANTROPOMORFIA [2003] [CD] Engendro
ANUBI [2009] [DVD-A] Sustoje Laikrodziai Mirties
ANUBIS GATE [2004] [CD] Purification
ANUBIS GATE [2005] [CD] A Perfect Forever
ANUBIS GATE [2007] [CD] Andromeda Unchained
ANUBIS GATE [2009] [CD] Detached
ANUBIS GATE [2011] [CD] Anubis Gate
ANUBIS [2010] [CD] Legacy Of Humanity
ANVIL OF DOOM [2004] [CD] Deathillusion
ANVIL [1981] [CD] Hard `N` Heavy
ANVIL [1982] [CD] Metal On Metal
ANVIL [1983] [CD] Forged In Fire
ANVIL [1987] [CD] Strength of Steel
ANVIL [1988] [CD] Pound For Pound
ANVIL [1989] [CD] Past & Present - Live In Concert (Ltd. Ed. Digipak Remastered-2009)
ANVIL [1989] [CD] Past And Present
ANVIL [1992] [CD] Worth The Weight
ANVIL [1996] [CD] Plugged In Permanent
ANVIL [1996] [CD] Plugged In Permanent (Japanese Ed.)
ANVIL [1997] [CD] Absolutely No Alternative
ANVIL [1999] [CD] Speed Of Sound
ANVIL [2001] [CD] Plenty Of Power
ANVIL [2002] [CD] Still Going Strong
ANVIL [2004] [CD] Back To Basics
ANVIL [2007] [CD] This Is Thirteen (Reissued-2009)
ANVIL [2011] [CD] Juggernaut Of Justice
ANVIL [2011] [CD] Juggernaut Of Justice (Ltd. Ed.)
ANVIL [2013] [CD] Hope in Hell (Ltd.Ed.)
ANVIL [2018] [CD] Pounding The Pavement (Japanese Ed.)
ANVIL [2018] [CD] Pounding The Pavement (Ltd. Ed.)
ANVISION [2012] [CD] AstralPhase
ANWECH [2007] [CD] My Frozen Dream Slept Too Eternally...
ANWYL [2003] [CD] Postmortem Apocalypse
AORTA (ARG) [2002] [CD] Desde El Infierno (Remastered-2006)
AORTA (ARG) [2009] [CD] Sin Temor A Continuar
AOSOTH [2008] [CD] Aosoth
AOSOTH [2009] [CD] Ashes of Angels
AOSOTH [2011] [CD] III Violence & Variations
AOSOTH [2013] [CD] IV An Arrow in Heart
AOSOTH [2017] [CD] V The Inside Scriptures
APHONIC THRENODY / ENNUI [2014] [CD] Immortal In Death (Ltd. Ed.)
APHOOM ZHAH / SMIERCIESLAU [2004] [CD] Eternal Pain / Biessmjarotny Czorny Mietal
APHOOM ZHAH [2005] [CD] Symbol of New Aeon
APHOTIC [2004] [CD] Stillness Grows
APHOTIC [2005] [MCD] Failure
APIARY [2006] [CD] Lost In Focus
APOCALIPSIS [1991] [CD] Apocalipsis (Reissued-2000)
APOCALYPSE [1988] [CD] Apocalypse
APOCALYPSE [1993] [CD] Faithless
APOCALYPSE [2003] [CD] Igra
APOCALYPTIC VISIONS [2008] [CD] Leave None Living
APOCRYPHA (ARG) [2012] [CD] A Los Motores Del Metal
APOCRYPHA [1987] [CD] The Forgotten Scroll (Remastered-2009)
APOCRYPHA [1988] [CD] The Eyes Of Time
APOCRYPHA [1988] [CD] The Eyes of Time (Remastered-2009)
APOFENIA [2016] [MCD-R] Peste (Demo)
APOKEFALE [2008] [CD] Apokefale
APOPHIS [1998] [CD] Heliopolis (Reissued-1999)
APOPLEXY [1995] [CD] Tears Of The Unborn
APOSENTO [1997] [CD] Welcome To Darkness
APOSENTO [2012] [MCD] Retorno a la muerte
APOSENTO [2014] [CD] Aposento
APOSTASIA [2002] [CD] Martyrs of God
APOSTASY [2004] [CD] Cell 666
APOSTASY [2005] [CD] Devilution
APOSTATE [2010] [CD] Trapped In A Sleep (Reissued-2011)
APOSTATE [2015] [CD] Time of Terror
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE [2008] [CD] Sincerest Misery
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE [2010] [CD] Last Sunrise
APOTHEOSIS (GER) [1996] [CD] A Shroud of Belief
APOTHEOSIS (GER) [1997] [CD] Black & Blue Reality
APOTHEOSIS (MLT) [2002] [CD] Farthest from the Sun
APOTHEOSYS [2005] [CD] The Fall & The Triumph
APPEARANCE OF NOTHING [2011] [CD] All Gods Are Gone
AQUARIA [2007] [CD] Shambala
ARA KRA [2011] [CD] Ferne Tage
ARABESQUE [1994] [CD] Beyond The Veil
ARABESQUE [2002] [CD] The Union
ARACHNES [1997] [CD] The Goddess Temple (Reissued-2001)
ARACHNES [2001] [CD] Parallel Worlds
ARACHNES [2002] [CD] Apocalypse
ARACHNES [2002] [CD] Apocalypse (Japanese Ed.)
ARACHNES [2003] [CD] Primary Fear
ARACHNES [2003] [CD] Primary Fear (Japanese Ed.)
ARACHNES [2006] [CD] In Praise Of Science
ARAFEL [2003] [CD] The Way Of Defender
ARAFEL [2006] [CD] Through The Flame Of The Ages
ARAFEL [2011] [CD] For Battles Once Fought
ARAKAIN [1991] [CD] Schizofrenie
ARAKAIN [1992] [CD] Black Jack
ARAKAIN [1993] [CD] Salto Mortale
ARAKAIN [1994] [CD] Thrash!
ARALLU [2005] [CD] The Demon from the Ancient World
ARALLU [2009] [CD] Desert Battles
ARATHORN [1997] [CD] Niemals Kroenender Als Was Einst War
ARATHORN [2008] [CD] Treue & Verrat
ARATHYR [2008] [CD] Curse Man's Blame
ARBITRATER [1993] [CD] Darkened reality
ARBITRATOR [2007] [CD] Children Of Apocalypse
ARBOR IRA [2010] [CD] ...Meine Traume, Vergangene
ARCANAR [2006] [CD] The Dusty Sovereign
ARCANE GRAIL [2006] [CD] Mysteries Of The Ancient Charnel
ARCANE GRAIL [2009] [CD] Arya Marga (Ninefold Path to the Innocence)
ARCANE NORTH [2014] [MCD] Enter the Arcane North
ARCANE [1990] [CD] Destination Unknown
ARCANE [1994] [MCD] Ambiguity
ARCANE [2009] [CD] Chronicles Of The Waking Dream
ARCANE [2015] [2CD] Known - Learned
ARCANORUM ASTRUM [2009] [MCD] Path To Myself...
ARCH ECHO [2017] [CD] Arch Echo
ARCH ECHO [2019] [CD] You Won't Believe What Happens Next
ARCH ENEMY [1996] [CD] Black Earth
ARCH ENEMY [1998] [CD] Stigmata
ARCH ENEMY [1998] [CD] Stigmata [Japanese Ed.]
ARCH ENEMY [1999] [CD] Burning Bridges
ARCH ENEMY [1999] [CD] Burning Bridges (Japanese Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [1999] [CD] Burning Bridges (Ltd. Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2000] [CD] Burning Japan Live
ARCH ENEMY [2001] [CD] Wages Of Sin (Japanese Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2002] [2CD] Wages Of Sin (Supreme Edition)
ARCH ENEMY [2003] [CD+DVD-A] Anthems Of Rebellion
ARCH ENEMY [2003] [CD+DVD-A] Anthems Of Rebellion (Digipak)
ARCH ENEMY [2004] [MCD] Dead Eyes See No Future
ARCH ENEMY [2005] [CD+DVD] Doomsday Machine
ARCH ENEMY [2007] [CD+DVD] Rise Of The Tyrant
ARCH ENEMY [2008] [2CD] Tyrants Of The Rising Sun: Live In Japan
ARCH ENEMY [2009] [CD] The Root Of All Evil (Ltd. Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2011] [2CD] Khaos Legions (Ltd. Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2014] [3CD] War Eternal
ARCH ENEMY [2014] [CD+DVD] War Eternal (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2014] [CD] War Eternal (Ltd.Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2015] [CD] Stolen Life (Japan Tour EP)
ARCH ENEMY [2017] [CD] Will To Power (Ltd. Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2017] [CD] Will To Power (Japanese Ed.)
ARCH ENEMY [2018] [MCD] Rĺpunk
ARCH ENEMY [2019] [CD] Covered In Blood
ARCH ENEMY [2022] [CD] Deceivers
ARCH NEMESIS [2002] [CD] Shadows in the Mirror
ARCH NEMESIS [2004] [CD] Of Mind And Fantasy
ARCH RIVAL [1991] [CD] In The Face Of Danger (Japanese Ed.)
ARCH-MATHEOS [2011] [CD] Sympathetic Resonance
ARCH-MATHEOS [2019] [CD] Winter Ethereal
ARCHAIC TORSE [1992] [CD] Sneak Attack
ARCHAIC [2006] [CD] Time Has Come To Envy The Dead (Reissued-2009)
ARCHANDRJA [2004] [CD] Zimowy Brzask Zwyciestwa
ARCHANGEL [1996] [CD] In Tears The Angel Falls... (Reissued-1998)
ARCHANGEL [1999] [CD] Incarnate In A New Rebel Idol (Reissued-2002)
ARCHETYPE [1998] [MCD] Hands Of Time
ARCHETYPE [2002] [CD] Dawning (Reissued-2003)
ARCHGOAT [2006] [CD] Whore of Bethlehem
ARCHGOAT [2009] [CD] The Light-Devouring Darkness
ARCHITECTS [2008] [CD] Ruin
ARCHSPIRE [2011] [CD] All Shall Align
ARCHSPIRE [2014] [CD] The Lucid Collective
ARCHSPIRE [2017] [CD] Relentless Mutation
ARCHSPIRE [2021] [CD] Bleed the Future
ARCKANUM / SVARTSYN [2004] [CD] Kaos Svarta Mar / Skinning the Lambs (Split)
ARCKANUM [1994] [CD] Trulen (Reissued-2006)
ARCKANUM [1995] [CD] Fran Marder (Reissued-1996)
ARCKANUM [1997] [CD-Bootleg] Kampen
ARCKANUM [1997] [CD] Kostogher
ARCKANUM [1998] [2CD] Kampen
ARCKANUM [2004] [CD] The 11 Year Anniversary Album
ARCKANUM [2004] [MCD] Kaos Svarta Mar (Reissued-2020)
ARCKANUM [2008] [CD] Antikosmos
ARCKANUM [2009] [CD] PPPPPPPPPPP (Reissued-2009)
ARCKANUM [2010] [CD] Sviga Lae (Remastered-2016)
ARCKANUM [2011] [CD] Helvitismyrkr
ARCKANUM [2013] [CD] Fenris Kindir
ARCKANUM [2017] [CD] Den Förstfödde
ARCTIC FLAME [2006] [CD] Primeval Aggressor
ARCTIC FLAME [2008] [CD] Declaration
ARCTIC FLAME [2011] [CD] Guardian At The Gate
ARCTURUS AND THE DECEPTION CIRCUS [1999] [CD] Disguised Masters (Reissue)
ARCTURUS [1994] [MCD] Constellation
ARCTURUS [1996] [CD] Aspera Hiems Symfonia
ARCTURUS [1997] [CD] La Masquerade infernale
ARCTURUS [2002] [CD] The Sham Mirrors
ARCTURUS [2005] [CD] Sideshow Symphonies (Reissued-2006)
ARCTURUS [2015] [2CD] Arcturian (Ltd. Ed.)
ARCTURUS [2015] [CD] Arcturian
ARČS [2009] [CD] About Metal
ARES KINGDOM [2006] [CD] Return to Dust
ARES WRATH DIVISION [2003] [MCD] War Bombastic Blac...
ARES [2018] [CD] Mother Earth To Father Sky
ARGAR [1997] [CD] The Flame of Dark Creation
ARGAR [2001] [CD] Cwm Annwn
ARGAR [2004] [CD] Grim March to Black Eternity
ARGENRAZA [2004] [CD] Primera Conquista Total del Hemisferio Sur
ARGENTO [2011] [CD] Involucion
ARGENTUM [2001] [CD] Stigma Mortuorum
ARGHOSLENT [1996] [CD] Arsenal Of Glory (Reissued-2005)
ARGHOSLENT [1998] [CD] Galloping Through The Battleruins (Reissued-2005)
ARGHOSLENT [2002] [CD] Incorrigible Bigotry
ARGHOSLENT [2008] [CD] Hornets of the Pogrom
ARGILE [2002] [CD] The Monotonous Moment Of A Monologue
ARGUS [2009] [CD] Argus
ARHONT [2008] [CD] Arhont
ARI KOIVUNEN [2007] [CD] Fuel For The Fire (Japanese Ed.)
ARI KOIVUNEN [2008] [CD] Becoming (Japanese Ed.)
ARIA [1985] [CD] Megalomania
ARIA [1986] [CD] Whom Are You With
ARIA [1987] [CD] Hero Of Asphalt
ARIA [2002] [CD] Calm Sea
ARIA [2003] [CD] Baptizing with Fire (Slipcase)
ARIA [2012] [2CD+DVD] In the Yellow Circle of the Arena
ARIADNA PROJECT [2005] [CD] Mundos Paralelos
ARIADNA PROJECT [2007] [CD] Parallel Worlds
ARIADNA PROJECT [2016] [CD] Novus Mundus (Japanese Ed.)
ARION [2014] [CD] Last Of Us (Japanese Ed.)
ARION [2018] [CD] Life Is Not Beautiful (Japanese Ed.)
ARION [2018] [CD] Life Is Not Beautiful (Ltd. Ed.)
ARISE [2001] [CD] The Godly Work Of Art
ARISE [2003] [CD] Kings of a Cloned Generation
ARISE [2005] [CD] The Beautiful New World
ARISE [2005] [CD] The Beautiful New World (Japanese Ed.)
ARJEN ANTHONY LUCASSEN'S STAR ONE [2022] [3CD+BD] Revel In Time (Earbook Ltd. Ed.)
ARJEN LUCASSEN'S STAR ONE [2002] [2CD] Space Metal (Ltd. Ed.)
ARJEN LUCASSEN'S STAR ONE [2003] [2CD] Live On Earth
ARJEN LUCASSEN'S STAR ONE [2010] [2CD] Victims Of The Modern Age (Reissued-2022)
ARJEN LUCASSEN'S STAR ONE [2022] [2CD] Revel In Time
ARK STORM [2002] [CD] No Boundaries
ARK STORM [2003] [CD] Beginning Of The New Legend
ARK STORM [2004] [CD] The Everlasting Wheel
ARK STORM [2013] [CD] The Ultimate ~ The Best Of Ark Storm (Japanese Ed.)
ARK STORM [2018] [CD] Voyage Of The Rage
ARK [1999] [CD] Ark (Japanese Ed.)
ARK [1999] [CD] Ark (Reissued-2001)
ARK [2000] [CD] Burn the Sun
ARK [2001] [CD] Burn The Sun (Japanese Ed.)
ARKAEA [2009] [CD] Years in the Darkness
ARKAIK [2010] [CD] Reflections Within Dissonance
ARKAN [2011] [CD] Salam (Digipak)
ARKANGEL [1998] [CD] Prayers Upon Deaf Ears
ARKAYIC REVOLT [2010] [CD] Deaths River
ARKENSTONE [2008] [CD] Dead Human Resource
ARKHA SVA / WOODS OF INFINITY [2009] [EP] Old Ugly Trees (Split)
ARKHA SVA [2007] [CD] Gloria Satanae
ARKHA SVA [2008] [CD] Mikama Isaro Mada
ARKHANOTH [2007] [CD] Dark Prehispania
ARKHE [1997] [CD] Arkhe
ARKHON INFAUSTUS [2001] [CD] Hell Injection
ARKHON INFAUSTUS [2003] [CD] Filth Catalyst
ARKHON INFAUSTUS [2004] [CD] Perdition Insanabilis
ARKHON INFAUSTUS [2007] [CD] Orthodoxyn
ARKONA & MOONTOWER [2006] [CD] W Szponach Wojennej Bestii
ARKONA [2001] [CD] Zeta Reticuli - A Tale About Hatred And Total Enslavement
ARKONA [2004] [CD] Lepta
ARKONA [2004] [CD] Vozrojdenie
ARKONA [2005] [CD] Vo Slavu Velikim
ARKONA [2006] [CD] Zhizn Vo Slavu
ARKONA [2011] [CD] Word
ARKONA [2011] [MCD] Wall To Wall
ARMA GATHAS [2010] [CD] Dead To This World (Digipak)
ARMAGA [2010] [CD] Dark Authority
ARMAGEDDA / WOODS OF INFINITY [2002] [EP] At the Edge of Negative Existence / Missfostret Tellus
ARMAGEDDA [2001] [CD] The Final War Approaching
ARMAGEDDA [2003] [CD] Only True Believers
ARMAGEDDA [2004] [CD] Ond Spiritism
ARMAGEDDA [2007] [CD] Echoes In Eternity
ARMAGEDDA [2010] [CD] Volkermord-The Appearance
ARMAGEDDA [2020] [CD] Svindeldjup Attestup
ARMAGEDDON (CYP) [1991] [MCD] Rev. 16:16
ARMAGEDDON (SRB) [2002] [CD] Heavy Metal Saga
ARMAGEDDON REV 16:16 [2014] [CD] Sundown On Humanity
ARMAGEDDON [1989] [CD] The Money Mask (Reissued-2007)
ARMAGEDDON [1997] [CD] Crossing The Rubicon
ARMAGEDDON [2000] [CD] Embrace the Mystery
ARMAGEDDON [2002] [CD] Three
ARMAGEDDON [2003] [CD] Válaszra Várva
ARMAGEDON [2009] [CD] Death Then Nothing
ARMAGGEDON / KRIEGSGOTT [2008] [CD] Gathered under the Flame of Ancient Wisdom
ARMAGGEDON [2003] [MCD] Anthems of the Black Order
ARMAGGEDON [2004] [CD] Kill Yourself or Die
ARMAGGEDON [2004] [MCD] Possessed by Satan
ARMAGGEDON [2005] [CD] Imperium Wird Durch Das Blut Wieder Aufleben
ARMAGGEDON [2006] [CD] Ave Satan
ARMAGGEDON [2009] [CD] I.N.R.I. (I, Nazarene, Recognize My Impurity)
ARMAGGEDON [2013] [CD] Sieg Heil 666 (The Awakening of the Baphomet's Einsatzgruppen)
ARMAGGEDON [2018] [CD] The Satanic Kommandantur
ARMAGGEDON [2021] [CD] Trumpets Of Christian Holocaust
ARMED FORCES [1991] [CD] Take On The Nation
ARMOR COLUMN [2011] [CD] Maximum Collateral Damage
ARMORED DAWN [2016] [CD] Power Of Warrior (Metallian Ed.)
ARMORED DAWN [2018] [CD] Barbarians In Black
ARMORED SAINT [1984] [CD] March Of The... (Remastered-2006)
ARMORED SAINT [1985] [CD] Delirious Nomad (japanese Ed. reissued-1995)
ARMORED SAINT [1987] [CD] Raising Fear (reissued-1995)
ARMORED SAINT [1988] [CD] Saints Will Conquer (reissued-1994)
ARMORED SAINT [1991] [3CD] Symbol Of Salvation (Remastered-2003)
ARMORED SAINT [1991] [CD] Symbol Of Salvation
ARMORED SAINT [1991] [CD] Symbol of Salvation (Reissued-2018)
ARMORED SAINT [2000] [CD] Revelation
ARMORED SAINT [2001] [2HDCD] Nod To The Old School
ARMORED SAINT [2001] [CD] Nod To The Old School
ARMORED SAINT [2010] [CD] La Raza
ARMORY [2007] [CD] The Dawn Of Enlightenment
ARMORY [2013] [CD] Empyrean Realms
ARMORY [2014] [CD] Empyrean Realms (Japanese Ed.)
ARMOURED ANGEL [1992] [MCD] Stigmartyr
ARMOURED ANGEL [1994] [MCD] Mysterium
ARMY OF FLYING ROBOTS [2007] [CD] Life Is Cheap
ARPEGHY [2010] [CD] Mi Camino
ARRAIGO [2006] [MCD] Rancho Sur (Demo)
ARRAIGO [2012] [CD] Fronteras Y Horizontes
ARRAYAN PATH [2011] [CD] Ira Imperium
ARRAYAN PATH [2013] [CD] IV: Stigmata
ARRYAN PATH [2004] [CD] Road To Macedonia
ARRYAN PATH [2010] [CD] Terra Incognita
ARS AMANDI [2006] [CD] Desterrado Entre Sueńos
ARS GOETIA - OLD BONES [2010] [CD] Ancient Sorceries and Old Relics (Split)
ARS MANIFESTIA [2007] [CD] The Enchanting Dark's Arrival
ARSENIC [2006] [CD] Seeds of Darkness
ARSIS [2004] [CD] A Celebration Of Guilt
ARSIS [2005] [MCD] A Diamond for Disease
ARSIS [2006] [CD] United In Regret
ARSIS [2007] [CD] As Regret Becomes Guilt
ARSIS [2008] [CD+DVD] We Are The Nightmare
ARSIS [2010] [CD] Starve for the Devil
ARSON (US) [1994] [CD] Speak No Evil
ART OF SIMPLICITY [2007] [CD] Caught In This I Less Storm
ARTAIUS [2015] [CD] Torn Banners
ARTAS [2008] [CD] The Healing
ARTAS [2011] [CD] Riotology
ARTCH [1988] [CD+VCD] Another Return (Reissued-2001)
ARTCH [1991] [2CD] For The Sake Of Mankind (Reissued-2001)
ARTEFACT [2008] [CD] Ruins
ARTEMESIA [2003] [CD] Apocryphal
ARTENSION [1996] [CD] Into The Eye of the Storm
ARTENSION [1996] [CD] Into The Eye Of The Storm (Japanese Ed.)
ARTENSION [1997] [CD] Phoenix Rising
ARTENSION [1997] [CD] Phoenix Rising (Japanese Ed.)
ARTENSION [1999] [CD] Forces of Nature
ARTENSION [1999] [CD] Forces Of Nature (Japanese Ed.)
ARTENSION [2000] [CD] Machine
ARTENSION [2000] [CD] Machine (Japanese Ed.)
ARTENSION [2004] [CD] Future World
ARTERY ERUPTION [2005] Gouging Out Eyes Of Mutilate...
ARTHEMIS [2002] [CD] The Damned Ship
ARTHEMIS [2003] [CD] Golden Dawn (Japanese Ed.)
ARTHEMIS [2008] [CD] Black Society
ARTHEMIS [2010] [CD] Heroes
ARTHEMIS [2012] [CD] We Fight
ARTHEMIS [2012] [CD] We Fight (Reissued-2015)
ARTHEMIS [2017] [CD] Blood • Fury • Domination (Japanese Ed.)
ARTICAL [2013] [CD] Illusion X
ARTILLERY [1985] [CD] Fear Of Tomorrow (Remastered-1998)
ARTILLERY [1987] [CD] Terror Squad (Remastered-1998)
ARTILLERY [1990] [CD] By Inheritance
ARTILLERY [1990] [CD] Terror Squad / Fear Of Tomorrow
ARTILLERY [1998] [CD] Deadly Relics
ARTILLERY [1999] [CD] B.A.C.K.
ARTILLERY [2009] [CD] One Foot In The Grave, The Other One In The Trash
ARTILLERY [2009] [CD] When Death Comes (Japanese Ed.)
ARTILLERY [2009] [CD] When Death Comes (Ltd. Ed.)
ARTILLERY [2011] [CD] My Blood (Ltd. Ed.)
ARTILLERY [2013] [CD] Legions
ARTILLERY [2016] [CD] Penalty by Perception (Ltd. Ed.)
ARTILLERY [2018] [CD] The Face Of Fear (Ltd. Ed.)
ARTISIAN [2005] [CD] Lament For The Eternal Frost
ARTIZAN [2011] [CD] Curse Of The Artizan
ARTIZAN [2013] [CD] Ancestral Energy
ARTLANTICA [2013] [CD] Across The Seven Seas
ARTROSIS [1998] [CD] Hidden Dimension (Reissued-2003)
ARTURIUS [2017] [CD] Arturius
ARVEN [2011] [CD] Music Of Light
ARWEN [2002] [CD] Memories of a Dream
ARWEN [2002] [CD] Memories Of A Dream (Japanese Ed.)
ARWEN [2004] [CD] Illusions (Japanese Ed.)
AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK [2006] [CD] Allegiance
AS DARKNESS FELL [2015] [CD] Below The Fog
AS DIVINE GRACE [1996] [CD] Lumo
AS I LAY DYING [2003] [CD] Frail Words Collapse
AS I LAY DYING [2005] [CD] Shadows Are Security
AS I LAY DYING [2006] [CD] A Long March - The First Recordings
AS I LAY DYING [2007] [CD] An Ocean Between Us
AS IT BURNS [2003] [CD] Mortal Dusk
AS LIGHT DIES [2010] [CD] Ars Subtilior From Within The Cage
AS LIKELY AS NOT [2011] [CD] Stand Up And Nerve
AS SERENITY FADES [1994] [MCD] Earthborn
ASAIAN [1996] [CD] Drama
ASCENDED [2008] [CD] The Art Of Necromancy (Demo)
ASCENSION THEORY [2002] [CD] Regeneration (Reissued-2004)
ASCENSION THEORY [2005] [CD] Answers
ASCENSION [2011] [CD] Consolamentum
ASCENSION [2012] [CD] Far Beyond The Stars (European Ed.)
ASCENSION [2012] [CD] Far Beyond The Stars (Japanese Ed.)
ASCENSION [2014] [CD] The Dead Of The World
ASCENSION [2014] [MCD] Deathless Light
ASCENSION [2018] [CD] Under Ether
ASCHE DER WELTEN [2011] [TAPE] Ascheregen
ASENBLUT [2009] [CD] Aufbruch
ASENBLUT [2018] [MCD] Legenden
ASES [2004] [CD] Of Moonlords And Sunwheel Warriors
ASESINO [2002] [CD] Corridos De Muerte (Reissued-2005)
ASESINO [2006] [CD] Cristo Satánico
ASG & BLACKTUSK [2009] [CD] Low Country
ASG [2007] [CD] Win Us Over
ASG [2018] [CD] Survive Sunrise
ASGAARD [2000] [CD] Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum (Reissued-2003)
ASGAARD [2001] [CD] Ex Oriente Lux
ASGAARD [2002] [CD] XIII Voltum Lunae
ASGARD (ITA) [2011] [CD] The Seal Of Madness
ASGUARD [2003] [CD] Black Fireland
ASGUARD [2004] [CD] Wikka
ASGUARD [2005] [CD] Dreamslave
ASGUARD [2007] [CD+DVD] Dreamslave... Awakening (Digipack)
ASH INHERITANCE [2009] [CD] Devastated By Fire
ASHEN LIGHT [1999] [CD] Pesn Velesa
ASHEN LIGHT [2002] [CD] Pesni Mertvych - Zov T'my
ASHEN LIGHT [2003] [CD] Compassion To The Outcast
ASHEN LIGHT [2005] [CD] Prichaschenie Ognem
ASHEN LIGHT [2006] [CD] God Is-Dead: Death Is God!
ASHEN MORTALITY [1996] [CD] Sleepless Remorse
ASHENT [2006] [CD] Flaws Of Elation
ASHENT [2009] [CD] Deconstructive
ASHES OF ARES [2013] [CD] Ashes Of Ares (Ltd. Ed.)
ASHES OF ARES [2018] [CD] Well Of Souls
ASHES OF EDEN [2007] [CD] The Human: Conditioned
ASHES YOU LEAVE [1998] [CD] The Passage Back To Life
ASHES YOU LEAVE [1999] [CD] Desperate Existence
ASHES YOU LEAVE [2000] [CD] The Inheritance Of Sin And Shame
ASHES YOU LEAVE [2002] [CD] Fire (Reissued-2003)
ASHES [2007] [CD] Yggdrasil
ASKA (SWE) [2007] [CD] Där Vanvett Gror
ASKA (USA) [2007] [CD] Absolute Power
ASKA (USA) [2013] [CD] Fire Eater
ASKUROR / LORD THEMGOROTH [2004] [CD] Kalte visionen / Hell on Earth (Split)
ASKUROR / VARGSHELSKE [2005] [CD] Kirchenbrand (Split)
ASMEGIN [2003] [CD] Hin Vordende Sod & So
ASMEGIN [2008] [CD] Arv
ASMODEE [2002] [CD] Symptomes de Ruine
ASMODEUS [1992] [CD] Prosincova noc blize neurceneho roku
ASMODEUS [1994] [MCD] Den Zuctovani
ASMODEUS [2004] [CD] Phalanx Inferna
ASMODEUS [2006] [CD] Imperium Damnatum
ASPERA [2010] [CD] Ripples
ASPERITY [2004] [CD] The Final Demand
ASPHYX / EVOKER / SWAZAFIX [N/A] [CD-Bootleg] Holland Death Cult
ASPHYX / THANATOS [2011] [EP] Imperial Anthems
ASPHYX [1991] [CD] The Rack
ASPHYX [1991] [CD] The Rack (Remastered-2006)
ASPHYX [1992] [CD] Last One On Earth
ASPHYX [1992] [CD] Last One On Earth (Remastered-2006)
ASPHYX [1992] [MCD] Crush The Cenotaph
ASPHYX [1994] [CD] Asphyx
ASPHYX [1996] [2CD] Embrace the Death (Remastered-2009)
ASPHYX [1996] [CD] Embrace The Death
ASPHYX [1996] [CD] God Cries
ASPHYX [2000] [CD] On the Wings of Inferno
ASPHYX [2000] [CD] On the Wings of Inferno (Remastered-2009)
ASPHYX [2008] [EP] Death The Brutal Way
ASPHYX [2009] [2CD] Depths Of Eternity
ASPHYX [2009] [CD+DVD] Death...The Brutal Way
ASPHYX [2010] [6EP] Abomination Echoes
ASPHYX [2012] [2CD] Deathhammer (Ltd.Ed.)
ASPHYX [2016] [CD+DVD] Incoming Death (Ltd.Ed.)
ASPHYX [2016] [MCD] Servants Of Death
ASPHYX [2021] [CD] Necroceros
ASPHYXIA [1991] [CD] Exit : Reality
ASPID [1992] [CD] Extravasation (Remastered-2007)
ASPID [1996] [CD] Energia Interior
ASPID [2002] [CD] Babel
ASPID [2003] [CD] Musa
ASPID [2004] [CD] Oscura & Imagenes
ASPIRE [2006] [CD] The Age Of Reckoning
ASPIRE [2009] [CD] In Defiance Of Fortune
ASSAILANT [2006] [CD] Nemesis Within
ASSAILANT [2008] [CD] Wicked Dream
ASSASSIN [1987] [2CD] The Upcoming Terror (Remastered-2006)
ASSASSIN [1987] [CD] The Upcoming Terror (Reissued-1998)
ASSASSIN [1988] [CD] Interstellar Experience (Reissued-1998)
ASSASSIN [2005] [CD] The Club
ASSASSIN [2011] [CD] Breaking The Silence
ASSASSIN [2016] [CD] Combat Cathedral
ASSAULT [2006] [CD] Nuclear Deaththrash (Reissued-2008)
ASSAULTER (AUS) [2008] [CD] Salvation Like Destruction
ASSAULTER (AUS) [2011] [CD] Boundless! (Digipak)
ASSAULTER (ITA) [2013] [MCD] Crushed By Raging Mosh
ASSEDIUM [2006] [CD] Rise Of The Warlords
ASSEDIUM [2008] [CD] Fighting For The Flame
ASSESOR [1991] [CD] Invaze
ASSIGNMENT [2016] [CD] Closing The Circle
ASSORTED HEAP [1991] [CD] The Experience Of Horror
ASSORTED HEAP [1992] [CD] Mindwaves
ASSUCK [1994] [CD] Anticapital + Blindspot + 3"
ASSUCK [1997] [CD] Misery Index
ASTARIUM [2014] [MCD] Nekrocosmo: Demiurge
ASTAROTH (AUT) [1996] [MCD] Christenfeind
ASTAROTH (FIN) [1992] [TAPE] War Against Life
ASTARTE SYRIACA [2008] [CD] Darkened Light
ASTARTE [1998] [CD] Doomed Dark Years (Reissued-2002)
ASTARTE [2000] [CD] Rise From Within
ASTARTE [2002] [CD] Quod Superius Sicut Inferius
ASTARTE [2004] [CD] Sirens
ASTARTE [2007] [CD] Demonized
ASTONISHMENT [2000] [MCD] Astonishment
ASTORVOLTAIRES [2010] [CD] Katan Nagantu
ASTRA [2006] [CD] About Me: Through Life And Beyond
ASTRA [2009] [CD] From Within
ASTRA [2009] [CD] From Within (Japanese Ed.)
ASTRA [2014] [CD] Broken Balance
ASTRAL DOMINE [2014] [CD] Arcanum Gloriae
ASTRAL DOORS [2003] [CD] Of The Son And The Father
ASTRAL DOORS [2005] [CD] Evil Is Forever
ASTRAL DOORS [2005] [CD] Evil Is Forever (Japanese Ed.)
ASTRAL DOORS [2006] [CD] Astralism
ASTRAL DOORS [2007] [CD] New Revelation
ASTRAL DOORS [2007] [CD] New Revelation
ASTRAL DOORS [2010] [CD] Requiem Of Time (Ltd. Ed.)
ASTRAL DOORS [2011] [CD] Jerusalem
ASTRAL DOORS [2014] [CD] Notes from the Shadows
ASTRAL DOORS [2017] [CD] Black Eyed Children
ASTRAL EMERSION [2013] [CD] Monuments Of Burning Skies
ASTRAL RISING [1993] [CD] Abeona Adeona
ASTRAL RISING [1995] [CD] In Quest
ASTRAL SLEEP [2008] [CD] Unawakening
ASTRAL SLEEP [2012] [CD] Visions
ASTRALION [2014] [CD] Astralion
ASTRALION [2016] [CD] Outlaw
ASTRIAAL [2003] [CD] Renascent Misanthropy
ASTROFAES [1998] [CD] Dying Emotions Domain (Reissued-2001)
ASTROFAES [2002] [CD] Ancestors' Shadows
ASTROFAES [2007] [CD] Idea. Form. Essence...
ASTRONOID [2016] [CD] Air
ASTRONOID [2019] [CD] Astronoid
ASTRONOMIKON [2013] [CD] Dark Gorgon Rising
ASUNDER [2003] [CD] A Clarion Call
ASUNDER [2006] [CD] Works Will Come Undone
ASVA [2008] [CD] What You Don't Know Is Frontier
ASYLUM PYRE [2009] [CD] Natural Instinct?
ASYLUM PYRE [2012] [CD] Fifty Years Later
ASYLUM PYRE [2015] [CD] Spirited Away
AT THE DAWN [2013] [CD] From Dawn To Dusk
AT THE GATES [1991] [CD] The Red In The Sky Is Ours
AT THE GATES [1992] [CD] The Red In The Sky Is Ours (Remastered-2013)
AT THE GATES [1992] [CD] With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness
AT THE GATES [1993] [CD] With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness (Remastered-2003)
AT THE GATES [1994] [CD] Terminal Spirit Disease
AT THE GATES [1994] [CD] Terminal Spirit Disease (Remastered-2003)
AT THE GATES [1995] [CD] Slaughter Of The Soul
AT THE GATES [1995] [CD] Slaughter Of The Soul (Reissued-2002)
AT THE GATES [1995] [CD] Slaughter Of The Soul (Remastered-2018)
AT THE GATES [1995] [MCD] Gardens of Grief
AT THE GATES [2001] [CD] Suicidal Final Art
AT THE GATES [2010] [CD] Purgatory Unleashed - Live At Wacken
AT THE GATES [2014] [2CD+DVD] At War With Reality (Artbook)
AT THE GATES [2014] [CD] At War With Reality (Japanese Ed.)
AT THE GATES [2014] [CD] At War With Reality (Ltd.Ed.)
AT THE GATES [2018] [2CD] To Drink From The Night Itself (Japanese Ed.)
AT THE GATES [2021] [CD] The Nightmare Of Being
AT VANCE [1999] [CD] No Escape (Reissued-2002)
AT VANCE [2000] [CD] Heart Of Steel
AT VANCE [2001] [CD] Dragonchaser
AT VANCE [2002] [CD] Only Human
AT VANCE [2003] [2CD] The Evil In You
AT VANCE [2005] [CD] Chained
AT VANCE [2007] [CD] VII (Ltd. Ed.)
AT VANCE [2009] [CD] Ride The Sky
AT VANCE [2010] [2CD] Decade
AT VANCE [2012] [CD] Facing Your Enemy
AT WAR [1986] [CD] Ordered To Kill (1998)
AT WAR [1988] [CD] Retaliatory Strike
AT WAR [2009] [CD] Infidel
ATANATOS [1998] [CD] The Oath Of Revenge
ATANATOS [1999] [CD] Devastation - The Third Attack
ATANATOS [2006] [CD] Beast Awakening
ATARAXIE / IMINDAIN [2009] [CD] Bethlehems Bastarde (Split)
ATARAXIE [2005] [CD] Slow Transcending Agony
ATARAXIE [2008] [CD] Anhedonie
ATARAXIE [2011] [2CD] Project X
ATARAXIE [2013] [2CD] L'Ętre et la Nausée
ATARAXY [2010] [MCD] Curse Of The Requiem Mass
ATARAXY [2012] [CD] Revelations Of The Ethereal
ATARGATIS [2006] [CD] Wasteland
ATEN [2014] [CD-R] Horns Of Evil
ATEN [2020] [MCD-R] Stars
ATENAS [2005] [CD] Distorsionando La Realidad
ATHEIST [1989] [CD] Piece Of Time
ATHEIST [1990] [TAPE] Piece Of Time (Reissued-2014)
ATHEIST [1991] [CD] Unquestionable Presence
ATHEIST [1991] [TAPE] Unquestionable Presence (Reissued-2014)
ATHEIST [1993] [CD] Elements
ATHEIST [1993] [TAPE] Elements (Reissued-2014)
ATHEIST [2010] [CD] Jupiter
ATHENA [1995] [CD] Inside The Moon
ATHENA [1998] [CD] A New Religion?
ATHENA [1998] [CD] A New Religion? (Japanese Ed.)
ATHENA [2000] [CD] Twilight Of Days
ATHERETIC [2001] [CD] Adhesion, Aversion
ATHERETIC [2006] [CD] Apocalyptic Nature Fury
ATHLANTIS [2003] [CD] Athlantis
ATHORN [2010] [CD] Phobia
ATLAIN [1984] [CD] Living In The Dark (Reissued-1994)
ATLANTEAN KODEX [2010] [CD] The Golden Bough
ATLANTEAN KODEX [2013] [CD] The White Goddess
ATLANTIDA [2004] [CD] Painted Reality
ATLANTYCA [2012] [CD] To Nowhere And Beyond
ATMAN [1996] [CD] Like Pure Unawaited Magic
ATMAN [2005] [CD] Djirli Ika
ATMOSFEAR [1997] [MCD] AtmOsfear
ATMOSFEAR [2003] [CD] Inside The Atmosphere
ATMOSFEAR [2009] [CD] Zenith
ATOLAH [2009] [MCD] Relics
ATOLL NERAT [2001] [CD] Art of Ancient Seers
ATOLL NERAT [2006] [CD] Two Pipes to Heaven
ATOMIC CLOCK [2008] [CD] Atomic Clock
ATOMIC OPERA [1994] [CD] For Madmen Only
ATOMIC OPERA [1997] [CD] Penguin Dust
ATOMIC OPERA [1999] [CD] Alpha & Oranges
ATOMIC OPERA [2000] [CD] Gospel Cola
ATOMIC TORNADO [2007] [CD] Tornado Eye (Japanese Ed.)
ATOMIC [1991] [CD] Nuclear Thrash
ATOMIC [1993] [CD] Breakpoint
ATOMICIDE [2008] [CD] Rawsouthamericanwarmetal
ATOMIXYNERGY [2010] [CD] Vacuum
ATOMIZER [2002] [CD] Death - Mutation - Disease - Annihilation (Reissued-2008)
ATOMIZER [2003] [CD] The Only Weapon of Choice - 13 Odes to Power, Decimation and Conquest
ATOMIZER [2008] [CD] Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt
ATRA HORA [2010] [CD] Lost in the Depths
ATRITAS [2004] [CD] Where Witches Burnt
ATRITAS [2007] [CD] Medium Antigod
ATROCITY (DEU) [1990] [CD] Hallucinations
ATROCITY (DEU) [1990] [CD] Hallucinations (Remastered-2008)
ATROCITY (DEU) [1990] [CD] Hallucinations + Blue Blood
ATROCITY (DEU) [1992] [CD] Todessehnsucht
ATROCITY (DEU) [1994] [CD] Blut
ATROCITY (DEU) [1994] [CD] Blut (Remastered-2008)
ATROCITY (DEU) [1995] [CD] Calling The Rain (Remastered-2008)
ATROCITY (DEU) [1995] [CD] Die Liebe (Feat. Das Ich)
ATROCITY (DEU) [1995] [CD] Die Liebe (Remastered-2008)
ATROCITY (DEU) [1996] [CD] The Hunt (Reissued-2008)
ATROCITY (DEU) [1996] [CD] Willenskraft
ATROCITY (DEU) [1996] [CD] Willenskraft (Remastered-2008)
ATROCITY (DEU) [1997] [CDS] Shout
ATROCITY (DEU) [1997] [CD] Werk 80
ATROCITY (DEU) [2000] [CDS] Taste Of Sin
ATROCITY (DEU) [2000] [CD] Gemini
ATROCITY (DEU) [2004] [CDS] Cold Black Days
ATROCITY (DEU) [2004] [CD] Atlantis
ATROCITY (DEU) [2004] [CD] Atlantis (Digibook Ed.)
ATROCITY (DEU) [2008] [CD] Werk 80 II
ATROCITY (DEU) [2010] [CD] After the Storm
ATROCITY (DEU) [2013] [CD] Okkult (Ltd. Ed.)
ATROCITY (DEU) [2018] [CD] Okkult II
ATROCITY (SWE) [1989] [MCD] To Be... ...or Not to Be (Remastered-2021)
ATROCITY (USA) [1990] [CD] Infected
ATROCITY (USA) [1990] [CD] Infected (Reissued-2001)
ATROPHIA RED SUN [2003] [CD] Twisted Logic
ATROPHY [1988] [CD] Socialized Hate
ATROPHY [1988] [CD] Socialized Hate (Remastered-2006)
ATROPHY [1990] [CD] Violent By Nature
ATROPHY [1990] [CD] Violent By Nature (Reissued-2006)
ATROX [1997] [CD] Mesmerised
ATROX [1997] [EP] Rise / Silence the Echoes
ATROX [2000] [CD] Contentum
ATROX [2003] [CD] Orgasm
ATSPHEAR [2005] [CD] New Line System
ATTACK [1985] [CD] Return Of The Evil
ATTACK [1989] [CD] Destinies Of War (Remastered-1993)
ATTACK [1992] [CD] Seven Years In The Past
ATTACK [1994] [CD] Revitalize
ATTACK [1995] [CD] The Secret Place
ATTACKER [1985] [CD] Battle at Helm's Deep (Remastered-1999)
ATTACKER [1988] [CD] The second coming
ATTACKER [1988] [CD] The Second Coming (Reissued-1999)
ATTACKER [2004] [CD] Soul Taker
ATTACKER [2006] [CD] The Unknown
ATTACKER [2013] [CD] Giants Of Canaan
ATTIC [2012] [CD] The Invocation
ATTIC [2017] [CD] Sanctimonious
ATTICA RAGE [2011] [CD] Road Dog
ATTICK DEMONS [2011] [CD] Atlantis
ATTICK DEMONS [2012] [CD] Atlantis (Japanese Ed.)
ATTICK DEMONS [2016] [CD] Let's Raise Hell (Japanese Ed.) (Reissued-2017)
ATTIKA [1988] [CD] Attika (Reissued-2003)
ATTIKA [1993] [CD] When Heroes Fall
ATTILA [1986] [CD] Rolling Thunder
ATTOMICA [1987] [CD] Attomica (Remastered-2005)
ATTOMICA [1991] [CD] Disturbing The Noise (Reissued-2011)
AUBERON [1998] [CD] The Tale Of Black
AUBERON [2001] [CD] Crossworld
AUDIO KOLLAPS [2002] [CD] Ultima Ratio
AUDIO KOLLAPS [2004] [CD] Music From An Extreme Sick World
AUDIO KOLLAPS [2008] [CD] Panzer
AUDIOVISION [2005] [CD] The Calling (Japanese Ed.)
AUDIOVISION [2010] [CD] Focus
AUDITORY IMAGERY [1992] [CD] Reign (1994 Japanese Ed.)
AUGRIMMER [2009] [CD] From the Lone Winters Cold
AUGRIMMER [2009] [MCD] Autumnal Heavens
AUGRIMMER [2016] [CD] Moth and the Moon
AUGURY [2009] [CD] Fragmentary Evidence
AURA HIEMIS / EGO DEPTHS / SCULPTOR [2011] [CD] Synthčse collectif - The Dark Whormholes
AURA HIEMIS [2008] While the Rest of the World Sleep... (Remastered-2010)
AURA HIEMIS [2013] [CD] fiVe
AURA NOIR [1996] [CD] Black Thrash Attack
AURA NOIR [1998] [CD] Deep Tracts Of Hell
AURA NOIR [2004] [CD] The Merciless
AURA NOIR [2006] [CD] Live Nightmare on Elm Street
AURA NOIR [2008] [CD] Hades Rise
AURA NOIR [2012] [CD] Out to Die
AURA NOIR [2018] [CD] Aura Noire (Digipak)
AURA [2008] [CD] A Different View From The Same Side
AURA [2011] [CD] Deliverance
AURICA [2006] [CD-R] Aurica
AURICA [2010] [CD] Pride Of Immortals
AURIGA [2007] [CD] Chains Of Despair
AURORA BOREALIS [1996] [MCD] Mansions Of Eternity
AURORA BOREALIS [1998] [CD] Praise The Archaic Ligh...
AURORA [1998] [CD] Eos
AURORA [1999] [CD] Dead Electric Nightmares (Reissued-2002)
AURORA [1999] [MCD] Sadiam
AURORA [2000] [CD] Devotion
AURUM (RUS) [2002] [TAPE] Recombination
AUSTERE [2009] [CD] To Lay Like Old Ashes
AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE [2009] [2CD] Double Brutal
AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE [2014] [CD] Triple Brutal
AUT MORI [2012] [CD] Pervaya Sleza Oseni
AUTHORITY OF HATE [2010] [CD] Crackdown
AUTHORIZE [1991] [CD] The Source Of Dominion (Reissued-2006)
AUTISM [2008] [CD] Eternity And Beyond
AUTO-DE-FE [2010] [CD] Element
AUTOPSY [1989] [CD] Severed Survival
AUTOPSY [1989] [CD] Severed Survival (Reissued-1993)
AUTOPSY [1989] [CD] Severed Survival (Remastered-2003)
AUTOPSY [1991] [CD+DVD] Mental Funeral (Remastered-2011)
AUTOPSY [1991] [CD] Mental Funeral
AUTOPSY [1991] [CD] Mental Funeral (Remastered-2003)
AUTOPSY [1991] [MCD] Fiend For Blood
AUTOPSY [1992] [CD] Acts Of The Unspeakable
AUTOPSY [1992] [CD] Acts Of The Unspeakable (Remastered-2003)
AUTOPSY [1995] [CD] Shitfun
AUTOPSY [1995] [CD] Shitfun (Remastered-2003)
AUTOPSY [2000] [CD] Ridden With Disease
AUTOPSY [2004] [CD] Dead As Fuck (Live In 91+93)
AUTOPSY [2006] [CD+DVD] Dark Crusades (Reissued-2010)
AUTOPSY [2010] [MCD] The Tomb Within
AUTOPSY [2011] [CD] Macabre Eternal
AUTOPSY [2013] [CD] The Headless Ritual
AUTOPSY [2014] [CD] Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
AUTUMN (HUN) [2003] [CD] On The Verge Of Existence
AUTUMN (NLD) [2007] [CD] My New Time
AUTUMN (NLD) [2009] [CD] Altitude
AUTUMN (RUS) [2000] [CD] Chernye Krylia (Remastered-2005)
AUTUMN LEAVES [1999] [CD] As Night Conquers Day
AUTUMN PEOPLE [2012] [CD] Rising
AUTUMN RAIN MELANCHOLY [2004] [CD] Seven Steps to Infinity
AUTUMN VERSES [1997] [CD] Tunes Of Disconsolation
AUTUMN [2004] [CD] Summer's End
AUTUMNAL [2006] [CD] Grey Universe
AUTUMNBLAZE [1998] [EP] Every Silent Moment I Weep...
AUTUMNIA [2004] [CD] In Loneliness Of Two Souls
AUTUMNIA [2006] [CD] By The Candles Obsequial
AUTUMNIA [2009] [CD] O'Funeralia
AUĐN [2020] [CD] Vökudraumsins Fangi
AVALANCH [1998] [2CD] Eternal Flame & La Llama Eterna (Special Ed.)
AVALANCH [1999] [CD] Llanto De Un Heroe
AVALANCH [2004] [CD] Las Ruinas Del Eden
AVALANCH [2017] [CD] El Angel Caido - XV Aniversario (Mexican Ed.)
AVALON [1986] [EP] The Third Move
AVALON [1995] [CD] Why Now
AVALON [1997] [CD] Mystic Places
AVALON [1997] [CD] Mystic Places (Japanese Ed.)
AVALON [1998] [CD] Vision Eden
AVALON [2000] [CD] Eurasia
AVANDRA [2019] [CD] Descender
AVANTASIA [2001] [CD] The Metal Opera
AVANTASIA [2001] [CD] The Metal Opera (Reissued-2002)
AVANTASIA [2001] [CD] The Metal Opera (Reissued-2019)
AVANTASIA [2002] [CD] The Metal Opera Part II
AVANTASIA [2002] [CD] The Metal Opera Part II (Reissued-2019)
AVANTASIA [2007] [MCD] Lost In Space - Part II
AVANTASIA [2007] [MCD] Lost In Space Part I
AVANTASIA [2008] [2CD] The Metal Opera (Part I & II) (Gold Edition)
AVANTASIA [2008] [CD+DVD] The Scarecrow
AVANTASIA [2008] [CD] Lost in Space (Part 1 & 2)
AVANTASIA [2010] [CD] Angel Of Babylon (Ltd. Ed.)
AVANTASIA [2010] [CD] The Wicked Symphony (Ltd. Ed.)
AVANTASIA [2013] [CD] The Mystery Of Time (Ltd.Ed.)
AVANTASIA [2016] [2CD] Ghostlights (Ltd. Ed.)
AVANTASIA [2019] [2CD] Moonglow (Japanese Ed.)
AVATAR (BEL) [1996] [CD] ...Memoriam Draconis
AVATAR (ESP) [2002] [CD] Essence
AVATAR (HUN) [2008] [CD] A szabadság felé...
AVATAR (ROU) [2000] [CD] The Alchemist (Reissued-2004)
AVATAR (ROU) [2006] [MCD] Tentacles
AVATAR (SWE) [2006] [CD] Thoughts of No Tomorrow
AVATAR (SWE) [2009] [CD] Avatar
AVATARIUM [2013] [CD] Avatarium (Ltd. Ed.)
AVEC TRISTESSE [2002] [CD] Ravishing Beauty (Reissued-2004)
AVENFORD [2017] [CD] New Beginning
AVENGED SEVENFOLD [2003] [CD] Waking the Fallen
AVENGER (CZE) [2003] [CD] Live At Open Hell Fest, 2003
AVENGER OF BLOOD [2005] [CD] Complete Annihilation
AVENGER OF BLOOD [2008] [CD] Death Brigade
AVENGER [1984-85-2002] [CD] Too Wild to Tame: The Anthology
AVENGER [1985] [CD] Prayers Of Steel - Depraved To Black
AVENTAIL [2008] [CD] Pathfinding
AVENTAYL [2012] [CD] Slepoy Sudya
AVERNAL [2006] [CD] El Sangriento
AVERNUS (USA) [1997] [TAPE] Avernus
AVERNUS [1994] [TAPE] Anastasia
AVERNUS [1994] [TAPE] Sadness
AVERNUS [1995] [TAPE] Blood Gathers Frost
AVERNUS [1996] [TAPE] A Farewell to Eden
AVERNUS [1997] [CD] ...Of The Fallen
AVERNUS [2000] [CD] Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie
AVERNUS [2003] [MCD] Bury Me in Fire
AVERON [1997] [CD] Serenity
AVERON [1999] [CD] An Echo From Beyond
AVERSE SEFIRA [1999] [CD] Homecoming's March
AVERSE SEFIRA [2001] [CD] Battle's Clarion
AVERSE SEFIRA [2005] [CD] Tetragrammatical Astygmata
AVERSE SEFIRA [2008] [CD] Advent Parallax
AVERSE [2010] [CD] The Endesque Chants
AVERSION [1990] [CD] The Ugly Truth
AVERSION [1992] [CD] Fit To Be Tied
AVIAN [2005] [CD] From The Depths Of Time
AVIAN [2009] [CD] Ashes And Madness
AVICHI [2007] [CD] The Divine Tragedy
AVICHI [2014] [CD] Catharsis Absolute
AVOIMEN HAUDAN LOYHKA [2008] [MCD] Avoimen Haudan Loyhka
AVRIGUS [2001] [CD] The Secret Kingdom
AVSKED [2010] [CD] Livets Ironi
AVSKY [2007] [CD] Mass Destruction
AVSKY [2010] [CD] Scorn
AVULSED [1996] [CD] Eminence In Putrescence (Remastered-2004)
AVULSED [1999] [CD] Stabwound Orgasm (Reissued-2001)
AVULSED [2001] [MCD] Bloodcovered
AVULSED [2003] [CD] Yearning for the Grotesque
AVULSED [2004] [CD] Goresplattered Suicide
AVULSED [2005] [2CD] Seven Years of Decay / Bloodcovered
AVULSED [2006] [CD] Reanimations
AVULSED [2009] [CD] Nullo
AVULSED [2013] [CD] Ritual Zombi
AVULSION [1997] [CD] Dimensions Of Darkness
AVZHIA [2004] [CD] The Key of Throne
AVZHIA [2010] [CD] In My Domains
AWAKE [2007] [CD] Illumination
AWAKEN [2004] [CD] Evolution
AWAKEN [2012] [CD] Awaken
AX'N SEX [1996] [MCD] Victim Of Time
AXAMENTA [2006] [CD] Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture
AXE LA CHAPELLE [1994] [CD] Grab What You Can
AXE MINISTER [2000] [CD] Comatose
AXE VICTIMS [1984] [CD] Another Victim
AXE [2000] [CD] The Crown
AXEGRESSOR [2009] [CD] Command
AXEHAMMER [2006] [CD] Windrider
AXEHAMMER [2012] [CD] Marching On
AXEL RUDI PELL [1989] [CD] Wild Obsession
AXEL RUDI PELL [1991] [CD] Nasty Reputation
AXEL RUDI PELL [1992] [CD] Eternal Prisoner
AXEL RUDI PELL [1995] [CD] Made In Germany
AXEL RUDI PELL [1996] [CD] Black Moon Pyramid
AXEL RUDI PELL [1997] [CD] Magic
AXEL RUDI PELL [1998] [CD] Oceans Of Time (Japanese Ed.)
AXEL RUDI PELL [2000] [2CD] The Wizards Chosen Few
AXEL RUDI PELL [2000] [CD] The Masquerade Ball (Japanese Ed.)
AXEL RUDI PELL [2002] [2CD] Knights Live
AXEL RUDI PELL [2004] [CD] Kings and Queens
AXEL RUDI PELL [2006] [CD] Mystica
AXEL RUDI PELL [2007] [CD] Diamonds Unlocked
AXEL RUDI PELL [2008] [CD] Tales Of The Crown
AXEL RUDI PELL [2010] [CD] The Crest
AXEL RUDI PELL [2011] [CDS] Hallelujah
AXEL RUDI PELL [2012] [CD] Circle Of The Oath (Ltd. Ed.)
AXEL RUDI PELL [2012] [MCD] Run With The Wind
AXEL RUDI PELL [2013] [2CD] Live On Fire
AXEL RUDI PELL [2014] [2CD] Into the Storm (Deluxe Ed.)
AXEL RUDI PELL [2014] [CD] Into the Storm (Ltd.Ed.)
AXEL RUDI PELL [2016] [CD] Game of Sins (Ltd. Ed.)
AXEL RUDI PELL [2018] [CD] Knights Call (Ltd. Ed.)
AXENSTAR [2002] [CD] Perpetual Twilight
AXENSTAR [2002] [CD] Perpetual Twilight (Japanese Ed.)
AXENSTAR [2003] [CD] Far From Heaven
AXENSTAR [2005] [CD] The Inquisition
AXENSTAR [2005] [CD] The Inquisition (Japanese Ed.)
AXENSTAR [2006] [CD] The Final Requiem
AXENSTAR [2006] [CD] The Final Requiem (Japanese Ed.)
AXENSTAR [2011] [CD] Aftermath
AXENSTAR [2014] [CD] Where Dreams Are Forgotten
AXEVYPER [2010] [CD] Axevyper
AXEVYPER [2012] [CD] Metal Crossfire
AXIS OF PERDITION [2003] [CD] The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques)
AXIS POWERS [2009] [CD] Marching Towards Destruction
AXON [2004] [CD] Leper Viper
AXON [2007] [CD] War Anthems
AXXIS [1989] [CD] Kingdom Of The Night
AXXIS [1990] [CD] II
AXXIS [1993] [CD] The Big Thrill
AXXIS [1995] [CD] Matters Of Survival
AXXIS [1997] [CD] Voodoo Vibes
AXXIS [2000] [CD] Back To The Kingdom (Ltd.Ed.)
AXXIS [2001] [CD] Eyes Of Darkness
AXXIS [2004] [CD] Time Machine
AXXIS [2006] [CD] Paradise In Flames
AXXIS [2007] [CD] Doom Of Destiny (Digipak)
AXXIS [2009] [CD] Utopia (Ltd. Ed.)
AXXIS [2012] [CD] reDISCOver(ed)
AXXIS [2014] [CD] Kingdom Of The Night II (Black Edition)
AXXIS [2014] [CD] Kingdom Of The Night II (White Edition)
AXXIS [2017] [CD] Retrolution
AXXIS [2018] [CD] Monster Hero
AYREON [1995] [2CD] The Final Experiment (Reissued-2005)
AYREON [1998] [4CD+DVD] Into the Electric Castle - A Space Opera (20th Anniversary Ltd. Ed.)
AYREON [2000] [CD] Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator
AYREON [2004] [2CD+DVD] The Human Equation (Special Ed.)
AYREON [2004] [CD+DVD] Actual Fantasy Revisited
AYREON [2008] [2CD] 01011001
AYREON [2008] [MCD] Elected
AYREON [2013] [2CD] The Theory of Everything
AYREON [2017] [2CD+DVD] The Source (Digibook)
AYREON [2020] [2CD+2DVD+BD] Electric Castle Live and Other Tales (Earbook Ltd. Ed.)
AYREON [2020] [4CD+DVD] Transitus (Earbook Ltd. Ed.)
AZAGHAL [1999] [CD] Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä
AZAGHAL [1999] [CD] Mustamaa
AZAGHAL [2001] [CD] DeathKult MMDCLXVI
AZAGHAL [2002] [CD] Of Beasts and Vultures
AZAGHAL [2003] [MCD] Kyy
AZAGHAL [2004] [CD] Perkeleen Luoma
AZAGHAL [2005] [CD] Codex Antitheus
AZAGHAL [2006] [CD] Luciferin valo
AZAGHAL [2008] [CD] Omega
AZAGHAL [2009] [CD] Teraphim
AZAGHAL [2012] [CD] Nemesis
AZAGHAL [2015] [CD] Arvet I
AZAGHAL [2015] [CD] Arvet II
AZAGHAL [2015] [CD] Madon sanat
AZAGHAL [2018] [CD] Valo Pohjoisesta
AZARATH [2001] [CD] Demon Seed
AZARATH [2003] [CD] Infernal Blasting
AZARATH [2006] [CD] Diabolic Impious Evil
AZARATH [2009] [CD] Praise The Beast (Ltd. Digipack)
AZARATH [2011] [CD] Blasphemer's Maledictions
AZATHOTH CIRCLE [2021] [CD] Siaivo
AZAZEL [2012] [CD] Jesus Perversions
AZEROTH (ARG) [2000] [CD] Azeroth
AZEROTH (ARG) [2008] [CD] II
AZEROTH (ARG) [2010] [CD] Historias y Leyendas
AZEROTH (RUS) [2004] [CD] Live In Polygon 2000
AZIOLA CRY [2005] [CD] Ellipsis
AZIOLA CRY [2007] [MCD] Ghost Conversations
AZKEN GARRASIA [2005] [CD] Sorgin Zorrptz
AZMODAN [1999] [CD] Of Angels And Demons
AZOTIC REIGN [2000] [CD] Abstract Maledictions
AZRAEL (JPN) [2000] [CD] King Of The Steely Nation (Japanese Ed.)
AZRAEL (JPN) [2003] [CD] Sunrise In The Dreamland (Japanese Ed.)
AZRAEL (JPN) [2010] [CD] Dream On (Japanese Ed.)
AZRAEL (JPN) [2018] [CD] Moonchild
AZRAEL [2000] [CD] Mafia
AZRAEL [2008] [CD] Obdurate / Unto Death
AZTEC JADE [2000] [CD] Paradise Lost
AZTEC JADE [2002] [CD] Concrete Eden
AZURE [2005] [CD] King Of Stars - Bearer Of Dark
ÁNGEL DE METAL [2006] [CD] Fuego Eterno
ÁRSTÍĐIR LÍFSINS [2012] [CD] Vápna Lćkjar Eldr
ÁRSTÍĐIR LÍFSINS [2014] [2CD] Aldafođr Ok Munka Dróttinn (Digipak)
ÁRSTÍĐIR LÍFSINS [2014] [MCD] Ţćttir úr sogu norđrs

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B-THONG [1994] [CD] Skinned
B-THONG [1997] [CD] From Strength To Strength
B.E.N.T. [2001] [CD] Eleven
BAALBERITH (AUS) / BLODARV [2002] [CD] Drightenlands / Mysteriis (Split)
BAALBERITH (GBR) / HELLVETE (IDN) [2014] [MCD] Thy Darkest Honour in Blasphemy Cult (Split)
BAALBERITH (GBR) / HEX MORBIDITY / FORNEUS [2013] [CD] In Satan's Honour (Split)
BAALBERITH (GBR) [2011] [TAPE] Bestial Creation
BAALBERITH (GBR) [2013] [MCD] Black Metal Militia
BAALBERITH (GBR) [2014] [MCD-R] Antichristian Glory
BAALPHEGOR [1998] [CD-R] Baalphegor (Demo)
BAALPHEGOR [2003] [CD] The End Of Descent
BAALPHEGOR [2006] [CD] Post Earthquake Age
BABYLON SAD [1992] [CD] Kyrie (Reissued-1993)
BABYLON WHORES [2002] [CD] Death Of The West
BABYMETAL [2015] [CD] Live At Budokan -Red Night-
BABYMETAL [2015] [CD] Metal Resistance (Ltd. Ed.)
BACKYARD MORTUARY [2012] [CD] Lure Of The Occult
BAD 4 GOOD [1992] [CD] Refugee
BAD FACE [2007] [CD] Emotions Burn
BADLANDS [1991] [CD] Voodoo Highway
BAEST [2018] [CD] Danse Macabre
BAHIMIRON / TERATISM [2006] [CD] Pact in Dizease & Profanation
BAHIMIRON [2008] [CD] Southern Nihilizm
BAILEYS COMET [2001] [CD] Judgement Day (Japanese Ed.)
BAL-SAGOTH [1995] [CD] A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
BAL-SAGOTH [1995] [CD] A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (Remastered-2016)
BAL-SAGOTH [1996] [CD] Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule
BAL-SAGOTH [1996] [CD] Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule (Remastered-2016)
BAL-SAGOTH [1998] [CD] Battle Magic
BAL-SAGOTH [1998] [CD] Battle Magic (Remastered-2016)
BAL-SAGOTH [1999] [CD] The Power Cosmic (Reissued 2003)
BAL-SAGOTH [2001] [CD] Atlantis Ascendant
BAL-SAGOTH [2006] [CD] The Chthonic Chronicles
BALAM AKAB [2006] [CD] Xibalba
BALANCE INTERRUPTION [2007] [CD] Nuclear War For Rescue
BALANCE OF POWER [1997] [CD] When The World Falls Down (Japanese Ed.)
BALANCE OF POWER [1998] [CD] Book Of Secrets (Japanese Ed.)
BALANCE OF POWER [1999] [CD] Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion
BALANCE OF POWER [1999] [CD] Ten More Tales... (Japanese Ed.)
BALANCE OF POWER [2001] [CD] Perfect Balance
BALANCE OF POWER [2001] [CD] Perfect Balance (Japanese Ed.)
BALANCE OF POWER [2003] [CD] Heathen Machine
BALBERITH [2009] [CD] Triumph ov Beastial Dominator
BALDRS DRAUMAR [2009] [MCD] Til horisonten
BALDRS DRAUMAR [2010] [MCD] Noardseegermanen
BALDRS DRAUMAR [2011] [CD] Forfedres fortellinger
BALDRS DRAUMAR [2015] [CD] Aldgillissoan
BALFLARE [2008] [CD] Sleeping Hollow (Japanese Ed.) (Reissued-2010)
BALFLARE [2012] [CD] Downpour (Japanese Ed.)
BALFOR (RUS) [2011] [CD] Sign
BALFOR (UKR) [2010] [CD] Barbaric Blood
BALLISTIC [2003] [CD] Ballistic
BALMOG [2010] [EP] Necroangel's Revelations
BALMOG [2012] [CD] Testimony of the Abominable
BALMOG [2015] [CD] Svmma Fide
BALMOG [2018] [CD] Vacvvm
BALROG [2006] [CD] Bestial Satanic Terror
BALROG [2010] [CD] A Dark Passage
BALROG [2013] [CD] Miserable Frame
BALTAK [1995] [CD] Macedonian Darkness And Evil
BALTAK [2000] [CD] Kral Na Dva Svetoj (King Of Two Worlds)
BALTAK [2003] [CD] Makedonski Boj (Macedonian War)
BANE OF WINTERSTORM [2013] [CD] The Last Sons Of Perylin
BANE [2010] [CD] Chaos, Darkness and Emptiness
BANEWORT [2004] [MCD] Dipping In Planes
BANISHED [1994] [CD] Deliver Me Unto Pain
BANN [2006] [MCD] Antiochia (Reissued-2007)
BANN [2009] [CD] Aeschatologia
BANTHIS [2005] [CD] Stop Me If U Can
BANTHIS [2008] [CD] Brainwasher
BANZAI [1983] [CD] Banzai
BANZAI [1984] [CD] Duro Y Potente
BAPHOMET (DEU) [1994] [CD] Trust
BAPHOMET (GER) [1991] [CD] No Answers
BAPHOMET (GER) [1992] [CD] Latest Jesus
BAPHOMET (USA) [1991] [CD] Death In The Beginning (Reissued-2012)
BAPHOMET (USA) [1992] [CD] The Dead Shall Inherit
BAPHOMET (USA) [1992] [CD] The Dead Shall Inherit (Remastered-2006)
BAPHOMETH [2004] [CD] In the Beginning
BAPTISM [2012] [CD] As the Darkness Enters
BAPTISM [2016] [CD] V: The Devil's Fire
BARATHRUM [1998] [CD] Legions of Perkele (Reissued-2007)
BARATHRUM [1999] [CD] Saatana
BARATHRUM [2000] [CD] Okkult
BARATHRUM [2002] [CD] Venomous
BARATHRUM [2003] [2CD] Hailstorm / Eerie (Remastered-2007)
BARATHRUM [2005] [CD] Anno Aspera: 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth
BARBARIAN PROPHECIES [2011] [CD] Remember the Fallen (Ltd. Ed. Digipak)
BARBARIC [1998] [CD] Dentro Del Miedo
BARBARITY [2005] [CD] Hell is Here
BARBARITY [2006] [CD] Enough Graves For Everybody
BARBARROJA [2008] [CD] Rompiendo Cadenas
BARBATOS [2008] [CD] Live at Factory - Victory Blazing war!! (Live)
BARILARI [2003] [CD] Barilari
BARILARI [2003] [CD] Barilari (European Ed.)
BARILARI [2003] [CD] Barilari (Japanese Ed.)
BARILARI [2003] [MCD] Barilari EP
BARILARI [2010] [CD] Abuso De Poder
BARILARI [2012] [CD] Barilari 4
BARILARI [2014] [CD] En Vivo 13.12.13
BARING TEETH [2011] [CD] Atrophy
BARLOVENTOS [2014] [CD-R] Contra Viento Y Marea
BARN BURNER [2010] [CD] Bangers
BARNI [1998] [CD] Guerrero
BARON ROJO [2009] [2CD+DVD] En Clave De Rock (En Directo) Con La Banda Sinfonica Del C.I.M. De Mislata
BARONESS / UNPERSONS [2007] [CD] A Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk (Split)
BARONESS [2007] [CD] Red Album
BARONESS [2008] [CD] First & Second
BARONESS [2009] [2CD] Blue Record (Deluxe Ed.)
BARONESS [2009] [CD] Blue Record
BARONESS [2012] [2CD] Yellow & Green (Digi Book)
BARÓN ROJO [1981] [CD] Larga Vida Al Rock n Roll
BARÓN ROJO [1982] [CD] Volumen Brutal
BARÓN ROJO [1982] [CD] Volumen Brutal (Reissued-2005)
BARÓN ROJO [1983] [CD] Metalmorfosis
BARÓN ROJO [1984] [2CD] Baron Al Rojo Vivo (Reissued-2005)
BARÓN ROJO [1985] [CD] En Un Lugar De La Marcha
BARÓN ROJO [1986] [CD] Siempre Estais Alli (Reissued-1995)
BARÓN ROJO [1987] [CD] Tierra De Nadie
BARÓN ROJO [1988] [CD] No Va Mas
BARÓN ROJO [1989] [CD] Obstinato
BARÓN ROJO [1992] [CD] Desafio
BARÓN ROJO [1995] [2CD] Larga Vida Al Baron
BARÓN ROJO [1996] [CD] Volumen Brutal (English Version)
BARÓN ROJO [1997] [CD] Arma Secreta
BARÓN ROJO [2001] [CD] 20+
BARÓN ROJO [2003] [CD] Perversiones
BARÓN ROJO [2006] [CD] Ultimasmentes
BARREN EARTH [2010] [CD] Curse Of The Red River
BARREN EARTH [2012] [CD] The Devil's Resolve
BARREN EARTH [2015] [CD] On Lonely Towers (Japanese Ed.)
BARREN EARTH [2015] [CD] On Lonely Towers (Ltd. Ed.)
BARREN EARTH [2018] [CD] A Complex Of Cages (Ltd. Ed.)
BARRICADA [1990] [CD] Rocanrol
BARRICADA [1994] [CD] La araa
BARRICADA [2009] [CD] La tierra esta sorda
BASKERVILLE [2017] [CD] Opus Aeternum
BAST [2008] [CD] Zeme Vlku (The Land of Wolves)
BASTARD PRIEST [2010] [CD] Under The Hammer Of Destruction
BASTION OF FATE (RUS) [2007] [CD] Life
BATHORY / CELTIC FROST [1997] [CD-Bootleg] Demo 83-84. Live Weinheim 85
BATHORY [1984] [CD] Bathory
BATHORY [1984] [CD] Bathory (Remastered-2003)
BATHORY [1985] [CD] The Return...... (Remastered-2003)
BATHORY [1986] [CD] Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (Remastered-1990)
BATHORY [1988] [CD] Blood Fire Death
BATHORY [1988] [CD] Blood Fire Death (Remastered-1993)
BATHORY [1990] [CD] Hammerheart
BATHORY [1991] [CD] Twilight Of The Gods (Remastered-2003)
BATHORY [1992] [CD] Jubileum Volume I
BATHORY [1993] [CD] Jubileum Volume II
BATHORY [1994] [CD] Requiem (Reissued-2003)
BATHORY [1995] [CD] Octagon
BATHORY [1996] [CD] Blood On Ice (Reissued-2003)
BATHORY [1998] [CD] Jubileum Volume III
BATHORY [2001] [CD] Destroyer Of Worlds
BATHORY [2001] [TAPE] Epicus Dominius Satanikus (Bootleg)
BATHORY [2002] [CD] Nordland I
BATHORY [2002] [CD] True Black Essence. History
BATHORY [2003] [CD] Nordland II
BATHORY [2006] [3CD+DVD] In Memory Of Quorthron
BATTALION (AUS) [2005] [CD] Into Harms Way
BATTALION (BEL) [2006] [CD] Winter Campaign
BATTALION (BEL) [2008] [CD] Welcome to the Warzone
BATTALION (CHE) [2010] [CD] Underdogs
BATTERY [2014] [CD] Armed with Rage
BATTLE BEAST [2011] [CD] Steel (German Ed.)
BATTLE BEAST [2013] [CD] Battle Beast
BATTLE BEAST [2015] [CD] Unholy Savior (Ltd. Ed.)
BATTLE BEAST [2017] [CD] Bringer Of Pain (Japanese Ed.)
BATTLE BEAST [2017] [CD] Bringer Of Pain (Ltd. Ed.)
BATTLE BRATT [1988] [CD] Battle Bratt
BATTLE CRY [2007] [CD] Xuxuy
BATTLE CRY [2016] [CDS-R] Sorpresa De Yavi
BATTLE CRY [2016] [CD] Cicatrices
BATTLEAXE [2014] [CD] Heavy Metal Sanctuary
BATTLECROSS [2011] [CD] Pursuit Of Honor
BATTLECROSS [2013] [CD] War Of Will
BATTLEFIELD [1991] [CD] Still And Ever Again
BATTLEFIELD [1993] [CD] Spirit Of Time
BATTLELORE [2002] [CD] Where The Shadows Lie
BATTLELORE [2003] [CD] Sword's Song
BATTLELORE [2005] [CD] Third Age Of The Sun
BATTLELORE [2007] [CD] Evernight
BATTLELORE [2008] [CD+DVD] The Last Alliance (Ltd. Ed.)
BATTLELORE [2011] [CD+DVD] Doombound (Ltd. Ed.)
BATTLERAGE [2009] [CD] Blood, Fire, Steel
BATTLERAGE [2011] [CD] True Metal Victory
BATTLEROAR [2003] [CD] Battleroar
BATTLEROAR [2005] [CD+DVD] Age Of Chaos
BATTLEROAR [2008] [CD] To Death and Beyond
BATTLESTORM [2010] [CD] Demonic Incursion
BE PERSECUTED [2007] [CD] I.I (Digipak)
BE PERSECUTED [2009] [CD] End Leaving
BE'LAKOR [2009] [CD] Stone's Reach
BE'LAKOR [2012] [CD] Of Breath And Bone
BE'LAKOR [2016] [CD] Vessels
BE'LAKOR [2021] [CD] Coherence
BEAST IN BLACK [2017] [CD] Berserker (Ltd. Ed.)
BEAST IN BLACK [2019] [CD] From Hell With Love (Japanese Ed.)
BEAST [1985] [CD] Like Living In A Cage
BEASTCRAFT [2005] [CD] Into the Burning Pit of Hell
BEASTCRAFT [2007] [CD] Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen
BEASTCRAFT [2017] [CD] The Infernal Gospels of Primitive Devil Worship
BEASTCRAFT [2020] [CD] The Nechronology Of Ungodly Beastial Craft 2004-2017
BEATEN TO DEATH [2018] [CD] Agronomicon
BEATRIK [2005] [CD] Requiem of December
BEAU NASTY [1989] [CD] Dirty But Well Dressed
BEAUTIFUL SIN [2006] [CD] The Unexpected
BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE [2005] [CD] Terminate Damnation
BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE [2007] [CD] The Physics of Fire
BEECHER [2005] [CD] Breaking The Fourth Wall
BËEHLER [2011] [CD] Messages To The Dead
BEELZEB [2004] Misanthropes Aurora
BEER BEAR [2010] [CD] Honey
BEER BEAR [2012] [CD] Beyond The Invisible Line
BEER MOSH [1992] [CD] Pesadilla
BEER MOSH [1993] [CD] A todos los cerdos les llega su S. Martín
BEER MOSH [1996] [CD] Injusta Prision
BEETHOVEN R [1999] [CD] Ja, ja
BEETHOVEN R [2008] [CD] Larga Vida
BEETHOVEN R. [2001] [CD] Un Poco Mas
BEETHOVEN R.[2004] [CD] El Legado De Judas
BEFORE EDEN [2005] [CD] The Legacy of Gaia (Reissue-2011)
BEFORE THE DAWN [2003] [CD] My Darkness (Reissued-2008)
BEFORE THE DAWN [2004] [CD] 4:17 AM
BEFORE THE DAWN [2006] [CD] The Ghost
BEFORE THE DAWN [2007] [CD] Deadlight (Ltd. Ed.)
BEFORE THE DAWN [2008] [CD] Soundscape Of Silence
BEFORE THE DAWN [2011] [CD] Deathstar Rising (Ltd. Ed.)
BEFORE THE DAWN [2012] [CD] Rise Of The Phoenix (Ltd.Ed.)
BEFORE THE RAIN [2007] [CD] ...One Day Less
BEFORE THE RAIN [2011] [CD] Frail
BEGGING FOR INCEST [2008] [MCD] Awaiting The Fist
BEGOTTEN [2020] [CD-R] If All You Have Known Is Winter
BEGRIME EXEMIOUS [2010] [CD] Impending Funeral of Man
BEGRIME EXEMIOUS [2012] [CD] Visions of the Scourge
BEHALF FIEND [2005] [CD] The Words of Ancient Prophets S...
BEHEADED [1998] [CD] Perpetual Mockery
BEHEADED [2000] [MCD] Resurgence Of Oblivion
BEHEADED [2005] [CD] Ominous Bloodline
BEHEAT GORUM DE MENTHEURD / OBSCURA MENTIS [2014] [CD] Advanced Promo Tape I (Split)
BEHEAT GORUM DE MENTHEURD [2013] [CD] The Frostbitten Path (Instrumental Version)
BEHEAT GORUM DE MENTHEURD [2016] [CD] The Frostbitten Path
BEHEMOTH [1993] [CD] The Return of the Northern Moon (Reissued-2011)
BEHEMOTH [1994] [CD] ...From The Pagan Vastlands (Reissued-2011)
BEHEMOTH [1994] [CD] Sventevith
BEHEMOTH [1995] [CD] And The Forest Dream Eternally
BEHEMOTH [1996] [CD] Grom
BEHEMOTH [1998] [2CD] Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld
BEHEMOTH [1999] [CD] Pandemonic Incantation (Digipa...
BEHEMOTH [1999] [CD] Satanica
BEHEMOTH [2000] [CD] Thelema.6
BEHEMOTH [2000] [CD] Thelema.6 (Ltd. Ed.)
BEHEMOTH [2001] [MCD] Antichristian Phenomenon
BEHEMOTH [2002] [CD] Zos Kia Cultus
BEHEMOTH [2002] [MCD] Live In Toulouse (Ltd. Ed.)
BEHEMOTH [2003] [MCD] Conjuration (Digipak)
BEHEMOTH [2004] [CD] Demigod
BEHEMOTH [2005] [2CD] Demonica (Ltd. Ed.)
BEHEMOTH [2005] [MCD] Slaves Shall Serve
BEHEMOTH [2006] [2CD] Demonica (Ltd. Ed.) (Reissued-2007)
BEHEMOTH [2007] [CD] The Apostasy
BEHEMOTH [2008] [CD] At The Arena Ov Aion - Live Apostasy
BEHEMOTH [2008] [MCD] Ezkaton
BEHEMOTH [2009] [CD] Evangelion
BEHEMOTH [2011] [2CD] Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
BEHEMOTH [2014] [CD+DVD] The Satanist (Ltd. Ed.)
BEHEMOTH [2014] [CD] Live Barbarossa
BEHEMOTH [2014] [CD] Xiadz-Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
BEHEMOTH [2015] [2CD] Thy Winter Kingdom / From the Pagan Vastlands...
BEHEMOTH [2015] [CD] Live At The BBC
BEHERIT / ARCHGOAT [1999] [CD] Messe des Morts / Angelcunt (Reissued-2004)
BEHERIT [1991] [CD] The Oath Of Black Blood
BEHERIT [1991] [CD] The Oath Of Black Blood [Remastered 2005]
BEHERIT [1992] [MCD-Bootleg] Werewolf, Semen And Blood
BEHERIT [1992] [MCD-Bootleg] Werewolf, Semen And Blood (Reissued 1999)
BEHERIT [1993] [CD] Drawing Down the Moon
BEHERIT [1999] [CD-Bootleg] The First Years
BEHERIT [1999] [CD] Beast Of Beherit - Complete Worxxx
BEHERIT [2002] [CD-Bootleg] Ghost Of Death - The Early Days Of BEHERIT
BEHERIT [2002] [MCD-Bootleg] Live Joensuu 8.2.1992
BEHERIT [2003] [CD-Bootleg] Werewolf Semen And Blood (Beast Of Damnation)
BEHERIT [2005] [CD-Bootleg] Unholy Blessings
BEHERIT [2007] [2CD] H418ov21.C / Electric Doom Synthesis
BEHERIT [2009] [CD-Bootleg] Nordic Demons - Live
BEHERIT [2009] [CD] Engram
BEHERIT [2010] [CD-Bootleg] Demonomancy - Rites Of The Black Past
BEHERIT [2010] [CD-Bootleg] Warriors Of Black Metal
BEHERIT [2011] [CD] At The Devil's Studio 1990
BEHEXEN / SATANIC WARMASTER [2008] [MCD] Behexen - Satanic Warmaster
BEHEXEN [2000] [CD] Rituale Satanum (Remastered-2004)
BEHEXEN [2004] [CD] By The Blessing of Satan
BEHEXEN [2008] [CD] My Soul for His Glory
BEHEXEN [2008] [MCD] From the Devil's Chalice (Reissued-2009)
BEHEXEN [2012] [CD] Nightside Emanations (Digibook)
BEHEXEN [2016] [CD] The Poisonous Path
BEHIND THE CURTAIN [1999] [CD] Till Birth Do Us Part
BEHIND THE SCENERY [2000] [CD] Of Honesty Forbidden
BEHIND THE SCENERY [2004] [CD] Rétroviseur (Reissued-2006)
BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS [2007] [CD] Skullgrid
BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS [2006] [CD] Nano - Nucleonic Cyb...
BEJELIT [2010] [CD] You Die and I
BEJELIT [2012] [CD] Emerge
BELEF [2005] [CD] Infection Purification
BELENOS [2000] [CD] Errances Oniriques
BELENOS [2002] [CD] Spicilege
BELENOS [2006] [CD] Chants De Bataille
BELENOS [2010] [CD] Yen Sonn Gardis
BELFEGOR [2000] [CD] The Kingdom of Glacial Palaces
BELFEGOR [2001] [CD] The Work of Destruction
BELIAL [1992] [CD] Wisdom Of Darkness
BELIEVER [1989] [CD] Extraction From Mortality (Reissued-2001)
BELIEVER [1989] [CD] Extraction From Mortality (Remastered-2007)
BELIEVER [1990] [CD] Sanity Obscure
BELIEVER [1990] [CD] Sanity Obscure (Remastered-2005)
BELIEVER [1993] [CD] Dimensions
BELIEVER [1993] [CD] Dimensions (Remastered-2005)
BELIEVER [2009] [CD] Gabriel
BELIEVER [2011] [CD] Transhuman
BELLA BESTIA [1984] [CD] Bella Bestia
BELLA BESTIA [1986] [CD] Lista Para Matar
BELLA BESTIA [1988] [CD] !No Carino No!
BELLADONNA [1995] [CD] Belladonna
BELLFAST [2010] [CD] Insula Sacra
BELLFAST [2017] [CD] Triquedraco
BELPHEGOR [1995] [CD] The Last Supper (Reissued-1999)
BELPHEGOR [1997] [CD] Blutsabbath
BELPHEGOR [2000] [CD] Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
BELPHEGOR [2002] [CD] Infernal Live Orgasm
BELPHEGOR [2003] [CD] Lucifer Incestus (Ltd. Ed. Digipak)
BELPHEGOR [2005] [CD] Goatreich - Fleshcult (Digipak)
BELPHEGOR [2006] [CD] Pestapokalypse VI
BELPHEGOR [2008] [CD+DVD] Bondage Goat Zombie (Ltd Ed)
BELPHEGOR [2009] [CD] Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn (Ltd. Ed.)
BELPHEGOR [2011] [CD] Blood Magick Necromance
BELPHEGOR [2014] [CD] Conjuring the Dead
BELPHEGOR [2017] [CD] Totenritual (Digipak)
BELPHEGOR [2022] [CD] The Devils
BELTAINE (CZE) [2003] [CD] Bohemian Winter
BELTANE [1995] [TAPE] Rehearsal April 1995
BELTANE [2005] [CD] The Brook Project - VE05
BELTANE [2005] [MCD] Equinox Upon Fairfield Autumn '05
BELTANE [2005] [MCD] Summer Solstice Live '04
BELTANE [2006] [MCD] Autumn Craft 2006
BELTANE [2006] [MCD] Her Spring Eyes VI
BELTANE [2006] [MCD] Midnight on the Glen - Summer Solstice 05
BELTANE [2006] [MCD] Solstice's Altar Returns - Winter6
BELTANE [2007] [CD] Jera
BELTANE [2007] [CD] Jera <2>
BELTANE [2008] [CD] ...Through Darker Seasons
BELTANE [2008] [CD] Cape D'Evil
BELTANE [2009] [CD] Darkhovse
BELZEBUBS [2020] [CD] Pantheon of the Nightside Gods
BENATNASH [2008] [CD] War Prophecies
BENEATH THE MASSACRE [2007] [CD] Mechanics Of Dysfunction
BENEATH [2010] [CD] Hollow Empty Void
BENEATH [2012] [CD] Enslaved By Fear
BENEATH [2014] [CD] The Barren Throne
BENEATH [2017] [CD] Ephemeris
BENEDICTION [1990] [CD] Subconscious Terror
BENEDICTION [1990] [CD] Subsconcious Terror+Dark Is...
BENEDICTION [1991] [CD] The Grand Leveler
BENEDICTION [1992] [MCD] Dark Is The Season
BENEDICTION [1993] [CD] Transcend The Rubicon
BENEDICTION [1994] [MCD] The Grotesque-Ashen Epitaph
BENEDICTION [1995] [CD] The Dreams You Dread
BENEDICTION [1998] [CD] Grind Bastard
BENEDICTION [2001] [CD] Organised Chaos
BENEDICTION [2008] [CD+DVD] Killing Music
BENEDICTION [2008] [CD] Killing Music (Russian Ed.)
BENEDICTION [2020] [CD] Scriptures
BENEDICTUM [2006] [CD] Uncreation
BENEDICTUM [2011] [CD] Dominion
BENEDICTUM [2013] [CD] Obey
BENIGHTED IN SODOM [2007] [CD] Plague Overlord
BENIGHTED IN SODOM [2008] [CD] In Hora Maledictus - Part I
BENIGHTED IN SODOM [2011] [CD] Reverse Baptism
BENIGHTED [2000] [CD] Benighted
BENIGHTED [2002] [CD] Psychose
BENIGHTED [2004] [CD] Insane Cephalic Production (Remastered-2009)
BENIGHTED [2006] [CD+DVD] Identisick (Reissued-2008)
BENIGHTED [2007] [CD] Icon
BENIGHTED [2011] [CD] Asylum Cave (Limited Edition)
BENIGHTED [2014] [CD] Carnivore Sublime
BENIGHTED [2015] [CD] Brutalive The Sick
BENIGHTED [2017] [CD] Necrobreed
BENIGHTED [2020] [CD] Obscene Repressed
BEORN [2015] [CD] Time To Dare
BERGTHRON [1999] [MCD] Uralte Gedanken
BERSERK [2001] [CD] From The Celtiberian Woods
BERSERK [2003] [CD] Rites of Supremacy
BESATT [1997] [CD] In Nomine Satanas
BESATT [2002] [CD] Hellstorm
BESATT [2006] [CD] Black Mass
BESATT [2009] [CD] Demonicon
BESATT [2012] [CD] Tempus Apocalypsis
BESATT [2014] [CD] Nine Sins
BESEECH [2002] [CD] Souls Highway
BESEECH [2004] [CD] Drama
BESEECH [2005] [CD] Sunless Days
BESEECH [2016] [CD] My Darkness, Darkness
BESTA [2019] [CD] Eterno Rancor
BESTIA [2004] [CD] Hallutsinatsioon (Reissued-2005)
BESTIAL DEFORM [2005] [CD] Stop The Chirstianity!
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST [2006] [CD] Final Extermination (Greek Ed.)
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST [2006] [CD] Final Extermination (Japanese Ed.)
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST [2006] [CD] Final Extermination (Thai Ed.)
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST [2009] [CD] Temple Of Damnation
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST [2012] [CD] Into The Goat Vulva
BESTIAL MOCKERY / INQUISITOR[2007] [CD]Bestial Satanic Sacrifice
BESTIAL MOCKERY [2002] [CD] Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw (Reissued-2010)
BESTIAL MOCKERY [2003] [CD] Evoke The Desecrator
BESTIAL MOCKERY [2006] [CD] Gospel of the Insane
BESTIAL MOCKERY [2006] [MCD] Sepulchral Wrath
BESTIAL MOCKERY [2007] [CD] Chainsaw Destruction
BESTIAL MOCKERY [2007] [CD] Slaying The Life
BESTIAL MOCKERY [2007] [CD] The Unholy Trinity
BESTIAL RAIDS [2007] [CD] Reversed Black Trinity
BESTIAL RAIDS [2011] [CD] Prime Evil Damnation
BESTIAL WARLUST [1994] [CD] Vengeance War Til Death
BESTIAL WARLUST [1995] [CD] Blood And Valour
BESTIAL WARLUST [1996] [MCD] Satan's Fist (Demo '96)
BESTIAL [2004] [CD] Final Presage
BESTIAL [2005] [CD] Phalanx of Genocide
BETHLEHEM [1994] [CD] Dark Metal (Reissued-1997)
BETHLEHEM [1996] [CD] Dictius Te Necare
BETHLEHEM [1998] [CD] Reflektionen Auf's Sterben
BETHLEHEM [1998] [CD] Sardonischer Untergang im Zeichen irreligioser Darbietung
BETHLEHEM [1998] [MCD] Reflektionen auf's Sterben (Reissued-2006)
BETHLEHEM [1999] [MCD] Reflektionen Aufs Sterben
BETHLEHEM [2000] [CDS] Profane Fetmilch lenzt elf krank
BETHLEHEM [2001] [2CD] Schatten aus der Alexander Welt
BETHLEHEM [2004] [CD] Mein Weg
BETHLEHEM [2009] [CD] A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear
BETHLEHEM [2010] [MCD] Stonkfitzchen
BETHLEHEM [2014] [2CD] Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
BETHZAIDA [1996] [CD] Nine Worlds
BETHZAIDA [1997] [MCD] A Prelude to Nine Worlds...
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY [2012] [ [CD] Beyond Space Without Limits
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY [2001] [CD] Beto Vazquez Infinity
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY [2001] [CD] Beto Vazquez Infinity (Japanese Ed.)
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY [2006] [CD] Flying Towards The New...
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY [2010] [2CD] Existence
BETO VÁZQUEZ INFINITY [2001] [MCD] Battle Of Valmourt
BETOKEN [2004] [CD] The Gate Of Nothing
BETOKEN [2006] [CD] Dead Soul Insomnia
BETRAY MY SECRETS [1999] [CD] Betray My Secrets
BETRAYER (ISR) [1998] [MCD] My Twisted Symphony
BETRAYER [2012] [CD] Betrayer
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME [2002] [CD] Between the Buried and Me (Reissued-2004)
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME [2003] [CD+DVD] The Silent Circus (Reissued-2006)
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME [2006] [CD] The Anatomy of
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME [2009] [CD] The Great Misdirect
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME [2012] [CD] The Parallax II: Future Sequence
BEWITCHED [1996] [CD] Diabolical Desecration
BEWITCHED [1996] [MCD] Encyclopedia Of Evil
BEWITCHED [1997] [CD] Pentagram Prayer
BEWITCHED [1999] [CD] At the Gates of Hell
BEWITCHED [2002] [CD] Rise Of The Antichrist
BEWITCHED [2004] [MCD] Atrocities in A-Minor
BEWIZED [2010] [CD] The Scorch of Rage
BEYOND BELIEF [1993] [CD] Towards The Diabolical Experiment
BEYOND BELIEF [1995] [CD] Rave The Abyss
BEYOND CREATION [2011] [CD] The Aura
BEYOND CREATION [2014] [CD] Earthborn Evolution
BEYOND CREATION [2018] [CD] Algorythm
BEYOND DAWN [1994] [MCD] Longing For Scarlet Days
BEYOND DESCRIPTION [2017] [CD] The Robotized World
BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL [2003] [CD] Tribute To Anarchus
BEYOND THE BLACK [2015] [CD] Songs Of Love And Death (Japanese Ed.) (Reissued 2017)
BEYOND THE BLACK [2016] [CD] Lost In Forever (Japanese Ed.)
BEYOND THE BLACK [2018] [CD] Heart Of The Hurricane (Japanese Ed.)
BEYOND THE EMBRACE [2002] [CD] Against The Elements
BEYOND THE EMBRACE [2004] [CD] Insect Song
BEYOND THE NINTH WAVE [2005] [CD] Volume 1
BEYOND THE NINTH WAVE [2012] [2CD] 2003-2007
BEYOND TWILIGHT [2001] [CD] The Devil's Hall Of Fame
BEYOND TWILIGHT [2001] [MCD] The Devil's Hall Of Fame - Excerpts From The Forthcoming Album
BEYOND TWILIGHT [2006] [CD] For the Love of Art and the Making
BEYOND WITHIN [2006] [CD] Eternal Pestilence
BEYOND YE GRAVE [2009] [CD] Raping The Creation Of God
BEYOND [2007] [CD] Holt Lelkek
BEYOND [2009] [CD] Thrash
BEYOND [2011] [CD] Black Magic Night [ProCD-R]
BEYOND [2011] [CD] Thrash In Black
BIBLEBLACK [2009] [CD] The Black Swan Epilogue
BIFROST [1995] [CD] Pagan Reality
BIFROST [1996] [CD] The Wildest Fire
BIFROST [1999] [CD] Mythistory
BIFROST [2010] [CD] Heidenmetal
BIG HEAT [1995] [CD] Grand Ominous Dreams
BILOCATE [2008] [CD] Sudden Death Syndrome (Reissued-2010)
BILSKIRNIR / FINSTERWALD [2003] [CD] Totenheer / Rammbock (Split)
BILSKIRNIR [2000] [TAPE] ...Bis Germanien erwacht
BILSKIRNIR [2003] [CD] Atavismus des Glaubens
BILSKIRNIR [2003] [CD] Atavismus des Glaubens (Reissued-2009)
BILSKIRNIR [2003] [CD] In Flames Of Purification
BILSKIRNIR [2004] [CD] Furor Teutonicus
BILSKIRNIR [2004] [MCD] Ahnenerbe
BILSKIRNIR [2005] [MCD] Hyperborea
BILSKIRNIR [2007] [CD] Wotansvolk
BILSKIRNIR [2011] [MCD] Dem Feind Entgegen
BILSKIRNIR [2013] [CD] Wotan Redivivus
BILSKIRNIR [2017] [2CD] Hammerschlag
BILSKIRNIR [2017] [CDS] Lost Forever
BIO-CANCER [2012] [CD] Ear Piercing Thrash
BIO-CANCER [2015] [CD] Tormenting the Innocent
BIOHAZARD [1990] [CD] Biohazard (1994 Reissue, Japanese Ed.)
BIOHAZARD [1990] [CD] Biohazard (Reissued-1992)
BIOHAZARD [1992] [CD] Urban Discipline
BIOHAZARD [1992] [CD] Urban Discipline (1993 Reissue, Japanese Ed.)
BIOHAZARD [1992] [CD] Urban Discipline (Ltd. Ed.)
BIOHAZARD [1994] [CD] State Of The World Address
BiOHAZARD [1995] [MCD] Five Blocks To The Subway (Tour EP 1995)
BIOHAZARD [1996] [CD] Mata Leăo
BIOHAZARD [1996] [CD] Mata Leăo (Japanese Ed.)
BIOHAZARD [1997] [CD] No Holds Barred
BIOHAZARD [1999] [CD] New World Disorder
BIOHAZARD [2001] [CD] Tales From The B-Side
BIOHAZARD [2001] [CD] Uncivilization
BIOHAZARD [2001] [CD] Uncivilization (Japanese Ed.)
BIOHAZARD [2003] [CD] Kill Or Be Killed (Japanese Ed.)
BIOHAZARD [2005] [CD] Means To An End
BIOHAZARD [2012] [CD] Reborn In Defiance (Japanese Ed.)
BIOLICH [2005] [MCD] The Space Between Home And Today
BIOMECHANICAL [2003] [CD] Eight Moons
BIOMECHANICAL [2005] [CD] The Empires Of The Worlds
BIOMECHANICAL [2006] [CD] The Empires Of The Worlds (Ltd.Ed.)
BIOMECHANICAL [2007] [CD] Cannibalised (Ltd.Ed.)
BIRDFLESH [2002] [CD] Night Of The Ultimate Mosh
BIRDFLESH [2005] [CD] Live @ Giants Of Grind
BIRDFLESH [2021] [MCD] All The Miseries
BIRTH A.D. [2009] [CD] Stillbirth of a Nation
BIRTH ASPHYXIA [2012] [CD] Human Obelisk
BISCAYA [1983] [CD] Biscaya
BISHOP OF HEXEN [1997] [CD] Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy
BISS [2006] [CD] X-tension (Reissued-2007)
BITTER END [1990] [CD] Harsh Realities
BITTERDUSK [2002] [CD] Spirits
BITTERNESS [2003] [CD] Sweet Suicide Solutions
BITTERNESS [2009] [CD] Genociety
BIZARRE EMBALMING [2002] [CD] Necrosadistic Surgery
BLACK ABYSS [2000] [CD] Land Of Darkness
BLACK ABYSS [2004] [CD] Angels Wear Black
BLACK ABYSS [2012] [CD] Possessed
BLACK ALTAR & VESANIA [2002] [CD] Wrath ov the Gods & Moonastray (Ltd. Ed.)
BLACK ALTAR [2004] [CD] Black Altar
BLACK ALTAR [2008] [CD] Death Fanaticism (Digibook A5)
BLACK ANGEL - BEELZEBUL [2009] [CD] Satanist Rites (Split)
BLACK ANGEL / ADOKHSINY [2010] [CD] Black Ritual of Satan (Split)
BLACK ANGEL / BLACK EMPIRE [2006] [CD] Blasphemy Side / Evil Side (Split)
BLACK ART [2013] [CD] The Way
BLACK ASYLUM [2008] [CD] Truths Of The Blood
BLACK AUTUMN [2007] [CD] Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom
BLACK AUTUMN [2008] [CD] Rivers of Dead Leaves
BLACK AUTUMN [2013] [MCD] The Advent October
BLACK BEAST - BLOODHAMMER [2006] [CD] Unholy Finnish Bla...
BLACK BREATH [2010] [CD] Heavy Breathing
BLACK BREATH [2012] [CD] Sentenced To Life
BLACK CIRCLE [2004] [CD] Behold My Visions And Wisdom
BLACK CRUCIFIXION [1993] [CD] Promethean Gift (Reissued-2007)
BLACK CRUCIFIXION [2006] [CD] Faustian Dream
BLACK CRUCIFIXION [2013] [CD] Coronation of King Darkness (Reissued-2015)
BLACK CRUCIFIXION [2018] [CD] Lightless Violent Chaos (Reissued-2019)
BLACK DAWN [2001] [CD] Blood For Satan
BLACK DEATH RITUAL [2005] [CD] Profound Echoes of the End
BLACK DEMENTIA [2004] [MCD] Hyperborean Call
BLACK DIAMOND [2013] [CD] Last Man Standing
BLACK EARTH [2017] [2CD+DVD] 20 Years Of Dark Insanity - Japan Tour 2016
BLACK EMPIRE [2005] [CD] Into The Jails Of Past
BLACK FLAME [2004] [CD] Torment and Glory
BLACK FLAME [2008] [CD] Imperivm
BLACK HARVEST [2005] [CD] White Light Came Down
BLACK HATE [2011] [CD] Years Of Solitude
BLACK HOLE [1985] [CD] Land of Mystery (Reissued 2010)
BLACK HOLE [2000] [CD] Living Mask
BLACK JESTER [1993] [CD] Diary Of A Blind Angel
BLACK JESTER [1994] [CD] Welcome To The Moonlight Circus
BLACK JESTER [1997] [CD] The Divine Comedy
BLACK KIRIN [2015] [CD] National Trauma (Digipak)
BLACK KIRIN [2015] [CD] National Trauma (English Version)
BLACK KNIGHT [1985-2005] [CD] Black Night
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [1999] [CD] Sonic Brew
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2000] [CD] Stronger Than Death
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2002] [CD] 1919 Eternal
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2003] [CD] The Blessed Hellride
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2005] [2CD] Kings Of Damnation 98–04 (Ltd. Ed.)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2006] [CD] Shot To Hell
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2010] [CD] Order of the black
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2010] [CD] Order of the Black (Ltd. Ed. Digipack)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2013] [2CD+BD] Unblackened (Reissued-2021)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2014] [CD] Catacombs Of The Black Vatican (North America Deluxe Ed.)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY [2021] [CD] Doom Crew Inc.
BLACK LEAVES [2005] [CD] Ivy and Moonlight
BLACK LODGE [1995] [CD] Covet
BLACK MAJESTY [2003] [CD] Sands Of Time
BLACK MAJESTY [2005] [CD] Silent Company (Ltd. Ed.)
BLACK MAJESTY [2007] [CD] Tomorrowland (Ltd. Ed.)
BLACK MAJESTY [2010] [CD] In Your Honour
BLACK MAJESTY [2010] [CD] In Your Honour (Ltd. Ed.)
BLACK MAJESTY [2012] [CD] Stargazer (Aus. Ed.)
BLACK MAJESTY [2012] [CD] Stargazer (European Ed.)
BLACK MAJESTY [2015] [CD] Cross Of Thorns
BLACK MAJESTY [2018] [CD] Children Of The Abyss
BLACK MAJESTY [2018] [CD] Children of The Abyss (Japanese Ed.)
BLACK MASQUERADE [2007] [CD] Holy And Bright
BLACK MESSIAH [2005] [CD] Oath Of A Warrior
BLACK MESSIAH [2006] [CD] Of Myths And Legends
BLACK MESSIAH [2009] [CD] First War of the World
BLACK MESSIAH [2012] [CD+DVD] The Final Journey (Ltd.Ed.)
BLACK MESSIAH [2013] [CD] Heimweh
BLACK OATH [2009] [MCD] Black Oath
BLACK OATH [2011] [CD] The Third Aeon
BLACK OBELISK [1992] [CD] One More Day
BLACK OBELISK [2002] [CD] Ash (Reissued-2004)
BLACK OBELISK [2004] [CD] Nerves
BLACK OBELISK [2006] [CD] Green Album
BLACK RIVER [2009] [CD] Black'n'Roll
BLACK SABBATH / VV.AA [1994] [2CD] The Bible According To Black Sabbath : Old And New Testaments
BLACK SABBATH WITH ROB HALFORD [2014] [CD-Bootleg] Robbed In New Jersey - Ozzfest 2004 (Remastered-2021)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [2CD+DVD] Paranoid (Deluxe-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [2CD] Black Sabbath (Deluxe-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [CD] Black Sabbath
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [CD] Black Sabbath (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [CD] Black Sabbath (Sanctuary 2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [CD] Paranoid (Reissued-1989)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [CD] Paranoid (Reissued-1991)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [CD] Paranoid (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1970] [CD] Paranoid (Sanctuary 2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1971] [2CD] Master Of Reality (Deluxe-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1971] [CD] Master Of Reality (Reissued-1986 CLACD)
BLACK SABBATH [1971] [CD] Master Of Reality (Reissued-1986 NELCD)
BLACK SABBATH [1971] [CD] Master Of Reality (Reissued-1987)
BLACK SABBATH [1971] [CD] Master Of Reality (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1971] [CD] Master Of Reality (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1972] [CD] Vol 4 (Reissued-1989)
BLACK SABBATH [1972] [CD] Vol 4 (Remastered-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1972] [CD] Vol. 4 (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1972] [CD] Vol. 4 (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1973] [CD] Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Reissued-1987)
BLACK SABBATH [1973] [CD] Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1973] [CD] Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1973] [CD] Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Remastered-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1974] [CD-Bootleg] Metal Mess
BLACK SABBATH [1975] [2CD] We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll (Reissued-1987)
BLACK SABBATH [1975] [2CD] We Sold Our Soul For Rock'n'Roll (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1975] [CD] Sabotage (Reissued-1986)
BLACK SABBATH [1975] [CD] Sabotage (Reissued-1989)
BLACK SABBATH [1975] [CD] Sabotage (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1975] [CD] Sabotage (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1975] [CD] Sabotage (Remastered-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1976] [CD] Technical Ecstasy
BLACK SABBATH [1976] [CD] Technical Ecstasy (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1976] [CD] Technical Ecstasy (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1976] [CD] Technical Ecstasy (Remastered-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1977] [CD] Greatest Hits
BLACK SABBATH [1978] [CD] Live At Last (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1978] [CD] Never Say Die (Remastered-2009)
BLACK SABBATH [1978] [CD] Never Say Die!
BLACK SABBATH [1978] [CD] Never Say Die!
BLACK SABBATH [1978] [CD] Never Say Die! (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1980] [2CD] Heaven and Hell (Remastered-2010)
BLACK SABBATH [1980] [CD] Heaven And Hell
BLACK SABBATH [1980] [CD] Heaven And Hell (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1980] [CD] Live At Last (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1980] [CD] Live at Last (Remastered-2010)
BLACK SABBATH [1981] [2CD] Mob Rules (Deluxe Ed.) (Remastered-2010)
BLACK SABBATH [1981] [CD] Mob Rules (Reissued-1987)
BLACK SABBATH [1981] [CD] Mob Rules (Reissued-1989)
BLACK SABBATH [1981] [CD] Mob Rules (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1982] [2CD] Live Evil
BLACK SABBATH [1982] [CD] Live Evil (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1983] [2CD] Born Again (Deluxe Ed.) (Remastered-2011)
BLACK SABBATH [1983] [CD] Born Again (Reissued-1993)
BLACK SABBATH [1983] [CD] Live Evil
BLACK SABBATH [1985] [CD] Between Heaven... (Reissued-1995)
BLACK SABBATH [1985] [CD] Seventh Star (Remastered-1996)
BLACK SABBATH [1986] [CD] Seventh Star
BLACK SABBATH [1987] [CD]The Eternal Idol (Remastered-2004)
BLACK SABBATH [1989] [CD] Headless Cross
BLACK SABBATH [1989] [CD] Headless Cross (Reissued-1992)
BLACK SABBATH [1989] [CD] Headless Cross (Reissued-1999)
BLACK SABBATH [1990] [CDS] Feels Good To Me
BLACK SABBATH [1992] [2CD] Dehumanizer (Deluxe Expanded-2011)
BLACK SABBATH [1992] [CD-Bootleg] Reviviscence!
BLACK SABBATH [1992] [CD] Dehumanizer
BLACK SABBATH [1993] [CD-Bootleg] Black Bloody Black
BLACK SABBATH [1994] [CD] Cross Purposes
BLACK SABBATH [1995] [CD-Bootleg] Angels & Devils
BLACK SABBATH [1995] [CD] Cross Purposes Live
BLACK SABBATH [1995] [CD] Forbidden
BLACK SABBATH [1995] [CD] Forbidden (Japanese Ed.)
BLACK SABBATH [1998] [2CD] Reunion
BLACK SABBATH [1998] [MCD] Psycho Man
BLACK SABBATH [2000] [6CD] The Singles 70-78 (Boxset)
BLACK SABBATH [2001] [8CD] The Complete 70's Replica CD Collection
BLACK SABBATH [2002] [2CD] Past Lives
BLACK SABBATH [2005] [CD-Bootleg] In Concert (Live Paris 70)
BLACK SABBATH [2007] [CD] Live at Hammersmith Odeon
BLACK SABBATH [2007] [CD] The Dio Years
BLACK SABBATH [2009] [CD-Bootleg] Eternal Stars (Ltd. Ed.)
BLACK SABBATH [2012] [3CD-Bootleg] Definitive Ecstacy
BLACK SABBATH [2013] [2CD] 13 (Best Buy Exclusive Edition)
BLACK SABBATH [2013] [CD+DVD] Live... Gathered In Their Masses
BLACK SABBATH [2017] [3CD+DVD+BD] The End - 4 February 2017 Birmingham (Deluxe Limited Edition)
BLACK SOUL BLADE [2012] [CD] Voodoo
BLACK STEEL [2002] [CD] Destructor
BLACK STEEL [2005] [CD] Hellhammer
BLACK SUN AEON [2009] [CD] Darkness Walks Beside Me
BLACK SUN AEON [2010] [2CD] Routa
BLACK SUN AEON [2011] [CD] Blacklight Deliverance
BLACK SYMPHONY [1998] [CD] Black Symphony
BLACK SYMPHONY [2001] [2CD] Tears Of Blood (Ltd.Ed.)
BLACK TEARS [1984] [LP] Child Of The Storm
BLACK TORMENT [2008] [CD] Ten Years Of Blasphemy
BLACK TWILIGHT [2000] [CD] The Solitude Of Being
BLACK VOMIT [2006] [CD] The Faithful Servant
BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR [2014] [CD] Ov Temple Ov Vul
BLACK WITCHERY / CONQUEROR [2000] [CD] Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance
BLACK WITCHERY [2001] [CD] Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom
BLACK WITCHERY [2005] [CD] Upheaval Of Satanic Might
BLACK WITCHERY [2010] [CD] Inferno of Sacred Destruction
BLACKEND [2001] [CD] The Last Thing Undone
BLACKGUARD [2009] [CD] Profugus Mortis
BLACKGUARD [2011] [CD] Firefight
BLACKKOUT [1989] [CD] Ignorance Of Man (Remastered-2010)
BLACKLACE [1984] [CD] Unlaced
BLACKLACE [1985] [CD] Get It While It's Hot
BLACKMASS [2005] [CD] Gloria Diaboli (Reissued-2006)
BLACKMASS [2008] [CD] Nemesis
BLACKNESS [2012] [CD] A Glance Behind
BLACKSHINE [1997] [CD] Our Pain Is Your Pleasure
BLACKSHINE [2001] [CD] Soulless & Proud
BLACKSMITH [1989] [CD] Fire From Within
BLACKSTAR [1997] [CD] Barbed Wire Soul
BLACKSTORM [2009] [CD] Twist Of Fate
BLACKTHORN (MEX) [1992] [CD] The Rotten Ways Of Human Misery (Remastered-2012)
BLACKTHORN (RUS) [2009] [CD] Araneum
BLACKTHRU [2007] [MCD] Is Tamsos...
BLACKWINDS [2008] [CD] Flesh Inferno
BLACKWITCH [2012] [MCD] Satanic Shred Force
BLACKWULF [2014] [CD] Mind Traveler
BLAKAGIR [2005] [CD] Nostalgia
BLASDEAD [1996] [CD] Another Dimension
BLASDEAD [2006] [CD] Ground Flare (Japanese Ed.)
BLASPHEME [1985] [CD] Desir de Vampyr
BLASPHEMER [2008] [CD] On the Inexistence of God
BLASPHEMER [2010] [MCD] Devouring Deception
BLASPHEMER [2016] [CD] Ritual Theophagy
BLASPHEMER [2020] [CD] The Sixth Hour
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER [2008] [CD] Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER [2011] [CD] Atomic Carnage In The Temple Of Nuclear Hell
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER [2011] [CD] The III Command of the Absolute Chaos
BLASPHEMY [1990] [CD] Fallen Angel of Doom (Reissued-2007)
BLASPHEMY [2002] [CD-Bootleg] Live Ritual - Friday The 13th
BLASPHEMY [2003] [CD-Bootleg] The Final Armaggedon (Unedit MLP 90 + Live Holland 93)
BLASPHEMY [2004] [CD-R-Bootleg] War Command For Baroeg
BLASPHEMY [2005] [CD-Bootleg] Total Blasphemic Rituals
BLASPHEREION [1991] [CD] Rest In Peace
BLASPHERIAN [2011] [CD] Infernal Warriors Of Death
BLATANT DISARRAY [2010] [CD] Everyone Dies Alone
BLAZE BAYLEY [2008] [CD] The Man Who Would Not Die
BLAZE BAYLEY [2010] [CD] Promise And Terror
BLAZE BAYLEY [2016] [CD] Infinite Entanglement
BLAZE BAYLEY [2018] [CD] The Redemption Of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III)
BLAZE OF PERDITION [2020] [CD] The Harrowing of Hearts
BLAZE OF SORROW [2011] [2CD-R] Eterno tramonto
BLAZE OF SORROW [2012] [CD] Echi
BLAZE [2000] [CD] Silicon Messiah
BLAZE [2000] [CD] Silicon Messiah (Reissued-2015)
BLAZE [2002] [CD] Tenth Dimension
BLAZE [2003] [2CD] As Live As It Gets
BLAZE [2004] [CD] Blood & Belief
BLAZEMTH [1995] [MCD] For Centuries Left Behind
BLAZING DOG [2009] [CD] Metallic Beast
BLAZING ETERNITY [1996] [TAPE] Over sorte heder
BLAZING ETERNITY [1998] [TAPE] Der hviler en nat under sorte vinterbřge
BLAZING ETERNITY [2003] [CD] A World To Drown In
BLAZON STONE [2013] [CD] Return To Port Royal
BLAZON STONE [2015] [CD] No Sign Of Glory
BLAZON STONE [2017] [CD] Down In The Dark
BLEEDING DISPLAY [2006] [CD] Ways to End
BLEEDING FIST [2009] [CD] Bestial Kruzifix666ion
BLEEDING GODS [2018] Dodekathlon
BLEEDING THROUGH [2006] [CD] The Truth
BLEEDING THROUGH [2008] [CD] Declaration
BLERTHRUNG [2016] [CD] Blindvei
BLESSED AGONY [2006] [CD] Confined Slaughter
BLESSED CURSE [2012] [CD] Blessed Curse
BLESSED DEATH [1985] [CD] Kill Or Be Killed (Remastered-2007)
BLESSED DEATH [1987] [CD] Destined For Extinction (Remastered-2007)
BLESSMON [2007] [CD] Under The Storm Of Hate
BLIND FURY [1985] [CD] Out Of Reach (Reissue 2004)
BLIND GUARDIAN [1988] [CD] Battalions Of Fear (Reissued-1991)
BLIND GUARDIAN [1989] [CD] Follow The Blind (Reissued-1991)
BLIND GUARDIAN [1990] [CD] Tales From The Twilight World (Argentinian Ed.)
BLIND GUARDIAN [1990] [CD] Tales From The Twilight World (Reissued-1991)
BLIND GUARDIAN [1992] [CD] Somewhere Far Beyond
BLIND GUARDIAN [1993] [CD] Tokyo Tales
BLIND GUARDIAN [1995] Imaginations from the Other Side (Remastered-2009)
BLIND GUARDIAN [1995] [CDS] A Past And Future Secret
BLIND GUARDIAN [1995] [CDS] Mr. Sandman
BLIND GUARDIAN [1995] [CD] Imaginations From The Other Side
BLIND GUARDIAN [1998] [CDS] Mirror Mirror
BLIND GUARDIAN [1998] [CD] Nightfall In Middle-Earth
BLIND GUARDIAN [2002] [CD] A Night At The Opera
BLIND GUARDIAN [2003] [2CD] Live
BLIND GUARDIAN [2003] [CDS] The Bard's Song (In The Forest)
BLIND GUARDIAN [2006] [2CD] A Twist In The Myth (Ltd. Ed.)
BLIND GUARDIAN [2007] [MCD] Another Stranger Me
BLIND GUARDIAN [2010] [2CD] At The Edge Of Time (Ltd. Ed.)
BLIND GUARDIAN [2015] [2CD] Beyond The Red Mirror (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
BLIND GUARDIAN [2015] [CD] Beyond The Red Mirror (Ltd. Ed.)
BLIND ILLUSION [1988] [CD] The Sane Asylum
BLIND ILLUSION [1988] [CD] The Sane Asylum (Remastered-2007)
BLIND STARE [2005] [CD] Symphony of Delusions
BLINDADO [2007] [CD] Distorsion
BLINDADO [2010] [CD] En Las Calles
BLINDEAD [2010] [CD] Affliction XXIX II MXMVI
BLINDEATH [2013] [MCD] Headshot!
BLINDED COLONY [2003] [CD] Divine
BLINDED COLONY [2006] [CD] Bedtime Prayers
BLINDMAN [2000] [MCD] ...In The Dark (Japanese Ed.)
BLISS [1998] [CD] Sin To Skin
BLISS [1999] [CD] Re-Thought
BLITZKRIEG [1985] [2CD] A Time Of Changes - Phase 1
BLITZKRIEG [1985] [CD] A Time Of Changes
BLITZKRIEG [2018] [CD] Judge Not! (Japanese Ed.)
BLITZSPEER [1991] [CD] Saves
BLIZZARD (DEU) [2009] [CD] The Roaring Tanks of Armageddon
BLIZZARD (DEU) [2011] [CD] Rock 'n' Roll Overkill
BLIZZARD (DEU) [2012] [CD] Fuck The Universe
BLIZZARD (HUN) [2007] [CD] Les Litanies De Satan
BLO.TORCH [1999] [CD] Blo.Torch
BLODARV [2000] [CD] Mysteriis
BLODARV [2003] [EP] Heksen
BLODARV [2004] [CD] Soulcollector (The Thousand Years Tale)
BLODARV [2006] [MCD] Linaria Amlech
BLODEN-WEDD [2005] [CD] Eye Of Horus (Japanese Ed.)
BLODSRIT [2002] [CD] Ocularis Infernum
BLODSRIT [2004] [CD] Helveteshymner
BLODSRIT [2006] [CD] The Well Of Light Has Finally Dried
BLODULV [2003] [CD] Blodulv (Reissued-2005)
BLODULV [2004] [CD] II (Reissued-2006)
BLODULV [2005] [CD] III-Burial
BLODULV [2005] [MCD] Diatribe
BLODULV [2009] [2CD] Wehrkraft
BLOOD CEREMONY [2008] [CD] Blood Ceremony
BLOOD CEREMONY [CD] [2013] The Eldritch Dark
BLOOD DEVOTION [2008] [MCD] Defile Of Innocence
BLOOD DUSTER [1993] [MCD] Fisting the Dead
BLOOD FARMERS [1995] [CD] Blood Farmers
BLOOD FEAST [1987] [CD] Kill For Pleasure
BLOOD FEAST [1987] [MCD] Face Fate (Reissued-2002)
BLOOD FEAST [1989] [CD] Chopping Block Blues
BLOOD FREAK [2003] [CD] Sleaze Merchants
BLOOD GOD [2012] [2CD] No Brain. But Balls!
BLOOD MORTIZED [2012] [CD] The Key To A Black Heart
BLOOD OF CHRIST [1997] [CD] ...a Dream to Remember
BLOOD OF KINGU [2007] [CD] De Occulta Philosophia
BLOOD OF SEKLUSION [2012] [CD] Caustic Deathpath to Hell
BLOOD OF SEKLUSION [2017] [CD] Servants Of Chaos
BLOOD RAINBOW [2005] [CD] Smelteries of Damnation
BLOOD REAPING [2001] [CD] Feasting The Weak
BLOOD RED ANGEL [2008] [CD] Abyssland
BLOOD RED FOG [2006] [CD] Blood Red Fog
BLOOD RED FOG [2008] [MCD] Radiating Desolation
BLOOD RED THRONE [2001] [CD] Monument Of Death
BLOOD RED THRONE [2002] [MCD] A Taste for Blood
BLOOD RED THRONE [2003] [CD] Affiliated With The Suffering
BLOOD RED THRONE [2005] [CD] Altered Genesis
BLOOD RED THRONE [2009] [CD+DVD] Souls of Damnation (Ltd. Ed.)
BLOOD RED THRONE [2011] [CD] Brutalitarian Regime
BLOOD RED THRONE [2013] [CD] Blood Red Throne
BLOOD STAIN CHILD [2006] [CD] Idolator
BLOOD STORM [1997] [CD] The Atlantean Wardragon
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS [2005] [CD] Let The War Begin
BLOOD TSUNAMI [2007] [CD] Thrash Metal
BLOOD TSUNAMI [2009] [CD] Grand Feast for Vultures
BLOOD TSUNAMI [2013] [CD] For Faen
BLOOD VOMIT [2001] [CD] Up From The Grave
BLOOD [1989] [CD] Impulse To Destroy (Reissued-1994)
BLOOD [1992] [CD] Christbait
BLOOD [1994] [CD] Mental Conflicts
BLOOD [1999] [CD] Gas Flames Bones
BLOOD [2003] [CD] Dysangelium
BLOODAXE [2004] [CD] Raping the Ancient
BLOODBATH [2000] [MCD] Breeding Death
BLOODBATH [2002] [CD] Resurrection Through Carnage
BLOODBATH [2004] [CD] Nightmares Made Flesh (Reissued-2008)
BLOODBATH [2008] [CD] The Fathomless Mastery
BLOODBATH [2008] [CD] The Wacken Carnage
BLOODBATH [2008] [MCD] Unblessing the Purity
BLOODBATH [2014] [CD+DVD] Bloodbath Over Bloodstock
BLOODBATH [2014] [CD] Grand Morbid Funeral
BLOODBATH [2018] [CD] The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
BLOODBOIL [2006] [CD] Festering Fornication
BLOODBOUND [2006] [CD] Nosferatu
BLOODBOUND [2007] [CD] Book Of The Dead (Digipak)
BLOODBOUND [2007] [CD] Book Of The Dead (Japanese Ed.)
BLOODBOUND [2009] [CD] Tabula Rasa (Ltd. Ed.)
BLOODBOUND [2011] [CD] Unholy Cross
BLOODBOUND [2012] [CD] In The Name Of Metal (Japanese Ed.)
BLOODBOUND [2014] [CD] Stormborn
BLOODBOUND [2014] [CD] Stormborn (Japanese Ed.)
BLOODBOUND [2017] [2CD] War Of Dragons (Ltd. Ed.)
BLOODBOUND [2021] [CD] Creatures Of The Dark Realm
BLOODCHURN [2005] [CD] Ravenous Consumption
BLOODHAMMER [2006] [CD] Post-Apocalypse Trilogy
BLOODHUNTER [2017] [CD] The End Of Faith
BLOODIEST [2010] [MCD] I Told My Wrath, My Wrath Did End
BLOODLINE [2003] [CD] Werewolf Training
BLOODLINE [2018] [CD] King Vampire (Japanese Ed.)
BLOODREAPING [2003] [CD] Ignis Penumbra
BLOODRED HOURGLASS [2017] [CD] Heal (Japanese Ed.)
BLOODRIDE [2011] [CD] Crowned in Hell
BLOODROCUTED [2013] [CD] Doomed To Annihilation
BLOODROCUTED [2015] [CD] Disaster Strikes Back
BLOODROSE [2002] [CD] Into Oblivion
BLOODSHED [2002] [CD] Inhabitants Of Dis
BLOODSOAKED [1993] [CD] Frost Image
BLOODSTAINED DUSK [2004] [CD] Continuance Of Evil
BLOODSTAINED [2004] [CD] Greetings From Hell
BLOODTHIRST [2007] [CD] Let Him Die
BLOODTHORN [1997] [CD] In The Shadow Of ... (Reissued-2000)
BLOODTHORN [1999] [CD] Onwards Into Battle
BLOODTHORN [2006] [CD] Genocide
BLOODTHRONE [2001] [CD] Storms of Apocalypse
BLOODTRUTH [2014] [CD] Obedience
BLOODTRUTH [2018] [CD] Martyrium
BLOODTRUTH [2021] [CDS] The Walls of Oblivion
BLOODY CROSS [1990] [CD] Coming Again
BLOODY ROOTS [2010] [CD] Isten Kezeben
BLOODY ROOTS [2012] [CD] Az ígéretek földjén
BLOODY SIGN [2004] [CD] Vana Vigala Loits
BLOODY SIGN [2010] [CD] Chaos Echoes
BLOODY SIX [1984] [LP] In The Name Of Blood
BLOODY TYRANT [2011] [CD] Dawn of Doomsday
BLOODY TYRANT [2012] [MCD] The Overture of Sun-Moon Lake (Digipak)
BLOODY TYRANT [2015] [CD] The Legacy of Sun-Moon Lake (Papersleeve)
BLOODY WINGS [2005] [CD] Our Faith Has Yielded...
BLOODY [2005] [CD] Slow Death
BLOODY [2008] [CD] Engines of Sin
BLOT MINE [2005] [CD] Ashcloud
BLOTTED SCIENCE [2007] [CD] The Machinations Of Dementia
BLOTTED SCIENCE [2011] [MCD] The Animation Of Entomology
BLUDGEON [2002] [CD] Crucify The Priest
BLUE MURDER [1993] [CD] Nothin' But Trouble (Reissued-2006)
BLUES SARACENO [1992] [CD] Plaid
BLUT AUS NORD [2001] [CD] The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion
BLUT AUS NORD [2003] [CD] The Work Which Transforms God
BLUT AUS NORD [2009] [CD] Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars
BLUT AUS NORD [2011] [CD] 777 - Sect(s)
BLUT AUS NORD [2011] [CD] 777 - The Desanctification
BLUT AUS NORD [2019] [CD] Hallucinogen
BLUTKLINGE [2007] [CD] Reflection of a Bleak Mind
BLUTKLINGE [2007] [MCD] Call Of The Blackened Woods (Reissued-2008)
BLUTMOND [2010] [CD] Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days
BLUTMOND [2012] [CD] Revolution Is Dead!
BLUTSCHREI [2006] [CD] The Voice Of Forbidden Pride
BLUTTAUFE [2000] [CD] Mein Fleisch an deinen Lippen...
BLUUURGH... [1992] [CD] In My Embrace
BOAL [2013] [CD] Infinite Deprivation
BOB CATLEY [2008] [CD] Immortal
BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT [2021] [MCD] Paint The Sky With Blood
BODRAGAZ [2005] [CD] Clear
BODYFARM [2010] [MCD] Bodyfarm
BODYFARM [2012] [CD] Malevolence
BODYFARM [2013] [CD] The Coming Scourge
BODYFARM [2015] [CD] Battle Breed
BOGGART [2010] [MCD] A Posteriori
BOGUSLAW BALCERAK'S CRYLORD [2011] [CD] Blood Of The Prophets
BOKRUG [2008] [CD] Ancient Horrors and Bloody Visions
BOLT THROWER [1988] [CD] In Battle There Is No Law (Reissued-1992)
BOLT THROWER [1988] [CD] In Battle There Is No Law! (Reissued-1990)
BOLT THROWER [1989] [CD+DVD] Realm of Chaos (Remastered-2012)
BOLT THROWER [1989] [CD] Realm Of Chaos: Slaves To Darkness
BOLT THROWER [1989] [CD] Realm Of Chaos: Slaves To Darkness (Remastered-2018)
BOLT THROWER [1991] [CD] The Peel Sessions 1988-90
BOLT THROWER [1991] [CD] War Master
BOLT THROWER [1991] [MCD] Cenotaph
BOLT THROWER [1992] [CD] The IVth Crusade (Reissued-1996)
BOLT THROWER [1992] [CD] The IVth Crusade (Reissued-2003)
BOLT THROWER [1992] [MCD] Spearhead
BOLT THROWER [1993] [CD-Bootleg] Where Next To Conquer?
BOLT THROWER [1994] [CD] ...For Victory
BOLT THROWER [1998] [CD] Mercenary
BOLT THROWER [1998] [CD] Who Dares Wins
BOLT THROWER [2001] [CD] Honour - Valour - Pride
BOLT THROWER [2001] [CD] Honour - Valour - Pride (Ltd. Ed.)
BOLT THROWER [2005] [CD] Those Once Loyal (Ltd. Ed.)
BÖLZER [2014] [MCD] Soma
BOMB DISNEYLAND [1989] [LP] Why Not!
BOMBARDER [1989] [CD] Speed Kill
BOMBENSTURM [2005] [CD] Machtwerk
BÖMBER [2011] [CD] Satan's Shitfuckers
BON JOVI [1984] [CD] Bon Jovi
BON JOVI [1986] [CD] Slippery When Wet
BONDED BY BLOOD [2008] [CD] Feed the Beast
BONDED BY BLOOD [2010] [CD] Exiled To Earth
BONDED BY BLOOD [2012] [CD] The Aftermath
BONE CHALICE [2012] [MCD] Bone Chalice
BONE FRAGMENTS [2011] [CD] Too Gruesome To Be Real
BONE GNAWER - BONESAW [2009] [CD] Bonesaw - Bone Gnawer (Split)
BONE GNAWER [2009] [CD] Feast Of Flesh
BONE GNAWER [2013] [MCD] Carved (Digipak)
BONE GNAWER [2015] [CD] Cannibal Crematorium
BONEHAMMER (ARG) [2019] [CD] Black Crust Invasion
BONEY NEM [1995] [CD] Melodies and Rhythms of World...
BONEY NEM [2000] [CD] Ni Be, Ni Me Ili V Mire Jivot...
BONEY NEM [2003] [CD] Day Of Victory
BONEY' NEM [2003] [CD] Romantic Collection
BONEY' NEM [2006] [CD] Nas ne dogonyat
BONEY' NEM [2007] [CD] Tyazhyolye pesni o glavnom Chast 1
BONFIRE [1986] [CD] Don`t Touch The Light
BONFIRE [1987] [CD] Fire Works
BONFIRE [1991] [CD] Knock Out (Remastered-2009)
BONFIRE [2006] [CD] Double X
BONFIRE [2008] [CD] The Rauber
BONFIRE [2017] [CD] Byte The Bullet
BONFIRE [2018] [2CD] Legends
BONFIRE [2018] [CD] Temple Of Lies (Japanese Ed.)
BONFIRE [2018] [CD] Temple Of Lies (Ltd. Ed.)
BOOK OF REFLECTIONS [2006] [CD] Chapter II-Unfold the Future
BOOK OF REFLECTIONS [2012] [CD] Relentless Fighter
BOOMERANG [2007] [CD] Sounds Of Sirens
BOREALIS [2011] [CD] Fall From Grace
BOREALIS [2011] [CD] Fall From Grace (Japanese Ed.)
BOREALIS [2015] [CD] Purgatory
BOREALIS [2017] [CD] World Of Silence MMXVII
BOREALIS [2018] [CD] The Offering
BOREVIT [2014] [CD] Borevit
BORGNE [2007] [CD] II
BORGNE [2009] [CD] IV
BORIS THE BLADE [2011] [MCD] Tides of Damnation
BORIS [1996] [CD] Absolutego (Special Low Frequency Version 2001)
BORIS [2005] [CD] Pink
BORKNAGAR [1996] [CD] Borknagar (Reissued-2004)
BORKNAGAR [1997] [CD] The Olden Domain
BORKNAGAR [1998] [CD] The Archaic Course
BORKNAGAR [2000] [CD] Quintessence
BORKNAGAR [2001] [CD] Empiricism
BORKNAGAR [2004] [CD] Epic
BORKNAGAR [2006] [CD] Origin
BORKNAGAR [2010] [CD] Universal
BORKNAGAR [2012] [CD] Urd (Ltd. Ed.)
BORKNAGAR [2016] [CD] Winter Thrice (Ltd. Ed.)
BORKNAGAR [2019] [CD] True North
BORN FROM PAIN [2000] [CD] Reclaiming The Crown
BORN FROM PAIN [2006] [CD+DVD] War (Ltd. Ed.)
BORN FROM PAIN [2008] [CD] Survival
BORN HEADLESS [2004] [CD] Headless Henchmen
BORN OF FIRE [CD] [2012] Anthology
BORN OF OSIRIS [2011] [CD] The Discovery
BORNHOLM [2009] [CD] March for Glory and Revenge (Digipak)
BORNHOLM [2013] [CD] Inexorable Defiance (Ltd. Ed.)
BOROW [2013] [CD] The Pnakotic Manuscript
BOSQUE [2009] [CD] Passage
BOTCH [1997] [CD] Unifying Themes Redux (Reissued-2006)
BOTCH [1998] [CD] American Nervoso
BOTCH [1999] [CD] We Are The Romans
BOTCH [2002] [MCD] An Anthology of Dead Ends
BOTCH [2006] [CD] 061502
BOTHERS [2009] [CD] No Way Out
BOUDIKA [2013] [MCD-R] Dark Waters
BOUDIKA [2015] [CDS-R] Forgotten Hope
BOUDIKA [2015] [CD] Boudika
BOUND IN HUMAN FLESH [2005] [CD] Sick Lust for Revenge
BOYANOV GIMN [2009] [CD] Eho Drevnosti
BOYANOV GIMN [2011] [CD] Mir Na Ladoni
BOZZIO LEVIN STEVENS [1997] [CD] Black Light Syndrome
BOZZIO LEVIN STEVENS [2000] [CD] Situation Dangerous
BPMD [2020] [CD] American Made
BRAIN DEAD [2013] [CD] Menace from the Sickness
BRAIN DECAY [1992] [CD] Animacule Hydrocarbone
BRAIN DRILL [2006] [MCD] The Parasites
BRAIN DRILL [2008] [CD] Apocalyptic Feasting
BRAIN DRILL [2010] [CD] Quantum Catastrophe
BRAINDEADZ [2011] [CD] Born From Damnation
BRAINFEVER [1984] [CD] Capture The Night (Reissued-2006)
BRAINFEVER [1985] [CD] Face To Face (Reissued-2006)
BRAINLESS [1999] [CD] Reality Hurts
BRAINSTORM [1997] [CD] Hungry
BRAINSTORM [1998] [2CD] Unholy (Reissued-2007)
BRAINSTORM [1998] [CD] Unholy
BRAINSTORM [2000] [CD] Ambiguity
BRAINSTORM [2001] [CD] Metus Mortis
BRAINSTORM [2003] [CD] Soul Temptation
BRAINSTORM [2005] [CD+DVD] Liquid Monster (Ltd. Ed.)
BRAINSTORM [2005] [MCD] All Those Words
BRAINSTORM [2008] [CD] Downburst
BRAINSTORM [2008] [CD] Downburst (European Ltd. Ed.)
BRAINSTORM [2009] [CD] Memorial Roots (Ltd. Ed.)
BRAINSTORM [2011] [CD] On The Spur Of The Moment (Ltd. Ed.)
BRAINSTORM [2014] [2CD] Firesoul (Ltd.Ed.)
BRAINSTORM [2016] [CD+DVD] Scary Creatures (Ltd. Ed.)
BRAINSTORM [2018] [CD+DVD] Midnight Ghost (Ltd. Ed.)
BRAN BARR [2010] [CD] Sidh
BRAND NEW SIN [2005] [CD] Recipe For Disaster
BRANSTOCK [2006] [CD] Branstock
BRAT [2003] [CD] Sword and Stone (Reissued-2007)
BRAVE [2002] [CD] Searching For The Sun
BRAVE [2004] [MCD] Passages
BRAVE [2008] [CD] Monuments
BRAZEN ABBOT [1995] [CD] Live And Learn (Japanese Ed.)
BRAZEN ABBOT [1997] [CD] Bad Religion (Japanese Ed.)
BRAZEN ABBOT [2003] [CD] Guilty As Sin
BREACH THE VOID [2010] [CD] The Monochromatic Era
BREAKER (US) [1987] [2CD] Get Tough! (Remastered-2000)
BREAKING ORBIT [2012] [CD] The Time Traveller
BREAKING ORBIT [2015] [CD] Transcension
BREAKING SILENCE [2000] [CD] Impact (Japanese Ed.)
BREATH OF SORROWS [2005] [CD] Through Darkness To Battle...
BREATHLESS [2011] [CD] Thrashumancy
BREIZH OCCULT [2006] [DEMO CD] La Contemplation Du Chaos
BRIAN [1991] [CD] Celem ke zdi
BRICK BATH [2005] [CD] American Currency
BRIDE ADORNED [2004] [CD] Blessed Stillness (Japanese Ed.)
BRIEF RESPITE [2005] [CD] Lullaby to the Moon
BRIGHT OPHIDIA [2009] [CD] Set your Madness Free (Digipak)
BRIMSTONE [1999] [CD] Carving A Crimson Career
BRITISH LION [2020] [CD] The Burning
BRITNY FOX [1988] [CD] Britny Fox
BRITNY FOX [1989] [CD] Boys In Heat
BRITNY FOX [2003] [CD] Springhead Motorshark
BROCAS HELM [1984] [CD] Into Battle
BROCAS HELM [2004] [CD] Defender Of The Crown
BROCKEN MOON [2005] [CD] Mondfinsternis
BROCKEN MOON [2008] [CD] Das Märchen vom Schnee (Reissued-2008)
BROCKEN MOON [2009] [2CD] 10 Jahre Brocken Moon
BRODEQUIN [2000] [CD] Instruments Of Torture
BRODEQUIN [2001] [CD] Festival of Death
BROKEN GLAZZ [1991] [CD] Divine (Reissued-2013)
BROKEN GLAZZ [1992] [CD] Withdraw from Reality (Reissued-2011)
BROKEN GRAVESTONES [2011] [CD] Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
BROKEN HOPE [1991] [CD] Swamped In Gore
BROKEN HOPE [1993] [CD] The Bowels Of Repugnance
BROKEN HOPE [1995] [CD] Repulsive Conception
BROKEN HOPE [1997] [CD] Loathing
BROKEN HOPE [1999] [CD] Grotesque Blessings
BROKEN HOPE [2013] [CD+DVD] Omen Of Disease (Ltd. Ed.)
BROKEN HOPE [2015] [CD] Live Disease
BROKEN HOPE [2017] [CD+DVD] Mutilated And Assimilated (Ltd. Ed.)
BROTHER FIRETRIBE [2006] [CD] False Metal
BROTHER FIRETRIBE [2008] [CD] Heart Full Of Fire (US Ed.)
BROTHER FIRETRIBE [2010] [CD] Live At Apollo
BROTHER FIRETRIBE [2014] [CD] Diamond In The Firepit
BROTHER FIRETRIBE [2017] [CD] Sunbound (Japanese Ed.)
BROTHERHOOD [2010] [CD] Bratstvo Hromu
BROTHERS OF METAL [2017] [CD] Prophecy Of Ragnarök (Reissued-2018)
BROWN JENKINS [2007] [MCD] Dagonite
BROWN JENKINS [2008] [CD] Angel Eyes
BROWN JENKINS [2009] [CD] Death Obsession
BRUCE DICKINSON / JUDAS PRIEST [1991] [CD-Bootleg] Los Angeles 1990
BRUCE DICKINSON [1990] [2CD] Tattooed Millionaire (Remastered-2005)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1990] [CD] Tattooed Millionaire
BRUCE DICKINSON [1994] [2CD] Balls to Picasso (Remastered-2005)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1994] [CD+DVD-A] Balls To Picasso (Reissued-2004)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1994] [CD-Bootleg] Ball Breaker
BRUCE DICKINSON [1994] [CD] Balls To Picasso
BRUCE DICKINSON [1995] [2CD] Alive In Studio A / Alive At The Marquee Club
BRUCE DICKINSON [1996] [2CD] Skunkworks (Remastered-2005)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1997] [2CD] Accident of Birth (Remastered-2005)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1997] [CDS] Accident of Birth (RAW X 1042)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1997] [CD] Accident Of Birth
BRUCE DICKINSON [1997] [CD] Accident of Birth (Japanese Ed.)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1998] [CD] The Chemical Wedding
BRUCE DICKINSON [1998] [CD] The Chemical Wedding (Japanese 1st Press)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1998] [CD] The Chemical Wedding (Remastered-2005)
BRUCE DICKINSON [1999] [CD] Scream For Me Brazil (Live)
BRUCE DICKINSON [2001] [2CD] The Best Of Bruce Dickinson
BRUCE DICKINSON [2005] [CD] Tyranny of Souls
BRUCE DICKINSON [2005] [CD] Tyranny Of Souls (Japanese Ed.)
BRUJERIA [1993] [CD] Matando Güeros
BRUJERIA [1995] [CD] Raza Odiada
BRUJERIA [2000] [CD] Brujerizmo
BRUJERIA [2001] [CD] Mextremist Hits Greatest Hits
BRUJERIA [2003] [CD] The Mexecutioner! The Best Of (Reissued-2007)
BRUME D'AUTOMNE [2005] [CD] Fiers et Victorieux
BRUTAL HAND [2006] [CD] Unchain The World
BRUTAL HAND [2009] [CD] Purgatory's Rage
BRUTAL MURDER [2014] [CD] Cinemurder
BRUTAL OBSCENITY [1989] [CD] It's Because Of The Birds And The Flowers...
BRUTAL OBSCENITY [1991] [CD] Dream Out Loud
BRUTAL THIN [2005] [CD] Nuevo Catalogo Sobre Demonologia...
BRUTAL TRUTH / SPAZZTIC BLURR [1990] [LP-Bootleg] Demos (Split)
BRUTAL TRUTH [1992] [CD] Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
BRUTAL TRUTH [1992] [CD] Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses (Reissued-1995)
BRUTAL TRUTH [1994] [CD] Need To Control
BRUTAL TRUTH [1996] [MCD] Kill Trend Suicide
BRUTAL TRUTH [1997] [CD] Sounds of the Animal Kingdom
BRUTAL TRUTH [1999] [2CD] Goodbye Cruel World!
BRUTALITY [1993] [CD] Screams Of Anguish
BRUTALITY [1993] [CD] Screams of Anguish (Remastered-2008)
BRUTALITY [1994] [CD] When The Sky Turns Black
BRUTALITY [1996] [CD] In Mourning (Remastered-2008)
BRUTALITY [2016] [CD] Sea of Ignorance
BRUTALLY DECEASED [2010] [CD] Dead Lovers' Guide
BRUTUS [2003] [CD] Slachtbeest
BRYMIR [2011] [CD] Breathe Fire To The Sun
BRYMIR [2016] [CD] Slayer Of Gods (Japanese Ed.)
BRYMIR [2019] [CD] Wings Of Fire (Japanese Ed.)
BUCKCHERRY [1999] [CD] Buckcherry
BUCOVINA [2006] [CD] Ceasul Aducerii-Aminte
BUCOVINA [2015] [CD] Nestramutat
BUDDY LACKEY [1993] [CD] The Strange Mind Of Buddy Lackey (Reissued-2002)
BUER / GARDEN OF GRIEF [2011] [CD] Philosophies of Bleak Landscapes (Split)
BUFFALO GRILLZ [2010] [CD] Grind Canyon
BUFFALO GRILLZ [2012] [CD] Manzo Criminale
BUFFALO GRILLZ [2017] [CD] Martin Burger King (Digipak)
BUGS B GONE [1996] [MCD] Act Of Rage
BULLDOZER [1986] [CD] The Final Separation
BULLDOZER [1987] [CD] IX (Reissued-1999)
BULLDOZER [2006] [5CD] Regenerated In The Grave
BULLET [2012] [CD] Full Pull
BUMBLEFOOT [1998] [CD] Hands
BUMBLEFOOT [2001] [CD] 9.11
BUMBLEFOOT [2002] [CD] Uncool
BUMBLEFOOT [2003] [CD] Forgotten Anthology
BUMBLEFOOT [2005] [CD] Normal
BUMBLEFOOT [2008] [CD] Abnormal
BUNKUR [2005] [CD] Bludgeon
BUNKUR [2009] [CD] Nullify
BURDEN A.D. [2008] [CD] Anno Dominator
BURDEN OF GRIEF [2000] [CD] Haunting Requiems
BURDEN OF GRIEF [2001] [CD] On Darker Trails
BURDEN OF GRIEF [2003] [CD] Fields Of Salvation
BURDEN OF GRIEF [2007] [CD] Death End Road
BURDEN OF GRIEF [2010] [CD] Follow the Flames (Ltd. Ed.)
BURDEN OF GRIEF [2014] [CD] Unchained (Limited Ed.)
BURDEN OF GRIEF [2018] [CD] Eye Of The Storm
BURDEN OF LIFE [2008] [CD] Ashes Of Existence
BURDEN OF LIFE [2010] [MCD] In The Wake Of My Demise
BURIAL INVOCATION [2010] [MCD] Rituals Of The Grotesque
BURIAL REMAINS [2019] [CD] Trinity Of Deception
BURIAL [1998] [MCD] Mourning The Millenium
BURIAL [2000] [CD] Enlightened With Pain
BURIALMOUND [2001] [CD] Black Death
BURIED DREAMS [2000] [CD] Perceptions
BURIED DREAMS [2002] [CD] Necrosphere
BURIED GOD [2003] [CD] Dark Revelation
BURN IT DOWN [2000] [CD] Let The Dead Bury The Dead
BURN THE PRIEST [2018] [CD] Legion: XX
BURN TO BLACK [2006] [CD] Mach 666 (Japanese Ed.)
BURN VICTIM [2004] [CD] Baptized In Gasoline
BURN [2008] [CD] Global Warning (Japanese Ed.)
BURN [2017] [CD] Ice Age (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING BLACK [2014] [CD] Remission Of Sin
BURNING IN HELL [2004] [CD] Burning In Hell (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING IN HELL [2006] [CD] Believe (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING INSIDE [1999] [CD] The Eve of the Entities
BURNING INSIDE [2001] [CD] Apparition
BURNING POINT [2001] [CD] Salvation By Fire
BURNING POINT [2001] [CD] Salvation By Fire (Reissued 2015)
BURNING POINT [2003] [CD] Feeding The Flames
BURNING POINT [2003] [CD] Feeding The Flames (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING POINT [2003] [CD] Feeding The Flames (Reissued-2015)
BURNING POINT [2007] [CD] Burned Down The Enemy
BURNING POINT [2007] [CD] Burned Down The Enemy (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING POINT [2007] [CD] Burned Down The Enemy (Reissued 2015)
BURNING POINT [2009] [CD] Empyre
BURNING POINT [2009] [CD] Empyre (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING POINT [2009] [CD] Empyre (Reissued 2015)
BURNING POINT [2012] [CD] The Ignitor (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING POINT [2015] [CD] Burning Point
BURNING POINT [2015] [CD] Burning Point (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING POINT [2016] [CD] The Blaze
BURNING POINT [2016] [CD] The Blaze (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING SAVIOURS [2005] [CD] Burning Saviours
BURNING WITCH [1998] [CD] Crippled Lucifer (Seven Psalms For Our Lord Of Light)
BURNING WITCHES [2017] [CD] Burning Witches (Japanese Ed.)
BURNING WITCHES [2018] [CD] Hexenhammer (Ltd. Ed.)
BURNT FASE [1987] [CD] Nature Gone Mad
BURNT OFFERING [1998] [CD] Walk of the Dead
BURST [2005] [CD] Origo
BURST [2008] [CD] Lazarus Bird
BURZUM / ILDJARN [2003] [CD-Bootleg] Burzum / Svarte Dauen
BURZUM [1992] [CD] Burzum
BURZUM [1992] [LP-Bootleg] Vinyl Maniac Rec. 001
BURZUM [1993] [CD] Burzum / Aske (Reissued-1995)
BURZUM [1993] [CD] Det Som Engang Var (Reissued-1994)
BURZUM [1994] [CD] Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (Reissued-1994)
BURZUM [1996] [CD] Filosofem
BURZUM [2005] [CD-Bootleg] Draugen: Rarities
BURZUM [2006] [CD-Bootleg] Stemmen Fra Tĺrnet
BURZUM [2008] [CD-Bootleg] The Lost Wisdom (Reissued-2016)
BURZUM [2008] [CD] Anthology
BURZUM [2009] [CD-Bootleg] Den Store Samlingen
BURZUM [2010] [CD] Belus
BURZUM [2011] [CD] Fallen (Digipak)
BURZUM [2011] [CD] From the Depths of Darkness
BURZUM [2012] [CD] Umskiptar (Digibook)
BUTCHER ABC [2003] [CD] Butchered At Birth Day
BUTCHER ABC [2006] [MCD] Butchered Feast Of Being
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE [2001] [CD] Wheel Of Chernobog
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE [2001] [CD] Wheel Of Chernobog
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE [2002] [CD] Dreams of Northern Sea
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE [2002] [CD] Dreams Of The Northern Sea
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE [2003] [CD] Tropoyu Krovi Po Vole Roda!
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE [2005] [CD] Time Of Mara
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE [2006] [CD] Following The Sun (Digibook)
BUZZARD [1993] [CD] Churp!!!
BUZZOV•EN [1993] [CD] To A Frown
BUZZOV•EN [1994] [CD] Sore
BUZZOV•EN [1994] [MCD] Unwilling To Explain
BUZZOV•EN [1998] [CD] ...At A Loss
BY NIGHT [2005] [CD] Burn The Flags
BYFROST [2011] [CD] Of Death

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C-187 [2007] [CD] Collision
C.H.C. / AGATHOCLES [2000] [CD] Split
C.I.A. [1990] [CD] In the Red
C.I.A. [1992] [CD] Attitude
C.O.D. [1996] [MCD] Monolith Empire (Reissued-1997)
C.O.L.D.U.N [2007] [CD] Necessariis? Dubiis? Caritas?
C.S.S.O. [1995] [CD] Nagro Lauxes VIII
C4 [2001] [CD] Call to Arms
CABAL [1990] [CD] Midian (Reissued-2000)
CABESTRO [2018] [CD] Crónica De Sucesos
CABRACAN [2011] [CD] Veneracion Antigua
CACOPHONY [1987] [CD] Go Off!
CACOPHONY [1987] [CD] Speed Metal Symphony
CADACROSS [2001] [CD] So pale is the Light (Reissued-2005)
CADACROSS [2002] [CD] Corona Borealis (Reissued-2005)
CADALSO [2008] [MCD] Condenado A Vivir
CADAVER INC [2001] [CD] Discipline
CADAVER MUTILATOR [2013] [CD] Murder Death Kill
CADAVER [1990] [CD-Bootleg] Hallucinating Anxiety
CADAVER [1992] [CD-Bootleg] ...In Pains
CADAVER [1992] [CD] ...In Pains
CADAVER [2004] [CD] Necrosis
CADAVER [2020] [CD] Edder & Bile
CADAVERIA [2002] [CD] The Shadows' Madame
CADAVERIA [2002] [CD] The Shadows' Madame (Remastered-2013)
CADAVERIA [2003] [CD] Far Away From Conformity
CADAVERIA [2004] [CD] Far Away From Conformity (Reissued-2017)
CADAVERIA [2007] [CD] In Your Blood
CADAVERIA [2012] [CD] Horror Metal
CADAVERIA [2012] [CD] Horror Metal ~ Undead Edition ~
CADAVERIA [2014] [CD] Silence
CADAVERIA [2016] [CD] Mondoscuro
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR [2017] [CD] Sermons Of The Devouring Dead
CADAVEROUS CONDITION [2011] [CD] Burn Brightly Alone
CADUCITY [2009] [CD] Destination: Caducity
CAED DHU [2008] [CD] By Tych Co Nami Wladna Postracac z Oltarzy
CAEDERE [2003] [CD] Mass Emission
CAGE [1998] [CD] Unveiled
CAGE [2000] [CD] Astrology
CAGE [2003] [CD] Darker than Black
CAGE [2007] [CD] Hell Destroyer
CAGE [2009] [CD] Science Of Annihilation
CAGE [2011] [CD] Supremacy Of Steel
CAGE [2015] [CD] Ancient Evil
CAIN'S ALIBI [2000] [CD] Sanctified
CAIN'S DINASTY [2008] [CD] Legacy Of Blood (Japanese Ed.)
CAIN'S DINASTY [2010] [CD] Madmen, Witches And Vampires
CAIN'S DINASTY [2015] [CD] The Hollow Earth (Japanese Ed.)
CAIN'S OFFERING [2009] [CD] Gather The Faithful
CAIN'S OFFERING [2009] [CD] Gather The Faithful (Japanese Ed.)
CAIN'S OFFERING [2015] [CD] Stormcrow (Japanese Ed.)
CALADAN BROOD [2013] [CD] Echoes of Battle
CALDERONE [1988] [EP] Calderone
CALEDONIAN [2002] [CD] Acolyte
CALHOUN CONQUER [1989] [CD] Lost in oneself
CALIBAN [2006] [CD] The Undying Darkness
CALIBOS [1992] [CD] Calibos
CALIDELPHIA [2011] [MCD-R] Seamos Libres...
CALIGULA'S HORSE [2013] [CD] The Tide, The Thief & River’s End
CALIGULA'S HORSE [2017] [CD] In Contact
CALL OV UNEARTHLY [2012] [CD] Blast Them All Away
CALLEJON [2008] [CD] Zombieactionhauptquartier
CALLEJON [2010] [CD] Videodrom
CALLENISH CIRCLE [1996] [CD] Drift of Empathy
CALLENISH CIRCLE [1999] [CD] Graceful... Yet Forbidding
CALLENISH CIRCLE [2002] [CD] Flesh Power Dominion
CALLENISH CIRCLE [2003] [CD] My Passion // Your Pain
CALLISTO [2004] [CD] True Nature Unfolds
CALMED BY THE TIDES OF RAIN [2009] [MCD] Calmed By The Tides Of Rain
CALVARIUM (FIN) [2004] [MCD] Assaulting The Divine (Reissued-2006)
CALVARIUM FUNESTUS [2007] [CD] Opus Domine Satanus
CALVARIUM [2002] [CD] The Skull Of Golgotha
CALVARY DEATH [1994] [CD] Jesus, Intense Weeping (Reissued-1995)
CAMPO DE MAYO [2005] [CD] Campo de Mayo
CANCER [1990] [CD] To The Gory End (Reissued-1991)
CANCER [1995] [CD] Black Faith
CANCER [2005] [CD] Spirit In Flames
CANCER [2018] [CD] Shadow Gripped
CANDIRIA [2004] [CD] What Doesn`t Kill You...
CANDLE [2018] [CD] The Keeper's Curse
CANDLEMASS [1986] [CD] Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (Reissued-1990)
CANDLEMASS [1987] [2CD] Nightfall (Remastered-2001)
CANDLEMASS [1987] [CD] Nightfall
CANDLEMASS [1988] [2CD] Ancient Dreams (Remastered-2001)
CANDLEMASS [1988] [CD] Ancient Dreams
CANDLEMASS [1989] [2CD] Tales Of Creation (Remastered-2001)
CANDLEMASS [1989] [CD] Tales of Creation
CANDLEMASS [1990] [2CD] Live (Reissued-2008)
CANDLEMASS [1990] [CD] Live
CANDLEMASS [1992] [CD] Chapter VI
CANDLEMASS [1993] [MCD] Sjunger Sigge Furst
CANDLEMASS [1998] [CD] Dactylis Glomerata
CANDLEMASS [1999] [CD] From The 13th Sun
CANDLEMASS [2003] [DCD] Doomed for Live - Reunion 2002
CANDLEMASS [2004] [CD+DVD] Essential Doom
CANDLEMASS [2005] [CD] Candlemass
CANDLEMASS [2007] [CD] King Of The Grey Islands (Ltd. Ed.)
CANDLEMASS [2008] [CD] Lucifer Rising
CANDLEMASS [2012] [CD] Psalms for the Dead
CANDLEMASS [2016] [MCD] Death Thy Lover
CANDLEMASS [2019] [CD] The Door to Doom (Japanese Ed.)
CANIS DIRUS [2009] [CD] A Somber Wind From A Distant Shore
CANIS DIRUS [2012] [CD] Anden om Norr
CANKER [1994] [2CD] Physical (Remastered-2014)
CANKER [1994] [CD] Physical
CANKER [1997] [CD] Exquisites Tenderness
CANNABIS CORPSE [2006] [CD] Blunted At Birth
CANNABIS CORPSE [2009] [MCD] The Weeding
CANNABIS CORPSE [2011] [CD] Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
CANNABIS CORPSE [2014] [CD] From Wisdom to Baked
CANNAE [2005] [CD] Gold becomes sacrifice
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1990] [CD] Eaten Back To Life
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1990] [CD] Eaten Back To Life (Reissued-2002)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1991] [CD] Butchered At Birth (Reissued-1994)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1992] [CD-Bootleg] Dead Forever
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1992] [CD] Tomb of the Mutilated
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1993] [CD-Bootleg] Meat Hook Sodomy
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1993] [MCD] Hammer Smashed Face
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1994] [CD] The Bleeding
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1994] [CD] The Bleeding (Remastered-2006)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1998] [CD] Gallery of Suicide
CANNIBAL CORPSE [1999] [CD] Bloodthirst
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2000] [CD] Live Cannibalism
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2002] [CD] Gore Obsessed
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2002] [MCD] Worm Infested
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2003] [3CD+DVD] 15 Year Killing Spree
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2004] [CD] The Wretched Spawn
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2009] [CD+DVD] Evisceration Plague (SE)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2012] [CD] Torture (Japanese Ed.)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2013] [4CD] Dead Human Collection (EU Ed.)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2014] [CD] A Skeletal Domain
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2016] [CD-Bootleg] Cannibalizing Cleveland 1997
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2016] [CD] Torturing And Eviscerating Live
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2017] [2CD] Red Before Black (Deluxe Ed.)
CANNIBAL CORPSE [2019] [CD-Bootleg] The Unreleased 1994 Deathboard Recording
CANNON [2012] [CD] Burning Love
CANOPY [2006] [CD] Serene Catharsis
CANOPY [2009] [CD] Will And Perception
CANS [2004] [CD] Beyond The Gates
CANTERBURY [2002] [CD] Horizons
CANVAS SOLARIS [2003] [MCD] Spatial / Design
CANVAS SOLARIS [2004] [CD] Sublimation (Reissued-2009)
CANVAS SOLARIS [2006] [CD] Penumbra Diffuse
CANVAS SOLARIS [2007] [CD] Cortical Tectonics
CANVAS SOLARIS [2008] [CD] The Atomized Dream
CANVAS SOLARIS [2010] [CD] Irradiance
CAPHARNAUM [2004] [CD] Fractured (Reissued-2005)
CAPILLA ARDIENTE [2009] [MCD] Solve Et Coagula
CAPITOLLIUM [2004] [CD] Seraphim's Lair
CAPITOLLIUM [2004] [CD] Symphony Of Possession
CAPITOLLIUM [2006] [CD] Engraved Fear
CAPRICORN [1993] [CD] Capricorn
CAPRICORN [1995] [CD] Inferno
CAR BOMB [2016] [CD] Meta
CARACH ANGREN [2008] [CD] Lammendam
CARACH ANGREN [2010] [CD] Death Came Through A Phantom Ship
CARACH ANGREN [2010] [CD] Death Came Through A Phantom Ship (Reissued-2013)
CARACH ANGREN [2012] [CD] Where The Corpses Sink Forever
CARACH ANGREN [2015] [CD] This Is No Fairy Tale (Limited Ed.)
CARAVELLUS [2010] [CD] Knowledge Machine
CARBONIZED [1991] [CD] For The Security
CARBONIZED [1991] [CD] For The Security (Remastered-2003)
CARBONIZED [1993] [CD] Disharmonization (Reissued-2003)
CARBONIZED [1996] [CD] Screaming Machines (Reissued-2003)
CARCARIASS [1997] [CD] Hell On Earth
CARCARIASS [1998] [CD] Sideral Torment
CARCARIASS [2002] [CD] Killing Process
CARCARIASS [2009] [CD] E-xtinction
CARCASS [1988] [CD] Reek of Putrefaction
CARCASS [1989] [CD] Symphonies of Sickness (Japanese Ed.)
CARCASS [1989] [CD] Symphonies Of Sickness (Reissued-1994)
CARCASS [1989] [MCD] The Peel Sessions
CARCASS [1990] [CD-Bootleg] Live Dismemberment
CARCASS [1990] [CD] Live at St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK November 15, 1989
CARCASS [1991] [CD] Necroticism
CARCASS [1991] [CD] Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious (Remastered-2013)
CARCASS [1992] [MCD] Tools Of The Trade
CARCASS [1993] [2CD] Heartwork (Ultimate Edition) (Remastered-2021)
CARCASS [1993] [CD] Heartwork (Remastered-2013)
CARCASS [1994] [CD-Bootleg] Death'n'roll
CARCASS [1994] [CD] Heartwork
CARCASS [1994] [MCD] Heartwork & Tools Of The Trade (Japanese Ed.)
CARCASS [1995] [CD] Swansong (MMXX Ed.) (Remastered-2020)
CARCASS [1996] [2CD] Swansong
CARCASS [1996] [CD] Swansong
CARCASS [1996] [CD] Wake Up And Smell The Carcass
CARCASS [1997] [2CD] Best Of Carcass (Japanese Ed.)
CARCASS [2004] [CD] Choice Cuts
CARCASS [2009] [CDS-Bootleg] Live 1992
CARCASS [2013] [CD] Surgical Steel (Japanese Ed.)
CARCASS [2013] [CD] Surgical Steel (Ltd. Ed.)
CARCASS [2014] [MCD] Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP
CARCASS [2016] [CD] The Best Of Carcass
CARCASS [2020] [MCD] Despicable
CARCASS [2021] [CD] Torn Arteries
CARCHARODON [2013] [CD] Roachstomper
CARCHAROTH [2008] [CD] Desolated Battlefields
CARDIAC [2004] [CD] Autumn Storms
CARDIANT [2005] [CD] Midday Moon (Japanese Ed.)
CARDIANT [2009] [CD] Tomorrow's Daylight (Japanese Ed.)
CARDIANT [2013] [CD] Verge
CARDIANT [2013] [CD] Verge (Japanese Ed.)
CARDIANT [2017] [CD] Mirrors (Japanese Ed.)
CARDINAL SIN (PRI) [2004] [CD] Resurrection
CARDINAL SIN (SWE) [1996] [MCD] Spiteful Intents
CARDINALS FOLLY [2011] [CD] Such Power Is Dangerous!
CARILLON [2003] [CD] Love Mirage
CARISMA [1996] [CD] 1825
CARLOTTA [2013] [CD] Depresionismo
CARNAGE / CADAVER [1990] [CD] Dark Recollections / Hallucinating Anxiety
CARNAGE [1990] [CD] Dark Recollections
CARNAGE [1990] [CD] Dark Recollections (Reissued-2000)
CARNAL DIAFRAGMA [2006] [CD] Space Symphony Around Us
CARNAL FORGE [1998] [CD] Who's Gonna Burn
CARNAL FORGE [2000] [CD] Firedemon
CARNAL FORGE [2001] [CD] Please... Die!
CARNAL FORGE [2003] [CD] The More You Suffer
CARNAL FORGE [2004] [CD] Aren't You Dead Yet?
CARNAL FORGE [2007] [CD] Testify For My Victims
CARNAL LUST [2007] [CD] Dawn Of The Hatred
CARNAL RAPTURE [1994] [TAPE] Promo '94 (Demo)
CARNAL RAPTURE [2008] [CD] Promo 2008 (Demo)
CARNIVAL IN COAL [2001] [CD] Fear Not
CARNIVAL IN COAL [2005] [CD] Collection Prestige
CARNIVORA [2004] [CD] Judas
CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS [2004] [CD] Filled My Stomach With ...
CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS [2006] [CD] Madhouse`s Macabre Acts
CARNIVORE [1985] [CD] Carnivore
CARNIVORE [1985] [CD] Carnivore (Remastered-2000)
CARNIVORE [1987] [CD] Retaliation
CARNIVORE [1987] [CD] Retaliation (Remastered-2001)
CARNIVORE [1987] [CD] Retaliation (Remastered-2018)
CARNOSUS [2020] [CD] Dogma Of The Deceased
CARNUN RISING [2003] [CD] At the Dawn of a New Dark Age
CARPATHIAN FOREST [1995] [CD] Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods
CARPATHIAN FOREST [1998] [CD] Black Shining Leather
CARPATHIAN FOREST [1998] [CD] Black Shining Leather (Reissued-2001)
CARPATHIAN FOREST [2000] [CD] Strange Old Brew
CARPATHIAN FOREST [2001] [CD] Morbid Fascination Of Death
CARPATHIAN FOREST [2002] [CD] We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions
CARPATHIAN FOREST [2003] [CD] Defending The Throne Of Evil
CARPATHIAN FOREST [2006] [CD] Fuck You All!!!! Caput Tuum in Ano Est
CARPATHIAN FULL MOON [1994] [CD] Serenades In Blood Minor
CARPATUS [2006] [CD] Procellarum
CARPE NOCTEM [1998] [CD] Days Of Dark Winter (Demo)
CARPE TENEBRUM [1997] [CD] Majestic Nothingness
CARPE TENEBRUM [1998] [CD] Mirrored Hate Painting
CARRIER FLUX [2000] [CD] Introspective Nightmare
CARRIER FLUX [2002] [CD] In Waste
CARRIER FLUX [2013] [CD] Objection
CARRION WRAITH [2008] [CD] Carrion Wraith
CARRION [1986] [CD] Evil Is There!
CARTHAUN [2008] [CD] Blutt und Threnen
CASANOVA [1991] [CD] Casanova
CASKET [1997] [CD] Emotions... Dream Or Reality
CASKET [1997] [CD] Tomorrow
CASKET [1998] [CD] Faithless
CASKETGARDEN [2003] [CD] This Corroded Soul of Mine
CASKETGARDEN [2006] [CD] Enter The Casket, Open The Garden
CASKETGARDEN [2008] [CD] Incompleteness in Absence
CAST THE STONE [2018] [MCD] Empyrean Atrophy (Digipak)
CASTIGATE [1999] [CD] Bring Me The Head Of Jesus Christ
CASTRUM [1998] [CD] Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise
CASUS BELLI [2005] [CD] In The Name Of Rose
CATACOMBS [2003] [CD] Echoes Through The Catacombs (Reissued-2007)
CATACOMBS [2006] [CD] In the Depths of R`lyeh
CATACUMBA [2010] [CD] Kratos
CATAFALC [2004] [CD] Pain Performance
CATAFALQUE [2005] [CD] Unique
CATALEPSY [1993] [CD] Fruitcakes We Have Known
CATAMENIA [1998] [CD] Halls Of Frozen North (2001 Russian Ed.)
CATAMENIA [1999] [CD] Morning Crimson
CATAMENIA [2002] [CD] Eskhata
CATAMENIA [2003] [CD] Chaos Born
CATAMENIA [2005] [CD] Winternight Tragedies
CATAMENIA [2006] [CD] Location: COLD
CATAMENIA [2008] [CD] VIII - The Time Unchained (Ltd. Ed.)
CATAMENIA [2010] [CD] Cavalcade (Ltd. Ed.)
CATAMENIA [2012] [CD] The Rewritten Chapters
CATARACT [2003] [CD] Great Days of Vengeance
CATARACT [2004] [CD] With Triumph Comes Loss
CATARACT [2006] [CD] Kingdom
CATARACT [2008] [CD] Cataract
CATARACT [2010] [CD] Killing The Eternal (Ltd. Ed.)
CATASTROFY [2010] [MCD] Deep Rotten Nation
CATASTROFY [2011] [CDS] There's No God I Believe In
CATASTROPHIC [2005] [MCD] Born Into Bondage
CATATONIC SOCIETY [2015] Baptistina
CATHARSIS (POL) [1993] [TAPE] Your Truth
CATHARSIS (RUS) [2001] [CD] Dea
CATHARSIS (RUS) [2002] [CD] Imago
CATHARSIS (USA) [1995] [CD] Pathways To Wholeness
CATHEDRAL [1991] [CD+DVD] Forest Of Equilibrium (Remastered-2009)
CATHEDRAL [1991] [CD] Forest Of Equilibrium
CATHEDRAL [1991] [CD] Forest of Equilibrium (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [1992] [MCD] Soul Sacrifice
CATHEDRAL [1993] [CD+DVD] The Ethereal Mirror (Remastered-2009)
CATHEDRAL [1993] [CD] The Ethereal Mirror
CATHEDRAL [1993] [CD] The Ethereal Mirror (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [1994] [CD] In Memoriam (Reissued-1999)
CATHEDRAL [1994] [MCD] Cosmic Requiem
CATHEDRAL [1994] [MCD] In Memorium
CATHEDRAL [1994] [MCD] Statik Majik
CATHEDRAL [1994] [MCD] Statik Majik (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [1995] [CD] The Carnival Bizarre
CATHEDRAL [1995] [CD] The Carnival Bizzare (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [1995] [MCD] Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)
CATHEDRAL [1995] [MCD] Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [1996] [CD] Supernatural Birth Machine
CATHEDRAL [1996] [CD] Supernatural Birth Machine (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [1998] [CD] Caravan Beyond Redemption
CATHEDRAL [1998] [CD] Caravan Beyond Redemption (Japnese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [2001] [CD] Endtyme
CATHEDRAL [2001] [CD] Endtyme (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [2002] [CD] The VIIth Coming
CATHEDRAL [2002] [CD] The VIIth Coming (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [2004] [2CD] The Serpent's Gold
CATHEDRAL [2005] [CD] The Garden Of Unearthly Delig...
CATHEDRAL [2005] [CD] The Garden Of Unearthly Delights (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [2010] [2CD] The Guessing Game (Japanese Ed.)
CATHEDRAL [2010] [CD] The Guessing Game
CATHEDRAL [2011] [2CD] Anniversary
CATHEDRAL [2011] [EP] A New Ice Age
CATHEDRAL [2013] [CD] The Last Spire
CATHEDRAL [2013] [CD] The Last Spire (Japanese Ed.)
CATS IN BOOTS [1990] [CD] Kicked & Klawed
CATTLE DECAPITATION [2006] [CD] Karma.Bloody.Karma
CATTLE DECAPITATION [2009] [CD] The Harvest Floor
CATTLE DECAPITATION [2019] [CD] Death Atlas (EU Ltd. Ed.)
Caught In The Act [1995] [CD] Relapse Of Reason
CAULDRON (CAN) [2009] [2CD] Chained To The Nite (Ltd. Ed.)
CAULDRON (CAN) [2011] [CD] Burning Fortune
CAULDRON (CAN) [2012] [2CD] Tomorrow's Lost (Digisleeve)
CAULDRON (ESP) [2001] [CD] Aker
CAULDRON BLACK RAM [2004] [CD] Skulduggery
CAULDRON BLACK RAM [2010] [CD] Slubberdegullion
CAULDRON BORN [1997] [CD] Born Of The Cauldron
CAULDRON BORN [2002] [CD] And Rome Shall Fall
CAUSE FOR EFFECT [2004] [mCD] Professional 300
CAUSE FOR EFFECT [2006] [CD] 2001-2004
CAUSE FOR EFFECT [2007] [CD] 0 + 1 = 01
CAUSE FOR EFFECT [2010] [CD] Progressive And Minimalist Recording
CAUSTIC (CHE) [1992] [MCD] Caustic
CAUSTIC (ESP) [2005] [CD] The Horror Cult
CAVADOR [2009] [CD] ...de tumbas
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY [2011] [CD+DVD] Blunt Force Trauma (Special Ed.)
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY [2014] [CD] Pandemonium (Ltd. Digipak)
CAVE IN [1998] [CD] Until Your Heart Stops
CEA SERIN [2004] [CD] Where Memories Combine
CEA SERIN [2014] [CD] The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay
CEBREN-KHAL [2007] [CD] A Mass Of Despair (Reissued-2010)
CELESTIA [2002] [CD] Apparitia - Sumptuous Spe... (Digipak)
CELESTIAL BLOODSHED [2008] [CD] Cursed, Scarred And Fore...
CELESTIAL SEASON [1993] [CD] Forever Scarlet Passion
CELESTIAL SEASON [1995] [CD] Solar Lovers
CELESTIIAL [2006] [CD] Desolate North
CELESTY [2002] [CD] Reign Of Elements (Japanese Ed.)
CELESTY [2004] [CD] Legacy Of Hate (Japanese Ed.)
CELESTY [2006] [CD] Mortal Mind Creation
CELESTY [2006] [CD] Mortal Mind Creation (Japanese Ed.)
CELESTY [2009] [CD] Vendetta
CELESTY [2009] [CD] Vendetta (Japanese Ed.)
CELLADOR [2006] [CD] Enter Deception
CELLADOR [2017] [CD] Off The Grid (Japanese Ed.)
CELLEARIUS [1999] [TAPE] Ocean of Neverending Emotions (Demo)
CELTIC FROST [1984] [CD] Morbid Tales (Remastered-1999)
CELTIC FROST [1984] [CD] Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return
CELTIC FROST [1984] [MCD] Morbid Tales (Remastered-2017)
CELTIC FROST [1985] [CD] To Mega Therion
CELTIC FROST [1985] [CD] To Mega Therion (Remastered-1999)
CELTIC FROST [1985] [CD] To Mega Therion (Remastered-2017)
CELTIC FROST [1987] [CD] Into The Pandemonium
CELTIC FROST [1987] [CD] Into The Pandemonium (Remastered-1999)
CELTIC FROST [1987] [CD] Into The Pandemonium (Remastered-2017)
CELTIC FROST [1988] [CD] Cold Lake
CELTIC FROST [1990] [CD] Vanity / Nemesis
CELTIC FROST [1990] [CD] Vanity / Nemesis (Remastered-2017)
CELTIC FROST [1990] [CD] Vanity/Nemesis (Remastered-1999)
CELTIC FROST [1992] [CD] Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying (Remastered-1999)
CELTIC FROST [2005] [CD-Bootleg] Reign of Steel
CELTIC FROST [2006] [CD] Monotheist
CEMENTERIO SHÖW [1999] [MCD] Cementerio Shöw
CEMETARY 1213 [2000] [CD] The Beast Divine
CEMETARY [1991] [TAPE] Incarnation of Morbidity
CEMETARY [1992] [CD] An Evil Shade Of Grey (Reissued-1993)
CEMETARY [1993] [CD] Godless Beauty
CEMETARY [1994] [CD] Black Vanity
CEMETARY [1996] [CD] Sundown
CEMETARY [1997] [CD] Last Confessions
CEMETARY [2005] [CD] Phantasma
CEMETERY OF SCREAM [1993-2003] [CD] Sameone
CEMETERY OF SCREAM [1995-2003] [CD] Melancholy
CEMETERY OF SCREAM [1998] [CD] Deeppression
CEMETERY OF SCREAM [2002] Prelude To A Sentimental Journey
CEMETERY URN [2007] [CD] Urn Of Blood
CEMETERY URN [2010] [CD] The Conquered Are Burned
CEMETERY URN [2017] [CD] Cemetery Urn
CEMETERY [2004] [CD] Detriment Image
CENOTAPH (MEX) [1992] [CD] The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrows
CENOTAPH (MEX) [1997] [CD] Epic Rites (9 Epic Tales & Death Rites)
CENOTAPH (MEX) [2002] [CD] Saga Belica
CENOTAPH (TUR) [1997] [CD] Voluptuously Minced
CENOTAPH (TUR) [1999] [CD] Puked Genital Purulency
CENOTAPH (TUR) [2003] [CD] Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium
CÉNOTAPHE [2020] [CD] Monte Veritŕ
CENTAUR [1990] [CD] Mob Rules The World
CENTAUR [1994] [CD] Power World
CENTAUR [1996] [CD] ...Perception...
CENTAUR [1998] [CD] God Complex
CENTAUR [2009] [CD] The Origin Of Sin
CENTAURUS (DEU) [2004] [CD] Apokalypse BRD
CENTAURUS-A [2009] [CD] Side Effects Expected
CENTENNIAL [1999] [CD] The Rotten Beauty
CENTERS [1997] [CD] Fortuneteller (Japanese Ed.)
CENTINELA [2002] [CD] Sangre Eterna
CENTINELA [2004] [CD] La Nueva Ira
CENTINELA [2006] [CD] Panico
CENTINEX [1996] [CD] Malleus Maleficarum
CENTINEX [1996] [CD] Malleus Maleficarum (Remastered-2003)
CENTINEX [1997] [CD] Reflections
CENTINEX [1999] [MCD] Bloodhunt
CENTINEX [2000] [CD] Hellbrigade
CENTINEX [2000] [CD] Hellbrigade (Japanese Ed.)
CENTINEX [2000] [EP] Apocalyptic Armageddon
CENTINEX [2002] [CD] Diabolical Desolation
CENTINEX [2003] [CD] Bloodhunt / Reborn Through Flames
CENTINEX [2004] [CD] Decandence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos
CENTINEX [2005] [CD] World Declension
CENTINEX [2013] [EP] Teutonische Invasion
CENTINEX [2014] [CD] Redeeming Filth
CENTINEX [2016] [CD] Doomsday Rituals
CENTINEX [2020] [CD] Death In Pieces (Digipak)
CENTVRION [2000] [CD] Hyper Martyrium
CENTVRION [2002] [CD] Non Plus Ultra
CENTVRION [2005] [CD] Invulnerable
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [1998] [CD] Conforming to Abnormality (Remastered-2005)
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [1998] [CD] Conforming to Abnormality (Remixed & Expanded) (Remastered-2008)
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [2000] [CD] Exploiting Dysfunction
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [2002] [CD] Lucid Interval
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [2002] [MCD] Halls of Amenti
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [2005] [CD] Anomalies
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [2007] [CD] Xenosapien
CEPHALIC CARNAGE [2010] [CD] Misled By Certainty
CEPHALOTRIPSY [2007] [CD] Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies
CERBERUS [2006] [CD] Klagelieder - Grabesgesang
CEREBRAL BORE [2010] [CD] Maniacal Miscreation
CEREBRAL EFFUSION [1999] [MCD] Immortal Cemetery
CEREBRAL EFFUSION [2002] [CD] Violence In Motion
CEREBRAL EFFUSION [2005] [CD] Smashed & Splattered Organs
CEREBRAL FIX [1988] [LP] Life Sucks... And Then You Die! (Reissued-1989)
CEREBRAL FIX [1990] [CD] Tower Of Spite
CEREBRAL FIX [1991] [CD] Bastards!
CEREBRAL TURBULENCY [1999] [CD] Forces Closing Down
CEREBRUM [2009] [CD] Spectral Extravagance
CEREBRUM [2013] [CD] Cosmic Enigma
CEREBRUM [2018] [CD] Iridium
CEREBUS [1986] [CD] Too Late To Pray (Reissued-2006)
CEREMONIAL OATH [1993] [CD] The Book of Truth
CEREMONIAL OATH [1995] [CD] Carpet
CEREMONIUM [1995] [CD] Into the Autumn Shade
CEREMONIUM [1998] [CD] No Longer Silent
CEREMONIUM [2012] [2CD] Dreams We Have Written
CERNUNNOS (ARG) [2019] [MCD-R] The Svmmoner
CESSATION OF LIFE [1999] [CD] Aggressive By Nature
CESSATION OF LIFE [2002] [CD] Kill You Again
CESSATION OF LIFE [2005] [MCD] The Glory Of The World Is Passing
CESSATION OF LIFE [2008] [CD] Path Of Totality
CESSPOOL OF VERMIN [2008] [CD] Beastial Necrophilia
CHAIN COLLECTOR [2005] [CD] The Masquerade
CHAIN COLLECTOR [2008] [CD] Unrestrained
CHAIN REACTION [2007] [CD] Vicious Circle
CHAIN REACTION [2009] [CD] Cutthroat Melodies (Reissued-2010)
CHAINSAW (POL) [2003] [CD] Electric Wizards
CHAINSAW (POL) [2009] [CD] Evilution
CHAINSAW [1985] [CD] Hell's Burnin' Up! (Reissued-2009)
CHAINSAW [2004] [CD] Smell The Saw
CHAINSAW [2007] [CD] The Announcement
CHAINSAW [2009] [CD] Metal Missionary
CHALICE (AUS) [2000] [CD] Chronicles of Dysphoria
CHALICE OF DOOM [2013] [CD] Into Hypnagogia
CHALICE [2000] [CD] Digital Boulevard
CHALICE [2005] [2CD] Shotgun Alley
CHANNEL ZERO [1992] [CD] Channel Zero
CHANNEL ZERO [1993] [CD] Stigmatized for Life
CHANNEL ZERO [1994] [CD] Unsafe
CHANNEL ZERO [1995] [CDS] Suck My Energy
CHANNEL ZERO [1996] [CD] Black Fuel
CHANNEL ZERO [2010] [CD+DVD] Live at The Ancienne Belgique
CHANNEL ZERO [2011] [CD] Feed 'Em With A Brick
CHAOS DIVINE [2006] [MCD] Ratio
CHAOS DIVINE [2008] [CD] Avalon
CHAOS DIVINE [2011] [CD] The Human Connection
CHAOS DIVINE [2012] [CDS] Africa
CHAOS DIVINE [2015] [CD] Colliding Skies
CHAOS MAGIC [2015] [CD] Chaos Magic
CHAOS MOON [2015] [MCD] Amissum (Reissued-2016)
CHAOS MOTION [2019] [CD] Psychological Spasms Cacophony (Digipak)
CHAOS SYNOPSIS [2009] [CD] Kvlt Ov Dementia
CHAOS THEORY [2006] [CD] Whispers Of Doom (Reissued-2010)
CHAOSBAPHOMET [2016] [CD] Promethean Black Flame
CHAOSBREED [2004] [CD] Brutal
CHAOSWEAVER [2008] [CD] Puppetmaster Of Pandemonium
CHAOTIC HOPE [2005] [CD] Graveyard of Human Spirit
CHARGER [2003] [CD] Confessions Of A Man
CHARING CROSS [2008] [CD] We Are...
CHARIOT [1986] [CD] Burning Ambition
CHARIOT [2004] [CD] The Warrior
CHARISMA [1999] [CD] Karma
CHARIZMA (RUS) [2010] [MCD] Disconnect From the Net
CHARLIE SHRED [2012] [CD] Charlie Shred (Japanese Ed.)
CHARN [1994] [CD] Blasts Off
CHARNIER [2011] [CD] Humanicide
CHARON [2000] [CD] Tearstained
CHARON [2002] [CD] Downhearted
CHARON [2003] [CDS] Religious / Delicious
CHARON [2003] [CD] The Dying Daylights
CHARON [2003] [CD] The Dying Daylights
CHARON [2012] [CD] Sulphur Seraph (The Archon Principle)
CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED [2010] [CD+DVD] Charred Walls Of The Damned (Ltd. Ed.)
CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED [2011] [CD] Cold Winds On Timeless Days
CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED [2016] [CD] Creatures Watching Over The Dead
CHASING DRAGONS [2016] [MCD] Faction: Prologue
CHASTAIN [1985] [CD] Mystery Of Illusion
CHASTAIN [1986] [CD] Ruler Of The Wasteland
CHASTAIN [1987] [CD] The 7th Of Never (Reissued-1995)
CHASTAIN [1988] [CD] The Voice Of The Cult
CHASTAIN [1990] [CD] For Those Who Dare
CHASTAIN [1995] [CD] Sick Society
CHASTAIN [1997] [CD] In Dementia
CHASTAIN [2013] [CD] Surrender To No One
CHASTISEMENT [2001] [CD] Alleviation of Pain
CHEMICAL BREATH [1992] [CD] Fatal Exposure
CHEMICIDE [2015] [CD] Episodes Of Insanity
CHEMICIDE [2017] [CD] The Act Of Retaliation
CHEMICIDE [2019] [CD] Inequality
CHEMIKILLER [2006] [CD] Evilspeak
CHERUB [1994] [CD] Sarc Art
CHICKENFOOT [2009] [CD] Chickenfoot
CHIEF REBEL ANGEL [2007] [CD] Death Rock City
CHILDREN OF BODOM [1997] [CD] Something ... (Reissued-2008)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [1998] [CD] Something Wild (2002 Deluxe Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [1999] [CD] Hatebreeder
CHILDREN OF BODOM [1999] [CD] Hatebreeder (Deluxe Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [1999] [CD] Hatebreeder (Reissued-2008)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [1999] [CD] Tokyo Warhearts (Reissued-2002)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2000] [CD] Follow The Reaper (Reissued-2001)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2000] [CD] Follow The... (Reissued-2008)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2003] [CD] Hate Crew Deathroll
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2004] [CD] Trashed, Lost & Strungout
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2005] [CDS] In Your Face
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2005] [CD] Are You Dead Yet
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2005] [CD] Are You Dead Yet (US Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2006] [2CD] Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2008] [CD+DVD] Blooddrunk (Japanese Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2008] [CD] Blooddrunk
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2009] [CD] Skeletons In The Closet
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2009] [CD] Skeletons In The Closet (Japanese Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2011] [CD] Relentless Reckless Forever
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2013] [CD+DVD] Halo Of Blood (Ltd.Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2015] [CD+DVD] I Worship Chaos (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2015] [CD+DVD] I Worship Chaos (Ltd. Ed.)
CHILDREN OF BODOM [2019] [CD] Hexed (Japanese Ed.)
CHILDREN OF DOOM [2009] [CD] Ride Over the Green Valley (Demo)
CHILDREN OF MAANI [1998] [MCD] The Veil Of Osiris
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY [2010] [CD] It's Time To Face The Doomsday
CHIMAIRA [2003] [CD] The Impossibility Of Reason
CHIMAIRA [2005] [2CD] Chimaira (Ltd. Ed.)
CHIMAIRA [2009] [CD] The Infection
CHIMAIRA [2011] [CD] The Age of Hell
CHIMERA [2011] [CD] Chimera
CHIMP SPANNER [2010] [CD] At the Dream's Edge
CHIMP SPANNER [2012] [MCD] All Roads Lead Here (Digipak)
CHINA [1988] [CD] China
CHINA [1989] [CD] Sign In The Sky
CHINA [1991] [CD] Go All The Way
CHINCHILLA [1994] [MCD] Who Is Who
CHINCHILLA [1997] [CD] Horrorscope (Japanese Ed.)
CHINCHILLA [2000] [CD] Madness
CHINCHILLA [2002] [CD] The Last Millennium
CHINCHILLA [2003] [CD] Madtropolis
CHINCHILLA [2004] [CD] Take No Prisoners
CHIRURGIA [1993] [CD] The Last Door
CHRIS CAFFERY [2005] [2CD] Faces
CHRIS CAFFERY [2009] [CD] House Of Insanity
CHRIS POLAND [2002] [CD] Return to Metalopolis 2002
CHRIS POLAND [2007] [CD] Return To Metalopolis Live
CHRIST AGONY [1994] [CD] Daemoonseth Act II
CHRIST AGONY [1996] [CD] Moonlight - Act III
CHRIST AGONY [1997] [CD] Darkside
CHRIST AGONY [1998] [CD] Trilogy
CHRIST AGONY [1999] [CD] Elysium
CHRIST AGONY [2000] [2CD] Unholyunion & Daemoonseth Act II
CHRIST AGONY [2010] [3CD] UnholyDeaMoon
CHRIST DENIED [1996] [CD] ...Got What He... (Reissued-1998)
CHRIST DENIED [2004] [CD] Drink... Drink The Blood!
CHRISTIAN EPIDEMIC [2011] [CD] Pusztitastan - Primordial Soul
CHRISTIAN MISTRESS [2012] [CD] Possession
CHROME DIVISION [2006] [CD] Doomsday Rock N Roll
CHROME DIVISION [2008] [CD] Booze, Broads and Beelzebub
CHROME DIVISION [2011] [CD] 3rd Round Knockout
CHROME DIVISION [2011] [CD] 3rd Round Knockout (US Ed.)
CHROME SHIFT [2003] [CD] Ripples In Time
CHROMING ROSE [1991] [CD] Garden Of Eden
CHROMING ROSE [1996] [CD] New World
CHROMING ROSE [1999] [2CD] The Gift (Ltd. Ed.)
CHROMING ROSE [1999] [CD] Insight (Japanese Ed.)
CHRONIC RAGE [1997] [CD] Self Induced
CHRONOLOGY [2011] [CD] The Eye of Time
CHRONOSPHERE [2012] [CD] Envirusment
CHRONOSPHERE [2014] [CD] Embracing Oblivion
CHRONOSPHERE [2017] [CD] Red N' Roll (Japanese Ed.)
CHRYST [2011] [CD] Phantasmachronica
CHTHE'ILIST [2016] [CD] Le dernier crépuscule
CHTHONIC [2002] [CD] Relentless Recurrence (Reissued-2005)
CHTHONIC [2005] [CD] Seediq Bale (Chinese Version)
CHTHONIC [2006] [CD] Anthology - A Decade on the Throne
CHTHONIC [2006] [CD] Seediq Bale (English Version)
CHTHONIC [2009] [CD] Mirror Of Retribution (Chinese Version)
CHTHONIC [2011] [CD] Takasago Army (Japanese Ed.)
CHTHONIC [2011] [CD] Takasago Army (Taiwanese Version)
CHTHONIC [2013] [CD] Bu-Tik (Taiwanese Version)
CHTHONIC [2018] [CD] Battlefields of Asura (English Version)
CHTHONIC [2018] [CD] Battlefields Of Asura (Japanese Ed.)
CHTHONIC [2018] [CD] Battlefields of Asura (Taiwanese Version)
CHTON [2004] [CD] Chtonian Lifecode
CHUCK SCHULDINER [2004] [2CD] Zero Tolerance II
CHUR [2006] [CD] Brother Winds
CHUR [2009] [CD] Lykho
CHURCH OF DISGUST [2014] [CD] Unworldly Summoning
CHURCH OF DISGUST [2016] [CD] Veneration of Filth
CHURCH OF MISERY / SHEAVY [1998] [CD] Born Too Late (Split)
CHURCH OF MISERY [1997] [CD] Vol.1 (Reissued-2011)
CHURCH OF MISERY [2001] [CD] Master Of Brutality (Reissued-2012)
CHURCH OF MISERY [2004] [2CD] Early Works Compilation
CHURCH OF MISERY [2004] [CD] The Second Coming (Reissued-2012)
CHURCH OF MISERY [2009] [CD] Houses of the Unholy
CHURCH OF MISERY [2009] [CD] Houses Of The Unholy
CHURCH OF MISERY [2013] [CD] Thy Kingdom Scum
CHURCH OF MISERY [2016] [CD] And Then There Were None
CIANIDE [1992] [CD] The Dying Truth
CIANIDE [1994] [CD] A Descent Into Hell
CIANIDE [1997] [CD] Death, Doom And Destruction (Remastered-2008)
CIANIDE [2000] [CD] Divide And Conquer
CIANIDE [2005] [CD] Hell's Rebirth
CIANIDE [2011] [CD] Gods of Death
CINDERELLA [1986] [CD] Night Songs
CINDERELLA [1988] [CD] Long Cold Winter
CINNAMUN BELOVED [2012] [CD] The Weird Moment
CIPHER SYSTEM [2004] [CD] Central Tunnel Eight
CIPHER SYSTEM [2011] [CD] Communicate The Storms
CIRCADIAN PULSE [2012] [MCD] In The Blink Of An Eye
CIRCADIAN PULSE [2018] [CD] Elements Of Existence
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2003] [CD] Watching In Silence
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2005] [2CD] The Middle Of Nowhere/All That Remains (MCD)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2006] [CD] Burden Of Truth
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2008] [CD] Delusions Of Grandeur (Ltd.Ed)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2008] [CD] Delusions Of Grandeur (Russian Ed.)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2010] [CD] Consequence Of Power (Ltd. Ed.)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2012] [2CD] Full Circle - The Best Of
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2013] [CD] Seasons will fall
CIRCLE II CIRCLE [2015] [CD] Reign Of Darkness
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN [2003] [CD] Human Harvest
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN [2005] [MCD] Zero Comfort Margin
CIRCLE OF NERO [1999] [CD] Massive Obliss
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS [2009] [CD] Tree Of Knowledge
CIRCLE OF PAIN [2001] [CD] Paradox Of Destitution
CIRCLE OF PAIN [2007] [CD+DVD] Our Darkest Hour
CIRCLE OF SILENCE [2011] [CD] The Blackened Halo
CIRCLE OF SILENCE [2013] [CD] The Rise Of Resistance
CIRCLE OF SILENCE [2018] [CD] The Crimson Throne
CIRCLES OF MIND [2010] [CD] Revelation Insight
CIRCLES [2011] [MCD] The Compass
CIRCLES [2013] [CD] Infinitas
CIRCLES [2018] [CD] The Last One
CIRCUS MAXIMUS [2007] [CD] Isolate
CIRCUS MAXIMUS [2012] [CD] Nine (Japanese Ed.)
CIRCUS MAXIMUS [2016] [2CD] Havoc (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
CIRITH GORGOR [1999] [CD] Onwards To The Spectral D...
CIRITH GORGOR [2001] [CD] Unveiling The Essence
CIRITH GORGOR [2003] [CD] Firestorm Apocalypse
CIRITH GORGOR [2007] [CD] Cirith Gorgor
CIRITH GORGOR [2014] [CD] Der Untergang
CIRITH GORGOR [2016] [2CD] Visions Of Exalted Lucifer (Ltd. Ed.)
CIRITH UNGOL [1981] [CD] Frost And Fire (Remastered-1999)
CIRITH UNGOL [1984] [CD+DVD] King Of The Dead (Ultimate Ed.) (Remastered-2017)
CIRITH UNGOL [1984] [CD] King Of The Dead (Remastered-1999)
CIRITH UNGOL [1986] [CD] One Foot In Hell (Remastered-1999)
CIRITH UNGOL [1991] [CD] Paradise Lost
CIRITH UNGOL [1991] [CD] Paradise Lost (Remastered-2016)
CIRITH UNGOL [2001] [2CD+DVD] Servants Of Chaos (Reissued-2011)
CIRITH UNGOL [2019] [2CD+2DVD] I'm Alive
CIRITH UNGOL [2020] [CD] Forever Black
CIRITH UNGOL [2021] [MCD] Half Past Human
CIRRHA NIVA [2009] [CD] For Moments Never Done
CIST [2018] [MCD] The Frozen Casket
CITA [1996] [CD] Heat of Emotion
CITADEL [2004] [CD] Transition
CIVIL WAR [2013] [CD] The Killer Angels (Ltd.Ed.)
CIVIL WAR [2015] [CD] Gods And Generals (Ltd. Ed.)
CIVIL WAR [2016] [CD] The Last Full Measure (Japanese Ed.)
CIVIL WAR [2016] [CD] The Last Full Measure (Ltd. Ed.)
CIVILIZATION ONE [2007] [CD] Revolution Rising
CIVILIZATION ONE [2007] [CD] Revolution Rising (Japanese Ed.)
CIVILIZATION ONE [2012] [CD] Calling The Gods
CJSS [2000] [CD] Kings Of The World
CLAIM THE THRONE [2010] [CD] Triumph and Beyond (Digipak)
CLAIM THE THRONE [2013] [CD] Forged In Flame
CLAIR DE LUNE MORTE [2013] [CD] In Absence of Words
CLAIR OBSCUR [1997] [CD] Sombre Revelations
CLAIRVOYANTS [2009] [CD] Word To The Wise
CLAIRVOYANTS [2012] [CD] The Shape Of Things To Come
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [1999] [CD] Fire Burns In Our Hearts (Reissued-2005)
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2000] [CD] Night Of The Unholy Flames
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2002] [CD] Fist Of The Northern Destroyer
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2004] [CD] Deliverers of Faith
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2006] [CD] Church of Atrocity
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2008] [CD] Archive Vol. 1
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2008] [CD] Archive Vol. 2
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2008] [CD] Archive Vol. 3
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2010] [CD] Falling Monuments
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2013] [CD] Harmony of Struggle
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2015] [CD] New Golgotha Rising
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2017] [CD] City of Slaughter
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2018] [CD] Tranquility of Death
CLANDESTINE BLAZE [2021] [CD] Secrets Of Laceration
CLAUDIO MARCIELLO [2001] [CD] Puesto En Marcha
CLAWS [2009] [CD] Absorbed In The Nethervoid
CLAYMORE [2013] [CD] Lament of Victory
CLENCHED FIST [2012] [CD] The Gift Of Death
CLERIC [2013] [CD] Gratum Inferno (Reissued-2015)
CLERIC [2019] [CD] Serpent Psalms
CLIMATIC TERRA [2010] [CD] Earth Pollution
CLITORIDUS INVAGINATUS [2008] [CD] Putrid Pussy Warehouse
CLOCKWORK [1997] [MCD] Search
CLOCKWORK [1999] [CD] Surface Tension
CLOSTERKELLER [1999] [CD] Graphite
CLOSTERKELLER [2000] [CD] Pastel
CLOUDKICKER [2008] [CD] The Discovery
CLOUDKICKER [2010] [CD] Beacons
CLOUDKICKER [2012] [CD] Fade
CLOUDSCAPE [2004] [CD] Cloudscape
CLOUDSCAPE [2004] [CD] Cloudscape (Japanese Ed.)
CLOUDSCAPE [2006] [CD] Crimson Skies
CLOUDSCAPE [2008] [CD] Global Drama
CLOUDSCAPE [2012] [CD] New Era
CLOUDSCAPE [2016] [CD] Voice Of Reason
CLOUX [2004] [MCD] Full Fool
CLOVEN HOOF [1989] [CD] A Sultans Ransom
CLUSTERHEAD [2008] [CD] Times Of No Trust
CLUSTERHEAD [2011] [CD] Grow
COALESCE [1997] [CD] Give Them Rope She Said v2.0 (Remastered-2004)
COALESCE [1998] [CD] Functioning On Impatience
COALESCE [1998] [MCD] 002 - A Safe Place
COALESCE [1999] [CD] 0:12 Revolution In Just Listenning
COALESCE [1999] [CD] There Is Nothing New Under The Sun + (Remastered-2007)
COALESCE [1999] [EP] There Is Nothing New Under The...
COALESCE [2009] [CD] Ox
COALITION [2004] [CD] Tortured By Eternal Dream
COBALT [2003] [MCD] Hammerfight
COBALT [2005] [CD] War Metal
COBALT [2009] [CD] Gin
COBALT [2016] [2CD] Slow Forever
COCK AND BALL TORTURE [2002] [CD] Sadochismo (Reissue-2004)
CODE OF SILENCE [2013] [CD] Dark Skies Over Babylon (Japanese Ed.)
CODE [2009] [CD] Resplendent Grotesque
COERCION [1996] [CD] Forever Dead
COERCION [2003] [MCD] Lifework
COFFEINNE [2016] [CD] Circle Of Time (Reissued-2017)
COFFIN BIRTH [2018] [CD] The Serpent Insignia
COFFIN LUST [2013] [MCD] Beyond the Dark
COFFIN LUST [2016] [CD] Manifestation Of Inner Darkness
COFFIN TEXTS [2000] [CD] Gods of Creation, Death and Aft...
COFFIN TEXTS [2012] [CD] The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual
COFFINS [2005] [CD] Mortuary In Darkness
COFFINS [2011] [2CD] Ancient Torture
COGENCY [1993] [CD] The Cogency Revenge
COGNIZANCE [2013] [MCD] Inquisition (Digipak)
COGNIZANCE [2019] [CD] Malignant Dominion
COGNIZANCE [2021] [CD] Upheaval
COLD COLOURS [1999] [CD] Somnium XIII
COLD COLOURS [2005] [CD] The Burden of Hope
COLD DRIVEN [2007] [CD] Steel Chambers
COLD EARTH [2020] [CD] Your Misery, My Triumph
COLD EMBRACE [1999] [CD] Ode To Sorrow
COLD EMBRACE [2001] [CD] Age Of Doom
COLD MOON [2001] [CD] Carnivorous Lunar Activities
COLD MOURNING [2000] [CD] Lower Than Low
COLD STEEL [1992] [CD] Freakboy
COLDSEED [2006] [CD] Completion Makes The Tragedy
COLDSPELL [2017] [CD] A New World Arise (Japanese Ed.)
COLDWAR [2007] [CD] Bloodfire Sunset
COLDWAR [2011] [CD] Christus Deathshead
COLDWORKER [2006] [CD] The Contaminated Void
COLDWORKER [2008] [CD] Rotting Paradise
COLDWORLD [2008] [CD] Melancholie2
COLDWORLD [2016] [CD] Autumn
COLLAPSE 7 [2004] [CD] In Deep Silence
COLLAPSE WITHIN [2008] [CD] Worldwide Extinction
COLLIDE [2008] [CD] All That Oppress
COLOSSEUM [2007] [CD] Chapter 1: Delirium
COLOSSEUM [2009] [CD] Chapter 2: Numquam
COLOSSEUM [2011] [CD] Chapter 3: Parasomnia
COMA VOID [2001] [CD] Stormking Twilight
COMANDO NUCLEAR [2006] [CD] Batalhao Infernal
COMATOSE VIGIL [2006] [MCD] Narcosis
COMATOSE [2015] [CD] The Ultimate Revenge
COMECON [1992] [CD] Megatrends In Brutality
COMECON [1993] [CD] Converging Conspiracies
COMECON [1995] [CD] Fable Frolic
COMECON [2008] [2CD] The Worms Of God (Reissued-2009)
COMMA [2001] [CD] Elusive Dreams
COMMA [2004] [CD] Free As God
COMMAND PRESENCE [2001] [CD] Inherit The Meek
COMMANDMENT [1999] [CD] Engraved In Stone (Reissued-2009)
COMMANDO (MEX) [2008] [CD] Sudden Invasion
COMMANDO (PRT) [2020] [CD] Love Songs #1 (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)
COMMUNIC [2005] [CD] Conspiracy In Mind
COMMUNIC [2005] [CD] Conspiracy in Mind (Ltd. Ed.)
COMMUNIC [2006] [CD] Waves of Visual Decay (Ltd. Ed.)
COMMUNIC [2008] [CD] Payment Of Existence
COMMUNIC [2011] [CD] The Bottom Deep
COMMUNIC [2017] [CD] Where Echoes Gather
COMMUNIC [2020] [CD] Hiding From The World
COMPLEX 7 [2001] [CD] Water
COMPLEX 7 [2003] [CD] Process
COMPLEX 7 [2009] [MCD] c7.09 (Demo)
COMPOS MENTIS [2002] [CD] Fragments of a Withered Dream
CONAN [2012] [CD] Monnos
CONAN [2014] [CD] Blood Eagle
CONCEPT [2003] [CD] Reason And Truth
CONCEPT [2003] [CD] Reason And Truth (Japanese Ed.)
CONCEPT [2005] [CD] The Divine Cage
CONCEPT [2005] [CD] The Divine Cage (Japanese Ed.)
CONCEPTION [1991] [CD] The Last Sunset (Japanese Ed.)
CONCEPTION [1993] [CD] Parallel Minds
CONCEPTION [1993] [CD] Parallel Minds (Japanese Ed.)
CONCEPTION [1995] [CD] In Your Multitude (Japanese Ed.)
CONCEPTION [1997] [CD] Flow
CONCEPTION [1997] [CD] Flow (Japanese Ed.)
CONCERTO MOON [1997] [CDS] Kohtetsu Kumikyoku
CONCERTO MOON [1997] [CD] Fragments Of The Moon
CONCERTO MOON [1997] [CD] Fragments Of The Moon (Remastered-1998)
CONCERTO MOON [1997] [CD] Live Concerto
CONCERTO MOON [1998] [CD] From Father To Son
CONCERTO MOON [1998] [CD] From Father To Son (Reissued-2000)
CONCERTO MOON [1999] [CD] Rain Forest
CONCERTO MOON [2001] [2CD] The End of the Beginning - Live in Tokyo
CONCERTO MOON [2001] [CD] Gate Of Triumph
CONCERTO MOON [2003] [CD] Life On The Wire
CONCERTO MOON [2004] [CD] After The Double Cross
CONCERTO MOON [2008] [3CD+DVD] Decade Of The Moon
CONCERTO MOON [2008] [CD] Rise From Ashes (Japanese Ed.)
CONCERTO MOON [2010] [CD] Angel Of Chaos
CONCERTO MOON [2011] [CD+DVD] Savior Never Cry (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
CONCERTO MOON [2013] [CD] Black Flame (Japanese Ed.)
CONCERTO MOON [2015] [CD] Between Life And Death (Japanese Ed.)
CONCERTO MOON [2017] [CD+DVD] Tears Of Messiah (Ltd. Ed.)
CONCERTO MOON [2019] [CD+DVD] Ouroboros
CONCERTO MOON [2019] [CD] Ouroboros
CONCERTO MOON [2020] [2CD] Rain Fire
CONCERTO MOON [2021] [MCD] Waiting For You
CONCUBIA NOCTE [2008] [CD] Sekerou Peruna - Kladivom Thora
CONDEMNED CELL [2004] [CD] Shadows Of The Past
CONDENADOS [2011] [CD] A Painful Journey Into Nihil
CONDITION RED [2000] [CD] Condition Red
CONFESSOR [1991] [CD] Condemened
CONFESSOR [1992] [MCD] Confessor
CONFESSOR [2005] [CD] Unraveled
CONFLICTED [2011] [CD] Never Be Tamed
CONNIPTION [2008] [CD] A Method To Madness (Reissued-2010)
CONQUERING DYSTOPIA [2014] [CD] Conquering Dystopia
CONQUEROR [2000] [CD] War Cult Supremacy
CONQUEROR [2003] [CD] Hammer of Antichrist
CONQUEROR [2011] [2CD] War.Cult.Supremacy
CONQUEST (FIN) [1999] [CD] Worlds Apart (Japanese Ed.)
CONQUEST (UKR) [2002] [CD] Endless Power
CONQUEST (UKR) [2005] [CD] Frozen Sky
CONQUEST (UKR) [2009] [CD] Empire
CONQUEST (UKR) [2011] [CD] IV (Japanese Ed.)
CONQUEST (USA) [2008] [CD] End of Days
CONSCIENCE [2005] [CD+DVD] Half-Sick Of Shadows
CONSFEARACY [2011] [CD] Consfearacy
CONSOLATION [1995] [CD] Brave Melvin From The Southern Point
CONSORTIUM PROJECT [1999] [CD] Ian Parry's Consortium Project (Japanese Ed.)
CONSORTIUM PROJECT [2001] [CD] II - Continuum In Extremis (Korean Ed.)
CONSORTIUM PROJECT [2003] [CD] III - Terra Incognita (The Undiscovered World)
CONSORTIUM PROJECT [2007] [CD] IV - Children Of Tomorrow
CONSORTIUM PROJECT [2011] [CD] V - Species
CONSPIRACY A.D. [2003] [CD] Humanity=Destruction ...The End Is Near
CONSPIRATOR [2008] [CD] Exorcism
CONSTANCIA [2015] [CD] Final Curtain
CONSTRUCDEAD [2001] [CD] Repent
CONSTRUCDEAD [2003] [CD] Violadead
CONSTRUCDEAD [2005] [CD] The Grand Machinery
CONTAGION [2009] [CD] Contagion
CONTEMPT [2002] [CD] The Secret Around Us (Reissued 2005)
CONTEMPT [2003] [CD] When Angels Begin To Cry (Reissued 2005)
CONTRADICTION [1993] [CD] Rules Of Peace
CONTRIVE [2010] [CD] The Internal Dialogue
CONTROL DENIED [1999] [CD] The Fragile Art Of Existence
CONVENT [2000] [CD] The Truth Revealed
CONVENT [2009] [CD] Abandon Your Lord
CONVERGE [1996] [CD] Petitioning The Empty Sky (Reissued-1998)
CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN [2004] [CD] Only the Strong
CONVICTED [2010] [CD] Convicted
CONVICTION [1999] [CD] Decline / Rebirth
CONVULSE [1991] [CD] World Without God (Remastered-2010)
CONXURO [2012] [CD-R] La Rueda De La Fortuna
COPROBAPTIZED CUNTHUNTER [2010] [CD] Failure Prosthesis
COPROFAGIA [1994] [MCD] Sade's Inheritance (Reissued-2012)
COPROFAGO [2002] [CD] Genesis
COPROFAGO [2005] [CD] Unorthodox Creative Criteria - Final Edition
COPROLITH [2010] [CD] Cold Grief Relief
COR SCORPII [2008] [CD] Monument
CORAM DEO [2007] [CD] Evangelion
CORAM LETHE [2004] [CD] The Gates of Oblivion
CORAM LETHE [2009] [CD] ...A Splendid Chaos
CORMORANT [2009] [CD] Metazoa (Digipak)
CORNERSTONE [2000] [CD] Arrival
CORNERSTONE [2007] [CD] Two Tales Of One Tomorrow (Japanese Ed.)
CORONATUS [2015] [2CD] Raben Im Herz (Ltd. Ed.)
CORONER [1986] [CD-Bootleg] Death Cult (Reissued-2009)
CORONER [1986] [MCD] Death Cult (Remastered-2014)
CORONER [1987] [CD] R.I.P.
CORONER [1987] [CD] R.I.P. (Remastered-2018)
CORONER [1988] [CD] Punishment For Decadence
CORONER [1988] [CD] Punishment For Decadence (Remastered-2018)
CORONER [1989] [CD] No More Color
CORONER [1989] [CD] No More Color (Remastered-2018)
CORONER [1991] [CD] Mental Vortex
CORONER [1991] [CD] Mental Vortex (Remastered-2018)
CORONER [1993] [CD] Grin
CORONER [1993] [CD] Grin (Remastered-2018)
CORONER [1995] [CD] Coroner
CORPORAL PUNISHMENT [1992] [CD] Profaned Relics
CORPORAL PUNISHMENT [1994] [CD] Into the Nerve of Pain
CORPORAL PUNISHMENT [1997] [CD] Stonefield of a Lifetime
CORPORATION 187 [2002] [CD] Perfection in Pain
CORPROPHEMIA [2007] [CD] Arrived In Pieces
CORPSE VOMIT [2000] [CD] Raping the Ears of Those Above
CORPSEFLESH [2013] [CD] Tattooed by a Blowtorch
CORPSEFLESH [2019] [CD] Rearranged With a 12 Gauge
CORPSEFUCKING ART [2003] [CD] Splatter Deluxe
CORPSEFUCKING ART [2017] [CD] Beverly Hills Corpse (Live)
CORPUS CHRISTII [2003] [CD] Tormented Belief
CORPUS CHRISTII [2007] [CD] Rising
CORPUS MORTALE [2001] [MCD] Succumb To The Superior
CORPUS MORTALE [2003] [CD] With Lewd Demeanor
CORPUS MORTALE [2007] [CD] A New Species of Deviant
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY [1986] [CD Reissue] Animosity
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY [1987] [MCD] Technocracy (Reissued-1992)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY [2005] [CD] In the Arms of God
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY [2012] [CD] Corrosion of conformity
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY [2012] [CD] Corrosion Of Conformity (Ltd. Ed.)
CORRUPTED [1999] [2CD] Llenandose De Gusanos
CORRUPTED [2004] [CD] Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos
CORRUPTED [2005] [CD] El Mundo Frio
CORRUPTED [2011] [CD] Garten Der Unbewusstheit
CORRUPTION [2003] [CD] Orgasmusica
CORTISOL [2011] [CD] Miss Trauen
CORUM [1997] [CD] Riffhead
CORVUS [2008] [CD] An Affair With Tragedy
CORVUS [2009] [CD] We All Fall Down
CORVUS [2010] [CD] Fragile Moments
CORVUS [2010] [MCD] Corvus
CORVUS [2011] [CD] The Comfort Of Home
COSMIC ATROPHY [2008] [CD] Codex Incubo
COSMICS [2008] [CD] The Cosmic Year
COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN [2004] [CD] Deciphering The Soul
COUNT RAVEN [1990] [CD] Storm Warning
COUNT RAVEN [1992] [CD] Destruction Of The Void
COUNT RAVEN [1993] [CD] High On Infinity
COUNT RAVEN [1996] [CD] Messiah Of Confusion
COUNT RAVEN [2009] [CD] Mammons War
COUNTESS [2000] [CD] The Shining Swords Of Hate
COUNTESS [2001] [CD] The Revenge Of The Horned One Pt One
COURAGEOUS [2006] [CD] Downfall of Honesty
COVEN [1988] [CD] Blessed Is The Black
COVENANT [1997] [CD] In Times Before the Light
COVENANT [1998] [CD] Nexus Polaris
COVERDALE / PAGE [1993] [CD] Coverdale / Page
COZ [1981] [CD] Mas Sexy - Las Chicas Son Guerreras
CRADLE OF FILTH [1994] [CD] The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
CRADLE OF FILTH [1996] [CD] Dusk And Her Embrace
CRADLE OF FILTH [1996] [CD] Dusk And Her Embrace (Coffin Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [1996] [CD] Dusk And Her Embrace (Ltd.Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [1996] [MCD] Vempire Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein
CRADLE OF FILTH [1998] [2CD] Cruelty And The Beast (Reissued-2001)
CRADLE OF FILTH [1998] [CD] Cruelty And The Beast
CRADLE OF FILTH [1998] [CD] Cruelty And The Beast (Ltd. Celtic Cross Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [1999] [MCD] From The Cradle To Enslave
CRADLE OF FILTH [2000] [CD-Bootleg] Raredaemonaeon
CRADLE OF FILTH [2000] [CD] Midian (Special Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2001] [CD] Bitter Suites To Succubi
CRADLE OF FILTH [2002] [2CD] Live Bait For The Dead
CRADLE OF FILTH [2002] [2CD] Lovecraft And Witch Hearts
CRADLE OF FILTH [2003] [CD] Damnation And A Day
CRADLE OF FILTH [2004] [2CD] Nymphetamine (Special Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2004] [CD] Nymphetamine
CRADLE OF FILTH [2006] [CD] Thornography
CRADLE OF FILTH [2008] [2CD] Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder (Ltd.Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2010] [2CD] Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa (Ltd.Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2011] [MCD+DVD] Evermore Darkly
CRADLE OF FILTH [2012] [2CD] Midnight In The Labyrinth
CRADLE OF FILTH [2012] [CD] The Manticore and Other Horrors (Ltd.Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2015] [CD] Hammer Of The Witches (Ltd. Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2016] [CD] Dusk and Her Embrace (The Original Sin)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2017] [CD] Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay (Ltd. Ed.)
CRADLE OF FILTH [2019] [CD] Cruelty And The Beast - Re-Mistressed
CRADLE OF FILTH [2021] [CD] Existence Is Futile
CRAFT [2000] [CD] Total Soul Rape
CRAFT [2002] [CD] Terror Propaganda
CRAFT [2005] [CD] Fuck The Universe
CRAFT [2011] [CD] Void
CRAFT [2018] [CD] White Noise and Black Metal
CRANIUM [1997] [MCD] Speed Metal Satan
CRANIUM [1998] [CD] Speed Metal Slaughter
CRANIUM [1999] [CD] Speed Metal Sentence
CRASH THE SYSTEM [2009] [CD] The Crowning
CRASH [1997] [CD] Experimental State of Fear
CRASHDIET [2007] [CD] The Unattractive Revolution
CRASHDIET [2013] [CD] The Savage Playground
CRAWL [2018] [CD] Rituals
CRAWLER [2011] [CD] Knight Of The Word
CRAWLING CHAOS [2008] [MCD] Goatsuckers (Demo)
CRAWLING DEATH [2008] [CD] New Murder Art
CREATED TO KILL [2008] [CD] Worship or Die
CREATION OF DEATH [1991] [CD] Purify Your Soul
CREATION'S END [2010] [CD] A New Beginning
CREEPING DEATH [2021] [MCD] The Edge Of Existence
CREHATED [2008] [CD] Anthems Of Hate
CREMASTER [2007] [CD] Pumpernikel
CREMATORY (DEU) [1998] [MCD] Limited DJ-Club CD
CREMATORY (DEU) [2000] [MCD] Limited DJ Club-CD
CREMATORY [1992] [MCD] Denial
CREMATORY [1993] [CD] Transmigration
CREMATORY [1993] [CD] Transmigration (Remastered-2002)
CREMATORY [1994] [CD] ...Just Dreaming
CREMATORY [1994] [CD] ...Just Dreaming (Reissued-2002)
CREMATORY [1994] [CD] ...Just Dreaming (Remastered-1999)
CREMATORY [1995] [CD] Illusions
CREMATORY [1995] [CD] Illusions (Remastered-2001)
CREMATORY [1995] [CD] Illusions (Remastered-2003)
CREMATORY [1996] [CD] Crematory
CREMATORY [1996] [CD] Crematory (Russian Ed.)
CREMATORY [1996] [MCD] Ist es wahr E.P.
CREMATORY [1997] [CD] Awake
CREMATORY [1997] [CD] Live... At The Out Of The Dark Festivals
CREMATORY [1997] [CD] Live... At the Out of the Dark Festivals (Remastered-2000)
CREMATORY [1999] [2CD] Early Years (Reissued-2004)
CREMATORY [1999] [3CD] Early Years
CREMATORY [1999] [CD] Act Seven (Russian Ed.)
CREMATORY [1999] [MCD] Fly
CREMATORY [2000] [CD] Believe
CREMATORY [2001] [2CD] Remind
CREMATORY [2001] [CD] Remind (Russian Ed.)
CREMATORY [2004] [CDS] Greed
CREMATORY [2004] [CD] Revolution
CREMATORY [2005] [CD+DVD] Live Revolution
CREMATORY [2006] [2CD] Klagebilder
CREMATORY [2006] [CD] Klagebilder
CREMATORY [2008] [CD] Pray
CREMATORY [2010] [CD] Infinity (Ltd. Ed.)
CREMATORY [2014] [CD] Antiserum (Ltd.Ed.)
CREMATORY [2016] [CD] Monument (Ltd. Ed.)
CREMATORY [2017] [CD+DVD] Live Insurrection
CREMATORY [2018] [CD] Oblivion
CREMATORY [2022] [CD] Inglorious Darkness
CREPUSCULARIA [2005] [CD] Buried And Forgotten
CRESCENT LAMENT [2015] [CD] Elegy for the Blossoms (Digipak)
CRESCENT SHIELD [2006] [CD] The Last of My Kind
CRESCENT SHIELD [2009] [CD] The Stars Of Never Seen
CRESENT [2006] [CD] Cresent
CREST OF DARKNESS [1997] [CD] The Ogress
CREST OF DARKNESS [2000] [CD] Project Regeneration
CREST OF DARKNESS [2004] [CD] Evil Knows Evil
CREST OF DARKNESS [2013] [CD] In The Presence Of Death
CREST OF DARKNESS [2019] [CD] The God Of Flesh
CRESTFALLEN [1996] [MCD] Secrets of Time
CRETIN [2006] [CD] Freakery
CRETIN [2014] [CD] Stranger
CRIMES OF PASSION [2011] [CD] To Die For (Japanese Ed.)
CRIMFALL [2009] [CD] As The Path Unfolds...
CRIMFALL [2011] [CD] The Writ of Sword
CRIMINAL [1994] [CD] Victimized
CRIMINAL [1996] [MCD] Live Disorder
CRIMINAL [1997] [CD] Dead Soul
CRIMINAL [2000] [CD] Cancer
CRIMINAL [2001] [CD] Cancer [Enhanced]
CRIMINAL [2004] [CD] No Gods No Masters
CRIMINAL [2005] [CD] Sicario
CRIMINAL [2009] [CD+DVD] White Hell (Ltd.Ed.)
CRIMINAL [2011] [CD] Akelarre
CRIMSON CULT [2009] [CD] Crimson Cult
CRIMSON CULT [2012] [CD] Tales of Doom
CRIMSON DEATH [2004] Technology
CRIMSON GLORY [1986] [CD] Crimson Glory
CRIMSON GLORY [1988] [CD] Transcendence
CRIMSON GLORY [1991] [CD] Strange And Beautiful
CRIMSON GLORY [1999] [CD] Astronomica (Japanese Ed.)
CRIMSON MASSACRE [2005] [CD] The Luster Of Pandemonium
CRIMSON RELIC [1996] [CD] Purgatory's Reign
CRIMSON SHADOWS [2012] [CD] Glory On The Battlefield
CRIMSON SHADOWS [2012] [CD] Glory On The Battlefield (Japanese Ed.)
CRIMSON SHADOWS [2014] [CD] Kings Among Men
CRIMSON TEARS [2005] [MCD] Gothica
CRIMSON TEARS [2007] [CD] The Dark Awakening
CRIMSON VALLEY [2012] [CD] Crossing The Sky
CRIMSON WIND [2011] [CD] The Wings of Salvation
CRIMSON WIND [2011] [CD] The Wings Of Salvation (Japanese Ed.)
CRIMSONFIRE [2005] [CD] Crimsonfire
CRIONIC [1993] [CD] Different
CRIONICS [2003] [CD] Human Error Ways To Selfdestruction
CRIONICS [2005] [CD] Armageddons Evolution
CRIONICS [2007] [CD] Neuthrone
CRIPTOFONIA [2008] [MCD] Sinfonia De La Cripta
CRISES [1995] [MCD] Crises
CRISES [1998] [CD] Broken Glass
CRISES [2004] [CD] Balance
CRISES [2009] [CD] Coral Dreams
CRISIS [1996] [CD] Deathshead Extermination
CRISTALYS [2006] [CD] Quintessence Celtique
CRISTALYS [2009] [CD] Sureminence
CRITERION [2005] [CD] The Dominant
CRITICAL SOLUTION [2016] [CD] Sleepwalker
CRO-MAGS [1986] [CD] The Age Of Quarrel (Remastered-2005)
CRO-MAGS [1989] [CD] Best Wishes
CRO-MAGS [1994] [CD] The Age of Quarrel / Best Wishes
CROM [2003] [MCD] The Fallen Beauty
CROM [2008] [CD] Vengeance
CROMONIC [2017] [CD] Time (Japanese Ed.)
CRONIAN [2006] [CD] Terra
CRONIAN [2008] [CD] Enterprise
CRONIC DISORDER [2001] [CD] Torture Test
CRONOS [1990] [CD] Dancing In The Fire
CRONOS [1993] [CD] Rock 'n' Roll Disease
CRONOS [1995] [CD] Venom
CRONOS [2006] [2CD] Hell To The Unkown - The Cronos Anthology
CROSS BORNS [1999] [CD] Legend of the Four Rings
CROSS BORNS [2003] [2CD] Alomfold / Dreamland
CROSS BORNS [2005] [CD] Orion - Az Ember Alkonya
CROSS BORNS [2006] [2CD] A Torony / The Tower
CROSS BORNS [2007] [2CD] Halhatatlan Vagyodas
CROSS BORNS [2009] [2CD] A Fiú És A Sárkány / The Boy And The Dragon
CROSS EXAMINATION [2008] [CD] Menace II Sobriety
CROSSFIRE [1983] [CD] See You In Hell
CROSSFIRE [1985] [CD] Second Attack
CROSSFIRE [1986] [CD] Sharpshooter
CROSSFIRE [1987] [CD] Live Attack
CROSSFIRE [2005] [CD] Aggression Treaty
CROSSWIND [2010] [CD] Opposing Forces / Beyond
CROTALO [1997] [CD] Nel Cuore Del Mondo
CROW'S FLIGHT [2011] [CD] The Calm Before
CROWBAR [1991] [CD] Obedience Thru Suffering
CROWBAR [1991] [CD] Obedience Thru Suffering (Reissued-1995)
CROWBAR [1993] [CD] Crowbar
CROWBAR [1994] [MCD] Live + 1
CROWBAR [1995] [CD] Time Heals Nothing
CROWBAR [1996] [CD] Broken Glass
CROWBAR [1999] [CD] Odd Fellows Rest
CROWBAR [2000] [CD] Equilibrium
CROWBAR [2001] [CD] Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form
CROWBAR [2005] [CD] Lifesblood For The Downtrodden
CROWHEAD [2002] [CD] Frozen (Reissued-2003)
CROWN OF AUTUMN [1997] [CD] The Treasure Arcane (Transfigurated Edition) (Remastered-2011)
CROWN OF GLORY [2008] [CD] A Deep Breath Of Life
CROWN OF THORNS (SWE) [1995] [CD] The Burning
CROWN OF THORNS (SWE) [1997] [CD] Eternal Death
CROWN OF THORNS (US) [1994] [CD] Loneliness Is Black
CROWN THE LOST [2009] [CD] Blind Faith Loyalty
CROWN THE LOST [2011] [CD] Cold Pestilent Hope
CROWN [1996] [MCD] Top Of The World
CROWNED IN EARTH [2010] [CD] Visions Of The Haunted
CROWPATH [2004] [CD] Red On Chrome
CROWPATH [2005] [CD] Son of Sulphur
CROWPATH [2008] [CD] One With Filth
CROWS [1991] [CD] The Dying Race
CRUACHAN [2000] [CD] The Middle Kingdom
CRUACHAN [2001] [CD] Tuatha Na Gael
CRUACHAN [2001] [MCD] Ride On
CRUACHAN [2002] [CD] Folk-Lore
CRUACHAN [2004] [CD] Pagan
CRUACHAN [2011] [CD] Blood On The Black Robe
CRUCIAMENTUM [2009] [MCD] Convocation of Crawling Chaos (Reissued-2011)
CRUCIAMENTUM [2011] [MCD] Engulfed in Desolation
CRUCIFER [1992] [CD] Festival of Death
CRUCIFICTION [2010] [CD] Portals To The Beyond
CRUCIFIED BARBARA [2012] [CD] The Midnight Chase
CRUCIFIED MORTALS [2004] [MCD] Converted By Decapitation (Reissued-2006)
CRUCIFIED MORTALS [2011] [CD] Crucified Mortals
CRUCIFIED [1996] [CD] Time Of Darkness
CRUCIFIER [2002] [CD] Merciless Conviction (Reissued-2009)
CRUCIFIX [1983] [CD] Dehumanization
CRUCIFUCK [2011] [CD] Übermensch
CRUCIFUCK [2013] [MCD] Das Tote Blut
CRUCIFYRE [2010] [CD] Infernal Earthly Divine
CRUELLA [1989] [CD] Vengeance Is Mine
CRUENTUS [2010] [CD] Terminal Code (Digipak)
CRUEVO / BRAINOIL [2001] [CD] Split
CRUSADER [2007] [CD] SkinClad
CRUSHER [2012] [CD] Endless Torment
CRUSTACEAN [1998] [CD] Burden Of Our Suffering
CRUSTACEAN [2003] [CD] Insaniac
CRUSTACEAN [2011] [CD] Greed, Tyranny and Sodomy
CRUX [2007] [CD] Scream Of Death
CRY OF TERROR [1991] [CD] Unnatural prospects in a concrete world
CRY VENOM [2016] [CD] Vanquish The Demon (Japanese Ed.) (Reissued-2017)
CRYFEMAL [2004] [CD] With the Help of the Devil
CRYFEMAL [2005] [CD] Escucha a los muertos
CRYFEMAL [2005] [CD] Perpetua Funebre Gloria
CRYHAVOC [1998] [CD] Sweetbriers
CRYOGENIC [1995] [TAPE] Hypocrisy (Demo)
CRYOGENIC [1997] [CD] Suspended Animation
CRYONIC TEMPLE [2002] [CD] Chapter I
CRYONIC TEMPLE [2005] [CD] In Thy Power
CRYONIC TEMPLE [2008] [CD] Immortal
CRYONIC TEMPLE [2017] [CD] Into The Glorious Battle
CRYONIC TEMPLE [2018] [CD] Deliverance (Japanese Ed.)
CRYOPHILIC [2020] [CD] Barbarity
CRYPT OF KERBEROS [1993] [CD] World of Myths (Reissued-2012)
CRYPT OF KERBEROS [2005] [CD] The Macrodex Of War
CRYPT OF SILENCE [2014] [CD] Beyond Shades
CRYPTA [2021] [CD] Echoes of the Soul
CRYPTAL DARKNESS [1996] [CD] Endless Tears...
CRYPTAL DARKNESS [2000] [CD] They Whispered You Had Risen
CRYPTAL DARKNESS [2001] [CD] Chapter II The Fallen
CRYPTIC CARNAGE [1998] [CD] Rozelowe
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER [1986] [CD] Convicted
CRYPTIC TALES [1994] [CD] Valley Of The Dolls
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON [1999] [CD] The Age of Cataclysm (Digipack) (Reissued-2004)
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON [2003] [CD] A Coming Storm
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON [2005] [CD] Of Shadows And The Dark...
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON [2009] [CD] Fear (Digipack)
CRYPTICUS [2008] [CD] They Called Me Mad!
CRYPTOPSY [1994] [CD] Blasphemy Made Flesh
CRYPTOPSY [1996] [CD] None So Vile
CRYPTOPSY [1998] [CD] Whisper Supremacy
CRYPTOPSY [1999] [CD] None So Vile (Japanese Ed.)
CRYPTOPSY [2000] [CD] And Then You'll Beg
CRYPTOPSY [2003] [CD] None So Live
CRYPTOPSY [2005] [CD] Once Was Not
CRYPTOPSY [2008] [CD] The Unspoken King
CRYPTOPSY [2012] [2CD] The Best Of Us Bleed
CRYPTOPSY [2012] [CD] Cryptopsy
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR [2017] [CD] The Stench of the Earth
CRYSTAL AGE [1995] [CD] Far Beyond Divine Horizons
CRYSTAL BALL [2000] [CD] Hard Impact (Japanese Ed.)
CRYSTAL BALL [2005] [CD] Time Walker (Ltd. Ed.)
CRYSTAL BALL [2013] [CD] Dawnbreaker (Ltd. Ed.)
CRYSTAL BALL [2015] [CD] Liferider (Ltd. Ed.)
CRYSTAL BALL [2016] [CD] Deja-Voodoo (Ltd. Ed.)
CRYSTAL BALL [2018] [CD] Crystallizer (Japanese Ed.)
CRYSTAL BALL [2018] [CD] Crystallizer (Ltd. Ed.)
CRYSTAL DARKNESS [1999] [CD] Ascend Saturnine Nebulae
CRYSTAL EYES [1999] [CD] World Of Black And Silver
CRYSTAL EYES [2003] [CD] Vengeance Descending
CRYSTAL EYES [2005] [CD] Confessions Of The Maker
CRYSTAL EYES [2006] [CD] Dead City Dreaming
CRYSTAL EYES [2008] [CD] Chained
CRYSTAL EYES [2014] [CD] Killer
CRYSTAL OF CARPAT [2012] [CD] Darkness and Light
CRYSTAL TEARS [1997] [MCD] In A Winter Fairytale...
CRYSTAL TEARS [2006] [CD] Choirs Of Immortal
CRYSTAL TEARS [2010] [CD] Generation X
CRYSTAL VIPER [2007] [CD] The Curse Of Crystal Viper (Reissued-2012)
CRYSTAL VIPER [2009] [CD] Metal Nation
CRYSTAL VIPER [2010] [CD] Defenders Of The Magic Circle - Live In Germany
CRYSTAL VIPER [2010] [CD] Legends
CRYSTAL VIPER [2012] [CD] Crimen Excepta
CRYSTAL VIPER [2013] [CD] Possession
CRYSTAL VIPER [2017] [CD] Queen Of The Witches
CRYSTALIUM [2002] [CD] De Aeternitate Commando
CRYSTALIUM [2005] [CD] Diktat Omega
CRYSTALLION [2006] [CD] A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night
CRYSTALLION [2008] [CD] Hattin
CRYSTALLION [2009] [CD] Hundred Days
CRYSTALMOORS [2008] [CD] Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem
CSEJTHE [2013] [CD] Réminiscence
CTHULHU RISE [2012] [CD] 42
CÜ SUJO - AGATHOCLES [2008] [MCD] Abstract (Digipack)
CUATRO GATOS [2003] La Caja de Musica
CUERO Y METAL [2006] [CD] Juicio Final
CUERO [2003] [CD] Heavy Metal
CULPRIT [1984-2000] [CD] Guilty As Charged
CULT OF LUNA [2001] [CD] Cult Of Luna (Reissued-2003)
CULT OF LUNA [2003] [CD] The Beyond
CULT OF LUNA [2004] [CD] Salvation
CULT OF LUNA [2006] [CD] Somewhere Along the Highway (Ltd.Ed.)
CULT OF LUNA [2008] [CD] Eternal Kingdom
CULT OF LUNA [2013] [CD] Vertikal
CULT OF THE FOX [2011] [CD] A Vow Of Vengeance
CULT OF THE FOX [2013] [CD] Angelsbane
CULTED [2009] [CD] Beyond The Thunders Of The Upper Deep
CULTES DES GHOULES [2006] [MCD] Angel of Poison and Death (Reissued-2011)
CULTES DES GHOULES [2008] [CD] Haxan (Reissued-2013)
CULTES DES GHOULES [2013] [CD] Henbane
CULTES DES GHOULES [2015] [MCD] The Rise Of Lucifer
CULTUS (NLD) / MESLAMTAEA [2005] [EP] De dodenstoet / Klaagzang (Split)
CULTUS SANGUINE [1995] [MCD] Cultus Sanguine
CULTUS SANGUINE [1997] [CD] Shadows' Blood
CUMBEAST [2008] [CD] Gourmet Of Ill Shit
CUMBEAST [2012] [CD] Recycled Nastiness
CUMBEAST [2015] [CD] Groovy Massacre
CURARE [1991] [MCD] Just A Scratch
CUSTARD [2000] [CD] For My King
CUSTARD [2012] [CD] Infested By Anger
CUSTARD [2017] [CD] A Realm Of Tales
CUT THROAT [1998] [CD] Cut Throat
CUT UP [2015] [CD] Forensic Nightmares
CUT UP [2017] [CD] Wherever They May Rot
CUTTHROAT [2000] [CD] Rape Rape Rape
CUTTY SARK [1984] [CD] Die Tonight (Remastered-1997)
CYBORG (ROU) [2009] [CD] The Last Thing You'll See
CYBORG [1996] [CD] Chronicles
CYCLONE TEMPLE [1991] [CD] I Hate Therefore I Am
CYCLONE TEMPLE [1993] [MCD] Building Errors In The Machine
CYCLONE TEMPLE [1994] [CD] My Friend Lonely
CYCLONE [1986] [CD] Brutal Destruction (Reissued-1998)
CYCLONE [1990] [CD] Inferior To None
CYCLOPHONIA [2012] [CD+DVD] Impact Is Imminent
CYCO MIKO / INFECTIOUS GROOVES [2010] [2CD] Funk It Up & Punk It Up: Live in France '95
CYDIA [2011] [CD] Evil Sun
CYDONIA [2001] [CD] Cydonia
CYDONIA [2003] The Dark Flower
CYDONIAN [2001] [CD] Estranged
CYHRA [2017] [CD] Letters To Myself (Japanese Ed.)
CYNIC [1993] [CD] Focus
CYNIC [1993] [CD] Focus (Remastered-2004)
CYNIC [2008] [CD] Traced In Air
CYNIC [2008] [CD] Traced In Air - Remixed (Remastered-2019)
CYNIC [2011] [MCD] Carbon-Based Anatomy
CYNIC [2014] [CD] Kindly Bent to Free Us
CYNIC [2021] [CD] Ascension Codes
CYNICON [2003] [CD] Cybernetic
CYNTHESIS [2011] [CD] DeEvolution
CYNTHESIS [2013] [CD] ReEvolution
CYPERUS [2011] [CD] Blow It Out Your Ass
CYPHER SEER [2011] [CD] Origins
CYPHER [2006] [CD] Darkday Carnival (Digipak)
CYRCLE IX [1998] [MCD] A New Dimension
CYTOTOXIN [2011] [CD] Plutonium Heaven
CYTOTOXIN [2012] [CD] Radiophobia
CYTOTOXIN [2017] [CD] Gammageddon
CYTOTOXIN [2020] [CD] Nuklearth

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D.A.M [2014] [2CD] Tales Of The Mad King & Possessed (Japanese Ed.)
D.A.M. [1989] [CD] Human Wreckage
D.A.M. [1991] [CD] Inside Out
D.A.R.K. [1992] [CD] Sex 'n' Death
D.C. COOPER [1998] [CD] D.C. Cooper (Japanese Ed.)
D.N.O. [2006] [CD] Do Not Open
D.R.I. [1985] [CD] Dealing With It!
D.R.I. [1987] [CD] Crossover
D.R.I. [1987] [CD] Crossover
D.R.I. [1987] [CD] Crossover (Remastered-2010)
D.R.I. [1988] [CD] 4 Of A Kind
D.R.I. [1989] [CD] Thrash Zone
D.R.I. [1992] [CD] Definition
D.R.I. [2002] [CD] The Dirty Rotten CD
DA CAPO [2001] [CD] Phaistos
DA CAPO [2003] [2CD] Senkifoldje / Nowhereland
DAATH [2007] [CD] The Hinderers
DAATH [2009] [CD] The Concealers
DAEDALUS [2003] [CD] Leading Far From A Mistake
DAEDALUS [2009] [CD] The Never Ending Illusion
DAEDALUS [2011] [CD] Motherland
DAEMON LOST [2015] [CD] When Violence Is Your Guide
DAEMON [1997] [CD] Seven Deadly Sins
DAEMON [1998] [CD] The Second Coming
DAEMONARCH [1998] [CD] Hermeticum
DAEMONHEIM [2005] [CD] Schlachtfeld
DAEMONHEIM [2007] [CD] Hexentanz (Ltd. Ed.)
DAEMONIUM [1994] [CD] Dark Opera of the Ancient War Spirit
DAEMONLORD [2002] [CD] The Sign (Key Of The Underworld ...
DAEMONLORD [2004] [CD] Of War and Hate (Reissued-2005)
DAEMONLORD [2006] [CD] Hellfire Centuries
DAEMONLORD [2011] [CD] Godless Prayers
DAGNIR EN GWANN [2013] [CD] Dagnir En Gwann
DAGOBA [2006] [CD] What Hell Is About
DAGOBA [2008] [CD] Face the Colossus
DAGOBA [2010] [CD] Poseidon
DAGOBA [2013] [CD] Post Mortem Nihil Est
DAGOR DAGORATH [2010] [CD] Yetzer Ha'Ra
DAGOTH [2006] [CD] New Empire
DAI [1993] [CD] The Advent
DAIMA [2019] [MCD] One Step Further, One Step Back
DAKRIA [1997] [MCD] Immortal Silent Heaven
DAKRUA [1999] [CD] Inner Wastelands (Reissued-2004)
DAKRUA [2002] [CD] Shifting Realities
DAKRYA [2010] [CD] Crime Scene
DAKSINROY [2006] [CD] Demons of My Inside
DALI'S DILEMMA [1999] [CD] Manifesto For Futurism
DALRIADA [2007] [CD] Kikelet
DALRIADA [2008] [CD] Szelek
DALRIADA [2009] [CD] Arany-album
DALRIADA [2011] [CD] Igeret (Digipak)
DALRIADA [2012] [CD] Napisten hava
DAM [2005] [CD] Purity (The Darwinian Paradox)
DAMAAR [2006] [MCD] Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege
DAMAGEPLAN [2004] [CD] New Found Power
DAMIEN BREED [1994] [CD] Ave Satani
DAMIEN THORNE [1986] [CD] The Sign Of The Jackal (Remastered-2003)
DAMIEN [1987] [LP] Every Dog Has Its Day
DAMIEN [1989] [CD] Stop This War
DAMMERUNG [2011] [CD] Dark Poetry
DAMN THE MACHINE [1993] [CD] Damn The Machine
DAMNATION (CAN) [2010] [CD] Speed Anarchy
DAMNATION (POL) [2003] [CD] Resurrection Of Azarath
DAMNATION ANGELS [2012] [CD] Bringer Of Light (Japanese Ed.)
DAMNATION ANGELS [2015] [CD] The Valiant Fire
DAMNATION ARMY [2003] [MCD] Towards Damnation
DAMNATION ARMY [2004] [CD]The Art of the Occult
DAMNATION ARMY [2006] [CD] Tyrant
DAMNATION ARMY [2009] [CD] Circle of the Brave
DAMNATION DEFACED [2010] [CD] Beyond The Pale
DAMNATIONS DAY [2012] [CD] Invisible, the Dead
DAMNATIONS DAY [2017] [CD] A World Awakens
DAMNED NATION [1995] [CD] Just What The Doctor Ordered (Japanese Ed.)
DAMNED NATION [1999] [CD] Road Of Desire (Japanese Ed.)
DAMNED NATION [2000] [CD] Grand Design (Japanese Ed.)
DAMNED SPIRIT'S DANCE [2009] [CD] Weird Constellations
DAMNED SPIRITS DANCE [2005] [MCD] The Growing Spirit
DAN SWANO [1998] [CD] Moontower
DANGER DANGER [1991] [CD] Screw It
DANGER [1981] [CD] Danger
DANSE MACABRE [1998] [CD] Totentanz
DANSE MACABRE [2002] [MCD] Matters Of The Heart
DANTALION [2006] [CD] When the Ravens Fly over Me
DANTALION [2007] [CD] Call Of The Broken Souls
DANTALION [2010] [CD] All Roads Lead To Death
DANTALION [2012] [CD] Return to Deep Lethargy
DANTE [2007] [CD] The Inner Circle
DANTE [2010] [CD] Saturnine
DANTE [2013] [CD] November Red
DANTESCO [2005] [CD] De La Mano De La Muerte
DANTESCO [2008] [CD] Pagano
DANTON [1988] [CD] Way Of Destiny (Reissued-2006)
DANZIG [1988] [CD] Danzig
DANZIG [1990] [CD] Danzig II Lucifuge
DANZIG [1990] [CD] II - Lucifuge (Reissued-1999)
DANZIG [1992] [CDS] Dirty Black Summer
DANZIG [1993] [CDS] Mother
DANZIG [1994] [CDS] I Don't Mind The Pain
DANZIG [1994] [CDS] Mother '94
DANZIG [1994] [CD] IV
DANZIG [1995] [CDS] Can't Speak
DANZIG [1996] [CDS] Sacrifice (Reissued-2000)
DANZIG [1996] [CD] 5 - Blackacidevil (Reissued-2000)
DANZIG [1999] [CD] 666 - Satans Child (Special Ed.)
DANZIG [2001] [2CD] Live On The Black Hand
DANZIG [2002] [CD] 777: I Luciferi
DANZIG [2004] [CD] Circle Of Snakes
DANZIG [2007] [DCD] The Lost Tracks Of Danzig
DANZIG [2010] [CD] Deth Red Sabaoth
DANZIG [2015] [CD] Skeletons (Ltd. Ed.)
DARIO MOLLO'S CROSSBONES [2016] [CD] Rock The Cradle (Japanese Ed.)
DARK AGE [2002] [CD] The Silent Republic (Japanese Ed.)
DARK AGE [2004] [CD] Dark Age (Japanese Ed.)
DARK AGE [2009] [CD] Acedia
DARK AGE [2010] [CD] Acedia (Japanese Ed.)
DARK AGE [2013] [CD] A Matter Of Trust
DARK ANGEL [1984] [CD] We Have Arrived (Reissued-1997)
DARK ANGEL [1986] [CD] Darkness Descends
DARK ANGEL [1986] [CD] Darkness Descends (Reissued-1998)
DARK ANGEL [1988] [CD] Leave Scars
DARK ANGEL [1990] [CD] Live Scars (Remastered-1999)
DARK ANGEL [1991] [CD] Time Does Not Heal
DARK ANGEL [1991] [CD] Time Does Not Heal (Remastered-1999)
DARK ANGEL [1991] [CD] Time Does Not Heal (Remastered-2010)
DARK ANGEL [1992] [CD] Decade Of Chaos (Best Of)
DARK ARENA [2006] [CD] Alien Factor
DARK ARENA [2009] [CD] Flowing Black
DARK ARMAGEDDON / THY MAJESTY [2006] [CD] United By Hellfire
DARK AT DAWN [1995] [MCD] Oceans of Time
DARK AT DAWN [2000] [CD] Baneful Skies
DARK AT DAWN [2001] [CD] Crimson Frost
DARK AT DAWN [2002] [CD] First Beams of Light - Rediscovered Tracks
DARK AT DAWN [2003] [CD] Of Decay And Desire
DARK AVENGER [2000] [CD] Dark Avenger
DARK AVENGER [2003] [MCD] X Dark Years
DARK COVENANT [2011] [CD] Eulogies For The Fallen
DARK EDEN [2008] [CD] Frightful Chronicles Of Human Nature
DARK EMPIRE [2006] [CD] Distant Tides
DARK EMPIRE [2006] [CD] Distant Tides (Remastered-2007)
DARK EMPIRE [2008] [CD] Humanity Dethroned
DARK EMPIRE [2008] [CD] Humanity Dethroned (Japanese Ed.)
DARK EMPIRE [2012] [CD] From Refuge To Ruin
DARK FAITH [2004] [CD] Storm Of Hatred and Anger
DARK FLOOD [2014] [CD] Inverno (Japanese Ed.) (Reissued 2017)
DARK FOREST (CAN) [2006] [CD] Aurora Borealis
DARK FOREST (UK) [2009] [CD] Dark Forest
DARK FOREST (UK) [2011] [CD] Dawn Of Infinity
DARK FOREST (UK) [2014] [CD] The Awakening
DARK FORTRESS [2001] [CD] Tales From Eternal Dusk
DARK FORTRESS [2003] [CD] Profane Genocidal Creations
DARK FORTRESS [2004] [CD] Stab Wounds
DARK FORTRESS [2006] [CD] Seance
DARK FORTRESS [2008] [CD] Eidolon
DARK FORTRESS [2010] [CD] Ylem (Ltd. Ed.)
DARK FUNERAL [1994] [MCD] Dark Funeral
DARK FUNERAL [1995] [2CD] The Secrets Of The Black Arts (Remastered-2007)
DARK FUNERAL [1996] [CD] The Secrets Of The Black Arts
DARK FUNERAL [1998] [CD] Vobiscum Satanas
DARK FUNERAL [1998] [CD] Vobiscum Satanas (Remastered-2007)
DARK FUNERAL [2000] [CD] Teach Children To Worship Satan
DARK FUNERAL [2001] [CD] Diabolis Interium
DARK FUNERAL [2004] [CD] De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine
DARK FUNERAL [2005] [CD] Attera Totus Sanctus
DARK FUNERAL [2009] [CD+DVD] Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus (Ltd. Ed.)
DARK FUNERAL [2015] [EP] Nail Them to the Cross
DARK FUNERAL [2016] [CD] Where Shadows Forever Reign
DARK FUNERAL; INFERNAL [2001] [CD] Under The Wings Of Hell
DARK FURY [2005] [CD] Slavonic Thunder
DARK FURY [2007] [CD] Final Solution
DARK FURY [2008] [CD] Fortress of Eagles
DARK FURY [2009] [CD] The Price Of Treason
DARK FURY [2010] [CD] Saligia
DARK FURY [2012] [CD] W.A.R.
DARK FURY [2013] [CD] Semper Fidelis
DARK FURY [2014] [CD] Synningthwait
DARK FURY [2016] [CD] This Story Happened Before (Digipak)
DARK FURY [2019] [CD] Flooded Lands (Digipak)
DARK ILLUSION [2005] [CD] Beyond The Shadows
DARK ILLUSION [2005] [CD] Beyond The Shadows (Japanese Ed.)
DARK ILLUSION [2010] [CD] Where The Eagles Fly (Japanese Ed.)
DARK LUNACY [2001] [CD] Devoid
DARK LUNACY [2003] [CD] Forget-Me-Not
DARK LUNACY [2006] [CD] The Diarist
DARK LUNACY [2014] [CD] The Day Of Victory
DARK MILLENNIUM [1992] [CD] Ashore The Celestial Burden
DARK MILLENNIUM [1992] [CD] Ashore the Celestial Burden (Remastered-2015)
DARK MILLENNIUM [1993] [CD] Diana Read Peace
DARK MILLENNIUM [1993] [CD] Diana Read Peace (Reissued-2015)
DARK MILLENNIUM [2015] [CD] Out Of The Past
DARK MILLENNIUM [2022] [CD] Acid River
DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY [2018] [CD] The Lord Ov Shadows (Japanese Ed.)
DARK MIRROR [2007] [CD] Visions Of Pain (Reissued-2009)
DARK MIRROR [2009] [CD] Portrait Of Evil
DARK MOOR [1999] [CD] Shadowland
DARK MOOR [2000] [CD] The Hall Of The Olden Dreams
DARK MOOR [2002] [CD] The Gates Of Oblivion
DARK MOOR [2002] [CD] The Gates Of Oblivion (Japanese Ed.)
DARK MOOR [2003] [CD] Dark Moor
DARK MOOR [2003] [CD] Dark Moor (Japanese Ed.)
DARK MOOR [2005] [CD] Beyond The Sea (Japanese Ed.)
DARK MOOR [2007] [CD] Tarot
DARK MOOR [2010] [CD] Ancestral Romance
DARK MOOR [2010] [CD] Ancestral Romance (Japanese Ed.)
DARK MOOR [2013] [2CD] Ars Musica (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
DARK MOOR [2013] [CD] Ars Musica
DARK MOOR [2015] [2CD] Project X (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
DARK MOOR [2018] [2CD] Origins (Japanese Ed.)
DARK MORBID DEATH [2009] [CD] Satanic Kills
DARK NIGHTMARE [2009] [CD] The Human Liberty
DARK NIGHTMARE [2012] [CD] Beneath The Veils Of Winter
DARK NOVA [2005] [CD] Sivilla
DARK ORDER [2006] [CD+DVD] The Violence Continuum (Delux.Ed.)
DARK ORDER [2010] [CD] Cold War of the Condor
DARK POETRY [2002] [CD] An Ugly Little Freak
DARK PRINCESS [2006] [CD] Stop My Heart
DARK PRINCESS [2012] [CD] The World I've Lost
DARK REALITY [1997] [CD] Oh Precious Haze Pervade the Pain
DARK REALITY [2013] [3CD] Umbra Cineris / Blossom of Mourning / Oh Precious Haze Pervade the Pain
DARK REMAINS [2009] [CD] A Construct To Obliterate
DARK SARAH [2015] [CD] Behind The Black Veil
DARK SKY [2005] [CD] Living & Dying (Japanese Ed.)
DARK SKY [2008] [CD] Empty Faces
DARK SKY [2018] [CD+DVD] Once
DARK STORM [2006] [CD] Hell Satan Blasphemy
DARK SUNS [2004] [CD] Existence
DARK SUNS [2008] [CD] Grave Human Genuine
DARK THE SUNS [2007] [CD] In Darkness Comes Beauty (Digipak)
DARK THE SUNS [2008] [MCD] The Dead End
DARK THE SUNS [2009] [CD] All Ends in Silence
DARK THE SUNS [2010] [CD] Sleepwalking in a Nightmare
DARK TRANQUILLITY / DARK ANGEL / INFERNAL MAJESTY [1999] [CD] The Official Demo Series Vol. 1 (Split)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1991] [TAPE] Trail of Life Decayed
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1992] [EP] A Moonclad Reflection
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1993] [CD] Skydancer
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1995] [CD] The Gallery
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1995] [MCD] Of Chaos and Eternal Night
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1996] Skydancer & Of Chaos And Eternal Night (Remastered-2014)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [1999] [CD] Projector
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2000] [CD] Haven (Remastered-2009)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2000] [CD] Skydancer & Of Chaos and Eternal Night
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2002] [CD] Damage Done (Japanese Ed.)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2002] [CD] Damage Done (Remastered-2009)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2004] [2CD] Exposures
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2004] [MCD] Lost To Apathy (Enh. Ed.)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2005] [CD] Character
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2005] [CD] Character (Ltd. Ed.)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2009] [CD] Manifesto of Dark Tranquillity
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2009] [CD] Yesterworlds - The Early Demos
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2010] [CD+DVD] We Are the Void (Ltd. Ed.)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2010] [CD+DVD] We Are The Void (Tour Edition 2011)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2013] [2CD] Construct (Ltd.Ed.)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2013] [CD] Construct (Korean Ed.)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2013] [CD] Construct (US Ed.)
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2014] [EP] A Memory Construct
DARK TRANQUILLITY [2016] [2CD] Atoma (Japanese Ed.)
DARK WHISPER (ARG) [2011] [CD] From Now On
DARK WIZARD [1984] [MCD] Devil's Victim
DARK WIZARD [1985] [CD] Reign Of Evil
DARK [1997] [CD] Seduction
DARKANE [1999] [CD] Rusted Angel (Reissued-2004)
DARKANE [2001] [CD] Insanity
DARKANE [2002] [CD] Expanding Senses
DARKANE [2005] [CD] Layers Of Lies
DARKANE [2008] [CD] Demonic Art
DARKANE [2013] [CD] The Sinister Supremacy (Ltd.Ed.)
DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT [2001] [CD] Follow The Calls For Battle
DARKENHOLD [2010] [CD] A Passage To The Towers
DARKER HALF [2009] [CD] Duality
DARKER HALF [2011] [CD] Desensitized
DARKER MYSTERIA [2012] [MCD] Fantasma De La Niebla Nocturna
DARKEST ERA [2011] [CD] The Last Caress Of Light
DARKEST SINS [2016] [CD] The Broken
DARKESTRAH [2007] [CD] Epos
DARKFIRE [2003] [CD] DarkFire (Japanese Ed.)
DARKIFIED [1995] [MCD] A Dance On The Grave
DARKING [2015] [CD] Steal The Fire
DARKLIGHT (ARG) [2011] [CD] Bleeding For Metal
DARKLIN REACH [1992] [CD] Where Evil Dwells
DARKLORD [1994] [MCD] ...By the Force of Sacred Mag...
DARKMOON (SWI) [2000] [MCD] Remains
DARKMOON (SWI) [2011] [CD] Wounds
DARKMOON (USA) [1998] [CD] Vengeance For Withered Hearts
DARKMOON (USA) [2001] [MCD] .308 Antichrist
DARKMOON WARRIOR [2013] [CD] Nuke 'Em All
DARKMOON [2003] [MCD] Black Domain
DARKMOON [2005] [CD] Of Bitterness And Hate
DARKNESS ABLAZE [2008] [CD] Darkness Ablaze
DARKNESS BY OATH [2012] [CD] Near Death Experience
DARKNESS ETERNAL [2005] [CD] Misanthropic Annihilat...
DARKNESS [1987] [CD] Death Squad
DARKNESS [1987] [CD] Death Squad (Reissued-2005)
DARKNESS [1988] [CD] Defenders Of Justice
DARKNESS [1988] [CD] Defenders Of Justice (Reissued-2005)
DARKNESS [1989] [CD] Conclusion & Revival (Reissued-2005)
DARKNESS [2015] [CD] Thrash Till Death!
DARKNESS [2016] [CD] The Gasoline Solution
DARKNESS [2018] [CD] First Class Violence
DARKOLOGY [2009] [CD] Altered Reflections
DARKOLOGY [2015] [CD] Fated To Burn (Ltd. Ed.)
DARKSEED [1992] [TAPE] Sharing the Grave (Reissued-1992)
DARKSEED [1993] [TAPE] Darksome Thoughts
DARKSEED [1994] [CD] Romantic Tales (Remastered-1998)
DARKSEED [1994] [MCD] Romantic Tales
DARKSEED [1996] [CD] Midnight Solemnly Dance
DARKSEED [1997] [CD] Spellcraft (Reissued-2003)
DARKSEED [1999] [CD] Give Me Light (Reissued-2003)
DARKSEED [2000] [CD] Diving Into Darkness (Reissued-2003)
DARKSEED [2005] [2CD] Ultimate Darkness
DARKSEED [2010] [CD] Poison Awaits (Digipak)
DARKSKY [2010] [CD] Where Angels Hide
DARKSPACE [2003] [CD] Dark Space I (Reissued-2006)
DARKSPACE [2005] [CD] Dark Space II (Reissued-2006)
DARKSPACE [2008] [CD] Dark Space III
DARKSTAR [1996] [CD] Marching Into Oblivion
DARKSUN [2006] [CD] El Lado Oscuro
DARKTHRONE / MAYHEM [2000] [CD-Bootleg] The True Legends in Black
DARKTHRONE [1991] [CD] Soulside Journey (Reissued-2001)
DARKTHRONE [1991] [CD] Soulside Journey (Remastered-2003)
DARKTHRONE [1992] [CD] A Blaze In The Northern Sky
DARKTHRONE [1992] [CD] A Blaze In The Northern Sky (Reissued-2004)
DARKTHRONE [1993] [CD] Under A Funeral Moon
DARKTHRONE [1993] [CD] Under A Funeral Moon (Remastered-2004)
DARKTHRONE [1994] [CD] Transilvanian Hunger
DARKTHRONE [1994] [CD] Transilvanian Hunger (Remastered-2003)
DARKTHRONE [1995] [CD] Panzerfaust
DARKTHRONE [1996] [CD] Goatlord
DARKTHRONE [1996] [CD] Total Death
DARKTHRONE [1997] [CD-Bootleg] The Roots Of Evilness - Live
DARKTHRONE [1999] [CD] Ravishing Grimness
DARKTHRONE [2000] [CD] Preparing For War (Reissued-2002)
DARKTHRONE [2001] [CD] Plaguewielder
DARKTHRONE [2003] [CD] Hate Them
DARKTHRONE [2004] [CD] Sardonic Wrath
DARKTHRONE [2006] [MCD] Too Old Too Cold
DARKTHRONE [2007] [MCD] NWOBHM (New Wave of Black Heavy Metal)
DARKTHRONE [2008] [3CD] Frostland Tapes (Digibook)
DARKTHRONE [2008] [CD] Dark Thrones And Black Flags
DARKTHRONE [2010] [CD] Circle The Wagons (Ltd. Ed. Digipak)
DARKTHRONE [2013] [CD] The Underground Resistance (Digibook)
DARKTHRONE [2016] [CD] Arctic Thunder
DARKTHRONE [2019] [CD] Old Star
DARKTHRONE [2021] [CD] Eternal Hails
DARKTHULE [2004] [CD] Beyond The Endless Horizons
DARKTRANCE [2008] [CD] Ghosts in the Shells
DARKTRIBE [2012] [CD] Mysticeti Victoria
DARKTRIBE [2015] [CD] The Modern Age
DARKWATER [2007] [CD] Calling The Earth To Witness
DARKWATER [2010] [CD] Where Stories End
DARKWELL [2002] [MCD] Conflict Of Interest (Reissued-2008)
DARKWELL [2004] [CD] Metat[r]on
DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED [1995] [CD] Heirs Of The Northstar
DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED [1996] [CD] Autumn Roars Thunder
DARZAMAT [1996] [CD] In The Flames Of Black Art
DARZAMAT [1997] [MCD] In The Opium Of The Black Veil
DARZAMAT [2003] [CD] Oniriad
DARZAMAT [2004] [CD] SemiDevilish
DARZAMAT [2005] [CD] Transkarpatia
DARZAMAT [2009] [CD] Solfernus' Path
DATURA [2005] [CD] Impulse 80
DAUNTLESS [2007] [CD] Execute the Fact
DAVID LEE ROTH [1986] [CD] Eat 'Em And Smile
DAVID READMAN [2007] [CD] David Readman
DAVID SHANKLE GROUP [2003] [CD] Ashes to Ashes
DAVID SHANKLE GROUP [2007] [CD] Hellborn
DAVID T. CHASTAIN [1987] [CD] Instrumental Variations
DAVID T. CHASTAIN [1989] [CD] Within The Heat
DAVID T. CHASTAIN [1991] [CD] Elegant Seduction
DAVID T. CHASTAIN [1992] [CD] Live! Wild And Truly Dimin...
DAVID T. CHASTAIN [1994] [CD] Next Planet Please
DAVID T. CHASTAIN [1999] [CD] Acoustic Visions
DAVID VALDES [2002] [CD] Paradise Lost
DAVID VALDES [2006] [CD] Imhotep
DAWN OF DEMISE [2007] [CD] Hate Takes Its Form
DAWN OF DESTINY [2007] [CD] ...begins
DAWN OF DESTINY [2008] [CD] Rebellion In Heaven
DAWN OF DESTINY [2009] [CD] Human Fragility
DAWN OF DESTINY [2009] [CD] Human Fragility (Japanese Ed.)
DAWN OF DESTINY [2009] [CD] Rebellion In Heaven (Japanese Ed.)
DAWN OF DESTINY [2012] [CD] Praying To The World
DAWN OF DESTINY [2015] [CD] To Hell
DAWN OF DREAMS (AUT) [1996] [CD] Amber
DAWN OF DREAMS (AUT) [1998] [CD] Fragments
DAWN OF DREAMS (AUT) [2000] [CD] Eidolon
DAWN OF OBLIVION [2002] [CD] Mephisto's Appealing (Reissued-2005)
DAWN OF RELIC [1999] [CD] One Night In Carcosa
DAWN OF RELIC [2002] [CD] Lovecraftian Dark
DAWN OF RELIC [2005] [CD] Night on Earth
DAWN OF SILENCE [2006] [CD] Moment Of Weakness
DAWN OF SILENCE [2010] [CD] Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner
DAWN OF SILENCE [2010] [CD] Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner (Japanese Ed.)
DAWN OF SOLACE [2006] [CD] The Darkness (Reissued-2007)
DAWN OF TEARS [2013] [CD] Act III: The Dying Eve
DAWN OF WINTER [2008] [CD] The Peaceful Dead
DAWN OV HATE [2010] [MCD] Death D'Hivern
DAWN [1996] [MCD] Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh
DAWN [1998] [CD] Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy) (Remastered-2014)
DAWN [2004] [2CD] Slaughtersun (Ltd. Ed.)
DAWNLIGHT [2017] [MCD] Eternity
DAWNLIGHT [2019] [CD] Until the Dark Sun Rises
DAWNRIDER [2005] [CD] Fate Is Calling - Part I
DAY SIX [2003] [CD] Eternal Dignity
DAY SIX [2010] [CD] The Grand Design
DAYDREAM XI [2017] [CD] The Circus Of The Tattered And Torn
DAYLIGHT DIES [2002] [CD] No Reply
DAYLIGHT DIES [2006] [CD] Dismantling Devotion
DAYLIGHT DIES [2008] [CD] Lost To The Living
DAYLIGHT DIES [2012] [CD] A Frail Becoming
DAYS OF ANGER [2011] [CD] Death Path
DAYSEND [2003] [CD] Severance
DÄMMERFARBEN [2011] [CD] Im Abendrot
DÄMMERFARBEN [2012] [CD] Herbstpfad
DÄMMERLICHT [2013] [MCD] Die Schönheit der Zeit
DBC [1989] [CD] Universe + Dead Brain Cells
DBC [1995] [CD] Unreleased (Reissued-2002)
DC4 [2011] [CD] Electric Ministry
DE PROFUNDIS [2010] [CD] A Bleak Reflection
DE PROFUNDIS [2018] [CD] The Blinding Light Of Faith
DE VAN [2010] [CD] Planet Botox
DEAD / REGURGITATE [1994] [CD] Split
DEAD AS DREAMS / AURVANDIL [2009] [TAPE] Adrift (Split)
DEAD BY APRIL [2011] [CD] Incomparable (Japan Ed.)
DEAD CALM [1991] [CD] No Way Out (Reissued-2008)
DEAD CONGREGATION [2005] [MCD] Purifying Consecrated Ground (Reissued-2008)
DEAD CONGREGATION [2008] [CD] Graves Of The Archangels
DEAD EMOTIONS [2003] [CD] The Genesis Behind
DEAD END FINLAND [2011] [CD] Stain of Disgrace
DEAD END [1991] [CD] Ghost of Romance
DEAD END [1991] [CD] Shambara
DEAD END [2012] [CD] Dream Demon Analyzer (Japan)
DEAD EYED SLEEPER [2011] [CD] Observing Oblivion
DEAD FLESH FASHION [2008] [CD] Anchors
DEAD HEAD [1991] [CD] The Feast Begins At Dawn
DEAD HEAD [1993] [CD] Dream Deceiver
DEAD HEAD [1999] [CD] Kill Division (Reissued-2008)
DEAD HEAD [2005] [CD] Haatland
DEAD HEAD [2009] [CD] Depression Tank
DEAD HORSE [1989] [CD] Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming
DEAD HORSE [1991] [CD] Peaceful Death And Pretty Flowers
DEAD INFECTION [1993] [CD] Surgical Disembowelment
DEAD INFECTION [1995] [CD] A Chapter of Accidents
DEAD INFECTION [1998] [MCD] The Greatest Shits
DEAD NATURE [2005] [CD] Pure Impressions
DEAD OF NIGHT [2018] [CD] The Evolving Science Of Self
DEAD ORCHESTRA [1991] [CD] Global Lobotomy
DEAD ORCHESTRA [1993] [CD] Sounds Like Time Tastes
DEAD ROOSTER [2013] [CD-R] Midnight Special
DEAD SILENT SLUMBER [1999] [CD] Entombed in the Midnight Hour
DEAD TO EARTH / SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY [2002] [MCD] Split Album 2002 (Split)
DEAD TO FALL [2002] [CD] Everything I Touch Falls T...
DEAD TO THIS WORLD [2007] [CD] First Strike For Spiritual Renewance
DEAD WARRIOR [2013] [CD] Abismos
DEAD WORLD [1993] [CD] The Machine
DEAD [2004] [CD] Les Stars Du Rock Porno
DEAD [2017] [CD] A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever
DEADBIRD [2005] [CD] The Head and the Heart
DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE [2000] [CD] Deadbodieseverywhere
DEADBORN [2007] [CD] Stigma Eternal
DEADEN [1998] [CD] Hymns of the Sick
DEADEN [2004] [CD] Feast on the Flesh of the Dead
DEADEND IN VENICE [2011] [CD] See You On the Ground
DEADLANDS [2013] [CD] Evilution
DEADLOCK [2005] [CD] Earth.Revolt
DEADLOCK [2007] [CD] Wolves
DEADLOCK [2008] [CD] Manifesto
DEADLOCK [2013] [CD] The Arsonist (Japanese Ed.)
DEADLY BLESSING [1988] [CD] Ascend From The Cauldron
DEADLY SIN [2003] [CD] Sunborn (Japanese Ed.)
DEADNIGHT [2008] [CD] Messenger Of Death
DEADSOUL TRIBE [2002] [CD] Deadsoul Tribe
DEADSOUL TRIBE [2003] [CD] A Murder Of Crows
DEADSOUL TRIBE [2004] [CD] The January Tree
DEADSOUL TRIBE [2005] [CD] The Dead Word
DEADSOUL TRIBE [2007] [CD] A Lullaby For The Devil
DEADXHEAD [2006] [CD] Regressive By Default
DEAFENING SILENCE [2003] [CD] Edge Of Life
DEAFHEAVEN [2015] [CD] New Bermuda (Papersleeve)
DEALS DEATH [2012] [CD] Elite
DEALS DEATH [2013] [CD] Point Zero Solution
DEARLY BEHEADED [1995] [MCD] In A Darkened Room
DEARLY BEHEADED [1996] [CD] Temptation (Ltd. Ed.)
DEARLY BEHEADED [1996] [CD] Temptation (Ltd. Ed.)
DEATH ANGEL [1987] [CD] The Ultra Violence
DEATH ANGEL [1988] [CD] Frolic Through The Park
DEATH ANGEL [2004] [CD] The Art Of Dying
DEATH ANGEL [2005] [3CD+DVD] Archives & Artifacts
DEATH ANGEL [2008] [CD+DVD] Killing Season (Ltd. Ed.)
DEATH ANGEL [2008] [CD] Killing Season
DEATH ANGEL [2009] [CD+DVD] Sonic German Beatdown - Live In Germany
DEATH ANGEL [2010] [CD] Relentless Retribution
DEATH ANGEL [2010] [CD] Relentless Retribution (Reissued-2015)
DEATH ANGEL [2013] [2CD] The Art Of Dying & Killing Season
DEATH ANGEL [2013] [CD+DVD] The Dream Calls for Blood (Ltd.Ed.)
DEATH ANGEL [2016] [CD+DVD] The Evil Divide (Ltd. Ed.)
DEATH ANGEL [2019] [CD] Humanicide
DEATH ANGEL [2020] [4CD] The Enigma Years (1987-1990)
DEATH ANGEL [2021] [CD+BD] The Bastard Tracks
DEATH BREATH [2006] [CD] Stinking Up The Night
DEATH DEALER [2013] [CD] War Master
DEATH DEALER [2013] [CD] War Master (Japanese Ed.)
DEATH DEALER [2015] [CD] Hallowed Ground
DEATH KEEPERS [2018] [CD] Rock This World
DEATH MACHINE [2003] [CD] Death Machine
DEATH MECHANISM [2006] [CD] Human Error .. Global Terror (Reissued-2008)
DEATH MECHANISM [2010] [CD] Mass Slavery
DEATH OVER THREAT [2009] [CD] Sangre
DEATH REALITY [2002] [CD] Flesh Still Feeds
DEATH REALITY [2004] [CD] Bloodprints
DEATH SS [1988] [CD] ...In Death Of Steve Sylvester (Remastered-1997)
DEATH SS [1989] [CD] Black Mass
DEATH SS [1991] [CD] Heavy Demons (Remastered-1997)
DEATH WOLF [2001] [CD] Death Wolf
DEATH [1987] [2CD] Scream Bloody Gore (Remastered-2016)
DEATH [1987] [CD] Scream Bloody Gore
DEATH [1987] [CD] Scream Bloody Gore (Remastered-1999)
DEATH [1987] [CD] Scream Bloody Gore (Remastered-2008)
DEATH [1988] [2CD] Leprosy (Remastered-2014)
DEATH [1988] [CD] Leprosy
DEATH [1988] [CD] Leprosy (Remastered-2000)
DEATH [1988] [CD] Leprosy (Remastered-2008)
DEATH [1990] [2CD] Spiritual Healing (Remastered-2012)
DEATH [1990] [CD] Spiritual Healing
DEATH [1990] [CD] Spiritual Healing (Remastered-1999)
DEATH [1990] [CD] Spiritual Healing (Remastered-2008)
DEATH [1991] [CD] Human
DEATH [1991] [CD] Human (Remastered-1998)
DEATH [1992] [CD] Fate - The Best Of Death
DEATH [1992] [CD] Fate - The Best Of Death (Japanese Ed.)
DEATH [1993] [2CD] Individual Thought Patterns (Remastered-2011)
DEATH [1993] [CD] Individual Thought Patterns
DEATH [1993] [CD] Individual Thought Patterns (Remastered-1999)
DEATH [1995] [CD] Symbolic
DEATH [1995] [CD] Symbolic (Remastered-2008)
DEATH [1998] [2CD] The Sound of Perseverance (Remastered-2011)
DEATH [1998] [CD] The Sound Of Perseverance
DEATH [2001] [CD] Live In L.A. (Death & Raw)
DEATH [2002] [CD] Live In Eindhoven
DEATH [2011] [2CD] Human
DEATH [2012] [2CD] Vivus!
DEATHBLOW [1991] [CD] Meanless Propaganda
DEATHBOUND [2003] [CD] To Cure The Sane With Insanity
DEATHBOUND [2005] [CD] Doomsday Comfort
DEATHBOUND [2007] [CD] We Deserve Much Worse
DEATHBOUND [2010] [CD] Non Compos Mentis
DEATHCHAIN [2003] [CD] DeadMeat Disciples
DEATHCHAIN [2005] [CD] Deathtrash Assault
DEATHCHAIN [2007] [CD] Cult Of Death
DEATHCHAIN [2008] [CD] Death Eternal
DEATHCODE SOCIETY [2015] [CD] Eschatonizer (Ltd. Ed.)
DEATHCRUSH [2012] [CD] Collective Brain Infektion
DEATHCULT (CHE) [2012] [TAPE] Demo '12 (Reissued-2014)
DEATHCULT (NOR) [2007] [CD] Cult of the Dragon
DEATHEVOKATION [2007] [CD] The Chalice Of Ages
DEATHLESS [2000] [CD] The Time to Be Immortal
DEATHLESS [2018] [CD] The Sounds Of The New World
DEATHLIKE SILENCE [2009] [CD] Saturday Night Evil
DEATHONATOR [2005] [CD] The Endsville
DEATHRAGE [1988] [LP] Self Conditioned, Self Limited
DEATHRAGE [1990] [CD] Down In The Depth Of Sickness (Reissued-2014)
DEATHRAISER [2011] [CD] Violent Aggression
DEATHROW [1986] [CD-Bootleg] Satans Gift
DEATHROW [1986] [CD] Riders Of Doom (Remastered-2018)
DEATHROW [1986] [CD] Satan's Gift / The Lord Of The Dead (Remastered-2008)
DEATHROW [1987] [CD-Bootleg] Raging Steel
DEATHROW [1987] [CD] Raging Steel (Remastered-2018)
DEATHROW [1987] [CD] Raging Steel / Eternal Death (Remastered-2008)
DEATHROW [1988] [CD] Deception Ignored
DEATHROW [1988] [CD] Deception Ignored (Remastered-2018)
DEATHROW [1992] [CD] Life Beyond
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2003] [CD] Infernal Battles
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2003] [CD] Inquisitors of Satan
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2004] [CD] Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2007] [CD] Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2008] [CD] Manifestations 2000-2001
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2008] [CD] Manifestations 2002
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2008] [MCD] Chaining The Katechon
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2008] [MCD] Mass Grave Aesthetics
DEATHSPELL OMEGA [2010] [CD] Paracletus
DEATHWISH / ORIGINAL SIN [2005] [CD] At The Edge Of Damnation / Sin Will Find You Out (Remastered)
DEATHWISH [1988] [CD] Demon Preacher
DEATHWITCH [1996] [CD] Triumphant Devastation
DEATHWITCH [1997] [CD] Dawn Of Armageddon
DEATHWITCH [1998] [CD] The Ultimate Death
DEATHWITCH [1999] [CD] Monumental Mutilations
DEATHWITCH [2002] [CD] Deathfuck Rituals
DEBAUCHERY [2003] [CD] Kill Maim Burn (Reissued-2006)
DEBAUCHERY [2004] [CD] Rage Of The Bloodbeast (Reissued-2006)
DEBAUCHERY [2005] [CD] Torture Pit
DEBAUCHERY [2007] [CD] Back in Blood
DEBAUCHERY [2008] [CD] Continue to Kill
DEBAUCHERY [2013] [CD] Kings Of Carnage (Reissued-2014)
DEBAUCHERY'S BALGEROTH [2018] [3CD] In Der Hölle Spricht Man Deutsch (Ltd. Ed.)
DEBLATERATION [1994] [MCD] Deblateration
DEBUSTROL [1991] [CD] Neuropatolog
DEBUSTROL [1995] [CD] Vyhlazeni
DECADENCE [1989] [CD] Gangs and Victims
DECADENCE [2008] [CD] 3rd Stage Of Decay
DECADENCE [2008] [CD] Bitter Rain
DECAMERON [1996] [CD] My Shadow
DECAPITATED [2000] [CD] Winds Of Creation
DECAPITATED [2002] [CD] Nihility
DECAPITATED [2002] [CD] Nihility (Ltd. Ed.)
DECAPITATED [2004] [CD] The Negation
DECAPITATED [2004] [CD] The Negation (Special Edition)
DECAPITATED [2006] [CD] Live Nottingham 20 Dec 2004
DECAPITATED [2006] [CD] Organic Hallucinosis
DECAPITATED [2011] [CD+DVD] Carnival is Forever
DECAPITATED [2017] [CD] Anticult
DECAYED [1993] [CD] The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle
DECAYED [2007] [CD] Hexagram
DECAYED [2007] [CD] Under Hecate's Spell
DECAYING [2011] [CD] Devastate
DECEASED [1992] [CD] Luck Of The Corpse
DECEASED [1993] [MCD] The 13 Frightened Souls
DECEASED [1995] [CD] The Blueprints for Madness
DECEASED [1997] [CD] Fearless Undead Machines
DECEASED [1999] [CD] Supernatural Addiction
DECEASED [2001] [CD] Behind The Mourner's Veil
DECEASED [2002] [CD] Up the Tombstones!!! Live 2000
DECEASED [2005] [CD] As The Weird Travel On
DECEASED [2011] [CD] Surreal Overdose
DECEASED [2018] [CD] Ghostly White
DECEIVER [2004] [MCD] Deceiver
DECEIVER [2005] [CD] Riding With The Reaper
DECEMBER FLOWER [2011] [CD] When All Life Ends...
DECEMBER MOON [1996] [CD] Source Of Origin
DÉCEMBRE NOIR [2014] [CD] A Discouraged Believer
DECEPTIONIST [2016] [CD] Initializing Irreversible Process
DECEPTOR (GBR) [2013] [MCD] Chains Of Delusion
DECEPTOR (GRC) [2002] [CD-Bootleg] The Legend
DECIMATION [2006] [CD] Entering the Celestial Ruins
DECIMATOR [1989] [CD] Carnage City State Mosh Patrol
DECISION D [1992] [CD] Razon De La Muerte
DECISION D [1993] [CD] Moratoria
DECLINE OF THE I [2012] [CD] Inhibition
DECOMPOSED [1993] [CD] Hope Finally Died...
DECORYAH [1993] [EP] Ebonies
DECORYAH [1994] [CD] Wisdom Floats
DECORYAH [1997] [MCD] Breathing the Blue
DECOY [2007] [CD] Call of the Wild
DECREPID [2009] [CD] Live At The Purple Turtle
DECREPIDEMIC [2009] [CD] The Void Of Un - Existence
DECREPIT BIRTH [2003] [CD] ...And Time Begins
DECREPIT BIRTH [2008] [CD] Diminishing Between Worlds
DECREPIT BIRTH [2010] [CD] Polarity (German Ed.)
DECREPIT BIRTH [2010] [CD] Polarity (US Ed.)
DECREPIT BIRTH [2017] [CD] Axis Mundi (Boxed Set)
DECREPIT CADAVER [2009] [CD] Putrid Stench Of Psychotic Acts
DECREPIT CADAVER [2011] [CD] The Beginning Of Depravity
DECREPIT [1998] [CD] Acrimonium
DECREPITAPH [2008] [CD] Condemned Cathedral
DECREPITAPH [2010] [CD] Beyond The Cursed Tombs
DEE SNIDER [2000] [CD] Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down
DEEDS OF FLESH [1995] [MCD] Gradually Melted
DEEDS OF FLESH [1996] [CD] Trading Pieces
DEEDS OF FLESH [1998] [CD] Inbreeding the Anthropophagi
DEEDS OF FLESH [1998] [MCD] Gradually Melted
DEEDS OF FLESH [1999] [CD] Path of the Weakening
DEEDS OF FLESH [2001] [CD] Mark of the Legion
DEEDS OF FLESH [2003] [CD] Reduced to Ashes
DEEDS OF FLESH [2005] [CD] Crown of Souls
DEEDS OF FLESH [2008] [CD] Of What's To Come
DEEDS OF FLESH [2013] [CD] Portals To Canaan
DEEDS OF FLESH [2020] [CD] Nucleus
DEEP DESOLATION [2012] [CD] Rites Of Blasphemy
DEEP INSIDE MYSELF [2002] [CD] At A Late Hour
DEEP MOUNTAINS [2010] [MCD] Deep Mountains
DEEP MOUNTAINS [2014] [CDS] Changtu Island
DEEP MOUNTAINS [2014] [CD] Lake of Solace
DEEP PURPLE [1968] [CD] Shades Of Deep Purple (Japanese Ed.)
DEEP PURPLE [1968] [CD] Shades of Deep Purple (Remastered-2000)
DEEP PURPLE [1968] [CD] The Book of Taliesyn (Japanese Ed.)
DEEP PURPLE [1968] [CD] The Book of Taliesyn (Remastered-2000)
DEEP PURPLE [1969] [CD] Deep Purple (Reissued-1989)
DEEP PURPLE [1969] [CD] Deep Purple (Remastered-2000)
DEEP PURPLE [1970] [CD] Deep Purple In Rock
DEEP PURPLE [1970] [CD] Deep Purple in Rock (Remastered-1995)
DEEP PURPLE [1971] [CD] Fireball (25th Anniversary Ed.)
DEEP PURPLE [1971] [CD] Fireball (Reissued-1989)
DEEP PURPLE [1972] [2CD] Machine Head (25th Anniversary Edition) (Remastered-1997)
DEEP PURPLE [1972] [2CD] Made In Japan (Remastered-1998)
DEEP PURPLE [1972] [CD] Machine Head (Reissued-1989)
DEEP PURPLE [1972] [CD] Made in Japan
DEEP PURPLE [1973] [CD] Who Do We Think We Are
DEEP PURPLE [1973] [CD] Who Do We Think We Are (Remastered-2000)
DEEP PURPLE [1974] [CD] Burn (30th Anniversary Edition) (Remastered-2004)
DEEP PURPLE [1974] [CD] Burn (Japanese Ed.)
DEEP PURPLE [1974] [CD] Stormbringer (Reissued-1989)
DEEP PURPLE [1975] [CD] Come Taste The Band (Remastered-1996)
DEEP PURPLE [1977] [CD] Last Concert in Japan (Remastered-1996)
DEEP PURPLE [1980] [2CD] Deep Purple In Concert (Reissued-1989)
DEEP PURPLE [1984] [CD] Perfect Strangers
DEEP PURPLE [1984] [CD] Perfect Strangers (Remastered-1999)
DEEP PURPLE [1987] [CD] The House of Blue Light
DEEP PURPLE [1987] [CD] The House Of Blue Light (Remastered-1999)
DEEP PURPLE [1990] [2CD-Bootleg] The Return Of The Knebworth Fayre
DEEP PURPLE [1990] [CD] Slaves and Masters
DEEP PURPLE [1993] Come Hell Or High Water LIVE
DEEP PURPLE [1993] [2CD-Bootleg] Live Storm I & II
DEEP PURPLE [1993] [CD] The Battle Rages On
DEEP PURPLE [1993] [CD] The Battle Rages On... (Japanese Ed.)
DEEP PURPLE [1996] [CD] Purpendicular (Japanese Ed.)
DEEP PURPLE [1998] [CD] Abandon
DEEP PURPLE [1998] [CD] Abandon (Japanese Ed.)
DEEP PURPLE [2003] [CD] Bananas
DEEP PURPLE [2013] [CD] Now What?!
DEEP PURPLE [2017] [2CD] Infinite (The Gold Edition)
DEEP PURPLE [2020] [CD+DVD] Whoosh! (Ltd. Digibook Ed.)
DEEPRED [2000] [CD] Prophetic Luster
DEF LEPPARD [1980] [CD] On Through the Night (Reissued-1994)
DEF LEPPARD [1981] [CD] High 'N' Dry (Reissued-1996)
DEF LEPPARD [1983] [CD] Pyromania (Reissued-1990)
DEF LEPPARD [1983] [CD] Pyromania (Remastered-2008)
DEF LEPPARD [1987] [CD] Hysteria (Reissued-1991)
DEF LEPPARD [1992] [CD] Adrenalize
DEF LEPPARD [1993] [CDS] Two Steps Behind (French Ltd. Ed.)
DEF LEPPARD [1993] [CD] Retro Active
DEF LEPPARD [1995] [CD] Vault
DEF LEPPARD [1999] [CD] Euphoria
DEF LEPPARD [2015] [CD] Def Leppard
DEF LEPPARD [2018] [7CD] CD Collection Vol. 1
DEF LEPPARD [2019] [7CD] CD Collection Vol. 2
DEF LEPPARD [2022] [CD] Diamond Star Halos (Japanese Ltd. Ed.)
DEFACING [2005] [CD] Spitting Savagery
DEFAILLANCE [2006] [MCD] Dnsemparn Dans Un Monde Agonisant
DEFAILLANCE [2008] [CD] Contemplation Misanthropique de l'Humanite...
DEFAILLANCE [2009] [MCD] Defaillance
DEFEATED SANITY [2004] [CD] Prelude to the Tragedy
DEFEATED SANITY [2007] [CD] Psalms Of The Moribund
DEFECATION [1989] [CD] Purity Dilution (Reissued-1992)
DEFECATION [2003] [CD] Intention Surpassed
DEFECTO [2017] [CD] Nemesis (Japanese Ed.)
DEFENDER [1989] [EP] A Symbol Of Devotion (Vinyl rip)
DEFENDER [1999] [CD] They Came Over The High Pass
DEFENDER [2001] [CD] Remaining Tales
DEFIANCE [1989] [CD] Product Of Society
DEFIANCE [1990] [CD] Void Terra Firma
DEFIANCE [1992] [CD] Beyond Recognition
DEFIANCE [2007] [3CD] Insomnia
DEFIANCE [2009] [CD] The Prophecy
DEFILED [2003] [CD] Divination
DEFILEMENT [2011] [CD] Revel in Madness
DEFIXIONES [2012] [TAPE] Harmonices Inferi
DEFLESHED [1996] [CD] Abrah Kadavrah
DEFLESHED [1996] [CD] Abrah Kadavrah (Reissued-2000)
DEFLESHED [1997] [CD] Under the Blade (Reissued-2000)
DEFLESHED [1999] [CD] Fast Forward
DEFLESHED [1999] [CD] Fast Forward (Reissued-2002)
DEFLESHED [2002] [CD] Royal Straight Flesh
DEFLESHED [2005] [CD] Reclaim The Beat
DEFLORACE [1998] [CD] 11 Murders
DEFLORACE [2004] [CD] Massacre
DEFLORATION / STRANGLED [2005] [CD] Cannibalistic Terror / Weak Effigy
DEFORMATORY [2013] [CD] In The Wake Of Pestilence
DEFORMATORY [2016] [CD] Malediction
DEFORMITY [2002] [CD] Superior
DEFUNTOS [2010] [CD] Luto Perpetuo
DEFYANCE [1996] [CD] Amaranthine
DEFYANCE [1999] [CD] Time Lost
DEFYANCE [2002] [CD] Transitional Forms
DEGRADEAD [2008] [CD] Til Death Do Us Apart
DEGRADEAD [2009] [CD] Out Of Body Experience
DEGRADEAD [2011] [CD] A World Destroyer
DEGRAEY [2016] [CD] Chrysalis
DEGREE ABSOLUTE [2006] [CD] Degree Absolute
DEHUMANIZED [1998] [CD] Prophecies Foretold
DEHUMANIZED [2012] [CD] Controlled Elite
DEHYDRATED [2009] [MCD] Suffering From Mummification
DEICIDE [1990] [CD] Deicide
DEICIDE [1992] [CD-Bootleg] Deny The Cross
DEICIDE [1992] [CD] Legion
DEICIDE [1993] [CD] Amon: Feasting The Beast
DEICIDE [1995] [CD] Once Upon The Cross
DEICIDE [1997] [CD] Serpents Of The Light
DEICIDE [1998] [CD] When Satan Lives
DEICIDE [2000] [CD] Insineratehymn
DEICIDE [2001] [CD] In Torment In Hell
DEICIDE [2003] [CD] The Best Of (Reissued-2007)
DEICIDE [2004] [CD+DVD] Scars Of The Crucifix (Reissued-2008)
DEICIDE [2004] [CD] Scars Of The Crucifix
DEICIDE [2006] [CD] The Stench Of Redemption
DEICIDE [2008] [CD] Till Death Do Us Part
DEICIDE [2011] [CD] To Hell With God
DEICIDE [2013] [CD] In The Minds Of Evil
DEICIDE [2018] [CD] Overtures Of Blasphemy
DEIMOS [2001] [TAPE] Death Squad
DEIMOS [2004] [CD] Never be Awaken
DEINONYCHUS [1995] [CD] The Silence of December
DEINONYCHUS [1996] [CD] The Weeping of a Thousand Years
DEINONYCHUS [1997] [CD] Ark of Thought
DEINONYCHUS [2000] [CD] Deinonychus
DEINONYCHUS [2002] [CD] Mournument
DEINONYCHUS [2004] [CD] Insomnia
DEINONYCHUS [2007] [CD] Warfare Machines
DEITY [2017] [CD] Deity
DEIVOS [2003] [CD] Hostile Blood
DEJA VU [2008] [CD] Decibel Disease
DEKADENT [2006] [CD] Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding
DEKAPITATOR [1999] [CD] We Will Destroy... You Will Obey
DEKAPITATOR [2007] [CD] The Storm Before the Calm
DEKAPITED [1994] [TAPE] Hidden Life
DELAIN [2006] [CD] Lucidity
DELAIN [2006] [CD] Lucidity (Remastered-2016)
DELAIN [2009] [CD] April Rain
DELAIN [2012] We Are The Others
DELAIN [2014] [2CD] The Human Contradiction
DELAIN [2016] [2CD] Moonbathers (Ltd. Ed.)
DELAIN [2016] [MCD] Lunar Prelude
DELIGHT [2004] [CD] ANew
DELIGHT [2007] [CD] Breaking Ground
DELIRION [2009] [CD] Silent Symphony
DELIRIOUS [1999] [CD] Time Is Progress
DELIRIOUS [2001] [CD] Designed by Violence
DELIRIUM (Mex) [2005] [CD] A Day After Die...
DELIRIUM TREMENS [2004] [CD] Thrashing Warthogs
DELIRIUM [1990] [CD] Zzooouhh
DELIVERANCE [1989] [CD] Deliverance
DELIVERANCE [1989] [CD] Deliverance (Remastered-2008)
DELIVERANCE [1990] [CD] Weapons Of Our Warfare
DELIVERANCE [1990] [CD] Weapons Of Our Warfare (Remastered-2008)
DELIVERANCE [1991] [CD] What A Joke
DELIVERANCE [1992] [CD] Learn
DELIVERANCE [1992] [CD] Stay Of Execution
DELIVERANCE [1994] [CD] River Disturbance
DELIVERANCE [1995] [CD] Camelot In Smithereens
DELIVERANCE [2003] [CD] The Executioner
DELLAMORTE [1997] [CD] Uglier And More Disgusting
DELPHT [2005] [CD] Living In Fantasy
DELUSION [2003] [CD] The Tragedy Of Regret
DELVE [2003] [MCD] The Dead Amongst
DEMENCIA [2013] [CD] Religion Of Sin
DEMENTED TED [1993] [CD] Promises Impure
DEMENTIA [1991] [CD] Recuperate From Reality
DEMENTIA [1995] [CD] Dementia
DEMENTOR [1999] [CD] The Art Of Blasphemy
DEMENTOR [2001] [CD] Enslave the weak
DEMENTOR [2004] [CD] God Defamer
DEMENTOR [2009] [CD] Faithless
DEMETRA SINE DIE [2008] [CD] Council From Kaos
DEMIA [2007] [CD] Insidious
DEMIGOD [1992] [CD] Slumber Of Sullen Eyes
DEMIGOD [1992] [CD] Slumber Of Sullen Eyes (Remastered-2006)
DEMIGOD [2002] [CD] Shadow Mechanics
DEMIGOD [2007] [CD] Let Chaos Prevail
DEMILICH [1993] [CD] Nesphite (Reissued-1996)
DEMILICH [1993] [CD] Nespithe
DEMIMONDE [1997] [TAPE] The Warrior's Poets
DEMIRICOUS [2006] [CD] One (Hellbound)
DEMIRICOUS [2007] [CD] Two (Poverty)
DEMIURG (POL) [2008] [CD] Unholy War - Sword Of Rebellion
DEMIURG (RUS) [2004] [CD] Bastinado
DEMIURG (SWE) [2007] [CD] Breath of the Demiurg
DEMIURG (SWE) [2008] [CD] The Hate Chamber
DEMIURG [2005] [CD] From the Throne of Darkness
DEMIURG [2007] [CD] Królestwo Mrocznego Lasu
DEMIURG [2010] [CD] Slakthus Gamleby
DEMIURGON [2015] [CD] Above The Unworthy (Digipak)
DEMIURGON [2019] [CD] The Oblivious Lure
DEMOLITION HAMMER [1990] [CD] Tortured Existence
DEMOLITION HAMMER [1990] [CD] Tortured Existence (Remastered-2008)
DEMOLITION HAMMER [1992] [CD] Epidemic Of Violence
DEMOLITION HAMMER [1992] [CD] Epidemic of Violence (Remastered-2008)
DEMOLITION HAMMER [2008] [2CD] Necrology - A Complete Anthology
DEMOLITION TRAIN [2015] [CD] Unleash The Hordes (Japanese Ed.)
DEMOLITION [2004] [CD] Existence
DEMOLITION [2008] [CD] Relict IV
DEMON CHILD [2002] [CD] Shadow Cult (Reissued-2003)
DEMON HUNTER [2005] [CD] The Triptych
DEMON PROJECT [2009] [CD] Kara Ora
DEMON [1981] [CD] Night Of The Demon
DEMON [1982] [CD] The Unexpected Guest
DEMON [1982] [CD] The Unexpected Guest (Remastered-2002)
DEMON [2005] [CD] Better The Devil You Know
DEMON [2012] [CD] Unbroken
DEMONAZ [2011] [CD] March Of The Norse (Ltd. Ed.)
DEMONCY [1999] [CD] Joined In Darkness
DEMONCY [2002] [2CD] Faustian Dawn / Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost (Reissued-2007)
DEMONIAC [1994] [CD] Prepare For War
DEMONIAC [1996] [CD] Stormblade
DEMONIC CHRIST [1995] [CD] Punishment For Ignorance
DEMONIC CHRIST [1995] [CD] Punishment For Ignorance (Reissued-2005)
DEMONIC CHRIST [1999] [CD] Demonic Battle Metal (Reissued-2005)
DEMONIC RESURRECTION [2005] [CD] A Darkness Descends
DEMONIC [1995] [MCD] Lead Us Into Darkness
DEMONICA [2010] [CD] Demonstrous
DEMONICAL [2007] [CD] Servants Of The Unlight
DEMONICAL [2009] [CD] Hellsworn
DEMONICAL [2011] [CD] Death Infernal
DEMONICAL [2013] [CD] Darkness Unbound (Digipak)
DEMONICAL [2015] [MCD] Black Flesh Redemption
DEMONICAL [2018] [CD] Chaos Manifesto (Digipak)
DEMONICON [2000] [CD] Condemned Creation
DEMONIZED [2003] [CD] Demonized
DEMONLORD [1999] [CD] Adventures In Hell Pt.1
DEMONLORD [2002] [CD] Helltrust
DEMONLORD [2006] [CD] Hellforged
DEMONLORD [2011] [CD] Only The Dead Are Safe
DEMONOID [2004] [CD] Riders Of The Apocalypse
DEMONS & WIZARDS [2020] [CD] III (Ltd. Ed.)
DEMONS AND WIZARDS [2000] [CD] Demons And Wizards
DEMONS AND WIZARDS [2005] [2CD] Touched by the Crimson King
DEMONS SEED [2006] [CD] Down of a new world
DEN SAAKALDTE [2008] [MCD] Ol, Morke Og Depresjon
DEN SAAKALDTE [2009] [CD] All Hail Pessimism
DEN SAAKALDTE [2009] [CD] All Hail Pessimism (Reissued-2015)
DEN SAAKALDTE [2014] [CD] Kapittel II: Faen I Helvete
DENATA [2003] [CD] Art Of The Insane
DENDERA [2015] [CD] Pillars of Creation
DENIAL FIEND [2007] [CD+DVD] They Rise (Digipak)
DENIAL OF GOD [1996] [MCD] The Ghouls of DOG (Reissued-2006)
DENIAL OF GOD [1999] [MCD] Klabautermanden (Reissued-2006)
DENIAL OF GOD [2006] [CDS] A Night in Transylvania
DENIAL OF GOD [2006] [CD] The Horrors of Satan
DENIAL OF GOD [2008] [CD] The Dawn Of Aemizaez: Demos 1992-1993 (Reissued-2009)
DENIAL OF GOD [2011] [CD] The Red Terror
DENIAL OF GOD [2012] [CD] Death and the Beyond
DENIAL [1991] [CD] Antichrist President
DENIAL [2005] [CD] Phobia
DENIAL [2009] [CD] Catacombs Of The Grotesque
DENIAL [2010] [CD] Ophiuchus
DENNER / SHERMANN [2015] [MCD] Satan's Tomb
DENNER / SHERMANN [2016] [CD] Masters of Evil
DENY THE URGE [2004] [CD] Subsequent Confrontation
DEPRAVITY [2018] [CD] Evil Upheaval
DEPRESSIVE REALITY [2004] [CD] Growling Death
DEPRESSIVE AGE [1992] [CD] First Depression
DEPRESSIVE AGE [1993] [CD] Lying in Wait
DEPRESSIVE AGE [1994] [CD] Symbols For The Blue Times
DEPRESSIVE AGE [1996] [CD] Electric Scum
DEPRESSIVE AGE [1999] [CD] From Depressive Age To D-Age
DEPRESY [1999] [CD] Sighting
DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY [2010] [CD] Inspirritation
DER BOTE [2005] [CD] Kalt!
DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT [2009] [CD] Der Weg Einer Freiheit (Re-recorded-2010)
DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT [2017] [CD] Finisterre (Digipak)
DERANGED [1995] [CD] Rated-X (Reissued-1999)
DERANGED [1998] [CD] High On Blood
DERANGED [2000] [CD] III (Japanese Ed.)
DERANGED [2001] [CD] Deranged
DERANGED [2002] [CD] Plainfield Cemetery
DERANGED [2006] [CD] Obscenities In B-Flat (Reissued-2007)
DERANGED [2008] [CD] The Redlight Murder Case
DERDIAN [2007] [CD] New Era Pt.2: War of the Gods
DERDIAN [2010] [CD] New Era Part III - The Apocalypse
DERDIAN [2013] [CD] Limbo (Japanese Ed.)
DERDIAN [2014] [CD] Human Reset (Japanese Ed.)
DERDIAN [2016] [CD] Revolution Era (Japanese Ed.)
DERDIAN [2018] [CD] DNA (Japanese Ed.)
DERIS [2000] [CD] Done by Mirrors
DERKÉTA [2003] [CD] Goddess Of Death
DERKÉTA [2012] [CD] In Death We Meet
DESASTER [1996] [CD] A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
DESASTER [1997] [MCD] Stormbringer (Reissued-2003)
DESASTER [1998] [CD] Hellfire's Dominion
DESASTER [2000] [CD] Tyrants Of The Netherworld
DESASTER [2002] [CD] Divine Blasphemies
DESASTER [2005] [CD] Angelwhore
DESASTER [2007] [CD] Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
DESASTER [2012] [CD] The Arts of Destruction
DESASTER [2016] [CD] The Oath Of An Iron Ritual (Ltd. Ed.)
DESCENDING [2011] [CD] New Death Celebrity
DESDEMON [2011] [CD] Through The Gates (Japanese Ed.)
DESDEMONA [2001] [CD] Lady Of The Lore
DESECRATOR (GBR) [1991] [CD] Subconscious Release (Reissued-2012)
DESECRESY [2010] [CD] Arches Of Entropy
DESECRESY [2012] [CD] The Doom Skeptron
DESECRESY [2014] [CD] Chasmic Transcendence
DESECRESY [2015] [CD] Stoic Death
DESECRESY [2017] [CD] The Mortal Horizon
DESECRESY [2019] [CD] Towards Nebulae
DESEKRATOR [1998] [CD] Metal For Demons
DESERT SIN [2012] [CD] Destination Paradise
DESERT [2011] [CD] Star Of Delusive Hopes
DESERT [2015] [CD] Never Regret
DESIRE [1998] [MCD] Pentacrow ...Misanthropic Tragedy...
DESIRE [2002] [CD] Locus Horrendus
DESIRE [2009] [MCD] Crowcifix
DESMODUS [MCD] [1998] In Deathlike Dreaming
DESOLATE SHRINE [2011] [CD] Tenebrous Towers
DESPAIR [1988] [CD] History Of Hate
DESPAIR [1990] [CD] Decay Of Humanity
DESPAIR [1992] [CD] Beyond All Reason
DESPISED ICON [2002] [CD] Consumed By Your Poison (Reissued-2008)
DESPISED ICON [2005] [CD] The Healing Process
DESPISED ICON [2009] [CD] Day Of Mourning (Ltd. Ed.)
DESPONDENCY [2009] [CD] Revelation IV (Rise Of The Nemesis)
DESPONDENT CHANTS [2015] [2CD] Silence Lingers On My Grave
DESPOSEIDOS [2012] [CD] Re-pulsion
DESSPO [2003] [MCD-R] Heavy Metal Fuel Only
DESTILLERY [1999] [CD] Immortal Sun
DESTILLERY [2000] [CD] Behind The Mask
DESTILLERY [2002] [CD] Ferrum
DESTINATION'S CALLING [2006] [CD] Invisible Walls
DESTINITY [2005] [CD] Synthetic Existence
DESTINY DREAMING [1998] [CD] Water Breaks Stone
DESTINY'S END [1998] [CD] Breathe Deep The Dark
DESTINY'S END [2001] [CD] Transition
DESTRÖYER 666 [1997] [CD] Unchain The Wolves
DESTRÖYER 666 [2000] [CD] Phoenix Rising
DESTRÖYER 666 [2001] [CD] Violence Is The Prince Of This World (Reissued-2005)
DESTRÖYER 666 [2002] [CD] Cold Steel... for an Iron Age (Reissued-2011)
DESTRÖYER 666 [2003] [MCD] Terror Abraxas
DESTRÖYER 666 [2006] [CD] To the Devil His Due
DESTRÖYER 666 [2009] [CD] Defiance
DESTRÖYER 666 [2016] [CD] Wildfire (Digibox)
DESTRÖYER 666 [2018] [MCD] Call of the Wild (Digipak)
DESTROYER KULT [2015] [MCD] Desecration Celestial Kingdom (Demo)
DESTRUCTION [1985] [CD] Sentence Of Death / Infernal Overkill (Reissued-1988)
DESTRUCTION [1987-1986] [CD] Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation (Reissued-1988)
DESTRUCTION [1987] [CD] Release From Agony
DESTRUCTION [1989] [CD] Live Without Sense
DESTRUCTION [1990] [CD] Cracked Brain
DESTRUCTION [2000] [2CD] All Hell Breaks Loose (Ltd. Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2001] [CD] The Antichrist
DESTRUCTION [2003] [2CD] Metal Discharge (Ltd. Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2004] [CD] Alive Devastation
DESTRUCTION [2005] [CD] Inventor Of Evil (Ltd. Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2007] [CD] Thrash Anthems
DESTRUCTION [2008] [CD] D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. (Ltd. Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2009] [2CD] The Curse Of The Antichrist - Live In Agony
DESTRUCTION [2009] [CD-Bootleg] Invincible Invasion
DESTRUCTION [2011] [CD] Day Of Reckoning
DESTRUCTION [2012] [CD] Spiritual Genocide (Ltd.Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2016] [CD] Under Attack
DESTRUCTION [2016] [CD] Under Attack (Japanese Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2017] [CD] Thrash Anthems II
DESTRUCTION [2019] [CD] Born To Perish (Japanese Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2019] [CD] Born To Perish (Ltd. Ed.)
DESTRUCTION [2020] [CD] Born To Thrash
DESTRUCTOR [1985] [CD] Maximum Destruction (Remastered-1998)
DESTYNATION [2006] [CD] Rising Up
DESTYNATION [2006] [CD] Rising Up
DESULTORY [1993] [CD] Into Eternity
DESULTORY [1994] [CD] Bitterness
DESULTORY [1996] [CD] Swallow the Snake
DESULTORY [2010] [CD] Counting Our Scars
DET HEDENSKE FOLK / ABYSSIC HATE [1997] [CD] United by Heathen Blood (Split)
DETENTE [1986] [CD] Recognize No Authority
DETERIORATE [1996] [CD] The Senectuos Entrance
DETERIOROT [2001] [CD] In Ancient Beliefs
DETERIOROT [2010] [CD] The Faithless
DETESTOR [1995] [CD] In The Circle Of Time
DETHKLOK [2007] [2CD] The Deathalbum
DETHKLOK [2007] [CD] The Dethalbum
DETHRONE [1989] [CD] Let The Day Begin
DETHRONE [1992] [CD] The Decay Of A Man
DETHRONED CHRIST [2010] [CD] Roots of Ancient Evil
DETONATION [2003] [CD] An Epic Defiance
DETONATION [2005] [CD] Portals To Uphobia
DETONATION [2007] [CD] Emission Phase
DETONATOR 666 [2004] [CD] At The Dawn Of Sadistic Infernal Holocaust
DETRIMENTUM [2002] [CD] A Monument To The Suffering
DETRITUS [1991] [CD] Perpetual Defiance
DETRITUS [1993] [CD] If but for One
DEUS OTIOSUS [2010] [CD] Murderer
DEUS OTIOSUS [2012] [CD] Godless
DEUS OTIOSUS [2014] [CD] Rise
DEVASTATE [2006] [CD] Armies Of Hate
DEVASTATION DEVICE [2011] [CD] Nation of Extinction
DEVASTATION [1989] [CD] Signs Of Life
DEVASTATION [1991] [CD] Idolatry
DEVASTATION [2011] [CD] Leather Jack Maniac
DEVASTATOR (US) [2008] [CD] Conjuring Evil
DEVASTATOR [2005] [CD] The End
DEVASTATOR [2005] [CD] The End (Remastered 2011)
DEVASTATOR [2009] [CD] The Summoning
DEVENTTER [2007] [CD] The 7th Dimension
DEVIAN [2009] [CD] God To The Illfated
DEVIANT SYNDROME [2011] [CD] Inflicted Deviations
DEVIATED INSTINCT [2007] [CD] Welcome To The Orgy
DEVIATOR [2009] [CD] Mighty Black Inner Flame
DEVIL LEE ROT [2002] [CD] Hellscraper / A Little Devil Ain't Enough
DEVIL LEE ROT [2003] [CD] Metal Dictator / Soldiers From Hell (Ltd.Ed.)
DEVIL LEE ROT [2005] [CD] At Hell's Deep
DEVIL LEE ROT [2005] [CD] The Devil Has Landed
DEVIL ON EARTH [2007] [CD] Hunting, Shooting, Slashing And Thrashing
DEVIL-MAY-CARE [2003] [CD] Awe
DEVIL-MAY-CARE [2007] [CD] Wrong Life Philosophy
DEVILDRIVER [2003] [CD] DevilDriver
DEVILDRIVER [2005] [CD+DVD] The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand (Special Ed.)
DEVILDRIVER [2005] [CD] The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand
DEVILDRIVER [2007] [CD] The Last Kind Words
DEVILDRIVER [2009] [CD+DVD] Pray For Villains (Ltd.Ed.)
DEVILDRIVER [2011] [CD+DVD] Beast (Ltd.Ed.)
DEVILDRIVER [2011] [CD] Beast
DEVILDRIVER [2013] [CD+DVD] Winter Kills (Ltd.Ed.)
DEVILDRIVER [2016] [CD] Trust No One (Ltd. Ed.)
DEVILDRIVER [2020] [CD] Dealing with Demons, Volume I
DEVILISH DISTANCE [2007] [CD] Under The Shroud Of Lie
DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS [2008] [CD] Diabolicanos - Act III Armageddon
DEVILMENT [2014] [CD] The Great And Secret Show (Ltd.Ed.)
DEVILMENT [2016] [CD] II - Mephisto Waltzes (Ltd. Ed.)
DEVILTEARS [2010] [CD] Night Vendetta
DEVILYN [1996] [CD] Anger
DEVILYN [1998] [CD] Reborn In Pain
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT [2011] [CD] Deconstruction
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT [2012] [2CD] Epicloud (Digipak)
DEVIN TOWNSEND [1998] [CD] Infinity
DEVIN TOWNSEND [1998] [CD] Ocean Machine - Biomech
DEVIN TOWNSEND [2000] [CD] Physicist
DEVIN TOWNSEND [2001] [CD] Terria
DEVIN TOWNSEND [2007] [2CD] Ziltoid The Omniscient
DEVIN TOWNSEND [2019] [2CD+2BD] Empath (The Ultimate Edition)
DEVIN TOWNSEND [2019] [2CD] Empath
DEVIOUS [2007] [CD] Domain
DEVISER [1996] [CD] Unspeakable Cults
DEVISER [1998] [CD] Transmission to chaos
DEVISER [2002] [CD] Running Sore
DEVISER [2003] [CD] Thy Blackest Love (The Early Years)
DEVISER [2011] [CD] Seasons of Darkness
DEVLIN [2002] [CD] Grand Death Opening
DEVOID OF GRACE [2010] [CD] Psychotic Journey
DEVOLVED [2004] [CD] Calculated
DEVON [2012] [CD] Unreal
DEVOURMENT [2005] [CD] 1.3.8.
DEVOURMENT [2005] [CD] Butcher The Weak (Reissued-2006)
DEVOURMENT [2009] [CD] Unleash The Carnivore
DEVOURMENT [2019] [CD] Obscene Majesty
DEW SCENTED [2007] [2CD] Incinerate
DEW-SCENTED [1999] [CD] Ill-Natured (Reissued-2003)
DEW-SCENTED [2002] [CD] Inwards
DEW-SCENTED [2003] [CD] Impact (Ltd. Ed.)
DEW-SCENTED [2005] [CD] Issue VI
DEW-SCENTED [2010] [CD] Invocation (Ltd. Ed.)
DEW-SCENTED [2012] [CD] Icarus (Ltd.Ed.)
DEW-SCENTED [2015] [CD] Intermination (Ltd. Ed.)
DEXTER WARD [2011] [CD] Neon Lights
DGM [1996] [MCD] Random Access Zone
DGM [1997] [CD] Change Direction
DGM [1999] [CD] Wings Of Time (Japanese Ed.)
DGM [2003] [CD] Hidden Place
DGM [2004] [CD] Misplaced
DGM [2007] [CD] Different Shapes
DGM [2009] [CD] FrAme
DGM [2013] [CD] Momentum
DGM [2016] [CD] The Passage (Japanese Ed.)
DGM [2017] [2CD+DVD] Passing Stages - Live In Milan And Atlanta (Japanese Ed.)
DHAK [1992] [CD] Furia Demencial (Reissued-2008)
DHAK [2006] [CD] Se Decide Justicia
DHAUBGURZ [2006] [CD] Rebirth Of The Pagan Fires (Demo)
DI'ANNO [2000] [CD] Nomad
DIABLERIE [2001] [CD] Seraphyde
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA [2006] [CD] The Butcher's Ballroom (Reissued-2008)
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA [2009] [CD+DVD] Sing Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA [2012] [CD] Pandora's Pińata
DIABLO [2000] [CD] Elegance In Black (Reissued-2005)
DIABLO [2002] [CD] Renaissance (Reissued-2005)
DIABLO [2005] [CD] Mimic47
DIABLO [2008] [CD] Icaros
DIABOLI [1996] [CD] Mesmerized by Darkness (Reissued-2002)
DIABOLI [1998] [CD] Towards Damnation
DIABOLI [2000] [CD] Anthems of Sorrow
DIABOLI [2003] [CD] Unseen Age of War
DIABOLI [2004] [CD] Kirous
DIABOLI [2006] [CD] The Antichrist
DIABOLI [2010] [CD] Invocation
DIABOLI [2015] [CD] Wiking Division
DIABOLIC [1998] [CD] Supreme Evil (Digipak)
DIABOLIC [2000] [CD] Subterraneal Magnitude
DIABOLIC [2001] [CD] Vengeance Ascending
DIABOLIC [2003] [CD] Infinity Through Purification
DIABOLIC [2010] [CD] Excisions of Exorcisms
DIABOLICAL BREED [2004] [CD] Compendium Infernus
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE [1996] [CD] Ravendusk In My Heart
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE [1997] [CD] The Phantom Lodge
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE [2001] [CD] Death's Design
DIABOLICAL [2000] [MCD] Deserts of Desolation
DIABOLICAL [2001] [CD] Synergy
DIABOLICAL [2002] [CD] Synergy - A Thousand Deaths
DIABOLICAL [2008] [CD] The Gallery Of Bleeding Art
DIABOLICAL [2013] [CD] Neogenesis
DIABOLICUM [1999] [CD] The Grandeur Of Hell (Soli Satanae Gloriam)
DIABOLICUM [2001] [CD] The Dark Blood Rising
DIABOLOS DUST [2010] [CD] Ruins of Mankind (Reissued-2011)
DIABOLOS DUST [2013] [CD] Inferno
DIABOLOS RISING [1995] [CD] Blood, Vampirism And Sadism
DIABULUS IN MUSICA [2010] [CD] Secrets
DIADEMA TRISTIS [2005] [CD] Ways Of Relief
DIAMOND HEAD [1980] [2CD] Lightning To The Nations (Remastered-2011)
DIAMOND HEAD [1980] [2CD] Lightning To The Nations (Remastered-2016)
DIAMOND HEAD [1982] [CD] Borrowed Time (Reissued-1992)
DIAMOND HEAD [1982] [CD] Borrowed Time (Remastered-2018)
DIAMOND HEAD [1983] [CD] Canterbury (Reissued-1992)
DIAMOND HEAD [1992] [CD] Singles
DIAMOND HEAD [1992] [CD] The Friday Rock Show Sessions
DIAMOND HEAD [1993] [CD] Death And Progress (Japanese Ed.)
DIAMOND HEAD [2004] [2CD] Am I Evil - The Diamond Head Anthology
DIAMOND HEAD [2005] [CD] All Will Be Revealed
DIAMOND HEAD [2016] [CD] Diamond Head (Japanese Ed.)
DIAMOND HEAD [2019] [CD] The Coffin Train
DIAMOND HEAD [2020] [CD] Lightning to the Nations 2020
DIAMOND PLATE [2011] [CD] Generation Why
DIAPSIQUIR [2005] [CD] Virus S.T.N.
DIAPSIQUIR [2009] [2CD] Pacta Daemonarium/Crasse
DIATHRA [2000] [CD] Wistful Autumn Dance (Reissued-2002)
DIATHRA [2008] [CD] My Endless Sorrow
DICTATOR [2008] [CD] Dysangelist
DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER [2003] [CD] Have a Nice Trip (Ltd. Ed.)
DIE KNAPPEN [2010] [CD] Auf Kohlen Geboren
DIE SAAT [2003] [CD] Der Schlachten Tribut
DIE SAAT [2006] [CD] Wir laden zum Feste
DIE VOLLSTRECKER [1995] [CD] Götterdämmerung
DIECAST [2006] [CD] Internal Revolution
DIEGO MIZRAHI [2002] [CD] Song Of The Rings Tributo A J.R.R. Tolkien
DIES ATER [2003] [CD] Chanting Evil
DIES ATER [2007] [CD] Odium`s Spring
DIES IRAE [2000] [CD] Immolated
DIES IRAE [2001] [CD] Naive
DIES IRAE [2002] [CD] The Sin War
DIES IRAE [2004] [CD] Sculpture Of Stone (Reissued-2005)
DIEVISION [2009] [CD] Black Deep Drown (Digipak)
DIFENACUM [2001] [CD] Rozando El Mongolismo
DIFENACUM [2003] [CD] Autoconflicto
DIFENACUM [2004] [CD] Lapsus
DIFENACUM [2004] [CD] Lapsus
DIFENACUM [2008] [CD] País De Sordos
DIGESTED FLESH [2004] [CD] The Answer to Infection
DIGITAL RUIN [1997] [CD] Listen
DIGITAL RUIN [2000] [CD] Dwelling In The Out
DIGNITY [2008] [CD] Project Destiny
DIGNITY [2013] [CD] Balance of Power
DIKTAT [2000] [TAPE] Diktat (Demo)
DIKTATOR [2004] [CD] Diktator
DIKTATOR [2005] [CD] Vigyazz, Jon A Vadasz!
DIKTÁTOR [1991] [CD] Animal Metal (Reissued 2006)
DIKTÁTOR [1993] [CD] Bün És Bünhödés (Reissued 2010)
DIKTÁTOR [2009] [CD] A 7 Vezér
DIKTÁTOR [2010] [CD] Balladák
DIM MAK [2002] [CD] Intercepting Fist
DIM MAK [2006] [CD] Knives of Ice
DIM VISION / NADIR [2009] [CD] A Visceral Experience in a Superficial World (Split)
DIM VISION [2006] [CD] Epidermis
DIMENSION ACT [2012] [CD] Manifestation Of Progress
DIMENSION F3H [2007] [CD] Does the Pain Excite You?
DIMENSION ZERO [2002] [CD] Silent Night Fever
DIMENSION ZERO [2003] [CD] Penetrations From The Lost World
DIMENSION ZERO [2003] [CD] This Is Hell
DIMENSION ZERO [2007] [CD] He Who Shall Not Bleed
DIMENSION [2002] [CD] Universal
DIMENSION [2007] [CD] Ego
DIMINISHED 7 [2009] [CD] Dim World
DIMMU BORGIR / OLD MAN'S CHILD [1999] [CD] Sons of Satan Gather for Attack (Split)
DIMMU BORGIR [1994] [CD] For All Tid
DIMMU BORGIR [1994] [CD] For All Tid (Remastered-1997)
DIMMU BORGIR [1996] [CD] Stormblast
DIMMU BORGIR [1997] [CD] Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
DIMMU BORGIR [1997] [CD] Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (Japanese Ed.)
DIMMU BORGIR [1997] [CD] Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (Reissued-2001)
DIMMU BORGIR [1998] [MCD] Goddles Savage Garden (Reissued-1999)
DIMMU BORGIR [1999] [CD] Spiritual Black Dimensions (Digipak)
DIMMU BORGIR [1999] [CD] Spiritual Black Dimensions (Reissued-2001)
DIMMU BORGIR [2000] [CD-Bootleg] Spiritual Darkness - Alive In Europe
DIMMU BORGIR [2001] [CD] Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
DIMMU BORGIR [2001] [CD] Puritanical Euphoric... (Ltd. Ed.)
DIMMU BORGIR [2001] [MCD] Alive In Torment (Ltd. Ed.)
DIMMU BORGIR [2003] [CD] Death Cult Armageddon
DIMMU BORGIR [2003] [CD] Death Cult Armageddon (Digipack)
DIMMU BORGIR [2005] [CD+DVD] Stormblast MMV
DIMMU BORGIR [2007] [CD+DVD] In Sorte Diaboli
DIMMU BORGIR [2007] [CD] In Sorte Diaboli
DIMMU BORGIR [2007] [CD] In Sorte Diaboli (Japanese Ed.)
DIMMU BORGIR [2010] [CD] Abrahadabra (Ltd. Ed.)
DIMMU BORGIR [2018] [2CD] Eonian (Japanese Ed.)
DIMMU BORGIR [2018] [EP] Interdimensional Summit
DIO [1983] [CD] Holy Diver
DIO [1983] [CD] Holy Diver (Remastered-2002)
DIO [1983] [CD] Holy Diver (Remastered-2012)
DIO [1984] [CD] The Last In Line
DIO [1985] [CD] Sacred Heart
DIO [1985] [CD] Sacred Heart (Remastered-2002)
DIO [1986] [MCD] Intermission
DIO [1987] [CD] Dream Evil
DIO [1990] [CD] Lock Up The Wolves
DIO [1994] [CD] Strange Highways
DIO [1996] [2CD] Angry Machines (Deluxe Ed.) (Remastered-2020)
DIO [1996] [CD] Angry Machines (Japanese Ed.)
DIO [1998] [2CD] Inferno: Last In Live
DIO [2000] [2CD] Magica (Deluxe Ed.) (Remastered-2020)
DIO [2000] [CD] Magica
DIO [2000] [CD] Magica (Japanese Ed.)
DIO [2002] [2CD] Killing The Dragon (Deluxe Ed.) (Remastered-2020)
DIO [2002] [CD] Killing The Dragon (Slipcase Ed.)
DIO [2004] [2CD] Master Of The Moon (Deluxe Ed.) (Remastered-2020)
DIO [2004] [CD] Master Of The Moon
DIO [2004] [CD] Master Of The Moon (Japanese Ed.)
DIO [2005] [CD] Evil Or Divine - Live In New York City
DIO [2010] [2CD] Dio at Donington UK Live 1983 & 1987
DIO [2014] [2CD] Live in London: Hammersmith Apollo 1993 (Japanese Ed.)
DIOCLETIAN / WEREGOAT [2012] [CD] Disciples of War
DIONYSUS [2002] [CD] Sign Of Truth
DIONYSUS [2002] [CD] Sign Of Truth (Japanese Ed.)
DIONYSUS [2004] [CD] Anima Mundi (Japanese Ed.)
DIONYSUS [2006] [CD] Fairytales and Reality
DIPHTHERIA [2008] [CD] To Wait For Fire
DIRKSCHNEIDER [2016] [2CD] Live - Back To The Roots
DIRKSCHNEIDER [2017] [2CD+DVD] Live - Back To The Roots - Accepted!
DIRTY INFAMOUS [2004] [CD] Die On Pure Adrenaline
DIRTY WOMAN [2009] [CD] Demon Lover
DIRTY WOMAN [2010] [CD] Demon Lover (Remastered-2010)
DIRTY WOMAN [2014] [CD] City Of Sins
DISAFFECTED [1995] [CD] Vast
DISAFFECTION [2010] [CD] Begin The Revolution
DISARMONIA MUNDI [2002] [CD] Nebularium
DISARMONIA MUNDI [2004] [CD] Fragments of D-Generation
DISARMONIA MUNDI [2004] [CD] Fragments Of D-Generation (Japanese Ed.)
DISARMONIA MUNDI [2006] [CD] Mind Tricks
DISARMONIA MUNDI [2009] [CD] The Isolation Game
DISARMONIA MUNDI [2009] [CD] The Isolation Game (Japanese Ed.) (Re-issued 2015)
DISARMONIA MUNDI [2015] [CD] Cold Inferno (Japanese Ed.)
DISASTER KFW [2006] [CD] Collateral Damage
DISASTER PEACE [2009] [CD] Disaster Peace
DISASTROUS MURMUR [1992] [CD] Rhapsodies in Red
DISASTROUS MURMUR [1992] [MCD] Where the Blood for Ever Rains
DISASTROUS MURMUR [2001] [CD] ...and Hungry Are the Lost
DISASTROUS MURMUR [2006] [CD] Marinate Your Meat
DISASTROUS MURMUR [2018] [CD] Skinning Beginning (1989-1991)
DISAVOWED [2007] [CD] Stagnated Existence
DISBELIEF [2001] [CD] Worst Enemy
DISBELIEF [2002] [CD] Shine
DISBELIEF [2005] [2CD] Disbelief & Infected
DISBELIEF [2005] [CD] 66Sick (Limited Ed.)
DISBELIEF [2007] [CD] Navigator
DISBELIEF [2020] [CD] The Ground Collapses
DISCHARGE [1981] [CD-Bootleg] Tomorrow Belong to Us
DISCHARGE [1982] [CD] Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (Reissued-2003)
DISCHARGE [1986] [CD] Grave New World
DISCHARGE [1991] [CD] Massacre Divine
DISCHARGE [1993] [CD] Punk And Destroy
DISCHARGE [1993] [CD] Shootin' Up The World
DISCHARGE [2003] [CD] Never Again
DISCHARGE [2003] [CD] Why
DISCHARGE [2006] [CDS] Beginning of the End
DISCHARGE [2008] [CD] Disensitise
DISCHARGE [2016] [CD] End of Days
DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY [1999] [CD] Prelude to Apocalypse (Reissued-2004)
DISCIPLES OF POWER [1992] [CD] Ominous Prophecy
DISCORDANCE AXIS [1997] [CD] Jouhou (Reissued-2004)
DISCREATION [2003] [CD] The Great Curse
DISCREATION [2005] [CD] Order to Advance
DISCREATION [2010] [CD] Withstand Temptation
DISCREATION [2013] [CD] The Silence Of The Gods
DISDAIN [2010] [CD] Leave This World
DISEMBOWEL [2020] [CD] Echoes Of Terror
DISEMBOWELMENT [1993] [CD] Transcendence Into The Peripheral
DISEMBOWELMENT [2005] [2CD] Trasncendence... - Dusk
DISEMBOWLED CORPSE [2007] [CD] Chronic Disembowelment
DISENTOMB [2010] [CD] Sunken Chambers of Nephilim
DISFEAR [2003] [CD] Misanthropic Generation
DISFEAR [2008] [CD] Live The Storm
DISFIGURED [2008] [CD] Blistering Of The Mouth
DISFIGURED [2011] [CD] Amputated Gorewhore
DISGORGE (MEX) [1998] [CD] Chronic Corpora Infest
DISGORGE (USA) [2005] [CD] Parallels Of Infinite Torture
DISGORGE [1999] [CD] She Lay Gutted
DISGORGE [2000] [CD] Forensick
DISGORGE [2001] [CD] Gorelics
DISGORGE [2002] [CD] Consume The Forsaken
DISGORGE [2003] [CD] Necrholocaust
DISGORGE [2006] [CD] Gore Blessed To The Worms
DISGORGE [2006] [CD] Live Germany
DISGORGED FOETUS [2006] [CD] Years Of GOREmageddon
DISGRACE [1991] [CD] Grey Misery
DISGUST [1997] [CD] A World Of No Beauty
DISGUSTER [2004] [CD] Acts of Mortification
DISHAMMER [2008] [CD] Vintage Addiction
DISHAMMER [2010] [MCD] Under The Sign Of The D-Beat Mark
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA [1990] [CD] Expositionsprophylaxe
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA [1990] [CD] Expositionsprophylaxe (Reissued-1993)
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA [1992] [CD] Not To Be Undimensional Conscious (American Ed.)
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA [1993] [CD] Pleasuredome
DISHED [2006] [CD] Reasion of Suffering
DISILLUSION (DEU) [2004] [CD] Back To Times Of Splendor
DISILLUSION (DEU) [2006] [CD] Gloria
DISILLUSION (FIN) [1999] [CD] Mind Hysteria
DISINCARNATE [1993] [CD] Dreams Of The Carrion Kind
DISINCARNATE [1993] [CD] Dreams Of The Carrion Kind (Reissued-2006)
DISINTEGRATE [2010] [CD] Parasites Of A Shifting Future (Reissued-2012)
DISINTER [2001] [CD] Demonic Portraiture
DISINTERMENT [2005] [CD] Graveyard Fornication
DISIPLIN [2003] [CD] Disiplin
DISIPLIN [2005] [CD] Anti-Life
DISJECTA MEMBRAE [2009] [MCD] Taedium Vitae
DISKREET [2010] [CD] Engage The Mechanicality
DISMA [2011] [CD] Towards The Megalith
DISMAL EUPHONY [1996] [CD] Soria Moria Slott
DISMAL EUPHONY [1996] [CD] Soria Moria slott (Ltd. Ed.)
DISMAL EUPHONY [1999] [CD] All Little Devils
DISMAL EUPHONY [2001] [CD] Python Zero
DISMANTLE [2009] [CD] Satanic Force
DISMEMBER [1991] [CD] Like An Ever Flowing Stream (German Ed.)
DISMEMBER [1991] [CD] Like An Ever Flowing Stream (Remastered-1996)
DISMEMBER [1991] [CD] Like An Ever Flowing Stream (US Ed.)
DISMEMBER [1993] [CD] Indecent & Obscene (Remastered-2005)
DISMEMBER [1993] [CD] Indecent And Obscene
DISMEMBER [1995] [CD] Massive Killing Capacity
DISMEMBER [1995] [CD] Massive Killing Capacity (Remastered-2005)
DISMEMBER [1997] [CD] Death Metal
DISMEMBER [1997] [CD] Death Metal (Remastered-2005)
DISMEMBER [1997] [MCD] Misanthropic
DISMEMBER [2000] Hate Campaign (Remastered-2005)
DISMEMBER [2000] [CD] Hate Campaign
DISMEMBER [2004] [CD] Where Ironcrosses Grow
DISMEMBER [2005] [CD] Complete Demos
DISMEMBER [2006] [CD] The God That Never Was
DISMEMBER [2008] [CD] Dismember
DISPATCHED [2005] [CD] Terrorizer
DISPERSE [2017] [CD] Foreword
DISRUPT [1994] [CD] Unrest
DISRUPTED [2015] [MCD] Heavy Death
DISSECT [1993] [CD] Swallow Swouming Mass
DISSECTION [1993] [CD] The Somberlain
DISSECTION [1993] [CD] The Somberlain (Remastered-2004)
DISSECTION [1995] [2CD] Storm of the Light's Bane (Remastered-2006)
DISSECTION [1995] [CD] Storm Of The Light's Bane
DISSECTION [1995] [CD] Storm Of The LightS Bane / Where Dead Angels Lie
DISSECTION [1996] [MCD] Where Dead Angels Lie
DISSECTION [2003] [CD] Live Legacy
DISSECTION [2004] [CDS] Maha Kali
DISSECTION [2006] [2CD] The Somberlain remastered +...
DISSECTION [2006] [CD] Reinkaos
DISSECTION [2012] [CD-Bootleg] ChaoSatanist Live (Live "The Witchwood", Ashton, UK, 05-02-1996)
DISSENTER [2002] [CD] Apocalypse Of The Damned
DISSENTER [2003] [CD] Contamination
DISSIDENT SAINT [2007] [CD] The Rise
DISSOLUTE PARADISE [1996] [CD] Lichtschmerzkerzenleidfeuer
DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY [1993] [MCD] Echoes of My Sadness (Reissued-2010)
DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY [1995] [CD] Lamentations of Innocents
DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY [1997] [CD] Time Ruins Also Beauty
DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY [2002] [CD] Louceni Se Svetem Pozemskym
DISTANT DREAM [2017] [CD] It All Starts from Pieces
DISTANT DREAM [2018] [CD] Your Own Story
DISTANT PAST [2010] [CD] Alpha Draconis
DISTANT PAST [2016] [CD] Rise Of The Fallen
DISTANT THUNDER [2004] [CD] Welcome The End
DISTORTED HARMONY [2014] [CD] Chain Reaction
DISTURBED [2000] [CD] The Sickness
DISTURBED [2002] [CD] Believe
DISTURBED [2005] [CD] Ten Thousand Fists
DISTURBED [2008] [CD] Indestructible
DISTURBED [2010] [CD] Asylum [DVD+CD] [Limited Edition]
DISTURBED [2011] [CD] The Lost Children
DIVE IN MINDS [2001] [CD] Innocent Victims
DIVERCIA [2002] [CD] Modus Operandi
DIVERCIA [2004] [CD] Cycle Of Zero
DIVIDED MULTITUDE [1999] [CD] Inner Self
DIVIDED MULTITUDE [2002] [CD] Falling To Pieces
DIVIDED MULTITUDE [2010] [CD] Guardian Angel
DIVIDED MULTITUDE [2013] [CD] Feed On Your Misery
DIVINA ENEMA [1999] [CD] To Wight Shall Never Shine
DIVINA ENEMA [2003] [CD] Under Phoenix Phenomenon
DIVINA INFERIS [2007] [CD] Aura Damnation
DIVINE ASCENSION [2011] [CD] As The Truth Appears (Japanese Ed.)
DIVINE ASCENSION [2018] [CD] The Uncovering (Japanese Ed.)
DIVINE DECAY [2003] [CD] Maximize The Misery
DIVINE EMPIRE [2000] [CD] Doomed to Inherit
DIVINE EMPIRE [2003] [CD] Nostradamus
DIVINE EMPIRE [2005] [CD] Method Of Execution
DIVINE EVE [2010] [MCD] Vengeful And Obstinate
DIVINE HERESY [2009] [CD] Bringer of Plagues
DIVINE HERESY [2009] [CD] Bringer Of Plagues (Russian Ed.)
DIVINE RAPTURE [2003] [CD] The Burning Passion
DIVINE REGALE [1994] [MCD] Horizons
DIVINE REGALE [1997] [CD] Ocean Mind
DIVINE RUINS [2004] [CD] Sign Of The Times
DIVINE SIN [1995] [CD] Winterland
DIVINE SIN [1997] [CD] Thirteen Souls
DIVINE SOULS [2001] [CD] Embodiment
DIVINE SOULS [2002] [CD] The Bitter Selfcaged Man
DIVINE: DECAY [2001] [CD] Songs of the Damned
DIVINE:DECAY [2001] [CD] Songs Of The Damned
DIVINEFIRE [2005] [CD] Glory Thy Name
DIVINEFIRE [2005] [CD] Hero
DIVINEFIRE [2006] [CD] Into A New Dimension
DIVINEFIRE [2008] [CD] Farewell
DIVINEFIRE [2011] [CD] Eye Of The Storm
DIVINER [2015] [CD] Fallen Empires
DIVINITY [2008] [CD] Allegory
DIVISION BY ZERO [2007] [CD] Tyranny Of Therapy
DIVISION BY ZERO [2010] [CD] Independent Harmony
DIVISION [1996] [CD] Paraside Lost
DIVISION [1998] [CD] Ascension To Eternity
DIVISION [2004] [CD] Trinity
DIVISION [2010] [CD] Control Issues
DOCTOR BUTCHER [1994] [2CD] Doctor Butcher (Remastered-2005)
DOCTOR BUTCHER [1994] [2CD] Doctor Butcher (Remastered-2006)
DOCTOR BUTCHER [1994] [CD] Doctor Butcher
DODECAHEDRON [2012] [CD] Dodecahedron
DODHEIMSGARD [1996] [CD] Monumental Possession
DODHEIMSGARD [1999] [CD] Kronet Til Konge
DODHEIMSGARD [2007] [CD] Supervillain Outcast
DODSFERD [2006] [CD] Desecrating the Spirit of Life
DODSFERD [2007] [2CD] Fucking Your Creation
DODSFERD [2007] [CD] Cursing Your Will to Live
DODSFERD [2008] [CD] Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey
DODSFERD [2008] [CD] Denying With Arrogance Your Pathetic Existence
DODSFERD [2009] [CD] Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow
DODSFERD [2011] [CD] Spitting with Hatred the Insignificance of Life
DODSFERD [2013] [CD] A Breed of Parasites
DODSFERD [2013] [CD] A Cursed Heritage
DODSFERD [2013] [CD] The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race (Ltd. Ed.)
DODSFERD [2015] [CD] Wastes of Life
DODSFERD [2018] [CD] Diseased Remnants Of A Dying World (Digipak)
DOGMA [2008] [CD] Sound Therapy
DOGPOUND [2007] [CD] III (Japanese Ed.)
DOKKEN [1979] [MCD] Back In The Streets
DOKKEN [1983] [CD] Breaking The Chains
DOKKEN [1983] [CD] Breaking The Chains (Remastered-2014)
DOKKEN [1984] [CD] Tooth And Nail
DOKKEN [1984] [CD] Tooth And Nail (Remastered-2014)
DOKKEN [1985] [CD] Under Lock And Key
DOKKEN [1985] [CD] Under Lock And Key (Remastered-2014)
DOKKEN [1987] [CD] Back For The Attack
DOKKEN [1987] [CD] Back For The Attack (Remastered-2015)
DOKKEN [1988] [2CD] Beast from the East (Reissued-1989)
DOKKEN [1988] [2CD] Beast From The East (Remastered-2017)
DOKKEN [1988] [CD] Beast From The East
DOKKEN [1994] [CD] Dokken
DOKKEN [1994] [CD] The Best of Dokken
DOKKEN [1995] [CD] Dysfunctional (Japanese Ed.)
DOKKEN [1995] [CD] One Live Night (Japan VICP-5514)
DOKKEN [1997] [CD] Shadowlife (Japanese Ed.)
DOKKEN [1999] [CD] Erase the Slate
DOKKEN [1999] [CD] Erase The Slate (Japanese Ed.)
DOKKEN [1999] [CD] The Very Best of Dokken
DOKKEN [2002] [CD] Long Way Home
DOKKEN [2002] [CD] Long Way Home (Japanese Ed.)
DOKKEN [2003] [CD] Japan Live '95
DOKKEN [2004] [CD] Hell To Pay
DOKKEN [2008] [CD] Lightning Strikes Again
DOKKEN [2008] [CD] Lightning Strikes Again (Japanese Ed.)
DOKKEN [2010] [CD] Greatest Hits
DOKKEN [2010] [CD] Greatest Hits (Reissued-2014)
DOKKEN [2012] [CD+DVD] Broken Bones
DOKKEN [2018] [CD+DVD] Return To The East Live (Japanese Ed.)
DOKKEN [2020] [CD] The Lost Songs: 1978-1981
DOL AMMAD [2004] Star Tales
DOLORIAN [1999] [CD] When All the Laughter Has Gone
DOMAIN [1999] [TAPE] Deadly Torture to the Rot Self
DOMAIN [2003] [CD] The Sixth Dimension
DOMAIN [2005] [CD] Last Days Of Utopia
DOMAIN [2006] [CD] Stardawn
DOMAIN [2009] [CD] The Chronicles Of Love, Hate And Sorrow
DOMAINS [2009] [CD] Towards Pleroma (Demo)
DOMINA NOCTIS [2005] [CD] Nocturnalight
DOMINANCE [1999] [CD] Anthems Of Ancient Splendour
DOMINATION BLACK [2012] [CD] Dimension: Death
DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY [2005] [CD] Essence of Bruta...
DOMINE [1997] [CD] Champion Eternal
DOMINE [1999] [CD] Dragonlord (Tales Of The Noble Steel)
DOMINE [2001] [CD] Stormbringer Ruler - The Legend of the Power Supreme (Japanese Ed.)
DOMINE [2003] [CD] Emperor of the Black Runes
DOMINE [2007] [CD] Ancient Spirit Rising
DOMINE [2007] [CD] Ancient Spirit Rising (Japanese Ed.)
DOMINHATE [2014] [CD] Towards The Light
DOMINHATE [2016] [MCD] Emissaries Of Morning
DOMINICI [2007] [CD] O3 A Trilogy - Part 2 (Japanese Ed.)
DOMINICI [2008] [CD] O3 A Trilogy - Part 3 (Japanese Ed.)
DOMINION CALIGULA [2000] [CD] A New Era Rises
DOMINION [2006] [CD] Born God And Aware
DOMINIUM [2002] [CD] Psycho Path Fever
DOMINUS INFERI [2008] [CD] Age Of Darkness
DOMINUS PRAELII [2002] [CD] Holding The Flag Of War (Reissued-2007)
DOMINUS PRAELII [2006] [CD] Bastards And Killers
DOMINUS PRAELII [2010] [CD] Keep The Resistance
DOMINUS [1994] [CD] View To The Dim
DOMINUS [1996] [CD] The First 9
DOMINUS [1997] [CD] Vol.Beat
DOMINUS [2000] [CD] Godfallos
DON DOKKEN [1990] [CD] Up From The Ashes
DON DOKKEN [1990] [CD] Up from the Ashes (Reissued-2018)
DON DOKKEN [2008] [CD] Solitary (Reissued-2020)
DONOR [1992] [CD] Triangle Of The Lost
DONOR [1994] [CD] Release
DOOM UNIT [2011] [CD] The Burden Of Bloom
DOOM:VS [2006] [CD] Aeternum Vale
DOOM:VS [2008] [CD] Dead Words Speak
DOOM:VS [2014] [CD] Earthless
DOOMED (DEU) [2012] [CD] In My Own Abyss
DOOMED (DEU) [2012] [CD] The Ancient Path
DOOMED (DEU) [2014] [CD] Our Ruin Silhouettes
DOOMED (DEU) [2015] [CD] Wrath Monolith
DOOMED (USA) [2010] [CD] Doomed To Death And Damned In Hell
DOOMENICUS [2009] [CD] Sacred
DOOMRAISER [2006] [CD] Lords Of Mercy
DOOMRAISER [2009] [CD] Erasing The Remembrance
DOOMSDAY [1993] [CD] Doomsday
DOOMSDAY [1994] [CD] The Daily Junkfood
DOOMSDAY [2007] [CD] Ante Las Ruinas De Una Utopía
DOOMSDAY [2010] [CD] Superstition
DOOMSHINE [2004] [CD] Thy Kingdoom Come
DOOMSWORD [1998] [CD] Doomsword
DOOMSWORD [2002] [CD] Resound The Horn
DOOMSWORD [2003] [CD] Let Battle Commence
DOOMSWORD [2007] [CD] My Name Will Live On
DOOMSWORD [2011] [CD] The Eternal Battle
DOPPELGÄNGER [1996] [TAPE] Serpent's Land
DORDEDUH [2012] [CD] Dar de Duh
DORIAN GRAY [1995] [CD] World Of Lies (Japanese Ed.)
DORIAN [1995] [CD] Into The Wishing Well
DORMANT CARNIVORE [2008] [MCD] From Russia With Gore
DORMANT ORDEAL [2013] [CD] It Rains, It Pours
DORMANTH [1995] [CD] Valley of Dreams
DORN [2000] [CD] Falschheit (Reissued-2002)
DORN [2001] [CD] Brennende Kalte
DORN [2002] [CD] Schatten der Vergangenheit
DORN [2004] [CD] Suriel
DORN [2007] [CD] Spiegel der Unendlichkeit
DORNENREICH [1997] [TAPE] Mein Flügelschlag
DORNENREICH [2001] [CD] Her Von Welken Nachten
DORNENREICH [2006] [CD] Durch den Traum (Ltd. Ed.)
DORNENREICH [2011] [CD+EP] Flammentriebe
DORNENREICH [2011] [CD] Flammentriebe
DORO & WARLOCK [1991] [CD] Rare Diamonds
DORO & WARLOCK [2010] [3CD] The Doro Warlock Collection
DORO [1989] [CD] Force Majeure
DORO [1990] [CD] Doro
DORO [2000] [CD] Calling The Wild
DORO [2004] [CD] Classic Diamonds (Digibook)
DORO [2006] [CD] Warrior Soul
DORO [2012] [CD] Raise Your Fist (Digibook)
DORO [2012] [MCD] Raise your fist in the air
DORO [2018] [2CD] Forever Warriors Forever United
DOUBLE DEALER [2000] [CD+CDS] Double Dealer
DOUBLE DEALER [2000] [CD] Double Dealer
DOUBLE DEALER [2001] [CD] Deride at the Top
DOUBLE DEALER [2005] [CD] Fate & Destiny
DOUBLE DIAMOND [1997] [CD] In Danger
DOUBLE DIAMOND [2004] [CD] Stand Up And Fight
DOUBLE DRAGON [2008] [CD] Devastator
DOVER TRENCH [1991] [CD] Exhibition Of Speed
DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN [2018] [CD] ...And You Will Obey Me
DOWN BELOW [2004] [CD] Silent Wings:Eternity
DOWN [2002] [CD] Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow...
DOWN [2007] [CD] Down III: Over The Under (Ltd. Ed.)
DOWNFALL OF GAIA [2012] [CD] Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes (Digipack)
DÖXA [2017] [CD] Lust For Wonder
DR. MASTERMIND [1986] [CD] Dr. Mastermind
DRACONIAN [2003] [CD] Where Lovers Mourn
DRACONIAN [2005] [CD] Arcane Rain Fell
DRACONIAN [2006] [CD] The Burning Halo
DRACONIAN [2008] [CD] Turning Season Within
DRACONIAN [2011] [CD] A Rose For The Apocalypse
DRACONIAN [2015] [CD] Sovran (Ltd. Ed.)
DRACONIS [1997] [CD] Overlords Of The Greying Dawn
DRAGOBRATH [2008] [CD] And Mountains Openeth Eyes...
DRAGOBRATH [2010] [CD] Fra Myrer Taake...
DRAGON GUARDIAN [2011] [CD] Seimaken Valkyrias (Korean Licensed)
DRAGON GUARDIAN [2012] [CD] Destiny Of The Sacred Kingdom
DRAGON [1989] [CD] Horde of Gog (Remastered-2008)
DRAGON [1990] [CD] Fallen Angel
DRAGON [1991] [CD] Scream Of Death
DRAGONFORCE [2006] [CD] Inhuman Rampage
DRAGONFORCE [2008] [CD+DVD] Ultra Beatdown (Ultra Ed.)
DRAGONFORCE [2010] [2CD] Twilight Dementia
DRAGONFORCE [2012] [CD] The Power Within
DRAGONFORCE [2012] [CD] The Power Within (Japanese Ed.)
DRAGONFORCE [2014] [CD+DVD] Maximum Overload (Ltd. Ed.)
DRAGONFORCE [2017] [CD+DVD] Reaching Into Infinity (Ltd. Ed.)
DRAGONFORCE [2018] [CD] Re-Powered Within
DRAGONHAMMER [2001] [CD] The Blood Of The Dragon
DRAGONHAMMER [2004] [CD] Time for Expiation
DRAGONHAMMER [2013] [CD] The X Experiment
DRAGONHEART [2002] [CD] Throne Of The Alliance
DRAGONHEART [2015] [CD] The Battle Sanctuary
DRAGONLAND [2001] [CD] The Battle Of The Ivory Plains (Japanese Ed.)
DRAGONLAND [2002] [CD] Holy War
DRAGONLAND [2002] [CD] Holy War (Japanese Ed.)
DRAGONLAND [2004] Starfall
DRAGONLAND [2004] [CD] Starfall (Japanese Ed.)
DRAGONLAND [2006] [CD] Astronomy
DRAGONLAND [2006] [CD] Astronomy (Japanese Ed.)
DRAGONLAND [2011] [CD] Under The Grey Banner
DRAGONLORD [2001] [CD] Rapture
DRAGONLORD [2005] [CD] Black Wings Of Destiny
DRAGONLORD [2005] [CD] Black Wings of Destiny (Japanese Ed.)
DRAGONLORD [2018] [CD] Dominion (Japanese Ed.)
DRAGONSCLAW [2011] [CD] Prophecy
DRAGONSCLAW [2013] [CD] Judgement Day
DRAGONSFIRE [2010] [CD] Metal Service
DRAGONY [2012] [CD] Legends
DRAGONY [2015] [CD] Shadowplay
DRAGONY [2018] [CD] Masters Of The Multiverse
DRAKHER [2009] [CD] Rejector
DRAKKAR [1988] [CD] X-Rated
DRAKKAR [2000] [CD] Gemini
DRAKKAR [2002] [CD] Razorblade God
DRAKKAR [2012] [CD] When Lightning Strikes
DRAKKAR [2012] [CD] X-Rated Reloaded
DRAKKAR [2014] [CD] Once Upon A Time... In Hell
DRAKKAR [2016] [CD] Once Upon A Time... Hellive!
DRAKKAR [2017] [CD] Diabolical Empathy
DRAMA [2003] [CD] Silver Brilliance of Nocticula (Remastered-2006)
DRAMA [2005] Winds Choir Opera
DRAMA [2010] [CD] As in Empty Grave
DRAPSNATT [2009] [CD] I Denna Skog
DRASTIC [1998] [CD] Thieves of Kisses
DRASTIQUE [2003] [CD] Pleasureligion
DRASTISCH [2013] [CD] Let Your Life Pass You by
DRASTUS [2006] [MCD] Taphos
DRAUGEN [2011] [CD] Among the Lonely Shades
DRAUGNIM [2008] [CD] Northwind's Ire
DRAUGNIM [2010] [CD] Horizons Low
DRAUGNIM [2016] [CD] Vulturine
DRAUGR [2011] [CD] De Ferro Italico
DRAUGSANG [2005] [MCD] Seil pĺ skyggans hav
DRAUGŰL [2013] [CD] The Voyager
DRAUPNIR [2008] [CD] In Culpa Versari
DRAUTRAN [2000] [CD] Unter dem Banner der Nordwinde
DRAUTRAN [2007] [CD] Throne Of The Depths
DRAWN AND QUARTERED [2006] [CD] Hail Infernal Darkness
DRAWN AND QUARTERED [2006] [CD] Merciless Hammer of Lucifer
DRAWN [1999] [CD] A New World
DŘDSFALL [2012] [CD] Inn I Morkets Kongedomme
DŘDSFALL [2015] [CD] Kaosmakt
DREAM CHILD [1996] [CD] Torn Between Two Worlds
DREAM CHILD [1998] [CD] Reaching The Golden Gates
DREAM CHILD [2018] [CD] Until Death Do We Meet Again (Japanese Ed.)
DREAM DEATH [1987] [CD] Journey Into Mystery
DREAM EVIL [2002] [CD] Dragonslayer
DREAM EVIL [2003] [CD] Evilized
DREAM EVIL [2004] [CD] The Book Of Heavy Metal
DREAM EVIL [2006] [2CD] United
DREAM EVIL [2008] [2CD+DVD] Gold Medal In Metal
DREAM EVIL [2010] [CD] In The Night (Digipak)
DREAM EVIL [2017] [CD] Six (Japanese Ed.)
DREAM MASTER [2011] [CD] Spread Your Wings
DREAM THEATER [1986] [CD-Bootleg] The Official Majesty Demo (Reissued-1993)
DREAM THEATER [1989] [CD] When Dream And Day Unite
DREAM THEATER [1989] [CD] When Dream And Day Unite (Remastered-2004)
DREAM THEATER [1992] [CD] Images And Words
DREAM THEATER [1994] [CD] Awake
DREAM THEATER [1995] [CD] A Change of Seasons
DREAM THEATER [1995] [CD] A Change of Seasons (Remastered-2017)
DREAM THEATER [1997] [2CD] Falling Into Infinity (Japanese Ed.)
DREAM THEATER [1997] [CD] Falling Into Infinity
DREAM THEATER [1998] [2CD] Once In a Live Time
DREAM THEATER [1999] [CD] Metropolis Pt. 2 - Scenes From A Memory (Reissued-2009)
DREAM THEATER [1999] [CD] Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory
DREAM THEATER [2001] [2CD] Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Reissued-2009)
DREAM THEATER [2001] [3CD] Live Scenes From New York
DREAM THEATER [2002] [2CD] Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
DREAM THEATER [2002] [2CD] Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Japanese Ed.)
DREAM THEATER [2002] [CD] Master Of Puppets - Live In Barcelona 2002 (Remastered-2021)
DREAM THEATER [2003] [CD] Master Of Puppets
DREAM THEATER [2003] [CD] The Majesty Demos 1985-1986 (Remastered-2022)
DREAM THEATER [2003] [CD] Train Of Thought
DREAM THEATER [2003] [CD] Train Of Thought (Japanese Ed.) (Reissued 2009)
DREAM THEATER [2004] [3CD] Live At Budokan
DREAM THEATER [2005] [CD] Octavarium
DREAM THEATER [2005] [CD] When Dream And Day Reunite
DREAM THEATER [2005] [CD] When Dream And Day Reunite - Live (Remastered-2021)
DREAM THEATER [2006] [3CD] Score
DREAM THEATER [2006] [CD] Awake Demos 1994 (Remastered-2022)
DREAM THEATER [2007] [2CD] Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997 (Remastered-2022)
DREAM THEATER [2007] [2CD] Live In NYC 1993 (Remastered-2022)
DREAM THEATER [2007] [CD+DVD] Systematic Chaos (Special Ed.)
DREAM THEATER [2009] [3CD] Black Clouds & Silver Linings
DREAM THEATER [2009] [CD] Black Clouds & Silver Linings
DREAM THEATER [2009] [CD] Train Of Thought - Instrumental Demos 2003 (Remastered-2021)
DREAM THEATER [2011] [CD] A Dramatic Turn Of Events
DREAM THEATER [2016] [2CD] The Astonishing
DREAM THEATER [2019] [2CD+DVD+BD] Distance Over Time (Artbook Ed.)
DREAM THEATER [2019] [6CD-Bootleg] The Broadcast Archives - Classic Live FM Broadcast Recordings
DREAM THEATER [2019] [CD] Distance Over Time (Ltd. Ed.)
DREAM THEATER [2020] [3CD+2BD] Distant Memories - Live in London
DREAM THEATER [2021] [2CD+BD] A View From The Top Of The World (Artbook Ltd. Ed.)
DREAM THEATER [2021] [2CD] A Dramatic Tour Of Events - Select Board Mixes (Lost Not Forgotten Archives)
DREAM THEATER [2021] [CD] Images And Words - Live In Japan 2017 (Lost Not Forgotten Archives)
DREAM THEATER [2022] [CD] ...and Beyond - Live in Japan 2017 2017 (Lost Not Forgotten Archives)
DREAM TROLL [2017] [CD] The Knight Of Rebellion
DREAM WEAVER [2001] [MCD] Fantasy Revealed
DREAM WEAVER [2012] [CD] Myth Real
DREAMAKER [2005] [CD] Enclosed
DREAMLAND [2005] [CD] Future's Calling
DREAMLAND [2007] [CD] Eye For An Eye
DREAMLAND [2009] [CD] Exit 49
DREAMLIKE HORROR [2005] [CD] Delightful Suicides
DREAMS OF SANITY [1997] [CD] Komodia (Reissued-2002)
DREAMS OF SANITY [1999] [CD] Masquerade
DREAMS OF SANITY [2000] [CD] The Game
DREAMSCAPE [1997] [CD] Trance-Like State
DREAMSCAPE [1999] [CD] Very
DREAMSCAPE [1999] [CD] Very (Japanese Ed.)
DREAMSCAPE [2004] [CD] End Of Silence
DREAMSCAPE [2005] [CD] Revoiced (Reissued-2008)
DREAMSCAPE [2007] [CD] 5th Season (Ltd. Ed.)
DREAMSHADE [2008] [MCD] To The Edge Of Reality
DREAMSHADE [2011] [CD] When Silence Hides
DREAMSHADE [2013] [CD] The Gift Of Life
DREAMSTEEL [2008] [CD] You
DREAMSTORIA [2012] [CD] Dreamstoria (Japanese Ed.)
DREAMSTORIA [2017] [CD] Dreams Never End
DREAMTALE [2008] [CD] Phoenix
DREAMTALE [2011] [CD] Epsilon (Korean Ed.)
DREAMTALE [2013] [CD] World Changed Forever (Korean Ed.)
DREAMTALE [2016] [2CD] Seventhian...Memories Of Time (Japanese Ed.)
DREPHJARD [2006] [MCD] Sorgsvart
DREVNA [2019] [CD] Drevna
DREYELANDS [2010] [CD] Rooms Of Revelation
DRIFTER [1988] [CD] Reality Turns To Dust
DRIFTER [1989] [CD] Nowhere to Hide
DRIFTER [2006] [CD] The Demos 1985 & 1986
DRILLER KILLER [1997] [CD] Fuck The World
DRILLER KILLER [1998] [CD] Reality Bites (Reissued-2006)
DRILLER KILLER [2000] [CD] And The Winner Is...
DRILLER KILLER [2002] [CD] Cold, Cheap & Disconnected
DRILLER KILLER [2004] [CD] Total Fucking Brutalized
DRILLER KILLER [2005] [CD] The 4QMangrenade
DRIVEN [2001] [CD] Self Inflicted
DRIVER [2008] [CD] Sons Of Thunder
DRIVER [2012] [CD] Countdown
DRIVHELL [2009] [CD] A Journey As A Life
DROID [2007] [CD] Droid
DRÖMRIKET [2014] [CD] Drömriket
DRONE [2007] [CD] Head On Collision
DRONE [2009] [CD] Juggernaut
DROP [2012] [CD] Sadistic Independent Of Bliss
DROWNING (FRA) [2005] [CD] Apocalypse Unsealed
DROWNING (INT) [2010] [MCD] Into Nothingness
DROWNING THE LIGHT [2007] [CD] A World Long Dead (Reissued-2008)
DROWNING THE LIGHT [2007] [CD] Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride
DROWNING THE LIGHT [2007] [CD] Through the Noose of Exis...
DROWNING THE LIGHT [2009] [CD] The Blood of the Ancients
DROWNING THE LIGHT [2015] [CD] From the Abyss
DROWNING THE LIGHT [2017] [CD] Varcolaci Rising
DROWNING THE LIGHT [2018] [CD] Cursed Below The Waves
DROWNINGMAN [1999] [CD] Busy Signal At The Suicide Hotline
DRUDKH / HADES ALMIGHTY [2016] [CD] One Who Talks with the Fog / Pyre Era, Black!
DRUDKH [2003] [CD] Forgotten Legends
DRUDKH [2004] [CD] Autumn Aurora
DRUDKH [2005] [CD] Lebedynyy Shlyakh (The Swan Road)
DRUDKH [2006] [CD] Blood In Our Wells
DRUDKH [2007] [CD] Estrangement
DRUDKH [2009] [CD] Microcosmos
DRUDKH [2010] [CD] Handful Of Stars
DRUDKH [2012] [CD] Eternal Turn Of The Wheel
DRUDKH [2014] [CD] Eastern Frontier in Flames
DRUDKH [2015] [CD] A Furrow Cut Short
DRUDKH [2018] [CD] They Often See Dreams About the Spring
DRUDKH [2019] [CD] A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian
DRUID [1988] [CD] Vampire Cult
DRUNAR [2012] [MCD] Testimony
DRYADOS [2004] [CD] L'amour n'Enleve Pas Vraiment La Depression...
DSG [2015] [CD] Still A Warrior
DUAL-COMA [2009] [CD] Reprogrammed H.A.T.E.
DUB BUK [1999] [CD] Misyac Pomsty (Reissued-2003)
DUB BUK [2002] [CD] Idu Na Wy!
DUB BUK [2003] [CD] Rus Ponad Vse!
DUB BUK [2010] [CD] Mertvy Soromu Ne Imut
DUB BUK [2014] [CD] Cviach
DUBLIN DEATH PATROL [2007] DDP 4 Life (Reissued-2012)
DUBLIN DEATH PATROL [2012] Death Sentence
DUKE [2003] [CD] Escape From Reality
DUKHI PREDKOV [2011] [CD] Terra Ursorum
DÜNEDAIN [2011] [CD+DVD] Buscando El Norte [Special Edition]
DUNGEON [1996] [CD] Demolition
DUNGEON [1999] [CD] Resurrection
DUNGEON [2006] [CD] The Final Chapter
DUNGORTHEB [2003] [CD] Intended To
DUNKELGRAFEN [1998] [CD] Schatten der Ewigkeit (Reissued-2002)
DUNKELGRAFEN [1999] [CD] Baphomet`s Aeon
DUNKELGRAFEN [2001] [CD] Triumph Des Fleisches
DUNKELGRAFEN [2003] [CD] Oris Diabolis
DUNKELNACHT [2010] [CD] Atheist Dezekration
DUNKELSTORM [2002] [CD] Schicksal
DUSK (USA) [1994] [CD] Dusk
DUSK CHAPEL [2010] [CD] A Passage to Forever
DUSK DWELL [2018] [CD] Through The Bright Halls
DUSK [HUN] [2005] [CD] Carpathian Darkness
DUSK [USA] [1995] [CD] ...Majesctic Thou in Ruin
DUSKMACHINE [2013] [CD] Duskmachine
DUSKS EMBRACE [2009] [CD] Paradigm Shift
DUST BOLT [2012] [CD] Violent Demolition
DUST BOLT [2014] [CD] Awake The Riot (Japanese Ed.)
DUST BOLT [2016] [CD] Mass Confusion (Japanese Ed.)
DUST BOLT [2019] [CD] Trapped In Chaos
DUST FROM MISERY [1998] [CD] Dust From Misery
DUST [1971] [CD] Dust (Reissued-1989)
DUST [1972] [CD] Hard Attack (Reissued)
DVC [1989] [CD] Descendant Upheaval
DVC [1991] [CD] Molecular Shadow
DYECREST [2004] [CD] The Way Of Pain
DYECREST [2005] [CD] This Is My World
DYING EMBRACE [2006] [CD] Chronic Delusion
DYING FETUS [1996] [CD] Purification Through Violence
DYING FETUS [1998] [CD] Killing On Adrenaline
DYING FETUS [2000] [CD] Destroy The Opposition
DYING FETUS [2000] [CD] Infatuation With Malevolence (Reissue)
DYING FETUS [2000] [MCD] Grotesque Impalement
DYING FETUS [2003] [CD] Stop At Nothing
DYING FETUS [2007] [CD] War of Attrition
DYING FETUS [2009] [CD] Descend Into Depravity (Ltd. Ed. Digipak)
DYING FETUS [2012] [CD] Reign Supreme (Japanese Ed.)
DYING FETUS [2017] [CD] Wrong One To Fuck With
DYING ROSE [2009] [CD] The Bleeding Flowers
DYING TEARS [2001] [CD] Amnesia (Reissued-2002)
DYING WISH [2016] [CD] Tükörország
DYLATH LEEN [2002] [CD] Insecure
DYNAMIC LIGHTS [2002] [MCD] Resurrection
DYNAMIC LIGHTS [2005] [CD] Shape
DYNAZTY [2018] [CD] Firesign (Japanese Ed.)
DYOXEN [1989] [CD] First Among Equals
DYSANCHELY [1998] [CD] Tears
DYSANCHELY [2000] [TAPE] Songs of Sorrow
DYSANCHELY [2003] [CD] Secrets Of The Sun
DYSFUNCTIONAL [2011] [CD] John Stone Lives
DYSLESIA [1999] [CD] My Own Revolution
DYSLESIA [2002] [CD] Years Of Secret
DYSMORFECTOMY [2018] [CD] Disembodied Anomalies
DYSMORFIC [2005] [CD] Suffer and Die
DYSRHYTHMIA [2003] [CD] Pretest
DYSRHYTHMIA [2006] [CD] Barriers And Passages
DYSRHYTHMIA [2009] [CD] Psychic Maps
DYSRHYTHMIA [2012] [CD] Test Of Submission (Digipak)
DYSTER [2010] [CD] Le Cycle Senescent
DYSTOPIA NĹ! [2011] [CD] Syklus

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E-FORCE [2003] [CD] Evil Forces
E-X-E [1987] [CD] Stricken By Might
E-X-E [1990] [CD] Sicker Than I Thought!
EA [2006] [CD] Ea Taesse
EA [2009] [CD] Ea II
EA [2010] [CD] Au Ellai
EAGLEHEART [2008] [CD] Moment Of Life
EAGLEHEART [2011] [CD] Dreamtherapy
EAGLEHEART [2017] [CD] Reverse (Japanese Ed.)
EAR DANGER [2014] [CD] Warrior Soul
EARTH [1993] [CD] Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version
EARTH [1995] [CD] Phase 3 Thronest And Dominions
EARTH [1996] [CD] Pentastar: In the Style of Demons
EARTH [2000] [CD] Star Condemn'd
EARTH [2001] [CD] Sunn Amps And Smashed Guitars Live
EARTHCORPSE [1995] [CD] Born Bleeding
EARTHCORPSE [2000] [MCD] Earthcorpse 2000
EARTHEN GRAVE [2012] [CD] Earthen Grave
EARTHMASS [2015] [CD] Collapse
EARTHSHAKER [1983] [CD] Earthshaker
EARTHSHAKER [1983] [CD] Earthshaker (Reissued-2007)
EARTHSHAKER [1983] [MCD] Blondie Girl (Remastered-2017)
EARTHSHAKER [1984] [CD] Fugitive (Reissued-2007)
EARTHSHAKER [1984] [CD] Midnight Flight (Reissued-2007)
EARTHSHAKER [1985] [CD] Passion (Reissued-2007)
EARTHSHAKER [2008] [CD] Quarter
EARTHSIDE [2015] [CD] A Dream In Static
EARTHSTREAM [2018] [CD] Earth Scream
EASY RIDER [1998] [CD] Lord Of The Storm (Reissued-2000)
EASY RIDER [2003] [CD] Evilution
EBOLA [2011] [CD] Hell's Death Metal
EBONY ARK [2004] [CD] Decoder
EBONY ARK [2008] [CD] When The City Is Quiet
EBONY TEARS [1997] [CD] Tortura Insomniae
EBONY TEARS [1999] [CD] A Handful of Nothing
EBONY TEARS [2001] [CD] Evil As Hell (Ltd.Ed.)
ECHELON [2015] [CD] Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil
ECHELON [2016] [CD] The Brimstone Aggrandizement
ECHO HOLLOW [1998] [CD] Diet Of Worms
ECHO HOLLOW [2004] [CD] Superficial Intelligence
ECHO OF DALRIADA [2004] [CD] Fergeteg
ECHO OF DALRIADA [2006] [CD] Jegbonto
ECHOES OF ETERNITY [2007] [CD] The Forgotten Goddess
ECHOES OF ETERNITY [2009] [CD] As Shadows Burn
ECHOSILENCE [2005] [MCD] Distorted Horizon
ECHOTERRA [2009] [CD] The Law of One
ECLIPSE (RUS) [1996] [CD] The Symphonys of Pathological Love / Calling Our Desires (Reissued-2006)
ECLIPSE (UKR) [2009] [CD] Grind, Suffer, Dreams
ECLIPSE (UKR) [2011] [CD] Triumph Of The Pain
ECLIPSE PROPHECY [2012] [CD] Days Of Judgement
ECLIPSE [2012] Bleed & Scream
ECLIPSE [2014] [CD] Are You Ready To Rock MMXIV
ECLIPSE [2015] [CD] Armageddonize (Ltd. Ed.)
ECLIPTICA [2008] [CD] Impetus
EDDIE OJEDA [2005] [CD] Axes 2 Axes
EDDY ANTONINI [1998] [CD] When Water Became Ice
EDEN BEAST [2008] [CD] Passivity Causes Genocide
EDEN WEINT IM GRAB [2008] [CD] Trauermarsch nach Neotopia
EDEN WEINT IM GRAB [2011] [CD] Geysterstunde I
EDEN WEINT IM GRAB [2014] [CD] Geysterstunde II
EDEN [2015] [CD] Memories
EDEN'S CURSE [2007] [CD] Eden's Curse (Japanese Ed.)
EDEN'S CURSE [2008] [CD] The Second Coming
EDEN'S CURSE [2008] [EP] Seven Deadly Sins (The Acoustic Sessions) (Japanese Ed.)
EDEN'S CURSE [2009] [CD] Condemned To Burn - The U.K. Tour Collection
EDEN'S CURSE [2011] [CD] Trinity
EDEN'S CURSE [2013] [CD] Symphony Of Sin
EDEN'S CURSE [2015] [2CD] Live With The Curse
EDEN'S CURSE [2016] [CD] Cardinal (Japanese Ed.)
EDEN'S CURSE [2017] [CD+DVD] Eden's Curse - Revisited
EDENBEAST [2005] [CD] Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence
EDENBRIDGE [2003] [CD] Aphelion
EDENBRIDGE [2004] [CD+DVD] A Livetime In Eden
EDENBRIDGE [2004] [CD] Shine (Japanese Ed.)
EDENBRIDGE [2008] [CD] My Earth Dream
EDENBRIDGE [2010] [CD] Solitaire (Ltd. Ed.)
EDENBRIDGE [2013] [2CD] The Bonding (Ltd.Ed.)
EDENBRIDGE [2017] [2CD] The Great Momentum (Ltd. Ed.)
EDENIAN [2012] [CD] Winter Shades
EDENIAN [2013] [CD] Rise Of The Nephilim
EDENSHADE [2006] [CD] The Lesson Betrayed
EDEN`S CURSE [2007] [CD] Eden`s Curse
EDGAR ALLAN POE [2008] [CD] Legado De Una Tragedia
EDGE OF SANITY [1991] [CD] Nothing But Death Remains
EDGE OF SANITY [1992] [CD] Unorthodox
EDGE OF SANITY [1993] [CD] The Spectral Sorrows
EDGE OF SANITY [1994] [CD] Purgatory Afterglow
EDGE OF SANITY [1994] [MCD] Until Eternity Ends
EDGE OF SANITY [1996] [CD] Crimson
EDGE OF SANITY [1996] [CD] Crimson (Japanese Ed.)
EDGE OF SANITY [1997] [CD] Cryptic
EDGE OF SANITY [1997] [CD] Infernal
EDGE OF SANITY [1999] [2CD] Evolution
EDGE OF SANITY [2003] [CD] Crimson II
EDGE OF SANITY [2006] [CD] When All Is Said
EDGE OF THORNS [2004] [CD] Ravenland
EDGE OF THORNS [2007] [CD] Masquerading of the Wicked
EDGE OF THORNS [2014] [CD] Insomnia
EDGEDOWN [2014] [CD] Statues Fall
EDGEFLAME [2018] [CD] Beyond The Pale Carcass
EDGEND [2009] [CD] A New Identity
EDGUY [1997] [CD] Kingdom of Madness
EDGUY [1997] [CD] Kingdom Of Madness (Reissued-2012)
EDGUY [1997] [CD] Kingdom Of Madness - Anniversary Edition (Remastered-2018)
EDGUY [1998] [CD] Vain Glory Opera
EDGUY [1998] [CD] Vain Glory Opera - Anniversary Edition (Remastered-2019)
EDGUY [1999] [2CD] Theater Of Salvation - Anniversary Edition (Reissued-2019)
EDGUY [1999] [CD] Theater Of Salvation
EDGUY [1999] [CD] Theater Of Salvation (Japanese Ed.)
EDGUY [2000] [2CD] The Savage Poetry (Ltd. Ed.)
EDGUY [2000] [2CD] The Savage Poetry - Anniversary Edition (Remastered-2022)
EDGUY [2000] [CD] The Savage Poetry
EDGUY [2001] [CD] Mandrake
EDGUY [2001] [CD] Mandrake (Russian Ed.)
EDGUY [2001] [MCD] Painting On The Wall
EDGUY [2003] [2CD] Burning Down The Opera (Live)
EDGUY [2004] [CDS] Lavatory Love Machine
EDGUY [2004] [DVD-A] Hellfire Club
EDGUY [2004] [MCD] King of Fools
EDGUY [2005] [2CD] Hall Of Flames
EDGUY [2005] [MCD] Superheroes
EDGUY [2006] [CD] Rocket Ride
EDGUY [2008] [2CD] Tinnitus Sanctus (Ltd. Ed.)
EDGUY [2008] [CD] The Singles
EDGUY [2009] [2CD+DVD] Fucking wth Fire (Ltd. Ed.)
EDGUY [2010] [3CD+DVD] Two Originals
EDGUY [2011] [2CD] Age Of The Joker (Ltd. Ed.)
EDGUY [2014] [2CD] Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown (Ltd.Ed.)
EDGUY [2017] [2CD+DVD] Monuments
EDHELLEN [2009] [CD] Camino A La Luz (Demo)
EDHELLEN [2013] [CD] Sombra Y Anhelo (Japanese Ed.)
EĎS [2011] [2CD] Kainsmal
EĎS [2011] [2CD] Patina
EDU FALASCHI [2018] [MCD] The Glory Of The Sacred Truth (Japanese Ed.)
EDWIN DARE [1994] [CD] CantBreakMe (Reissued-2005)
EDWIN DARE [1998] [CD] My Time To Die
EGO DEPTHS [2009] [CD] Equilibrium Sickness (Ltd.Ed.)
EGO PROJECT [2008] [CD] Ego
EGO PROJECT [2010] [CD] Ego II
EGO PROJECT [2012] [CD] Puszta Ököllel
EGONOIR [2011] [TAPE] Fortuna Teil I (Velut Luna Statu Variabilis)
EGZEKUTHOR [2008] [CD] Badz Jak Metal
EIBON [2008] [MCD] Eibon
EIDOLON [1997] [CD] Seven Spirits (Reissued-1998)
EIDOLON [2000] [CD] Nightmare World
EIDOLON [2002] [CD] Coma Nation
EIDOLON [2003] [2CD] Apostles Of Defiance + Zero Hour
EIDOLON [2003] [CD] Sacred Shine
EIDOLON [2006] [CD] The Parallel Otherworld
EIDYLLION [2000] [CD] Ilusiones
EIDYLLION [2007] [CD] Secretos
EIGENZEIT [2017] [CD] Zwischen den Ebenen der Wirklichkeit
EIKENSKADEN [2004] [CD] 665.999...
EIKENSKADEN [2005] [CD] There Is No Light at the End of the Tunnel
EINHERJER [1995] [EP] Leve vikingĺnden
EINHERJER [1996] [CD] Dragons of the North
EINHERJER [1997] [MCD] Far Far North
EINHERJER [1998] [CD] Odin Owns Ye All
EINHERJER [2000] [CD] Norwegian Native Art
EINHERJER [2000] [MCD] Aurora Borealis
EINHERJER [2003] [CD] Blot
EINHERJER [2005] [CD] Norwegian Native Art
EINHERJER [2011] [CD] Norrřn
EINHERJER [2014] [CD] Av Oss, For Oss (Digipack)
EISBLUT [2005] [CD] Schlachtwerk
EISHEILIG [2006] [CD] Elysium
EISREGEN [1997] [EP] Fleischhaus
EISREGEN [1998] [CD] Krebskolonie & Fleischfestival (Reissued-2003)
EISREGEN [1998] [CD] Zerfall
EISREGEN [1998] [CD] Zerfall (Remastered-2004)
EISREGEN [2000] [CD] Leichenlager
EISREGEN [2001] [CD] Farbenfinsternis
EISREGEN [2004] [CD] Wundwasser
EISREGEN [2005] [CD+DVD] Hexenhaus
EISREGEN [2007] [CD] Blutbahnen
EISREGEN [2007] [MCD] Eine erhalten
EISREGEN [2008] [CD] Knochenkult (Ltd Ed.)
EISREGEN [2010] [CD] Schlangensonne (Ltd. Ed.)
EISREGEN [2012] [2CD] Krebskollektion
EISREGEN [2015] [CD] Marschmusik (Ltd. Ed.)
EISREGEN [2017] [CD] Fleischfilm (Ltd. Ed.)
EIZO JAPAN [2009] [CD] Eizo Japan 1
EIZO JAPAN [2009] [CD] Eizo Japan 2
EIZO JAPAN [2010] [CD] Eizo Japan 3
EIZO JAPAN [2010] [CD] Super Anime Song : Legend of the 1990's
EIZO SAKAMOTO [1998] [CD] Another Face
EIZO SAKAMOTO [1999] [CD] Speed Metal Show
EIZO SAKAMOTO [2021] [MCD] Piano Handsomeman I
EKKLESIAST [2008] [CD] ...When the Dead Boughs Will Awake from the Dreams
EKOVE EFRITS [2008] [CD] Suicidal Rebirth
EKOVE EFRITS [2011] [CD] Conceptual Horizon
EKPYROSIS [2015] [MCD] Witness His Death
EKPYROSIS [2017] [CD] Asphyxiating Devotion
EKPYROSIS [2018] [CD] Primordial Chaos Restored
EKTOMORF [2002] [CD] I Scream Up To The Sky
EKTOMORF [2004] [CD] Destroy (Ltd.Ed.)
EKTOMORF [2006] [CD] Outcast
EKTOMORF [2009] [CD] What Doesn't Kill Me...
EKTOMORF [2010] [CD] Redemption
EKTOMORF [2012] [CD] Black Flag (Ltd Ed.)
EL CUERVO DE POE [2007] [CD] Vox Corvus: La Voz Del Cuervo (Reissued-2008)
EL DRAGON [2012] [CD] Victoria
EL KASO URKIJO [2009] [CD] La Bańera Fue Su Nicho
EL RELOJ [2002] [CD] Mercado De Almas
ELDER [2009] [CD] Elder
ELDER [2011] [CD] Dead roots stirring
ELDRITCH [1995] [CD] Seeds Of Rage (Reissued-2006)
ELDRITCH [1997] [CD] Headquake (Reissued-2006)
ELDRITCH [1998] [CD] El Nino (Reissued-2007)
ELDRITCH [2001] [CD] Reverse
ELDRITCH [2004] [CD] Portrait Of The Abyss Within (Ltd. Ed.)
ELDRITCH [2006] [CD] Neighbourhell (Ltd. Ed.)
ELDRITCH [2007] [CD] Blackenday (Ltd. Ed.)
ELDRITCH [2008] [2CD+DVD] Livequake
ELDRITCH [2011] [CD] Gaia's Legacy
ELDRITCH [2014] [CD] Tasting The Tears
ELDRITCH [2015] [CD] Underlying Issues
ELDRITCH [2018] [CD] Cracksleep
ELECTRIC WIZARD [1995] [CD] Electric Wizard
ELECTRIC WIZARD [1995] [CD] Electric Wizard (Remastered-2006)
ELECTRIC WIZARD [1997] [CD] Come My Fanatics
ELECTRIC WIZARD [1997] [CD] Come My Fanatics (Remastered-2006)
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2000] [CD] Dopethrone
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2000] [CD] Dopethrone (Remastered-2006)
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2002] [CDS] Supercoven
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2002] [CD] Let Us Prey
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2002] [CD] Let Us Prey (2006 Deluxe Ed.)
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2004] [CD] We Live (Remastered-2006)
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2006] [CD] Pre Electric Wizard 1989-1994
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2012] [EP] Legalise Drugs & Murder
ELECTRIC WIZARD [2014] [EP] SadioWitch
ELECTRIK DYNAMITE [2011] [CD] Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal
ELECTROCUTION [1993] [CD] Inside The Unreal
ELEGEION [2001] [CD] Through The Eyes Of Regret
ELEGY [1993] [CD] Labyrinth Of Dreams (Japanese Ed.)
ELEGY [1994] [CD] Supremacy
ELEGY [1995] [CD] Lost
ELEGY [1996] [MCD] Primal Instinct
ELEGY [1997] [CD] State Of Mind (Japanese Ed.)
ELEGY [1998] [CD] Manifestation Of Fear
ELEGY [1998] [CD] Manifestation Of Fear (Japanese Ed.)
ELEGY [2000] [CD] Forbidden Fruit (Japanese Ed.)
ELEGY [2002] [CD] Principles Of Pain (Japanese Ed.)
ELEGY [2002] [CD] Principles Of Pain (Reissued-2009)
ELEINE [2018] [CD] Until The End (Japanese Ed.)
ELENIUM [2003] [CD] For Giving - For Getting
ELENIUM [2009] [CD] Eccentric Soul's Anatomy
ELESSÄR [2013] [CD] Dark Desires
ELEVEN DROPS TO SINK INTO [2008] [CD] A Shelter From Time (Reissued-2012)
ELEVEN DROPS TO SINK INTO [2008] [MCD] A Shelter from Time
ELFFOR [2002] [CD] Son Of The Shades
ELFFOR [2004] [CD] From The Throne Of Hate
ELFFOR [2006] [CD] Unblessed Woods
ELFFOR [2010] [CD] Frostbitten Pain
ELFFOR [2012] [CD] Heriotz Sustraiak
ELFFOR [2012] [CD] Heriotz Sustraiak (Remastered-2014)
ELGIBBOR [2008] [CD] Fireland
ELIAS VILJANEN [2002] [CD] Taking The Lead
ELIAS VILJANEN [2005] [CD] The Leadstar
ELIAS VILJANEN [2009] [CD] Fire-Hearted
ELIMINATOR [2008] [CD] Breaking The Wheel
ELIS [2003] [CD] God's Silence, Devil's Temptation
ELIS [2004] [CD] Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky
ELIS [2006] [CD] Griefshire
ELIS [2007] [MCD] Show Me The Way
ELIS [2009] [CD+DVD] Catharsis (Digipack)
ELITE [2004] [CD] Kampen
ELITE [2006] [CD] Bifrost
ELITE [2008] [CD] We Own The Mountains
ELLIPSIS [2004] [CD] From Beyond Thematics
ELM STREET [2011] [CD] Barbed Wire Metal
ELMSFIRE [2010] [CD] Thieves Of The Sun (Reissued-2012)
ELNORDIA [2007] [CD] Insight
ELSESPHERE [2002] [CD] Blind Leading The Blind
ELUVEITIE [2006] [CD] Spirit
ELUVEITIE [2009] [CD] Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion
ELUVEITIE [2010] [CD+DVD] Everything Remains As It Never Was (Ltd. Ed. Digipak)
ELUVEITIE [2012] [CD] Helvetios
ELVELLON [2018] [CD] Until Dawn
ELVENKING [2001] [CD] Heathenreel
ELVENKING [2004] [CD] Wyrd
ELVENKING [2007] [CD] The Scythe (Ltd. Ed.)
ELVENKING [2008] [CD] Two Tragedy Poets and a Caravan of Weird Figures
ELVENKING [2010] [2CD] Red Silent Tides (Ltd. Ed.)
ELVENKING [2012] [CD] Era (Ltd.Ed.)
ELVENKING [2014] [CD] The Pagan Manifesto (Ltd.Ed.)
ELVENKING [2017] [2CD] Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire (Japanese Ed.)
ELVENPATH [2011] [CD] Elvenpath
ELVENSTORM [2014] [CD] Blood Leads To Glory
ELVENSTORM [2018] [CD] The Conjuring (Japanese Ed.)
ELVIRA MADIGAN [2000] [CD] BlackArts
ELVIRA MADIGAN [2005] [CD] Angelis Deamonae-Wiccan Aftermath
ELVIRA MADIGAN [2008] [CD] Regent Sie
ELWING [2002] [CD] Immortal Stories
ELWING [2005] [CD] War
ELYRIA [2016] [CD] Reflection And Refraction
ELYSIAN BLAZE [2005] [CD] Cold Walls And Apparitions
ELYSIAN BLAZE [2006] [CD] Levitating The Carnal
ELYSION [2014] [CD] Someplace Better (Ltd. Ed.)
ELYSIUM [2000] [CD] Dreamlands
ELYSIUM [2001] [CD] Dreamscapes
ELYSIUM [2009] [CD] Nine Ways To Leave
ELZEVIR [2011] [CD] Rise From Knees
EM SINFONIA [2001] [CD] Intimate Portrait
EMANCER [2001] [CD] Utopian Illusions
EMANCER [2003] [CD] The Human Experiment
EMANCER [2004] [CD] Invisible
EMANCER [2005] [CD] The Menace Within
EMANCER [2008] [CD] Twilight and Randomness
EMBALMER [2003] [CD] There Was Blood Everywhere
EMBARGO [1992] [CD] Panem Et Circenses
EMBARGO [1997] [CD] The Red Tide
EMBEDDED [2005] [CD] A Severity Divine
EMBERLAND [2006] [CD] Emberland
EMBERS [CD] [2007] The Gods Are Traitors
EMBODIMENT [2006] [CD] Words Like Violence
EMBOLISM [2003] [CD] Mindchaos
EMBRACE DAMNATION [2009] [CD] Glory of a New Darkness
EMBRACE OF SILENCE [2012] [CD] Leaving The Place Forgotten By God
EMBRACE OF THORNS [2009] [CD] Atonement Ritual
EMBRACED [2000] [CD] Within
EMBRACED [2001] [CD] Within (Japanese Ed.)
EMBRACING [1997] [CD] Dreams Left Behind
EMBRACING [2004] [CD] I Bear The Burden Of Time
EMBRAZE [2002] [CD] Katharsis
EMBRIONIC DEATH [2011] [CD] Regurgitated Stream Of Rot
EMBRYO [2006] [CD] Chaotic Age
EMBRYO [2015] [CD] Embryo
EMERALD NIGHT [2011] [CD] The Elf King
EMERALD SUN [2007] [CD] Escape From Twilight
EMERALD SUN [2007] [CD] Escape From Twilight (Japanese Ed.)
EMERALD SUN [2011] [CD] Regeneration
EMERALD SUN [2011] [CD] Regeneration (Japanese Ed.)
EMERALD SUN [2015] [CD] Metal Dome
EMERALD SUN [2018] [CD] Under The Curse Of Silence
EMERALD [1985] [CD] Down Town (Remastered-1999)
EMERALD [2002] [CD] Calling The Knights
EMERALD [2004] [CD] Forces Of Doom
EMERALD [2007] [CD] Hymns To Steel
EMERALD [2010] [CD] Re-Forged
EMERALD [2012] [CD] Unleashed
EMERALD [2017] [CD] Reckoning Day
EMERGENCY GATE [2010] [CD] The Nemesis Construct
EMERGENCY [1993] [CD] Boys Will Be Boys (Remastered-2005)
EMINENCE [2008] [CD] The God of all Mistakes
EMINENZ [1994] [CD] Exorial
EMINENZ [2000] [CD] The Blackest Dimension
EMIR HOT [2008] [CD] Sevdah Metal
EMPATIC [2010] [CD] Gods of Thousand Souls
EMPEROR - THORNS [1999] [CD] Thorns vs Emperor
EMPEROR / ENSLAVED [1993] [CD] Emperor / Hordanes Land
EMPEROR [1994] [CD] In The Nightside E... (Remastered-1999)
EMPEROR [1994] [CD] In The Nightside Eclipse
EMPEROR [1997] [CD] Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
EMPEROR [1997] [CD] Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (Remastered-1998)
EMPEROR [1997] [MCD] Reverence
EMPEROR [1999] [CD] Emperor - Wrath Of The Tyrant
EMPEROR [1999] [CD] IX Equilibrium
EMPEROR [2000] [CD] Emperial Live Ceremony
EMPEROR [2001] [CD] Prometheus - The Discipline of ...
EMPEROR [2003] [2CD] Scattered Ashes: A Decade Of Emperial Wrath
EMPEROR [2009] [2CD+DVD] Live Inferno
EMPIRE [2001] [CD] Hypnotica (Japanese Ed.)
EMPIRE [2003] [CD] Trading Souls
EMPIRE [2006] [CD] The Raven Ride